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<post #35> 07 Aug 2019

Insouciance to Vaginas, I do not think I ever was That

The annum 2014 was a calamitous-Year, one of disparateness due p-a-i-n-s and not having a female companionship connection. Of course, I had often wondered whether my “anti-nucleaRism” made women overly protective of their own needs for sexual-Intercourse in the virtuous-Face of artist-extRaoRdinaiRe. SoRt of, yes. There was no reason that independent women could not e-Mail me on the many “personals” that included those w whom i had conversed ‘online’ starting after my long tReks thru-out u.s.a. and Canada, both 1996 and 1998. How could I learn more about the female psyche` in direct correlation w physical amenities of a Universal stature?

Damnable years of parttime, OTR trukken were also long distance commutes, and did they not understand that was gas, money, and how tired one gets in 13-15 days of the roadscape idiomatics? 

I had moved to “stop ‘n rest, cabin’ once again in 2001. Dumb fool neglect of my sexual incongruences and neglect of what women c-o-s-t. 

Not okay. Because women are insouciant to nucleaRism being the propaganda-Ploy? Yes. That was NOT easy on me!

“leaving-word-for-the-next-pollutinG-geNeRation” 19.5W-x-13H-edited-12-19-11-4-10-19-2-cheerie-Ridge. [part of a pRoect combining iMaGe and poetics…]


<post #34> 06 Aug 2019

Death and carnage, is what the plutocrats want to maintain

Impugning illegal-Wars & 3-kinds nuclear-Molecular: weapons remains a degenerate nucleaRism, disease! De-contaminate all ‘radionuclides’.

Today is Hiroshima-Day (Japan was obliterated as the fire-bombs had already destroyed Tokyo and other major nipponese cities) and tomorrow is Okinawa “peace-day” celebrated to halt all wars and to maintain the spiritus of global-Village. 

I’ve returned home, as today is day #34 since shoulder-Replacement, and I am exercising frequently , the recuperation is going faster by 2-3 weeks.

As i cannot field friends to pick-me-up post surgery, the macula-Pucker suRgery, scheduled three times, has now been postponed again!

The wArs in Yemen, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan continue to maintain both: Plutocracy and US-military-Hegemony. 

I shall attempt to have banking installed on woo-commerce for purchases of most “iMaGeS”.

OUT-Now-wAr-is-waStE-Resist-war-Chaos-is-NOT-Peace…” edited-7-28-12-@-sRC…

Where are e-Mails from ,y sonoma Valley pRoest/vigil acquaintances? were we not friends?

<post #33> 03 Jun 2019 

adding tO pRospectus-4


B& W “The-eyepatch-services-blurriness-and-mental-stress-fRom-condition…“19.5W-x-13H-edited-3-09-19-@-sRC.



** please see <posts #25 thRu $32>   https://nukiemole.org/nukiemole-pronouncements-14-30-apr-2019-no-just-such-thingy-bop-as-electromagnetic-gravity-just-electromagnetic-dynamics-is-cosmos/

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** please see <posts #13 thRu 18> https://nukiemole.org/nukiemole-pronouncements-12-05-apr-2019-wars-invasions-us-military-does-not-make-us-free-you-are-american-hegemonyite/  wArs Invasions US-military does not make us fRee you are american-Hegemonyite

**please see <posts # 7  thru 12> https://nukiemole.org/pronouncements-11-degeneracy-is-free-to-you-because-you-9206-2/ Degeneracy is fRee to you because you are an american-Hegemonyite

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–note: Yes,  my book is: Philosophy of nucleaRism, nucleaR-Molecular (eveRywheRe) distinctions...    


As anomalous “weather-WarfaRe” continues,

the peace-Warrior, “R” Addison