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wHat’S “R” doiNg & sAying, todAy …

05 mAy 2020

theRe may be the woRd “chemeRiod” inside the bLOgscape that I Had started in dec 2019, which means my commentaRy is incomplete–pRobably due theft to 17,000 iMaGeS from bReak-ins and hackeRing! oR that my wRiting started befoRe COVID-2019 which is now: (get this, please) 8-volumes, b00k-2.

Please read: 

Adducing geomoRphics-bLOg #1/ 14 Nov 2019 Washington’s Nano-Tech Hypocrisy to tReaty w lie


25 aPr 2022 Revamping:

          nUkiEmOLe poems #32/ 17 Jan 2017

      your empire of egregious shid-ski


news Post–WondeRinG wheRe “R” has been–sat 05 mAr 2022 …

+ 34-days hitch-hiking and studying ‘the-Ecology’ (still weaRing eyepatch, since Oct 2018) into laRamie, then foRt-Cee, thanks 2-all who donated 2-my anti-nucleaRist cause in wRitings yet need-2-continue until no more Rough edges… 

+ my book is 8-Volumes, as one vOlume 2-be published lateR–hopefully–this maRch!~



new Re-edited poem #84 satuRday 26 fEb 2022

Having one eyeball patched  makes for at least 40% utilization oR usage cooking and monitoR usages…

now chek “R”s” poems #84…


posted 18 fEb 2022:

I’m going elsewheRe to continue doing my GeomoRphics-Philslophy: books  

thiEvEs–aSShOles messing w my veRy haRd sought and paid-foRe, aRtweRks (1966 thRu 05 mAr 2022)–18 fEb 2022–thiEvEs–aSShOles, messing w my very haRd sought and paid-foRe, aRtweRks …


nEw pOst: 

12 jAn 2022 & 27 jAn 2022 >> peace not illegal-Invasions

 note: correcting a poem one does not do. HoweveR, editing the woRd-woRdages I do and will attenuate doing such, since I shall not use PDF-foRmat until my Anthology is completed. Secondly, my manuscRipts foR the litany on illegal-Invasions and nuclear-moleculaR tyRannies, I have been attenuating since 06 jAn 2020. That is nearing completion–of at least 2-3 Volumes… 

nUkiEmOLe nEwsLeTteR 2022/ 10 dEc 2021 thRu 09 dEc 2022 

                         “R” 28 jAn 2022


22 mAy 2021 >

Posting moRe updated and change-of-stRuctuRe from MS-woRd to Apple pAges…

  a) nUkiEmOLE sChema duRa #22/  14 Oct 2019

  Michael Parenti, The Darker Myths of Empire: Heart of Darkness Series
nUkiEmOLE sChema duRa #23/  28 Nov 2019

      John tRudell, my Poetics ‘n Philosophy fRiend of woRthy connote

                © apeco filed 28 Nov 2019

09 mAy 2021 >

    Hello, my shouldeR-Replacement needs-2-Be “replaced” as the fixtuRed-pRosthesis does not fit and has been in pains since fiRst noticed 2-weeks after oRthopedists post op-Visit–2-weeks after emplacing smaller size than my Bod-boD-bOd was-wAs-wAs. July 3rd!

     I shall post, today, poem by otheRs as well as “schema-duRas: videos” woRthy of compatRiots for diplomacy against 3X nucleaR-moleculaR: weapons…i shall NOT LEAVE those o-u-t–any longeR!

read & viEw:  

    As my wRitings into 2-manuscRipts has taken w coRonaviRus backlogs–updates staRting in Dec 2019– since “the hacker on my photos-Amalgamation” Dec-2019 and Jan 2021… moRe afteR posts and cheks–next half-hour! Weld, the context-Contents, well into 135- pages, and may be a pamphlet ought be published–w dOnations, oNLY!~ Also, anotheR pamphlet, that on how to be an asinine-EmpiRe and allow dumb-fookeRing: pOlice-State w dOnations, oNLY!! MoRe in-stock, my instincts foR “ph0t0gRaphiCs” is why I”ve not coveRed that $22,350.000 in lOssEs. 

nUkiEmOLe poetRy of Others #22/ 05 Apr 2021

May the book prove more powerful than the bomb


Changes to MoleculaR-Factual-Disseminations. Go now tO: x 

that stat includes moleculaR-Blogscape, which is going, soon, to become moRe of what otheRs have imputed’s social-digRessions moRally as we divinate-Reason and Logic against anaRcho-Syndicalism to bolsteR woRld’s need foR socialism to be at least in a balance w political-Condescenions. 

            R”  Addison & R-A pHoTogRaphiCs


17 Apr 2021 >

That a hoRribiliS-Rex had ascended in 1978, has bRought, now thiRd installment of US: militaRized-Hegemonyites. “R” here, has been calling “the coRea-Invasion” hegmonyites-wAr no.1, the V-C-L: conflict 1961 thRu 1975 “hegemonyites-wAr no.2” and since umpteen not wheneveR, Oct 1978 “hegemonyites-wAr no.3” so now that this dude does not get to pat himself on-the-bAck foR getting a gal pRegnant and staRting a family. Nexus, I shall stay w changing woRdages into a moRe pRofound conniption of better language is best spelling, oR histoRy: fRont and centeR.

Like, “wArs should not be histoRy-designation dating, civilizations should. Adding, a new poem, one that will be going into pages of my wheneveR, foRthcoming “Poems Anthology” as well as updates on “coRonaviRus–now 110-pages” updates on police-State muRdeRings, as well as what suggestions does “R” have of his R-A pHoTogRapHiCs iMaGes that shall be sold w used books, w un-touched sCuLpts i.e. large and small, as well as w 4-down vehicles, since 26 April 2020, and what paRts aRe used 4-sAle to otheRs (lotsa tie-Reds) just as you are, now at ease!~


24 mAr 2020 >

m0lecUlaRizAti0niNg-bLOg #08/ 24 mAr 2020

wArs-wArring, chEm-fookeRing: ionizationings, coRonaviRus/SARS-2


All youR buddiEs want wArs, the impeRialist-soldieRing cannot win, for the new-Rome. Nor will the nucleaRism and theiR deep-State pRopaganda win, thRu discouRtesy of abuse. Do you feel that you’Re a good shid-ski, now? Do you feel you want to be an absolutist and not use “non-ChloRinated-Tissue”? Do you feel chloRinated wateR once oNLY in swimming pools at high school, was not good enough for you to dRink, yet as an adult? Does being a thief help you cogitate on democRacy-puRpose? Is leaRning science youR oNLY capacity to maintain “health w.o. health-medicaRe”? 

                       “R” the peace-wArrioR


07 mAr 2021

tHe space-Time as attenuatEd neEds foR my patRons   (6:00:24 a.m. 07 mAr 2021) 


 “R has staRted a new-bloG, while I knEw that a plague-typE tRaumatization was about to occuR. As dEfense-is-pRoscRiptive I knew the tenoR of getting my 2-books oRganized–then hopefully dOne was going to bE yet another haRdship to my pRofessional-dEmeanoRs. TheRefoRe the decision on both, as yet no “woo-CommeRce”. Thus, peace-wArrioR is heRe w.o. anymoRe than needing the eye-pAtch: suRgeRY… pLEASE dIG tHe


was staRted w a semi-Enigma… would book-sKi be done in oNe oR in tWo paRts–now fouR. I add to them, when I am not tiRing fRom studying phOtOgRaphic seRies, sessiOns, oR tiRing of not having womAn around who cAn discouRse that “she likes sleeping w mE” when heR teevee is not on news w deaths and booooombs and nonsense: uRanium-238 repoRts neveR being mAde to my tantamount, nEedful eArs–sHe is a biG jump-4-feet hiGh fence, muLey-dOe.

dRone and no-Bases Removed from empiRe’s itineRaRy of wanton disRegaRd foR human-Rights at hOme and human-Rights, in those dictatoR-suppoRted and those otheR-Destabilized fascism-System nations-of-plutocRacy, that the new-Rome suppoRts–like a bent cRutch foR my hiking aRound the wiNd-tuRbiNes, med-Bow, township!



Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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