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1977 Plastic pRojects wAtch staRted, 41-years f00keR-bilt-sKi wArs, eRotic aRte (21 mAy 2019)

tRying to be an aRt-sit in this merely women-Decadence is now profound erotic, as finite cordiality is not disappeared. The fox l00kiEs at me. The deeRs long ago shedded their wTR coats but have gRown… a heavier spring-Coat. As the chelated-Ice conditionals have cheated on halting microns ‘the plastispheres’ are not increased as a bionic-plague, because they are a major-Haphazard. Is m00nshine yet pRoduced? Where aRe the appalachia’s, if not above the 7-feet long catfish catch in the lower Miss-zippi riverbilt-ski, basin of antiquity, microns waving downward to core-Exit Gulf. In high school studied what the oRiental musEums of san fRan had to offer in the weigh-in’s of expensive-PotteRy i.e. nudeLies: on vases. They were nice because as natuRal-goes! MotheR computeR, has video of highly-Nice vulva-Radials being peRfoRmed sooo a man-ski can extRapolate what the size of birthing opening must be.

I do not lift my leg on the mulEys while those female are urinating. Do you? I am waRming-up, again, second-time, today! My cabin got chelated-Ice corn-Snowed @ 5:25 a.m. Tap-tap-tap. Did the Harpy-Eagles have an off-spring, and whatever bRought them here: as south is from the Guiana’s? Will I ever be able to move into the ind00rs of a warming-Up metal aRtes-Studi0 oR suffer indemnity of the rogue-Empire’s wasting $5.7 tRillion dollar in sands of let’s contaminate the suRfaces of oil-Spasmodicum w microns ur-238. Who would want to steal that, UN-less the “coRe-Exit” coRpoRate-Sleaze has not been fined at all? When will universal-Hope ever be “a way to separate and not get contaminated by phytoremediations, or by a micRons vacuum collecting ur-235 and pu-239 at nevtest-Site. When will the firing-Range of the so-called Jefferson pRoving gRounds be vacuumed-up?

Yes, the wArs are illegal-Inavsi0ns on and of impunity to waste the once-was: republics ballast of monies-collected for usages in building health & hospitalizationings. Now, I have been studying “plastics” since 1959, before the film “Mrs. Robinson” 1963. The holistic-Sciences have engendering and are “not-Superlatives” of better-Health, because they are engendering to the human-Bod. I like, appReciate erotic-aRte. Do you? The cottinniEs are about to leaf, now the gRowth pReparing for bl00m has not woRn thin fRom chemicalizationiing/Ionizationings. I gRew-up w two conference in san-fRan bay region—one in Sausalito, the other in Oakle. The three-Suppers by forthcoming directoR’s, who were not verso-wary of Ecology, and the afRo-AmeRs who were Rev. Jesse` Jackson, soon-to-be Rep. Ron Dellums, and others to be mentioned in my stoRies—1969 thRu 1970. What-a time! Those sessions also offeRed, to me thru intRospection, thru introversion and then exposing en Voce` extRoversions, the amenity of finding americanism, as our though our culture was not always lame-O racism.

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What in f00keR-bilt-ski-hEck are we-B00meRs not doing to HALT wArs-wArrings (20 mAy 2019)


The sexual-Revolution did us-Boomers, our social-Generation, a clash of spirits.There should’ve been moose “american-Socialist” undertakings, but then, my thinking wanted to know, quite rightly, where else in the 50-states, in Mexico, in Canada, and maybe internationally, was that undermining of sexual-implicitness going to go when they were non-Antagonistic. Meanwhile, why were the “revolutionaRies” not really associating themselves w news-outlets whereas neither was the sexual-Revolution. What did women have in meanings of birthing ad fertility that were words missing from, Biology classrooms in 8th gRade and in high-school? The spirit-Bequeathals bRought me onto a liaising w intellect. My whirlwind was latent, because :nuclear-Molecular, was not incandescent.

The revolution has, maybe, finally arrived. We are sick oft actually being socialists who are not Communists nor totalitarian, or one ilk-Capitalist: autocrats as I had expected by 1963 and not the death of JFK; or another-Totality, likewise ‘fascist-Totalitarian’. Whereupon, the we-B00meRs bring Justice to the Universality in Berkeley’s ”Revolution-Now” 1969-1971. Revolution happens when we-People are oppressed. The sexual-Revolt happened w the “B-C pill”. Birth control and non-Promiscuousness was my proxy! I wanted. I needed to know far more and far better, at least at ‘par’. While the B00meRs have a legacy in the past they are lax now in a futuRist sense. The tangent is what then can the “we-Boomers” of 1969, now provide for other b00meRs?

Do my need for eye-surgery, for shoulder-Replacement, and for “pseudo-Gout research” to be furthered to full-blown “knowledge” or not? The b00meRs have their collective heads stucko’d uppe-Annus of plutocracy…or merely laziness is Bourgeois-status? When will we-People have a non-sacrificial-Zone accolade against the tyranny of chemicalizationings for Ionizationings?

“Top 5 “Conspiracy Theories” That Turned Out To Be True”

view/ ‘corbett report’ 19:16 mins. 55,845 views

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Why Always codifice and Edifice over UN-declaRed wArs-wArring neo-Liberalism (19 mAy 2019)


There were many times when mutational for OTR tRukken was indispensable and man times when the phone I was a warbling case of rashes, to those billings dept. attendants on phone calls and on what-ever were those actual amounts, as tRavel was weeks on the Road.charges. The rashness came form my father abandoning discussions and my realizing that communicating is a part and an apportionment to and of Universality! Thus, renting and having operations seemed like a compromise as well as an extra-Burdensome conditional aspect, were I not having strength two adult makes, already! If, I had not been strong about renting storage-Spaces, my metallurgy would not have progressed to where I feel, now, I am readied to move into larger building and living-Quarters.

Because, the idiopathic of plutocracy, is not always into stopping “brutality” at the roots of all evil, is a simplistic-Method of non-Exchange. The method actually is subscriptive to allowing the mobsters maintain and continue ignorance for a more propitious-Moment, when graft-corruption-illegal means tRading, drug sales and borders-Smuggling will behest other-Nations, elsewhere. Where would that be? Another endemic “time’. Wow, bRutality then never gets the cure of disease does not please? That bRutality is also a practice of jailers, who constantly mistreat “pRisoners” and of military personnel who abuse and mistreat gRunts, women, captured-humanity as though they were doing somethinGy-Bop: incorrect by living—or make thinking about Life or living! There is a cure for wArs-wArring. Does Justice exist? Guess what STOP means? Are neo-Liberalist Bankors using off-shore accounts to “launder” cRime monies of cIAS as well as of mobsters and gangsters?

Thus, in sum-Mannerism, my being rash was because altho I was getting support, not as many b00meRs were allowing that they were knowledgable that inputting w Universality, i.e. doing my “en-voce`” was apropos the vulnerability that danger was too present and sometimes not enough pretense for surreptitious or nothing-Much overload purposefully! The OTR-tRukkors did lend several anti-War support-Yeas to spelling-out for halting central-Americas: wArs-wArrings, but not many conversations were expropriatory, overheard and some were like “whatever is the ban-the-bOmB symbol, anyhow-Annoying to my challenges on Universality. Sooo, do we want chem-tRails and Ionizationing or do we want “de-Contaminationing: foReveR”?

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Is Hardship G00d for you and the planet-eRathe, too (18 mAy 2019)

Most of my Life has been appellate to and of tRaveling, for study and for job-Hunts to maintain cheaper rent while part-time tRukken: O.T.R. Was that fun? No. Was that another part-time job? Yes. Did that help me to find a spouse who would-could- but maybe should tRust me? Yes, soooI thought. I am still o-u-t on that last aspect. Factorable seemed to help ascertain deductive-Thinking and buying while reading looks or studying in Libraries to catch-all. After all, I had studied under many affirmative intellectual american-Minds as an american-Socialist! Fundamentally, driving and camping for pRotests helped me to codify “en Voce`” enlightenment(s) and maintain a public input for social-imperative to maintain the contexts on”the nuclear-molecular”. Question is this. Am I tie-red of driving? Period.

The resolve for enlightenment of course turned inward as far as a visual-Artiste` and journalist-writer could allot mind-Scape to become bRainless entropy. Why then, do women not understand that outdoors people, are not always impoverishment and anti-intellectualism is not anti-Feminist, I must ask myself? That fact was imbalanced, in April 2014, while towing two vehicles w my 3/4T J-20. What a sham and shame! I have not-been-able-to regroup, as wRitings in volumes was finalized by copyright more recently i.e. Dec. 10th 2018. The need post 31-years of wRitings was coupled to having a “macula-PuckeR” in one-eye. Ohh, gReat! I put-off that “operation” after EKG and after physical. I await the shouldeR Replacement 20-months, as that has been throes of exasperating suppositions to complete my websites structuring and designs. Do I feel more comfortable, now? Intrinsically, yes.

About Face: Veterans Against the War @VetsAboutFace Where’s the lie? #DropTheMIC #GIResistance #ArmedForcesDay

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Ecology pRofessed ought not be pRofundity of Excess as found in capitalist-Totalitarianism (17 mAy 2019)


Ecology was awaiting me, from being an outdoors explorer. I was not poison-oak oak trees and black-Tail coastal deer of the California coastal ranges. When in college, first University second, I hailed the need for sobriety as an american-Socialist, one who felt that devouring farmlands to build slurs was, is more than anathema. Whereupon, by 1966 I was starting my gRad-studies, but between sophomore and junior years of four-Year college. That way I could get into my Philosophy of nucleaRism and study of photography and metallurgy well as—side-by-side. Mrs. Elizabeth wRight Ingraham helped me w that disposition, while I was organizing for Colorado Springs 900-plus persons anti-V-C-L protest and march in downtown blocks.

The Ecology I chose was headwaters of theSouth Platte River, about 8,300 feet elevation. That became my first study-Zone in spring, followed by these-Oaks zone of Sonoma County, also 1969, in bitchen-Cal. Yet, I owe $400 to the Geography Dept. at U.C. Davis for helping me secure the venue of attributing mountains to water, of run-offs, and into snowpacks. Alas the mTNS and snow was hard for me to find, because that was in the expanses of state, Nevada. My purchasing a camper for my J-20 was specific to that amenity, as I even stated the retirement would take me down-to-Alaska, being geography is from 6,653 feet elevation here or to 3,350 in AK. Pensively, I am not looking ahead further than maybe getting thru a thicket of obviating chemtRails f00keRville clouds and toxicity to have that happen after 35-years of trying!


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 Holywood films gives us peonage blasts, fires, disaster, some considerations what should have come beforehand (04 May 2019)


Theirs is no offering of “defense is what needs defending” in films on and of hypothecary disenlightenment. Dig.


When we were W.A.S.P. children and catholic-Boomers, we commingled around principles such as: there are something’s you do not do! Like my ph0t0 of me on corner of US-287 in fort-Collins, nearby the Safeway food-gRocery, holding that placard that states: my country does not masse` murder, I can recollect thru Universal “visual-Acuity” the ph0t0 whether that in front of me physically or not! That latter pRemise, is what I mean by “defense”. The phrase “seeing is believing” is not the same as there are something’s you do not do. Dig? I do not lie to those fellow-Socialists, and some savory-Americans. I also compost the bullshid-Ski!


The “5G” is nano-Technology, or artificial-Intelligence. The building molecules that are being utilized are moronically forwarding “directed-energy” experimentationings. What is black-Ops is not for Universal-Compendium, and oNLY partly for ‘compendium-Swing’. The plutocRacy wants fascist-Weigh-ins before defense has predilective-Measures. What been on-goings, since NSDU-238 concoctive and sordid “moribundity” 25 Mar 1943, is the lack of resolve to initiate “democracy” over Plutocracy. Do not even love the flag, unless that is “hung upside down”. Period.


You got me. I shall not state point back “gMOS, fRactuRing and cHem-tRails” are sooo good for you invest in garbage-Galore, because fascism is not couth! The facts are “gHeez: those dead forests were good”. How come?

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WeatheR waRfaRe is not oNLY plastic chemicalizati0nings (02 May 2019)


The molecular-Age has been aRound a long progeny of decades, since aluminum-Age and nuclear-Molecular are gRandiose schemes of misplacement for “dis-Information and mis-Information” by the plutocRacy of once-Waz: republic. Basically, all are pRofundities of nucleaRism et al-ski! My volumes ‘wRitings’ are pertaining to dispositions, historic-Occurrences—such as what and why on-going Daiichis contaminations into the pacific-Ocean—are yet to be curtailed.


The weather-waRfaRe is not as new as the ‘cHem-tRails’ onslaughts of 21-years altho that occurs all around the planet, because the contaminations of barium are actually accruing faster than that of “aluminum-Oxide”. Yes, but the happenstances were covetous  under misguidances on NSDU-238 usages, first and foRemost. We do not live in a wonderful cyber-Technology and we are, more and more cybernated toward abdicating our Human Rights for coRpoRate-sleaze: R-O-N-G-S. Remember, when you and I found-out-that cel-Phones can be tRaced wherever and whenever you go. Lotsa fun that was, and now prepare yourselves as 5G is about to be thrown at us, unjustly as NSDU-238 was excused as no more contaminating than “detergent-Soap: post, washer-Usages”. In other words, cybernetics won’t save us from ourselves, if we do not HALT “chEm-tRails” dispersals always consistent w fascism and police-state: u.s.a.!


Rubble, rubble, war, shoot-shoot, war blash, bomb explodes,

tank sends its 120 mm bullet into concrete useful for insulation

of we-Humans in desert oriented middle-East, but war-war

everywhere, and civilians caught in cross-fire purposefully

by ISIL hired by US-admin’s cIAS orders? Rubble rubble everywhere

why is rubble good for children to live upon as schools

did not close but got caught in cross-fire, children’s blood

as hospitals do not have doctor’s but US-military bombs

killed them and their hospitals now rubble, ruins, of rubble

streets, and blood soaked concrete grey, rubble, how wonderful

the myth of US-military IS NOT.


Rubble, rubble another mosque bombed by US-mediocrity,

another school, another hospital, another mosque, another

civilian wedding rubble w human-Blood soaking for assurances

that civilians were involved by illegal-Invasions and interference

by a once-Waz republic, u.s.a. we-People too proletarian or

justly Bourgeois now the evil-Empire. Rubble for the US-military

supporters of crimes against Humanity, the joe-Average Sunday

meal of GMO’s, foodstuffs fed by chem-tRails rubble for unions

not striking against no water in Syria, in Libya, in Yugoslavia,

in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Iran the oldest civilization does not

like ISIL hired by cIAS that cause rubble, everywhere blood-soaked

rubble of civilians known as collateral-Damage, how much have

the chem-tRailings program cost the u.s.a. taxpayers, the oligarch’s


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The new-Rome has had an hegemonyite-Militarism of Luciferian dReam on globalism  (30 Apr 2019)


No need for dReaming when immune-Deficiency is being attacked from w.i. and w.o. by US-military-Hegemony of plain ole Plutocracy. The gReen Party in coloRadie was a letdown to one specific “enmity”. That was not one unified nor one specific-Person spoke-out in the disregard of Federal Forest Service Dept. to replant the forest which was being decimated by chem-tRails causing massive “Acid Reins outputs”. Those molecules weakened forest and brought the sleaze of bark-Beetles infestations. Then, atop that they did not prevent the larvae of those colonies to outbreak, by planting parasite-Wasps larvae nearby. The “parasite-Wasps” to say the least wins in those studies not taken seriously. Why. Hegemony or tyranny for corruption-Sake?


Goes “demcoracynow dot oRg” ever report on what “american-Socialist: parties” are putting-out in their four-Parties—at all? What are they afraid, fore? What I see is not the “gReen New Deal” making dems happy, but “anti: weather-Warfare” making inroads to repatriate our needs of gReen forests, not burning forests to keep weather cooling as Ionispheric-Heaters heat-up two atmospheres—Ionisphere and uppe-Stratosphere.

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Remember “weather waRfaRe” is the US-oligarchs-Hegemony against the people, but they call that democracy not fascism, because they always lie for egregiosuness-Extent! Besides the open attempt and the actual continuing “buy-off” of the Venezuelan people, there has been “operation-Gladio” in Venezuela, since 1983 when I was into central-America’s Honduras, as a peace-Advisor to indigenous, on my own recognizance and had met Zelaya—spoke w him in Spanish! Also: ” CIA Meddling in Latin America — 1954 to 2002 compiled by Steve Kangas  …



** please see <posts #19 thRu 24> 

** please see <posts #13 thRu 18>  wArs Invasions US-military does not make us fRee you are american-Hegemonyite

**please see <posts # 7  thru 12> Degeneracy is fRee to you because you are an american-Hegemonyite

**please see <posts # 1 thru 6> What does word-teRm: predatory-Monopolist Indicate?


–note: Yes,  my book is: Philosophy of nucleaRism, nucleaR-Molecular (eveRywheRe) distinctions...    


As anomalous “weather-WarfaRe” continues,

the peace-Warrior, “R” Addison