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volume-ExceRpt post #9/ 26 Nov 2016 tyranny not flagged, disparate-Empire for Chaos (3-30-12)


volume-ExceRpt post #9/ 26 Nov 2016
tyranny not flagged, disparate-Empire for Chaos (3-30-12)

This one person did not want a paradise to be this planet, because this, is our solar-System and radionuclides may make us-Humans extinct. What we do know about NSDU-238 and what I have found-out, is a partial-Pause that might refresh needed amenity for concerns and alacrity, as w the rejuvenation thru culture and science. But hopefully, the full-Realizable extent of political-Science would enervate what kinds of political-parties vie for rhetoric thru extrapolations of “laws and harnessing of treaties-into-Laws”. I did get these qualifications exemplified, answered w.o. rhetoric. More like hardpack-Soil beneath the oNLY tree left-Standing nearby that was pre-Asphalt or always gravel park ‘n camp area where hot-metal cars parked, my altruistic approach, also got answered. You were correct if my words rang true. There was an immediate consciousness-Response regaled, intrinsically, after 1991’s NSDU-238 usages. The internet was not an accomplished sub-strata of knowledge until over-flight: phrase-2 Iraq, illegal-Invasion and illegal use of nuc-lear-Weapon, as well as against all three natipnal-Laws of the once-Waz: republic of u.s.a.

The nuclearist-Policy was the prick of disaster in Yugoslavia: Kosovo and Bosnia-Her-cegovona, and both self-c0nciousness and public-Conscious would adapt to resolve the contiguous current of knowledge regarding disregard of protection of we-People. That was that awaiting and UN-wanted concept? No. An immoralist or realized and regaled w.o. remunerative-Alacrity remained, inactivism? No. What then, was that showing needing a vague-ness? Was that for power-mongering via propaganda-mantle muzzling public space-Place and ‘activity’ w.o. pickpockets, nazi-Bikors, police in year 200o military armor 25 years later? Neither history of wars-Warring: imperialism for IMperium, not for a history of ‘Phytoremediations’ has been presented. Goshe` man. The fact was tyranny is a dispar-ate-Alacrity w.o. a consolescence of knowns regarding remunerative-Factors and enumer-ations.

I wondered whether I had wandered into discourse-Entreaty of dischaff, piles of dust or as in Frenchman’s flat fumaroles of radionuclides guggling-nonsense burlups like blurb-ling bulopps of sulphur-pits near-top-of Mt. Lassen (nat’l Park). Wherever is the entropy w.o. entreaty? Whereupon thinking whatever is an answer is avoidance of, and not an ans-wer. I reconciled both, again and again in 1069 thru 1979. The overtures kept we-Boomers and we-people going, as we are the they who need to know more about the moribund of radionuclides, as well as dept-of-Offense. The boomers were useless, if all they could relate was flower-power, whereas is peace all there was remained in quest? Altho the concepts and visuals remain immense, but not an enormous “social-Movement: toward Medicare for all”. Positive reinforcement of Psychology for and against propaganda, how far did that so-cial-Movement get? NSDU-238 usage is the most despicable tangent from not lying, not cleaning-Up radionuclides presence in atmosphere in water and upon porous routes into soils of our planet, as never was that there. The radionuclides-Galore is what you got peop-le! Because the mighty: one-Party parody was not halted the digressions have foddered rightwing neo-Cons and new-world: globalism, which is hardly a philosophy, but merely the reactionaryism for plutocracy to continue UN-abated. Shameful static.

No goaded interruptions to NSDU-238 use and continued negligence regarding accountability were what was “not needed”. Worthwhile attenuations regarding “where is the nuclear-Molecular consensus going w stowage if not use” was both putdown and prosaicness emphasized. Where that socialism in u.s.a. had disappeared was not allowed freedom of expression, while billions dollars poured from national coffers. What did not exist was tRuth-Giving. Yet one could and would oNLY always assert an americanism. Why? Radionuclides in atmosphere stratosphere: high, higher, was also having made industrial “heap-0’s w.o. discussion” no sign of human-Principles, precepts and ameliorations of both NSDU-238 and thermo-Nuclears, at all. Sept 11th and directed-Energy was why. Militant neo-con’s skewered our ways of social-Ethics and social-Morality w an immoralism and crimes-Galore, yet answered but not lawfully accounted w Justice of Imprisonments!

“Imperialism and the Middle East
To suggest, as Socialist Project clearly does, that US imperialism can in any way assist in advancing the democratic and social aspirations of the Kurds or any of the peoples of the Middle East is absurd on its face. This is, after all, the world’s greatest and most rapacious imperialist power—a state that over the past quarter-century has waged a series of wars in the region that have claimed the lives of millions and destroyed entire societies. In pursuit of its reckless bid to secure hegemony over the Middle East, the United States has fanned the flames of sectarian division, back-ing ethnic-based and Islamic extremist groups in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen and else-where.
To advance “America’s national interest,” Phillips and Salett would only expand the bloodbath. The ethnic partition of the Middle East, which would be the inevit-able outcome of a US drive to carve out an independent capitalist Kurdistan, would, at a minimum, result in a regional war or wars and entail the forcible reset-tlement of millions of people, resulting in a catastrophic loss of life.

An inkling of what this would mean was provided by the US- and German-spon-sored breakup of Yugoslavia in the 1990s. Eager to assert their dominance over Yugoslavia in the post-Cold War era and speed up the dismantling of its largely state-owned economy, US and German imperialism backed Slovenian and Croatian separatist forces, blowing apart Yugoslavia’s complex federal structure. This trigger-ed a decade of ethnic civil wars and “cleansing” that claimed hundreds of thous-ands of lives and terminated in NATO’s 1999 war of aggression against Serbia.
Phillips and Salett are far from alone in Washington circles in advocating an ethnic partition of Iraq and the Middle East. This scenario has been actively debated by various US military-strategic websites for at least a decade. That it is increasingly finding favor in the Pentagon and State Department w a s indicated by a lengthy piece that recently appeared in the New York Times, a newspaper that has long ser-ved as a conduit for the US national security apparatus. (See: “The New York Times whitewashes US imperialism in Middle East and contemplates ethnic cleansing”)

Socialist Project postured as an opponent of the US’s illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003. But thirteen years on, they are promoting another US scheme to reorder the Middle East, this time by using the Kurds as their proxies, and one with no less in-cendiary consequences. Socialist Project’s orientation to Washington’s Kurdish allies, not insignificantly, corresponds to a large degree with the orientation of Canada’s Liberal government and its Conservative predecessor. Ottawa has focused much of its Iraq “reconstruct-tion” efforts on its predominantly Kurdish northern region, and has developed close diplomatic and trading relations with the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG), in-cluding through the establishment of a consulate in its capital, Irbil. Canada’s military intervention in Iraq has also focused on the KRG, with Canadian Special Forces providing advice and frontline “training” to the Peshmerga.

Socialist Project’s indifference and contempt towards the lessons of the past struggles of the oppressed peoples against imperialism is staggering. The past cen-tury has shown time and again the disastrous consequences for the peoples of the Middle East, and the Kurds in particular, of adhering to the national bourgeoisie’s strategy of seeking “liberation” under imperialist patronage.

After more than a century of imperialist dominance, the vast majority of the peoples of the Middle East, whether Arab, Kurdish or Jewish, continue to live in abject poverty. The imperialist Allies used promises of a Kurdish state to rally sup-port during World War I, only to abandon their pledge in the carve-up of the region that they organized in its aftermath. Instead, Britain and France drew national bor-ders best suited to impose their colonial dominance over the region.”

Whereupon, who was I, personally was that as an educated person I was yet educa-ting and being educated by what I found and furthered thru research. Was I beyond mere-ly wanting to teach formidability as a political-Discourse reading the dis-associative values of propaganda? No., but then who kept w those professor’s who rekindled their own needs as spirit-Necessitating extracted for instruction, other than a consternate self-Self that had to be shared—in the instances of “nuclear-Measurements” specifically anywhere and everywhere. Theirs, the professional writors and professor-Academia was not obstruc-tion on the viscosity of needs in the nuclear-Molecular— as wont as invidious excising—or were they obstructionist, rather off-the-cuff. Soooo, I attenuated the two-parcels: radioiso-topic-Activity, and then was rekindled by another who knew NPP’s and did not know NSDU-238 as we both knew fairly well enough of the dis-favorable “value” in negation by edict that “all-Life could be lost” if a nuclear-Winter—any ole day was to happen, the radio-nuclides would last. That happened when I went to the eastern states to find-out what an NPP looks like during all seasons of an annum.

Was their Nothing soooo much import to have come back to the drawing board in sync. Or were people protesting also expanding their common and Universal knowledge? How then, do NPP’s radioisotopic-Exchange solicit an enumeration into social knowledge: public when and while, as a need to remunerate nuclear-Molecular: measurements, into s social-Morass, w.o. not maintaining the stochastic—lacking integrity, secretized, partly maintaining Conditonalism of the obsolete, but as a falsity of enacting “theatre of the Absurd” because we of left were not allowed, etc. political-Science, or power-mongering overview? One has to an end an obscene inveteracy of illegal-Invasions, only ONCE. One, has to have reasoning forwarding thought and consciousness. But for what reason. Not the EPA or because the EPA was an advancement toward wider and broader integrity, but where are the “clean-People”? I had many doubts that politics was political-Science and wanted to stay w this overview, but not to fight their ‘tyranny’ that study of both nuclear-Weapons was a discourse peregrination because that had been let off the itinerary—of whose asinine dolings and backwards purveyances.

“KUZNICK: The world in January 1961 was a very tense and dangerous place. The Eisenhower presidency had created this enormous military-industrial complex. Most people think–the thing that many people know about Eisenhower is his farewell address, in which he warns about the military-industrial complex. What they don’t realize was that he was the one who did more than anybody else to create it. When Eisenhower took office, the United States had a little over 1,000 nuclear wea-pons. When Eisenhower left office, we have 23,000 nuclear weapons. By the time his budgeting cycle was finished we had 30,000 nuclear weapons. Eisenhower had helped create a very dangerous world with many fingers on the nuclear button.

JAY: Yeah. Actually, if you read the whole Eisenhower quote about beware of the dangers of the military-industrial complex, it’s not that he says that we should-n’t have a military-industrial complex–he in fact quite explicitly says there should be one–but just beware, because they’re going to have an inordinate amount of political power as a result of all this.
KUZNICK: Yes. Eisenhower understood how dangerous it was. Eisenhower over-saw the creation of the first SIOP, strategic integrated operations plan, and he got very scared when he was briefed on it. What the Joint Chiefs informed Dan Ellsberg when Bundy asked Ellsberg to find out the details, it told Ellsberg that within 24 hours of a war against the Soviet Union, we were going to shoot off our entire nuc-lear arsenal. They expected the consequences to be between 600 million and 650 million people dead from America’s weapons alone. And so that was terrifying. It was terrifying to Eisenhower. He understood what he had created and the risks and dangers involved in this. When Eisenhower took office, nuclear weapons were our last resort. When he leaves, they are our first resort. When he takes office, there’s one finger on the nuclear button. When he leaves, there’s dozens, maybe scores of fingers on the nuclear button. And with this massive buildup on nuclear weapons, Eisenhower understood what he was passing on. This could have been to Kennedy, it could have been to Nixon. He did not know at the time.

So it was a very dangerous world. It was also a world of great tension in Berlin, great tension in other parts of the world. So it was a world that could have explod-ed–and almost did on several occasions.The first major one, the first big involvement we have is with the Bay of Pigs in April ’61. And that’s a fiasco. Then Kennedy meets with–…

KUZNICK: The United States under Eisenhower, we started to build up a force of Cuban counterrevolutionaries operating out of Miami, who in April invaded Cuba under the pretext that if they invaded, the Cuban people who supposedly hated Castro would rise up in rebellion and overthrow the Castro government.
JAY: The invasion’s under Kennedy’s watch, not Eisenhower.”
As a child, then early ten high-schooler the ingredients for removing the scientists from overseeing the military’s maneuvering w penataGooons dis-spoilers, regarding first NSDU-238 cover-up and no Encyclopedia allowed to common w knowledgeable source, made for all-Other to disregard thermo-Nuc;lear: radionuclides in the warheads, as though other nations knew and were keeping secrets from the fanatic-penataGooons. This stats left a queasy un-evenness–in the stomach– of many of us ‘Boomers’. JFK was not outing his league, but I, personally did not read that he added depth to his evaluation backers i.e. political-Analysts historians and professionals. In fact, that also made me wince. The boom-ers started to understand more of the common-gRounds awareness and insight.

Years later while protesting around plans-States and eastern-Seaboard, my fidelity had to realize that my high school had allowed us to protest against both nuclear-Weap-ons, but not against wars, unless we moved across the street. However, most my age were boomers. The oldsters were members of various religion-churches, in support of a mean-ing exchange to officials and oddities of not being informed. Scarce were those who might complement what JFK had meant to their Catholicism. There were the catholic-Workers, but they were staid, i.e. remained quiet and not warming to any conversations. You try to adjunct what communally we may put together that all of us can adumbrate our common-ality our ‘global-Village’. They were not the only ones ‘presupposing’ that adamancy would be a reason for paranoia.

“KUZNICK: Say this again?
JAY: The invasion takes place under Kennedy.
KUZNICK: The invasion takes place under Kennedy, but it was planned initially under Eisenhower. Kennedy inherited it. Kennedy doubted the idea behind it, but he felt that as a young president he did not have the authority to overrule some-thing that had been put in place by Eisenhower and by the generals.
It was a disastrous plan. Lemnitzer (the chairman of the Joint Chiefs) and the other generals and intelligence people assumed that once we sent that force in there, if they were in trouble, Kennedy would have no choice but to send in air support and ground forces to back them up. They met with Kennedy at midnight for three hours one night as the whole thing was unraveling down there, and they browbeat Kennedy into sending forces. Lemnitzer couldn’t believe that Kennedy would stand up to them and not send American support. Lemnitzer said afterwards that he was shocked, that this [incompr.] it was criminal on the part of Kennedy that he didn’t do that.

That was one of the important things to understand about Kennedy. Kennedy stood up to his generals and his intelligence people time after time after time. [incompr.] we have–what we wish we would have seen with Obama. Standing up to the military and the intelligence people Obama has not had the backbone to do. But Kennedy did repeatedly.

He did the same thing over Laos. They wanted to go in there and fight it out over Laos. Eisenhower had warned Kennedy that this is very likely going to happen. Kennedy refused to send the forces into Laos. The generals said they wanted to be able to use nuclear weapons if they needed them in Laos. Kennedy refused, and he accepted a neutralist solution in Laos, which is what Robert Kennedy later said they would have done, very likely, in Vietnam as well.

But these are things that go against the culture of the military, the Pentagon, and the intelligence community at the time, and Kennedy built up a lot of enmity as a result. After the Bay of Pigs, when the force was almost entirely killed or captured by the Cubans–and Kennedy admits that this is terrible in terms of what has happened. And diplomatically, around the world the United States’ stature has fallen dramati-cally almost overnight. Khrushchev said he had a lot of hope for Kennedy when Kennedy first took over, but by the time they meet in Vienna, Khrushchev is browbeating Kennedy, and he thinks that Kennedy obviously was somebody who was in way over his head was Khrushchev’s initial sense.

But in the aftermath of the Bay of Pigs, Kennedy learned some important less-ons, and he starts talking about those Joint Chiefs sons of bitches and those CIA bastards, and he says, I’m going to scatter the CIA, I’m going to shatter the CIA into 1,000 pieces and scatter it in the wind. He puts the CIA operatives in each country under the head–the ambassador’s control. And then he fires the big three in the CIA, including Allen Dulles. He also shakes up the Joint Chiefs of Staff. So Kennedy immediately is giving the signal that he’s in charge, he’s the commander-in-chief, and he’s going to set the policy. And he starts [crosstalk]”

The point that Allen Dulles was to be removed came from afar, because he as an ad-jutant of capitalist-Cronyism, maybe the enlightener. Dulles was a hawk and terms against scientists on the AEC were to become overly scrutinized as though Joseph McCarthy was installed as Chief Justice. Operation-40 was gHW Bushwhacky’s resolve for indecency to the president, by edict of emotional-Reactionary, of stupendous sorts, since he personally loaded guns from the island north of Cuba into the dislodging of communists (not all were card carrying, as many were socialists). Basically Prof. Kuznick has opened newer reports on discernable basics not well covered before, or covered-up and deemed propaganda. JFK would have been better-off had he stayed a “third-world: rhetoric” rather than know-All capitalist—in my basic analysis.

JAY: But it’s important that, if I understand it correctly–and I know you think after the Cuban Missile Crisis he began to change his mind on things, and we’ll talk a-bout that. But he, as the president, for the first while he is a very militant cold warrior. I think I saw a quote of Dean Rusk which says that he was practically fixated with trying to overthrow Castro in Cuba. Certainly some of the assassination attempts on Castro that took place initially, if I understand it correctly, Kennedy certainly knew and supported. He didn’t like them working with the mob and the mafia on this, which is–let me just say to our audience, this story goes so many layers and ripples. We’re going to have to just deal with some things kind of big-picture here. The literature on this is hundreds and probably thousands of books deep. At any rate, I mean, Kennedy wanted to overthrow Castro. He wasn’t–this was not something he was opposed to. He just didn’t like the way the CIA handled the Bay of Pigs invasion. Right?

KUZNICK: Kennedy was committed to overthrowing Castro. That’s right. Kennedy was certainly a cold warrior, although he was not entirely a cold warrior. But in the essentials, you’re right. He was a cold warrior.
He had been very critical of British and French colonialism. He had traveled in Southeast Asia. He understood the way people in Southeast Asia hated the coloni-alists. So he always had a sense that the policy that the U.S. was pursuing there was problematic. But he didn’t challenge it initially and did embrace it. And after Sputnik in 1957, Kennedy starts to talk about the missile gap, as do many of the other Democrats. So they become real cold warriors. And in 1960, dur-ing the election, in certain ways Kennedy is attacking Nixon from the right for let-ting Castro survive in Cuba and also letting the United States fall behind in terms of the missile gap. So in that sense Kennedy was certainly a staunch cold warrior, and I don’t disagree with that. But Kennedy evolves in office. Kennedy sees what’s happening, he sees the kind of advice he’s getting, and he moves dramatically, in my opinion, after 1962, away from the Cold War.”

My IN-juries, between 1969 and 1979, however were too plentiful for me to be an Ivory-Tower, student, w.o. purveying ahead on the outdoors into Ecology of the wastelands yet to be surmounted, from indoors or not. I needed healthcare and part-time study and part-time werk, w.o. tyranny of no-Ecology and bio-Molecular: remediation(s) and clean-ups including that of NV-testsite, thoroughly well done by military baking scientists, not a dept. of Offense. Whereupon, I was, as a player, who did not stridently attest to be the one-only: individualist of cognoscenti, that academia did not need security-State.

Now, here what may I have said is something to contend: correctly and far wider. That’s where I was, however, in players-Ville, finding what discourses were, and what moti-vations had begun furthering, that were the cause of “enviably as non-Justifiability” not in hands of others. The bomb was second to NSDU-238, but what was the gaseous extent of plutocracy in that disregard–on and of that stat I moved forward concepts of peace were not-ever-to-be enlightened over-head “fallouts”, said who for whatever whomever that is/was? Those that moving-north west from nev-Test-site, again. I knew “defense” would be better equated until “use-Of” a stress-Turned: off, period of adumbration.

“The answer is that Washington’s empire extracts resources from the American people for the benefit of the few powerful interest groups that rule America. The military-security complex, Wall Street, agri-business and the Israel Lobby use the government to extract resources from Americans to serve their profits and power. The US Constitution has been extracted in the interests of the Security State, and Americans’ incomes have been redirected to the pockets of the 1 percent. That is how the American Empire functions.
The New Empire is different. It happens with-out achieving conquest. The American military did not conquer Iraq and has been forced out politically by the puppet government that Washington established. There is no victory in Afghanistan, and after a decade the American military does not control the country.

In the New Empire success at war no longer matters. The extraction takes place by being at war. Huge sums of American taxpayers’ money have flowed into the American armaments industries and huge amounts of power into Homeland Sec-urity. The American empire works by stripping Americans of wealth and liberty. This is why the wars cannot end, or if one does end another starts.” 

The computer’s would be allowed for us to enter-Data, and technology would ad-vance to where “trees could be injected and growth hormones would do 10X w same-strength” or ecology was waiting and tongues tied was not the problem. This also made me look for the term “bio-Diversity’ w.o. first knowing the discovery was made on the Mississippi and put into use there also. I took another look at how many truck-Loads of NSDU-238 were being shipped from Paducah to Canada for processing—into armaments —but, what were those chemical breakdowns, on paper. What were the actual radioiso-topes brought into fruition, and cast-Aside not astray! What did the math look like? Finally math looked like what our thoughts specific were comprised and maligned, not digressed, but focused upon facts of virtuosity: remiss i.e. delineations w.o. spite from all space-Time attenuations. These tenets, altho fascinating were precise, because the words said all what the theatre-of-Absurd had determined —a voice would say “it” cannot be redeemed w quality, but scarcity ‘exists’. Port of Hope was where the ur-238 composites were brought to fore-bearance. I like ‘comprises’ want we don’t want we get. How about “nuclear-Drones” and not-so-Sufficient NSDU-238 crashing?

“Designs for nuclear-powered aircraft are known to go back as far as the 1950s.
The research team found that the nuclear drones were able to provide far more surveillance time and intelligence information per mission compared to other tech-nologies, and also to reduce the considerable costs of support systems – elimina-ting the need, for example, for forward bases and fuel supplies in remote and possibly hostile areas.
A halt has been called to the work for now, due to worries that public opinion will not accept the idea of such a potentially hazardous technology, with the inher-ent dangers of either a crash–in effect turning the drone into a so-called dirty bomb –or of its nuclear propulsion system falling into the hands of terrorists or unfriendly powers.
Sandia confirmed that the project had been completed: “Sandia is often asked to look at a wide range of solutions to the toughest technical challenges. The re-search on this topic was highly theoretical and very conceptual. The work only resulted in a preliminary feasibility study and no hardware was ever built or tested. The project has ended.”

According to a summary of the research published by the Federation of American Scientists, an independent think-tank, computer-based projections were used to test the concepts. “Based on requirements and direction provided by Northrop Grumman, Sandia performed focused studies to translate stated needs into con-ceptual designs and processes that could be transferred easily from Sandia to industry design and production personnel,” the document says.”

This is a major-Thesis for rip-Off. As perfection may allot “batteries-of-radioisotopes” oNLY pu-238 would be the best, and that is the worst-for-inside atmospheric use that should not be asked to become “propagandated nor excise-Propagated”. Even in interstellar-Space, any amount of fall-back “microns-miniscule” is tantamount to killing hun-dreds of millions of people, not merely 100,000 nearby an NPP–innocent-people that they are and should not be! There is a resource-Limit in-as-much-as all-Uranium is radiation needing a measurement anywhere all the time—as well as couthful-Protection ‘blowback’.

“The potential impact of nuclear-powered drones can be gauged by comparing them with existing aircraft such as the MQ-9 Reaper, which is used extensively in Afghanistan and Pakistan in operations against insurgents. The Reaper presently carries nearly two tonnes of fuel in addition a similar weight of munitions and other equipment and can stay airborne for around 42 hours, or just 14 hours when fully loaded with munitions.
Using nuclear power would enable the Reaper not only to remain airborne for far longer, but to carry more missiles or surveillance equipment, and to dispense with the need for ground crews based in remote and dangerous areas.

Coles believes the increasing sophistication of drones poses many threats: “As they become low-cost, low-risk alternatives to conventional warfare, the threshold for their use will inevitably drop. The consequences are not being thought thro-ugh.”…’
Some data is yet hard for me to understudy where writing is not excessive, and where my human foibles, do not exasperate and forget fretful points or facts not ameliorated, too. the energies of “militarists’ are heading into GMO’s what they may “singularly” find others ought to have. Much is at stake preciously, because stats do not belie issueless-issues. This is, politics played behind curtains of propagandized pointless excess, or nomens new and UN-heard by socialists and professionals. The scientific-INvestigations would have been a preferred challenge, that of doctor’s who did not do internments of interest and even in-trospection, also have left gaps in discerning intelligible “intel-Gence” not to be particular, but to be, precise, about recognized Universal tenets. Thankfully, data-gathering was pro-jected at and actually attenuated inside Iraq, w real Iraqi—not even news-media coverage, yet-for this to be maintained and not circumspect!

“The WHO in Iraq has reported that priority will be given in the survey to measuring the magnitude and trend of congenital birth defects at selected district level, identifying possible risk factors of congenital birth defects and assessing the burden of these conditions and impact on the health status of care providers.

ICBUW welcomes this long overdue attention on these disturbing problems but emphasised that the process must be as transparent and wide ranging as possible to ensure that all environmental risk factors, including contamination from deple-ted uranium munitions and other toxic remnants of war are taken into account. Plans to analyse the health and social burden of these problems on communities are also welcome.

The project Pilot Assessment of Congenital Birth Defects (CBD) in Iraq has been split into two component parts, the first of which has been funded by the United Nations Development Group (UNDG) Iraq Trust Fund, which is administered by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) on behalf of itself and other United Na-tions Organisations. The first part of the project is expected to cost US$336,350 and will focus on:
Drawing initial baseline data from selected districts in 6 governorates and understanding the trends of birth defects in the selected governorates in Iraq;
Analyzing spatial and temporal trends and detect changes in the incidence of birth defects in Iraq
Capacity building of Ministry of Health national public health TORCH (Toxopla-smosis, Rubella, Cytomegalo and Herpes virus) laboratory and technicians
The second phase will aim at: conducting observational and analytical epidemio-logical and laboratory investigations to understand underlying risk factors; strengthening the disease registry/surveillance for birth defects in Iraq and finally the proposed study will assist in assessing the burden of the problem on Iraqi health system, medical services and communities and formulating evidence-based recommendations to address the problem.
The initial research part of the project is expected to be complete by late sum-mer but it is unclear when the first results will be made public.”

The congenital-Defects needing to be knowns, are good for you, in-as-much-as news that NSDU-238 is being further deciphered—fook no. The stat is now becoming known? Yes. How about, this never should have been one, now that 21 years since has been at-tempted should draw amiable ‘fire upon the insidious-heinous, and derogatory aspects of sleaze that revolt should be followed by police-State prepared and citizens UN-knowing plus UN-prepared incarcerations at the “nuclear-Usages: radionuclides-Wastes scattered into oblivion-Stat, is just beginning and UN-told 1,000’s of years have yet to be surmised until a patterns or winds dissimilar vacuum all soils? Give us a break it’s scattering as you read and I type, too! Like, more research on “where” from when has yet to be generated, altho engendered for 21 years, already, now.

“Solnit has most recently been involved in the Occupy movement in the Bay Area and in organizing the Coalition of Imokalee Workers, which recently had a major victory in persuading Trader Joe’s to sign a Fair Food agreement with them. David focused on five major things he’s learned as an activist, namely.

Uproot the System: Though individual issues are important, we need to move forward with a systemic analysis and an understanding that individual issues are connected to the larger economic, environmental, worker justice and political systems.
Organize with Strategy: In order to heal and rebuild, we need to be not only courageous, but smart. What worked the last time may not work this time, we need to consider our goals and come together around strategy.
Build People Power: We need to go door-to-door and mobilize our neighbors by connect-ing with their concerns.
Experiment in the Laboratory of Resistance: What’s worked in the past likely won’t now, it’s important to be creative and come up with new forms of resistance.
Tell Stories: There is a lot invested in developing the mainstream, corporate dominated narrative. In order to fight back, it’s important for us to tell our own stories, perform our own stories, both deconstruct the narrative of those we are resisting, and be brave enough to tell our own succinct and compelling narrative.
Solnit’s remarks may push against your assumptions about nonviolence and what it looks like. That is partly his point – we need to let go of the past, and crea-tively move forward, working together to come to agreements about strategy. It’s important not to be rigid about our sense of the right way forward and to listen to one another as we work together to address injustice, creatively applying the prin-ciples of nonviolent people power.”

This would be is nice, but remains is necessity for government to lead by will of the we-People. Imagine your food coated w NSDU-238 and other nicety-Radioisotopes weigh-ing-in upon which human tissue-cell to hand onto. Such transport on planet-Erathe can oNLY be covered microscopically or small: micron-sized like bacterium-Ooze and virus-Microns, too. Macro-Economics eat your dead-Neighbor’s heart that stopped when child-ren of Iraq were starved after parents fathers and sons were killed in fields nearby now-Contaminated by radionuclides fecund-Degeneracy of military-INvasions. Being peaceful and channelizing the truths is what both Solnit and I do. Remarkability is peaceful measure. Enlightening surprise and actual corner-protest is peaceful activity. Loving a woman is peaceable activity. Giving a flower to a child is peaceable activity. Giving moms’ and dads’ hugs is peace-able activity. Bombing food stocks and bombing power plants that a whole populous need to refrigerate-foods, is not, peaceable, egregious and heinous and anti: Declaration of Human Rights, so what fascist formula came from what, one must assuage, ask and have answered as one and w others.

The low-octane: pollution activity is egregious to laws and sanctimoniousness of cap-italist cRonies of neo-Liberalism. How does one’s senses go dull, when your brain’s focused on peaceable coveted for activism against tyranny. The doctor’s of radio-nuclides-Contam-inations ‘degree’ is awaiting your peaceableness to measure where peregrinations for “peace’ will travel. That being that microns of pu-239 and ur-235 from above ground tests, as well as microns from horrendous “destruction, masse` Destruction” is egregious to laws of all the new-Rome has signed as treaties. The leadership lies and the liars continued to lie, w.o. ascertainable reproof i.e. covering-up. I’d learned this the most from beats-Bohemi-ans, and astute speakers on the nuclear-issues: topics, too. Don’t miss the end of useless-Contaminations as activist and we-people in revolt to change the corrupted-System via peaceable means and amenities. Like OWS will get started again—and did.

“Tim Powers, director of ORNL’s Non-Reactor Nuclear Facilities Division, said the technology demonstration will include development of neptunium-237 targets that will then be introduced into the High Flux Isotope Reactor to produce small amounts of Pu-238. Later, workers will remove the targets from the reactor core and process the radioactive materials in hot cells at the lab’s Radiochemical Engineering Development Center, separating the Pu-238 from the neptunium and purifying the plutonium.
Powers said the ORNL program will support the U.S. Department of Energy’s plan to eventually produce 1½ to 2 kilograms of Pu-238 per year, using existing infrastructure within the DOE complex. For years, the U.S. has relied on purchases from Russia to supplement the inventory of the radioisotope for the space power program. There have been multiple proposals to re-establish a U.S.-based production program, none of which took hold.
According to Powers, very small amounts of neptunium will be introduced into the High Flux Isotope Reactor in the early stages of the demonstration project. Over time, some of the targets will be withdrawn for evaluation, while others will be left in the reactor core for longer irradiation periods, he said.
Pu-238 is a sister isotope to the plutonium-239 that’s used in nuclear weapons. It’s considered the optimum material for power sources — known as radioisotope thermoelectric generators or RTGs — on deep space missions.

The RTGs supply electricity to spacecraft that are too far from the sun to use solar panels. The heat generated by plutonium’s natural decay is converted to elec-tricity, which then powers transmitters and other instruments.”

Is peaceableness the affectation of a “gawd” causes wars or makes wars-Warring for tyrannical-Rex purposes? Your Gawd is war-Out! I can get on and off a bus, but not one soul is castigating the wars “illegal verity in consequences” because the people are not on good terms w these wars, or because the gawds caused the wars, and no argument is ne-cessary! This p.o.s. is attitude of convolution to allow things to get worse, but not to know the historic content and/or connectedness. The ashen faces do not hear what I am thinking, because my writings are semi-specific or semi-private until they read those chapters. The deaths and attributes of NSDU-238 is better known—on my part I’ve been UN-ceasing. Life is ever-so-Doctrinaire. Life for me is words, for them I never hear. What their one-way street contexts, remains not whatever but whomever is delivering productful social-Factu-ality and not stochastic but the wars are there, interruptive-Extent, festooned are we-people who have died, been killed from this nation/once-Republic, or millions civilians over there and there, too, for the empire’s full-Cruelty is “brutality”.
The fury of stochastic, I do not like the stat at all, because in it’s truth one must res-pect the challenge that they, those who like I, may have traveled w must to partake of present time and course: ecology and other-People. but w.i. a shrinking confine of non-pluralist, relentless-Wars which are not necessarily allowing the boredom to seep and erode freedom w.o. ergonomics of cover-ups, deceits, assassinations not by individualism of cIAS in collusion w black-Ops? One good reason is the infernal and moribund usages of NSDU-238 which has been used as a chaste-Propaganda disspoiler. Another is prevalently, or incessantly, the droning of wars to use drones to kill weddings–relentlessly, illegally. A third is, the fanatic penataGooons remain world’s largest obdurate hardly stealth com-punctive negotiating that the world does not need “peace”. Fourthly, getting away w not-so-humble amalgamating usury of utmost-Polluting: degeneracy, factorable-Deploration aspect of the “killing-Machine” 40% of world’s total contaminations of CO-2 and chemicals —this is not to say that that nerve-agent does not need a re-agent.

“What is to be done? One answer is to change the conversation. The focus needs to be placed on what Bacon referred to as the fruits of science that can help achieve Enlightenment goals of human flourishing, the same goals that the American founders saw as keys to the prosperity of the new nation.

Another answer is to emphasize the activities of scientists that are publicly observable, concrete and transparent, activities that are often under the heading of engineering. This answer argues that, instead of looking to the space program as an analogy, we should focus on the modern version of the program itself. A manned Mars landing is controversial among many progressives and is far more difficult to achieve in every sense than many of us used to believe, but the implications of such a nation-al commitment may redeem scientists themselves in all sorts of secondary ways.

As is well known, funding for NASA’s manned Mars mission has taken a hit in the 2012 budget. In truth, I have not been an advocate of a human mission. The risks to a human crew are (pun intended) astronomical and the benefits to scientific know-ledge modest compared to a robotic mission. But there are some experiments that machines alone probably can’t do. And for a unified sense of national purpose, es-pecially rescuing the public profile of scientists, there may be no other solution.”

When people do not ‘read’ they are not supportive of “scientific-Evaluations’ and of science-Specifics making progress or IN-roads toward our “mutual-Future”. This tenet is an aspect of harsh measures when demands from “militarism” exceed the limits and elements of “bio-Diversity”. Much of addressing needs have become problems, and this stat de-means that people have not found ways that have improved correlatives of change and rely too much upon chance. Factors that belie issues are also not covered by social-Work-ers when they sit around or when they’re over-Worked w retainers for community-People: needs. As an institution, scientific-Thought is the easiest way to relate, generally-speaking. However, fact-not-fiction, also enters and IM-provements are sought as immediate remedies beget a psycho-pathological entombment. This is also what the penataGooons have done technocratically to maintain surety of monies and exasperations of NSDU-238 continuing. This is also another defining of what Conditionalism is done for, hypocrisy.

Where are not the Amer-scientists investigating the extent of NSDU-238 usage, to-day? When were they first to respond to the ‘totally-Illegal: usages of radioactivity in Iraq”? Why did they not respond and study and report! Were they, the amer-Scientists, ever con-tinuing a study on radionuclides over-There? Were they halted from going, as well as be-ing there, by the state-Dept incursions by dept of Offense? That is to say, the venues are lacking exchange, not interest, or was that both. The military-manner is ill-Rebuke, or obsolescent mannerist. They show lacking sense as the path to the new-Rome: legions or counter-Insurgents” what’s the difference when an INvasion is an INvasion, and NSDU-238 is scattering microns in dusts, into waters air-bourne for millions of millenniums to come–centuries to come eat your heart out! Do the military, and do the social-werkors, care or, do we-People oNLY always care and not attempt or attempt and get only consequence is definition?

Is care needed or necessary beyond this stat of imperialist-Tendentious-Excise, the cause of rapprochement. Yes, always, because the military IMpugns w a usury for neglect, a pathogen to maintain Conditionalist enterprise stasis, of staid obsessives to be the nega-tion about Life, to never quite proceed from he system forward w change to gain Change. That which should not be used, however is quite, morosely, important. NSDU-238 should never have been used by a criminal, president of the olde-Republic.

“According to an article today from the industry publication Platt’s, the nuclear industry is growing increasingly worried that the White House’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) will not give final approval for the Vogtle loan. That’s because the nuclear industry wants a sweetheart deal–one where Southern Company has to put up virtually none of its own money and where all financial risk for the loan is laid squarely on the shoulder of taxpayers. But both OMB and DOE have come under scathing criticism, especially from Congressional Republicans, over the failure of the Solyndra solar company loan granted by the Administration. And the proposed Vogtle loan would be 15 times larger (and far riskier) than the one given to Solyndra.

Thus, the Administration is being more cautious over the Vogtle loan than it would have been when first agreed to more than two years ago. And the more public scrutiny the Administration receives–and the more letters we send—the more likely that caution will lead to a cancellation of this loan.”

Not oNLY are the people-Stretched from downward: manufacturing-sent-overseas, spiral of economic living capacity, but the nuclear coRpoRations want more and more the taxpayers’ monies? This is insidiousness, an excess of opinionation for plutocratic-Regard, to state the least, maintaining monopoly of consensus, which ought to be from the peo-ple’s knowledge base for eradication of principles-Lacking in the first-place military-Hege-mony. Thus, this aspect involves science of “how safe are NPP’s’ in the first and in the sec-ond place, who does the approval, not the rubber-stamp, which makes any NPP in u.s.a. disregard the stat from Dai-ichi’s, because that military misleads need of ur-238. This is military-Hegemony getting the weigh-INs again and again, as NSDU-238 comes from having ur-238 processed at the NPP’s and stored on site five-years while cooling. Thus, it’s in the cooling process that ‘defense’ needs to start, and these loans are more IN-discretions. We-the-people are that ‘defense’ which is needed, as there is no other means-Specific to appoint and get done: correctly, to en-sconce the amenity necessary to protect our home-communities, that even INvasions have never been “defense” and that military-Might is never-Correct, so far—merely destructive for Destroying as though a real fight was never exposed about their paranoia of autocratic and autocratic-Rulers– since 1945—while they helped install dictatorships through cIAS and covert assassinations, etc..
The coRpoRations have polluted here, the waste-waters flowing into the world’s oce-an’s, and no promise from them that they’ll clean-UP here, as deceit-line, beats Nothing, because they’ve moved overseas to pollute there. This, the definition of multi-National: coRpoRations is resolutely a must-Need for responsibility and accounting what is happen-ing on a daily and even hourly basis, especially around NPP’s. The radioactive-Contaminations around any “radionuclide” has to be Measured, is what I am saying, and soooo-doing we must have a scheduled “defense from citizens-IN-puts” in order to maintain that the obli-ue-Military, will not use that against “US” as they have done against the u-S soldiers, kind-enough, to have signed for duty on lies and deceits that an INvasion was a “defense-Duty”! The usages of NSDU-238: first in Iraq, then in Bosnia, then in Kosovo, then Iraq, then Libya, and lastly “INvasions-Galore: war-Chaos theory”. There are two theoretical correla-tives in the social-Adaptations which enter the focus at-this point—basically 1991 w first second-in-Time use/display of the radionuclides-Disorder of its “contaminations-Extent”. Radiation if not good for you people.

“Are Civilians Being Harmed by DU Weapons?
Following the use of DU weapons, DU contamination can find its way into the human body by inhalation, ingestion, or through wounds[6]. The radioactive and chemically toxic nature of DU weapons has meant that their use has been followed by claims that they are responsible for increased rates of cancer and birth defects in the areas where they have been used.

However, to date there have been no large-scale studies on the potential effects of DU weapons on civilians. Large-scale epidemiological studies on the health impact of environmental risk factors are challenging in peace me and it is incredibly di cult to design and undertake them in insecure post-conflict settings. Studies have been further hampered by the reluctance of DU users to release targeting data.

Without more information on how much DU might get into the bodies of civilians a er DU weapons are used, it is very di cult to accurately quantify their risk of cancer or other health effects.
Most civilians in a country contaminated by DU weapons will not come into contact with contamination, and will face only minimal risks. However, those living or working near.

International Coalition To Ban Uraniums Weapons
Contaminated sites are more at risk of exposure, particularly if they are not aw-are of the contamination. DU weapons have been used in populated areas and against many different kinds of targets. This has made it more likely that people will come into contact with DU. Other at risk groups include those in the scrap metal trade7 and deminers.

It is possible to use modelling to make an estimate of risk but un l we have relia-ble data to assess how much DU can get into the bodies of civilians who have been exposed to DU, or what harm it would cause, uncertainties will remain.

Are We still concerned About DU contamination?
In 2014, Iraq, the country most heavily affected by war me DU use called for as-sistance from the international community in studying its impact and in dealing with contamination8. Earlier this year, the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission for-ced the US Army into complying with risk reduction measures at 15 DU- contaminated facilities in the US9.

The majority of states that use DU are actively researching alternative materials for their weapons due to the health and environmental implications of their testing and use10.
Field research in the Balkans11 and Iraq12 has revealed the longstanding con-cerns from communities over the known or suspected presence of DU contamina-tion. Finally the much delayed release of just under half of the US’s targeting coordinates from the 2003 Iraq War has highlighted the scale of contamination from the conflict, with more than 1,000 sites now known to have been a ected13. The revela-tion that the US has used DU munitions in Syria, and the public response to it, under-score the importance of both this resolution and the topic more generally14.

Taken as whole, developments since the last General Assembly resolution on DU indicate that states, affected communities, health experts and civil society rem-ain as concerned as ever over the potential health impact from both recent and historical DU use. A fact that should be reflected in resolution L.63.”
The first is that the knowledge of levels that partake in this “usury of INtrinsicness” as NPP’s and all radiologic-Facilities have contamination-Levels, by the military-standard of protection, allowances are Intolerable to humanity, but lies are not.

The public can do much to alleviate the nonsense of not-knowing how radiologic-Contaminations w.i. com-munities of nearby NPP’s is already chaos. However, what intrinsicness tells us, is that the whole “military-Industry” connected w the radiologic mis-Handling are not resolutely ad-ministered—by both Veterans admin, would do not take urine samples and test for any and all radionuclides-Contamination before, entering the basic-Service. Thus, what can civilians do is let at assert and assuage, this need for ourselves, as “we-the-Community nearby” must be allowed—by Congress or by community edict, to be trained “correctly” by scientists, not military, as they’re the d-F problem. This is a task of “democracy proportions, not plutocracy mis-Adjudication: maladroit and mis-Appropriated oblique power-Mongering”. This is the taskful enterprise of social-Democracy.

Secondly, the fear-Mongering has been prescience, because that is exactly what the right-wing reactionaries had wanted to cause, but never say, like leaving the fields nearby those tilt-UPs factories, as lands nearby fully coated w industrial chems is as harsh remedy as use and over use of fungicides on foods full of hormones—oblique engendering w degeneracy as sole-Purpose. This is chaos-Theory: wars, but as stipulated for resource control worldwide, morosely, not as representational-Art digest. Most specifically, who are the people, most closest this aspect of “industrialized-Farming: coRpoRate sleaze appellate mistreatment, if not the influx of Hispanics. The question has become, do they have time for “defense” for going to city-Council meetings and to county Board of super-visor’s meetings? Defense from tornados and fr0omfloods and from accidents is one thing, but having a work-able “non-Militarized, force” is what actual-Defense structure is. This starts w the human-Psyche` and w human need of “healthcare must be provided”! The computer utility has added a dimension of study and utilization for jobs, but leaves no-Defense w.i. social-Context, as actual “first-Need”. What was OSHA was not F.E.M.A.

“More recently OCHA assessed the overall needs as $20.1 billion2. At the same me the world’s governments spent $1776 billion on the military sector3. It is unfor-tunate that when the Panel considers that “the deficiency in global aid could be solv-ed by implementing new policies designed to tap into creative sources of funding4” it does not point to the elephant in the room.
Over the last few years the International Peace Bureau has repeatedly called for a re-allocation of public funds from the military to social need: to development (funding the newly agreed SDGs); to public services, notably education and health; to the environment (Green Climate Fund); and of course to peace and disarmament initiatives. “Ending wars saves lives, avoids humanitarian crises, obviates mass refugee movements, and saves money. It is without question the least costly and most practical form of humanitarian assistance available in the world”5. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!
This year we once again call for a minimum 10% annual reduction in military budgets. The $180 bn thus released would cover roughly nine times the $20 bn cal-led for by the humanitarian agencies.

If only it were so simple… For there are other trends at work. This year could also be called the Year of the Drone – the Robot – or Cyber-warfare. High-tech gadgetry for armed conflict is all the rage. We are also witnessing an intensification of nation- alist politics, a hardening of the authoritarian state, and a growing determination to secure access to dwindling natural resources6. Not to men on terrorism. All these factors tend to swell the national military cotiers.

And these are not the only justifications: states have increasing recourse to mili-tary ‘assets’ during natural catastrophes or civil common. They replace roles former-ly taken by police, re services and coastguards, and even diplomats. ‘Disaster militarism’7 is a new fashion. Furthermore, their humanitarian initiatives are only par ally appreciated: aid agencies are wary of being used for political objectives and protest at the blurring of lines between the two sectors.8

This is altogether a dangerous path. Just as the early peace movement9 called for drastic reductions in the big powers’ conventional arsenals in the late 19th century – for fear of the Great Conagra on which indeed broke out in 1914 – so we today call on governments to rethink spending priorities before similar disasters befall us.

It will be argued in reply that military budgets are already declining, that the military are stuck with outdated equipment, and are not properly protected. This is a distortion of the facts. Overall military spending remains at astronomic levels – higher than even at the peak of the Cold War. True, some western states trimmed a li le from their allocations in the wake of the 2008 economic crisis; and some oil-dependent countries are suffering on account of the low oil price today. But the Asian military buyers have fat wallets and there is intense pressure in both Russia and America to ‘make the country great again’ – usually code for more money for those who make war.

It is no secret that the military and the defence industry lobbies are powerful, and executive. But they are only executive to the extent that their strategies and technical prowess t well with the underlying philosophy of governing elites who base their ultimate power on the monopoly of violence within their territories and on the projection of force abroad. The lesson of the Afghan, Iraqi and Libyan quag-mires seems to be that Western adventurism and quick fixes to complex conflicts do not work. A more subtle policy is needed – hence recent calls for ‘smart power’ and ‘all of government’ approaches.

The danger in such policies is that by wrapping the iron st in a velvet glove, civilian-based services which could provide the basis for a non-military approach end up helping promote military domination and control.

What IPB advocates – in addition to meeting humanitarian needs via a switch in priorities – is the development of tools and strategies to facilitate a ‘great transfor-mation’ in our societies over the coming years. This means extending the concept of human security to planetary security in an age threatened by climate change; investing in massive programmes of education and job creation to undermine the temptation posed by jihadi extremism; and more generally building societies based on tolerance, rule of law, nonviolent resolution of conflict at all levels, gender equality and sustainable economies and lifestyles.

“There is work here for everyone, and the hour is late. Geneva, 31 March, 2016“
There is a wholesome medium, not a happy-go-Joviality of military is here “guns-Galore” or military-is-not-Hegemony, because they’re merely excuse-Oblique, trained-to-kill, soldier in uniform, not civilians any longer. Get them out-the-military before they go into that morass of brainwashing, is in need of site-Specifics, were the intelligence of our citizenry will have to attenuate returning. This is the task-of-Necessity to protect from the radionuclides being further dispensed w the dutifulness of deceitfulness, now apparent, but also lacking civilian-Consort. The u-S citizenry, may take heedful warning from Alex Jones on his daily programs i.e. “why be chump-Idiots”. Whether or not the Hispanics can be defense is too late the question. They came here seeking some betterment, and 12-15 million are legal. What the compounded polemic is, has been disgust from rightwing who are as lazy w any others as degeneracy can geti(?)e. NAFTA for destabilization of the food sourcing by locals in Mejico and thus entered maquiladora and dRug-gangs murderings. The ‘wholesome fact is that ‘defense’ is as remiss w immigrants, as w.i. the right-wingers, as is w.i. the rest of the population. We are totally UN-defended at home. Each immigrant should have had a pact on Life, as meaning in Life is virtue ‘stay at home, or return in one piece’.

The economic disparity does not hold credence as multi-Nationalism, percolated coRpoRate sleaze deceptions—multifold—yet thru the utility of usages NSDU-238, be-cause cIAS does not ever need to be murdering by assassination an American-President and selling off desert lands of Arabs to millions of radionuclides-Contaminations to maintain a chauvinism of arrogance for dilettante exponentialist misadjudication of laws to maintain plutocracy. But, gHW Bushwhacky did all the above to the detrimental best of cutting-out any and all dissent give or take incrementalist purveyances and that very prescience. The total-Citizenry, needs to know whether they are defended from disease, such as typhoid and virus and bacteria. This also means that those who are illegal cannot participate, when they should, and racism is as rampant as imperialism are maybe-Capable for understanding w.o. educational back-ground, supposedly public bearing the federal-Governance affrontals. That, still-is-yet, does not demean that “defense is not necessary” because that may cost money, and should be billions taken from INvasions illegality in 1982, in the historicum-of-Consequence, how long the wars?

“KUZNICK: I used to–I agreed with Chomsky and Bacevich and others initially, until I began to look into this question much more deeply. And then what I found was that Kennedy’s views were evolving in terms of a broad range of issues. And if you look at any specific one, you don’t get the big picture.
And I think the culmination comes in his commencement address at American University. After Norman Cousins visits–well, it’s really–or we could say the turning point is the Cuban Missile Crisis. But you see signs of it even earlier in terms of not trusting the generals and not trusting the intelligence community.

But after the Cuban Missile Crisis, Kennedy learns a profound lesson. Khrushchev learns the same lesson. Despite all of their efforts to avoid a nuclear war and a confrontation between the two sides, they realize that crises like these cannot be managed, that crises cannot be controlled. And after that, Khrushchev sends an extraordinary letter to Kennedy in which he says, from this evil maybe some good can come. Both of our nations have felt the–our citizens have felt the flames of thermonuclear war. They understand what this means. We should now work together to remove every possible conflict that can lead to another crisis between our two nations. Khrushchev said we should even eliminate the military blocs, get rid of NATO and the Warsaw Pact. We should work together to end nuclear testing completely and roll back all of these conflicts between us and work together for a peaceful world.

Kennedy hesitated at first. He balked. But he realized–he said–and Norman Cousins goes over there and comes back and tells Kennedy that Khrushchev is sincere about this. Averill Harriman, who was a old hawk from way back, tells Kennedy that Khrushchev is sincere and he really wants to do what he’s talking about. And then Kennedy begins to reach out to Khrushchev as well.
And between the two of them, in the last months of Kennedy’s life, they are starting to try to tamp down all of these crises. And you look at the limited arms control treaty, it was the first nuclear treaty between the United States and the Soviet Union. The military was staunchly opposed to that. They were furious with Kennedy about this. Congressional mail was running 15-to-1 against this treaty. But Kennedy stood for it, he stood up for it, and he was able to get it passed. According to Ted Sorensen, nothing that Kennedy achieved in his presidency gave him as much gratification as the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. Kennedy said that what he wants to do is sign another treaty, and then he’s going to go to the Soviet Union. He’ll be the first sitting American president to visit the Soviet Union. And he says, I’m going to be treated like a hero there. And that’s–that was his vision. Kennedy saw himself as a man of peace toward the end of his presidency. And I [incompr.] that possibility to achieve that.”

“JAY: Alright. Well, part of, I think, the counterargument goes that, yes, Kennedy saw the necessity of avoiding thermonuclear war and this kind of direct confronta-tion with the Soviet Union, but he also saw the national liberation movements of the world that were also heading towards socialism if they were victorious, and, of course, Vietnam being the most important example of that as something that had to be fought. And here’s another quote from Bacevich’s book:
“Kennedy saw South Vietnam as the crucial test case of flexible response, an opportunity to demonstrate that counterinsurgency and nation-building techniques could defeat communist-inspired ‘wars of national liberation’–that when it came to projecting power, the United States had at hand tools other than those offered by the CIA and SAC. With this in mind, the president
” increased the U.S. military presence in South Vietnam from nine hundred to nearly seventeen thousand ‘advisers.’
” eased restrictions on U.S. military personnel, authorizing those advisers to engage in combat operations … [including dumping] large quantities of defoliants such as Agent Orange on the Vietnamese countryside.
” more than doubled the level of material support provided to the Army of the Republic of Vietnam….
” did nothing in his public representations to refute claims made by others in his administration–Taylor and McNamara in the forefront–that South Vietnam represented a vital U.S. national security interest.”…”

I maintain above all, that the we-Boomers strayed off-course by not continuing to ask ‘support’ for Medicare for all in 1968-1970, and how long the people have been swindled from the incorrigibly, IN-correct-Ways. The hardships remain “semi-Intelligible” and “officiously pertinent” as basics that are allayed show, the people have been swindled, and along that criminality, invasions are as fluctuation by not hearing about Medicare-for-all, beca-use we’ve paid into that for over 4-decdes before being allowed to not get injured and then-some what-ifs? When soldiers come home all frozen w radionuclides and chems-ilI-egally used by their own dumb-fool military, then leadership should have said “bad NSDU-238 and voted that Medicare extension as well as allowability to have, finally ‘healthcare for all’ other than pay into the fuscillage until that explodes from common indecency!

The citizenry happened, because of bully-Clyneton’s stoic-Embrace of NAFTA for the multinationals using his excuse of “special-Interest groups” which is what coRpoRations are as stochastic as implausibility suggests. Political leaders cannot do things then try to justify them, next. The g-Enron admin planned a military-Intelligence swap, and installed an intel-Gence that helped cover-UP and maintain his conceits and pNAC’s deceits of Sept. 11th 2001/9-slash-11. Why elect those Oligarchs to control plutocracy any longer when we’ve no defense from radiologic-Contaminations is merely a ‘threading for defense need-ed in 1958’ long-Gone, daddio!

The context of coRpoRate control of radionuclides is also worth investigating. They do not have to be rhetorical, as politicians do, because they’re accepted as sleaze-Heads who have to confirm “affirmatives pluralistically”. The threadbare insistence to maintain a ‘structure’ is big-Business, not social-Structure. We being social- Animals, cannot include military personnel as civilians, to run wreck ‘n ruin of our americanism now they’ve bedev-iled and defiled social-democracy w arrogant-Criminality, i.e. technocracy. Nor should we allow the personhood of coRpoRate business devaluations acculturalizing premises, let alone those practices. The sleaze must be known not renown. We-people also need a defensive attitude, a social-Prolixity shift of Consciousness. The continual tears w.i. the social-Fabric has been shorn by their malaise and disingenuineness-Excesses, that the will of the people who should get themselves informed, would weaken, too! Those common ties of history-renown, wars w.o. rhetoric, not-so-good, but for us to allow the history to be spent like some gala-Sales: event, that is where I’ll poke my fingers into your eyeballs. No peace is not peace at all.
“New research has shown that a powerful solar storm that packed the radio and radar communications in the peak of the Cold Conflict had nearly ignited atomic conflict between the USSR and America.

Based on the research, published in the journal Space Weather, the U.S. Air Force equipped their airplanes with nuclear weapons on May 23th 1967 thanks to the perturbation of three of the Ballistic Missile Early Forewarning Program radar sites found in Alaska, Greenland and Britain.

U.S. military authorities presumed that the USSR were liable for the crashing of their radiodetection system and which by that time was perceived as an act of war. Yet, prior to the battleaircraft that got the green light, climate forecasters from NORAD stated that it was possible that solar storms could interrupt radio -and radar communications.

“Had it not been for the fact that those guys had invested quite early in solar- and geomagnetic storm predictions, the effect could have been devasting,” menti-oned Delores Knipp in a news release, a space physicist at the University of Color-ado in Boulder and lead author of the research. “This was an important lesson to always be prepared and to take in consideration all external factors.”1

Space experts found an unusually large group of sun spots with extreme mag-netic fields showing in one area of sunlight on May 18th 1967 and by May 23th, observatories in New Mexico saw a flare observable to the naked eye while the solar radio in Massachusetts documented an unparalleled amount of radiowaves emitted by the sunlight.
The geomagnetic storm is also strong enough to make the Northern Lights, which is usually only seen in or near the Arctic Circle, visible as far south as New Mexico.”

What then should be better known in order to be renown, which is necessity confide-ing the occurrences and backlogging for furtive trusting evaluations. You do not get fat from walking-hiking, bicycling but from over-sitting , or staying in one pose doling the need for not having! Negativity is negations. A postscript of any war-Involvement, let alone multi-and-ad-Valorem wars (the rip-Offs) a must of historic presentment the we-people should get from Conditionalism basics and obviate any ad valorem hat all wars re good dumb-Fool wars. No.. Postscript “peace” is a very long, and insidious, weigh-in, some say. A small truth, altho no way to have to get history of last 35-years of wars-Warring into the byte schema of knowing the knowns and the propaganda-Constant: castigated, but never put aside as a needful concern. One must come-to-Realize is the mere-Extent, is what is truth, however. If the people of the u-S were straying from universal-Healthcare: Medicare, why then did the Mexican-Hispanics renege on a “healthcare is better plan” when oNLY some was available in the other government form of Medicaid—way different.

“…named Coke used to deliver an even bigger kick? Until 1903, the world-famous soft drink contained a significant dose of cocaine.

While the Coca-Cola Company officially denies the presence of cocaine in any of its products — past or present — historical evidence suggests that the original Coca-Cola did, in fact, contain cocaine.
Coca-Cola was first created in 1886 by Atlanta pharmacist John Pemberton, who modeled his beverage after a then-popular French refreshment, coca wine, made by mixing coca-leaf extract with Bordeaux wine. To avoid liquor regulations, Pem-berton chose to mix his coca-leaf extract with sugar syrup instead of wine. He also added kola-nut extract, lending Coca-Cola the second half of its name, as well as an extra jolt of caffeine. [6 Party Drugs That May Have Health Benefits] While cocaine-infused beverages may seem far-fetched to modern readers, these drinks were quite common in the late 19th century. Cocaine was not made illegal in the United States until 1914, and until then, the substance had a variety of (sometimes questionable) medical uses. Cocaine tonics, powders and pills were popularly believed to cure a variety of ailments, from headache and fatigue to con-stipation, nausea, asthma and impotence.

But by 1903, the tide of public opinion had turned against the widely used and abused narcotic, leading the Coca-Cola Company’s then-manager, Asa Griggs Candler, to remove nearly all cocaine from the company’s beverages. But Coke wouldn’t become completely cocaine-free until 1929, when scientists perfected the process of removing all psychoactive elements from coca-leaf extract.
While the modern-day recipe for Coca-Cola is a highly prized company secret, there is reason to believe that the beverage still contains the same non-narcotic coca-leaf extract that it did in 1929. According to The New York Times, the Coca-Cola Company was continuing to import coca leaves from Peru and Bolivia until at least the late 1980s.”

We are not covered when we travel from state to state, unless we all have Medicare, not welfare is wrong pills a.k.a. big-Pharma. How were they then bought-Off into having facsimile concepts that Life here in an empire is better facet? Does this question have to be asked, when they’ve a choice? Does a people involving senseless rites w.i. empire have the correct ameliorations, is the question. When does tyranny end? Because there is no-Defense there will always be “military-INvasions”, the military-hegemony provides for that Conditionalism.

Any way one looks at the “military-Hegemony” premise of chaos is good way to be rid anarchyism, is a J. Edgar Hoover “aegis-premising all-Communists are bad” sitcom the same? No. When all-radionuclides are radiologic and the people are not yet affirmed of their danger and the prescient need for ‘defense’. Freedom then is beriddled, because the Oligarchs have technocrats to protect them, and this is how plutocracy is maintained w.o. resources ever kept-at-bay. The mouth that speaks against the Constitution while provid-ing anti-Constitutional INvasions and utilizes the taxpayers for consequences of masse` murder is criminal, far beyond inscouciant-Decadence un-Necessary. In as much as taxes paid, should never have allowed a corrupt-System as well in that of “derivative-Banking” and has proven his own guilt by devaluation, the UN-doing of the Federal Reserve system is the system to be rid. The mouths needing a “civil-Society” do not ever need “phoney and false-Flag: occurrences ending as means for INvasions” is not defense, and therefore pull-ing back would have been truthful lacking w insouciance for ‘stating’ what was not yet interred, but in need of saying. That remains, and is today, what “apology has been made to Japan for mass-Murder of 245,000 civilians” an apoplexy. What apology has been grant-ed to Iraq for the slaughter of a retreating-Army (back-Up support groups) w 32,330 civili-ans, and what should have been said to the we-people: here in the once-Waz,: republic no longer, when can we help-provide the tools: geiger-Meters, community resources for sci-entific-Paid: civilians training other civilians in radiologic-Contaminations subscript “edu-cational” training necessity at our command.

The we-Boomers have been surrogate of the appellate need for democracy to be rid the tyranny of new-Rome and maintain after the riddance.

Question-When Not using belligerence while a hoax to laws

Why have I become “has too been to save junk that is iUsed”? Did this one need to ensconce in accumulation, or was that the paradox of meta-Physics to write the endear- ments that did not happen to my life, while missing teeth prospered due lack of hot-water, but also accumulated. Plastics, among that consumption-for-Arts, akin accumulation of ur- 238 and pu-239 from making steam-toward-turbine, secret-Rust, or amassing tenets apol- ogetic-Incomplete website? The paper and beguile to have to view that down, empty the storage! Soooo, anarcho-Syndicalist, a man of bRains, but then? I am a sculptor and I’ve offered—as much as I could to the brainless who wanting peace have other’s contentions to digress. Yes, free as to spend more on that product as a whole. Weld, that is peace. Alan Watts and my self, about 15-to-20th session!

Peace or consumption, peace: non-use of NSDU-238. How can one see as much un-toward inhumanity of mankind, whether tribes of that of newer-counties not nation- States. Women-in-our: mutual-Humanity? Human-Kinds, true. Get your trailer understood as transport what is good? No, the opposite of bad not good. Yes. Specialists in history; Philosophy; anarcho-Ecosocialism, yes, as this is essence of study landscape! I had 20,000- 30,000 items of interest. Throw that out starting when the table is fixed-up! Here’s to the wisdom o’ kids friends that our reconnoiteur’d is now done in goodness of community! I am remindful that you have read my edict on and of NSDU-238? But that you’ve accumu- lated the backlog’s start somewhere near this: “The little-known history of secrecy and cen- sorship in wake of atomic bombings” published August 7, 2015 6.04am EDT, but data-History on ‘the conversation dot com’.
Of peace : we brought the eagles back, and then the wind-turbines, brought the chem-tRails of live-in-let die, defy living beneath “cHem-tRails’ corridor of WYoming”. Wow, hazardous!” soooo–now, the courtship of how peace remains and the historical- Relief to molecular structure. Or, like now getting my pHoTs done.
Yavolde, I believe how the ‘ecology was’ yes, landscape as meta-Geographist.

My poems, the real-Solidarity, for decades of continental-tRavels: on-the-Road as well in parttime big-Rig tRuks for us to know that NSDU-238 was not trusting democracy, butthat we-Together can stop wars predicated upon “no-Measures of cleanups on both: nuclear-Molecular: weapons as disgusting as allowability is. No accountability was my constant measure in protests, not merely remnants of peace. the boomer-Generation, had an extreme need to never suspend knowledge and rhetoric of these decades as despicable, what w NSDU-238 being transported. Deadly penetrators? Yes. That is an electronic imbalance of ours, we-People of the u.s.a.? Yes, my liaisoned method. Guy named Bob has al- ways bothered me? Stealing what I needed, or move, trying to chase thee, those elements of peace’ Not using belligerence while a hoax to laws. The face of discivltries, on-Goin’ in middle-East, since we know Netanyahu. A basic fearless assassin.
I feel ‘defense’ is not offending, neighbors,, and recounts. Properly, altho, Jill Stein and then, Hillary shows in the popular m0de. She’s a good actor! The rest of the day? Weld- not reading those books, that I’ve bought! I say turn that puppy of building military-base after base, after base is, kicking me off. The still-Life, was. A building project to organize, the boxers. My sculpt is either going to need me get rid of ‘still-life studies’ and list those mistakes that you made. For real: anarcho-Syndicality misinterpreted as communism, that
is communalism. Most proper, when the e wars are always contaminating desert-sands. Whether I wear boxing shorts of briefs, what the matter was is communicating what the wars look like, an alikeness of the murders of masses that the sordid context is atop the contaminations-sprees continuing, and now and then no apologies for contaminating North Korea, no apologies to Vietnamese, no apologies to Cambodia. Plastispheres, too!

Invading country after country is a crime against us, the we-People. This is reverence for hatred to be defending or always oppressed by the offendoRs. I use the width w my breath of chem-Inhaled not wanting what can or does happen: now. Peace, but w.o. wars not in memory of holding we-People together? Yes. Why leave this spot until ‘weldor’ is emptied-out of toxic unleaded-Gas: varnish—which does not burn correctly, that clogs injection!
Real solidarity requires a bold lead and a willingness to fight to the end, not mere words. The labor movement must do more than denounce racism in speeches. It must break with both of the bosses’ parties and fight in the interests of all workers in every workplace, neighborhood, and campus, as well as at the polls through our own class-inde- pendent party. Like we exist, because the ‘socialists’ who came before us, did what we’re doing. Educating ourselves to tyranny and to plutocracy definitions for no-more-Wars. We must use the time-honored and proven weapons of the working class: mass demonstrati-ons, workplace occupations, strikes, as well as economic and political general strikes. That is not anarcho. The eco-zones and waterways, I am not destroying that enmity of where others went, into a unity of what we remember we saw of that greenery neighborly pass-aging around. Very descriptly.

The woods are gone, needing and who remembers who he shared w those-chats? How many tons, too! Leave the boxes-Project, not quite finished building the shelves. Now, that is better. The “litter” is at about 8-12 %. Shall I continue w words and savings for my draining retirement, a project of practice and inner-Fulfillment, for myself, at last? What we can do w the Austerity pRogRam is understand we never had need for capitalism, and as-suredly neither that of bureaucratic-Technocracy of the U.S.S.R. Defense is not masse` bombing because we have oil that makes-Plastics as fuel contamination-Enterprise of “here comes the Methane” bandwagon et al-ski. Reforest w natural faster-gRowing coni-fers, that can breakdown strontium-90/stearate-barium/aluminum-Oxide, then?

Making chemical waste, and having been distracted by hoarding “litter-Presciences. Yes. I now can photo those, but knowing I have that allotable amount—may not need to buy another camera, because the insurance of one two-years only. See, all contracts are not near Existentialist. This okay, surreality comes from organizing; and prosperity was not mentionable in the Austerity pRogRam that just sees fit to pass us, bye. Not that hikes into the whole wilderness on this continent. Yes, I am still freeman bachelor. We’re losing the basics of education. We’re not hearing those words, as pertaining to community commin- gling, too!
“The real lesson of the 2016 election is that the working class needs its own party. Millions of people in states hammered by the capitalist crisis wanted a “populist” and only the Republicans had one on offer (against their will). The real meaning behind the some-what disdainful and dismissive term “populism” is the fact that millions of ordinary people —i.e. workers, who make up the vast majority of this society—want real, fundamental change. They want universal jobs, healthcare, education, childcare, infrastructure, security, a shorter workweek, and a better quality of life for themselves and their loved ones. They want an end to the domination of their lives by big business and the professional politicians.

The anger against the status quo is being expressed in different ways. Nearly half of all eligible voters abstained altogether. Others wrote-in Bernie Sanders or voted for a third party candidate. Others voted for Trump despite his racist rhetoric, including 29% of Latinos and 53% of white women. For these voters, Trump’s prom- ise of jobs and economic stability outweighed all other considerations. Not surpris- ingly, given this country’s peculiar history and contradictions, and without a clear lead by the labor leaders, many Americans have fallen under the scapegoating sway of the racists.
Fred Hampton-
Photo: Public Domain
As the Black Panthers’ Fred Hampton famously said: “We say you don’t fight racism with racism. We’re gonna fight racism with solidarity. We say you don’t fight capitalism with no black capitalism; you fight capitalism with socialism!”1

I was rapping to the black-Panthers of Oakland in support of their youth groups (1068 and 1969). Then, I was back the meetings of Russell Means as advisor. My tasks became adjunctive-Geography. I went to Minneapolis, and Ogalala, and Washington’s River w Leonard Peltier who is in jail. One of the Ogalala or Porcupine Rosebud Sioux, did the dastardly deed in Jumping Bull hill, where we A..M. supporters had gathered in celebration of bringing food and med- itating on the hillocks prairie. Pine Ridge Reservation was the other name, as conflict w the G.O.O.N.S.

fRed HamPton, of Chicago, and the how bad fBIS are when wirking w police, sometimes, murdrously ruining democracy-at-werk. We see that stifling dissent made for a fascist-Backlash of the ganglands-controlled ineptitude of police to be knowing of which group of patricians or what group of patriots’. The afro-Amers there apologized to me after I’d stayed the course—doing more geography of course in the sidewalks. The cops are rac- ist in arresting same persons and planting “false-drugs or doing beatings down by my campspot”. All we people need know Universality of travellors in u.s.a., but afro-Amers and indige-Amers were okay. Just that? No. we all knew something-else was yet to come. Was that to be M.O.V.E. or and afro-Amer journalist news-Reporter such as Mumia Abu Jamal? We were integrating ‘socialists’. Us. I made Philadelphia via Moskito Indige-amers of Nicar- agua and El Salvador. They knew how to fish and did not want “chemical-aerial: pesticides”.

“Some people think that something similar is happening today. But similar is not necessarily the same—there are many crucial and decisive differences. Capital- ism today is indeed in serious crisis, but it is not yet threatened with immediate overthrow by the working class. The ruling class preferred Clinton, but even they still have a firm grip on political and economic power. This is made possible above all by the current trade union leadership, which offers nothing but the failed dead-end of lesser evilism.“

Nonetheless, despite the numerical decline of the unions over the last few decades, organized labor remains a mighty and decisive potential force. From tran- sportation and communications to education and healthcare, unionized workers hold tremendous power in their hands. The unions have not been illegalized, dismantled, or cowed by violence. The broader working class may not yet be organ- ized, but over 100 million Americans are wage and salary-earners, and along with their families and dependents, make up the vast majority of the population.

It is precisely the demographic changes that have taken place over the last 80 years that make the recurrent cries of “fascism!” unproductive. Most Americans, including those living in more conservative rural areas, are working class. The number of farms in America has fallen from 6 million in 1935 to just 2 million today. While many small farms remain, massive corporate farms have squeezed out the medium farmers—of the social pillars of fascist reaction. Far from a nation of Jeffersonian “independent yeoman farmers,” the largest 10% of farms now account for 70% of cropland. Though the illusions of a “Golden Age” past remain, they are quickly be ing burned out through experience, and eventually, the core class questions are increasingly coming to the fore.

Professionals such as bank tellers, teachers, and even many doctors have been proletarianized to such a degree that a majority of them identify more with the working class than with the super-rich. Many are now organized in unions and professional associations and are active in the organized labor movement. As for small business owners, squeezed by the big banks, manufacturers, and importers, many supported Trump and his “Make America Great!” populism because of his “I’ll fight for the little guy!” rhetoric. Sanders’s success in the primaries and caucuses shows his call for a “political revolution against the billionaire class” could have won many of them over in the general election if he had run as an independent. And the campuses, which were once hotbeds of reaction and fascism—since most students came from the ranks of the rich—they are now flooded with the deeply indebted children of workers.”

Racism, xenophobia, and sexism are a terrible thing to experience or witness, as I’d done that much in Palestine studying the olive tRees of their antiquity. Here in America, one adds “traumatizing“ to ‘the forms of discrimination’. Together they cannot be realized, because anarcho-Syndicalist persons attenuate that the effects are merely Behavioral, when that is the becoming of defining those types of politics in u.s.a. Populist or Libertar- ian, lawlessness was due anarcho’s in streets and Malls causing business damage instead of being accepted into we-People conversations, for meanings of association as common- Thread, and common-gRounds. Are we passed that stage or were the wars, not beings seen and humbly trying to manage. The wars of 1978-79 blossomed into US Militaryism of training others and watching destabilization taking discourse as though major-Networks always had a handle on economics of Virtue, rather than extolling what economics had caused that specific fright of peoples in central-Americas.

Militaryism had not disappeared after millions soldiers returned from fire-Bombed quarters, nearby those areas emasculated by napalm and fire bombs, chemicals causing hot-Explosives. I learned that from indige-Warriors on 4-5-6 reservations. They were not yet into traditions of how living plainly and being neo-Brutalized was merely the extenti- ons of neo-Liberalism into neo-colonialist, taking children from their parent-Mothers and leaving fathers further fruitlessly wondering what heritage was. Let alone ‘austerity’ as pandered toward Europe, thru mabe egalitarian lines of Operation Gladio, which exists w the new-Batch. That, horrendous terrorism to covet Muslim-Hating: racism, and then this past 2-years new-Improved: gladio! The we-People know decimation of life’s prerogatives is discrimination. We know that extent was olde-Rome, as well as formalized today.
We’re all going to have to werk to safely apologize for the tyranny-Machine that era- dicated sovereign-states for capitalist-cRonyism of neo-Liberal banking, as billions were squandered upon killing million, and allowing safe-Passage for post Sept 11th 2001 deba- cle of cover-ups for fascist-Zionism: acts of terrorism w Directed Energy weapons. No matter if ‘they’ needed sovereignty, we did not need a national-Holiday: acts of Terrorism Day to celebrate? I chose instead to en Voce` the past 36 years, wherever I went. Now my art- werks are amassed and too plentiful for a consternate completion of metallurgical studies, more-or-Less, like the passage of farmlands traditions, when distance and art-Museums may have been all the people then and there had room to expedite.

Do you think about kids having been bombed by the thugs that the cIAS and IDF hir- ed, or was that merely, fascist-Zionists, who are they to think they can “act-of-Terrorism” anywhere anytime, like the bombs released from US-aerojets fanning fan dusts helicopters and blood soaked streets in Gaza?

How disgusting not to have truths about neo-colonialism in grade-school; about slave-Trade in high-School but coupled w police-Murderings of afro-Amers for a collectivi- zation of murders, that is racist-Fascism mixed w pTSD. The air is fouled by wars of contam- inating and the contaminated needs-be: speak-out; protest or change by accountability- Galore. This one ’soul’ needs get from not featuring-Wars and masse` displacement, mass- burials of those who lived slaughtered for counter-Insurgency in Iraq’s Fallujah twice in 2004, 14 years post US-Military act of-Terrorism: NSDU-238.

I do place some sociology on manners and mannerisms. I do hope that you hug one- Another outta love and formulating compassions, but remonstrative of dire-Straits “hatred and non-Apprehensive for other, wartorn-others to be enlightened, or informed thru your pertinent answering’s to theirs and well as my, misapprehensions, due adjudications of the “contamination-s of Radionuclides, not cleaned-Up enough to utilize Phytoremediations. That means chem-tRails dumpages of “18-annums usury” now. You do want others to stay from harm’s way and share spirits, at least? Otherwise you’re fReaks.

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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