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volume-ExceRpt post #15/ 03 Mar 2018 © apeco flaVoRful childRen running Round & demystifying the oblique-Mannerism

volume-ExceRpt post #15/ 03 Mar 2018 © apeco

flaVoRful childRen running Round & demystifying the oblique-Mannerism



POem     flaVoRful childRen running Round    1-30-14 1-30-14

dedicated wars, storms of appellation that ought be in courtrooms, ameliorations of spiteful excess, for more masse` murders via invasions, the nation-State, new-Rome, an occasional ”end the war” very limp-throated, the diaspora of ‘don’t speakout dare-Others’ akin that of not me excess like this a Daiichi’s tumor growing large enough to block GMO foods from going down-windpipe, but the Muledeer in the yard stand firm when the sunlight shows on their winter coat’s lustre…

Oil coRpoRations were never as the people’s needs “for ‘change of fuel/get off oil” in 1974, but they, the coRpoRatists rush to sell arms to maintain “Oil monopoly” the monopoly of arms sales since post NSDU-238, first atomic-Bomb usages, second nuclear-molecular weapon of infanticide, genocide or plain-Ole moribundity…

then, morose war-pages Korea-gate, and then V-C-L integration of afro-Amers outta ghettos ending in 1975, plus 33 years of wars since 1981…more wars-Warpage…

gReens never speak-out to reforest the dying conifer eveRgReens, nor do they presage to USDA to halt the CHEM tRails ‘sleaze’ as the FDA makes the small market foR raw milk a federal offense while couRtRooms are bereft of Oligarchs, technocrats, plutocrats, and run- of-Mill derivative-Bankors…Libertarians mirror

1840’s Know-Nothing party, Warpage…

give those government corrupt agencies a corruption-More license, a BAILOUT marks where truths never heard began– never heard– due the concerns that radionuclides contaminations cannot be seen…

allowability versus accountability, the give US citizens credence for moribund sugar-salt- fat to allow our children to suffer diabetes and nuance the growth of the bodily functions into blubber and mental torpors of incapacitation…do speak-out in support of whistle-blowers, because they tweet truths, not farcical lie after deceitful omnibus shoveling plutocrat!

                                                     “R” Addison 1-30-14 @ sRC


demystifying the oblique-Mannerism         6-04-09


What is the constant from premising “disillusion” if not the empathic that the “plutocratic-Method” exists for autocrats, soooo theirs is a place closer to where the endemics of publics is supposed to be maintained by usury? Anarchy is perpetually being conceptualized by that purpose, not by democracy-Purpose, of course! The conceptualizing is proven not-to-change the most i.e. not to chance change as exuberating in aspect of necessity? Much of the autocratic sense has nowhere to go, and remains “nonsense”. One hears much of that in city council monthly/weekly meetings throughout the empire, once-waz: nation-State? The dissension to this is impacted by beings who find only prescience in those meetings at-that-time. This is the incorrect exuberance, the non-chalance, the exodermus not protecting the insides thru compassions. This is off-course.

My own extroversion remains public: philosopher, listener, debator, encapsulator. I try to internalize the dysfunctionality for adversity, always. Where could I engender better, than by continuous writings of this contiguous nurture? Much of the autocratic dissension peaked in jurisprudence of hispanic-Amers (Latins if you so chose) whose chosen dimensions were “discerning-Ends: nowhere to go means”? I have tried to maintain “panning for arts-Significancies” yet those ends are remaining stalwart “beginnings” too! Where could I better a way and manner to engender these specifics, if not in and of an integrated urban environs of pollutions, swarthes too plentiful of ‘concrete-Contractor’s’ and asphalts potholes needing fixing galore. My own health cause may yet be scattered by “universalism” but the nations universal context is not with their own needs if north “universal-healthcare: Medicare” much to all who remain indifferent to focus on the multiples of “dental or pharma or doctor’s-medical; visits”.

The premise of undeclared wars is quite sanctimonious, in a parallel, but with vacillations of immediate or pluralized needs of concerns maintained by “universal-context”? The standards do not assimilate, but percolate into culture not thru acculturalization-Process, less and less the value of “peace-Significance”and more the high-pace of non-Pax thru determined dominance by the non-Political excesses of war-Materiels makings maintaining conundrums. How, but thru “too much h-bOOmbS not enough interventions” as over-seas bases are kept to allow more overseas bases for more murders, killings, invasions, secretized black-Budgets, and slaughter of the propitious item “democracy” here at home. The 49 coloRadie silos are on 24/7 alert status specifically. There is no threat of invasion from 1943 to present April 2009, and until 9-11 false-Flag operation by exo-Patriots, the endemic of corruption as usurpation “excelsior” was excelled, but afterward, the spiritual-Letdown was that NSDU-238 would again be used, was prominent, if the p-NACS got their way?

“If there’s a safe haven in the situation, it’s Pakistan. But, aside from the myster-ious longevity of al Qaeda leader Ayman al Zawahiri on Pakistani soil, the sanctuary provided by that country is for the Afghan Taliban and Haqqani network —in other words, local Pashtun tribal fighters, not international al Qaeda terrorists.

During the debate over Afghan strategy at the beginning of the Obama admini-stration, when the president wanted to focus on killing the last of the leaders of the old “core” al Qaeda in Pakistan with CIA drones, the military insisted on escalation. One story leaked to the McClatchy news organization emphasized the safe haven myth and accused the White House of “minimizing warnings” that if the Afghan Taliban retook parts of Afghanistan it would invite al Qaeda back in. In fact, there was no new intelligence estimate on that point. This was simply spin and conjecture by those who wanted to expand the war. Osama bin Laden was still alive and at large then, making the alleged threat of the return of old core al Qaeda to Afghanistan seem more urgent, though the danger was not any more real than it had been

since 2002.

After Trump became president, he seemed reluctant to escalate the war. He re-peatedly delayed his decision on the new Afghan strategy and forced his National Security Council repeatedly to refine it. The president reportedly displayed his skepticism by invoking the failure of the Macedonians under Alexander the Great, as well as the Soviet Union more recently, to pacify the local Afghan population. This indicates an ability on the president’s part to differentiate between local tribal insurgents, fighting because our troops are on their front lawns, and international Arab terrorists intending to hit civilian targets inside the United States. In Afghanistan, the United States is fighting only the former.

But war proponents can always invoke the safe haven myth: we still must never fully cut and run, or who knows what might happen? What if al Qaeda attacks us again? In reality, there is no reason to think al Qaeda would come back to Afghanistan were the Taliban to return to power, especially considering the trouble they generated the last time around. When van Linschoten and Kuehn contacted representatives of the Taliban’s Quetta Shura after bin Laden was killed in May 2011, the Taliban figures didn’t seem to care in the slightest that he was dead or how he had died. “We are fighting for Mullah Muhammad Omar. He is our emir. We have never fought for Osama bin Laden. His death does not matter to us. We will continue with our struggle.” In fact, al Qaeda did not have a single representative on the Taliban leadership’s Quetta Shura council. Even before Obama launched his surge, a number of administration officials conceded there was no reason to believe that a Tali-ban victory would mean a return of al Qaeda to Afghanistan. These included Vice President Biden; Richard Holbrooke, U.S. special representative to the region; and John Brennan, then head of counterterrorism, later CIA director.

As the late war reporter Michael Hastings revealed, when Generals David Petraeus and Stanley McChrystal and their allies were pushing for the “surge” escalation in 2009, McChrystal neglected to even mention al Qaeda in his initial report. It wasn’t until Republican Senator Lindsey Graham reminded him of the importance of the safe haven argument that he began to frame the war in that way. It then became a major talking point until Obama finally relented and agreed to the surge.”[1]

The cIAS is operated from the offal-Office, where plutocracy remains directed and directive, just as the Oligarchs of the american-Revolutionary war had determined for suppression of people to rebel as they did in Shay’s rebellion and 3-4-5-6 other rebellions in 1786. The fBIS help those non-union members of cIAS—agents and analysts—stay inside that non-union. I do not hear we-People discussing anythinGy-Bops on buses, urban tRains. Do you? Do you ask others what do you think about paying taxes for wars to drain the US tReasury? Do you participate when you are in public space-Places? The Germans committed atrocities. The nipponese committed atrocities. Then the US-military and Oli-garchs sublimate and commit atrocities. What is inherited is more than bad-Vibes, and is definitely atrocity. There is no ’good-War’ maybe an Holywood movie-Scenario, but not wars-Warring w.o. proper portrayals. Reality speaks, not hype and tripe, and not lies-deceits radionuclides-Contaminations.

One decent film that portrays, was a semi-sophisticated but ground-level view onto the fugue of Iraq-Invasion by US-military forces—altho no mention of NSDU-238 contaminations, at all. Not one fookering word. How come? The portrayals do not show maimed children and death-Squad break-ins in Baghdad and Mosul and Basra.

“Six months into it, CIA Director Leon Panetta conceded to ABC News that al Qa-eda represented no serious threat in Afghanistan. “I think at most, we’re looking at 50 to 100, maybe less,” he said, adding that al Qaeda’s main location was in the tribal areas of Pakistan. In fact, Panetta could not prove that there had been any Saudi or Egyptian mujahideen fighters left in the country for years, much less any real associates of bin Laden. But his concession should have been enough to cause a scandal: If “maybe less than 50” illusory al Qaeda fighters can keep us in the coun-try indefinitely, is there any possible future context in which the government could declare victory over al Qaeda there, much less the Taliban? And if their presence was the reason for the war, why was eliminating them not the focus of the Obama escalation instead of the broader, obviously impossible, anti-Taliban, pashtun-Pacification counterinsurgency effort?

In December 2009, following Obama’s surge announcement, journalist Patrick Cockburn explained that the Afghan occupation, far from preventing terrorist attacks by denying our antagonists safe-haven, actually increased the likelihood of attacks in Western countries. Just a month before, a U.S. Army major named Nidal Hasan, set to deploy to Afghanistan and upset about reports of U.S. war crimes against civilians there and the prospect of having to kill fellow Muslims, killed 13 soldiers and wounded more than 30 in a massacre at Fort Hood, Texas. It was later revealed that Hasan had been in contact with prominent American al Qaeda preacher Anwar al-Awlaki.

Obama officials, insisting they had won the terror war and denying that blowback from U.S. policies had spurred this “lone wolf” attack, tried to spin the tragedy as “workplace violence,” as though Hassan had simply “gone postal.” But this was not truly “blowback,” defined as long-term consequences of secret foreign policies returning to haunt the United States, surprising the population and leaving them vulnerable to misinformation about the conflict. A more accurate way to identify this phenomenon would be to call it “backdraft,” when the direct consequences of the government’s openly declared foreign policies blow up right in all of our faces, undeniable to anyone but the most committed war hawks. This is borrowed from the term used by firefighters for when their ax-wielding or door-kicking intervention inadvertently provides oxygen to a heated and fuel-filled room, caus-ing a massive explosion.

In recent years, American domestic terrorists Najibullah Zazi (New York subway plot), Faisal Shahzad (attempted Times Square bomber), Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (Boston Marathon bombing), Omar Mateen (Orlando nightclub slaughter), Ahmad Khan Rahami (New York, New Jersey sidewalk bomber), and Amor M. Ftouhi (Flint, Michigan stabbing) have all cited America’s Afghan war as at least partial motivation for their attacks and attempted attacks on U.S. targets.

In 2013, former Marine sergeant Thomas Gibbons-Neff wrote in the Washington Post that, after the Boston Marathon bombing, he rejected the safe haven myth and the concept that we must “fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them here.” He explained: “While I was deployed, I went to bed at night believing that I was protecting the homeland because coming after me and my fellow Marines was a much easier commute for those so hell-bent on killing Americans. But that argu-ment no longer makes sense if my war has inspired enemies at home.”[2]

That Scott Horton, above and David Swanson, below have stated in daily/weekly

comments that wars-are-soooo good to reacquaint facts and acknowledge regarding the stupendous losses of tRuths from ‘dis-Information” never inclusive. We three do speak. As well as we all are on speaking-out, human-Concerns are deeper, no ignominious. The latter is what my blowback has been. Speak-out wherever you go bought-Holds. Have I been doing that since 1968? Yes. I am now in my 50th year of doing the free-Spirit method of en voce`. I do not need bought-Holds trying to assuage there are no wars, because they are egregious to natural-Laws and traditions, as well as that the US-constitution does not hold the proletariat and middle-Class inspired to have laws and not “chaos” as the anti-Ecology is w the chem-tRails. Those “merely illegal-Invasions” have drained the US-tReasury and w that, the cause of manipulative non-Taxes paying by munitions and Raytheon, Lockheed

and many-many other-Corporations of ubiquity.

“The juvenile justice system is off the rails. It is in urgent need of reform. The U.S. incarcerates roughly 2 million children every year, even though 95 percent of them have not been convicted of a violent crime. Too many of them are held in adult facilities. The systemic problems range from racism to brutality and extreme sentencing. Thousands of kids, many of them suffering from trauma come of age behind bars. Two-thirds of them have mental health issues. They are subject to physical and sexual assault. Children are up to 36 times more likely to commit suicide after being housed in an adult jail or prison than children incarcerated in juvenile facilities. The Equal Justice Initiative says confinement of children in adult facilities is indefensible, cruel and unusual punishment and should be banned.”[3]

Those OTR tRukkoRs are yet wondering where I am, because my en voce` was heard for decades “out-There” on the roadways while driving tRuks and on-the-Highways driving my 2-Vans and 2-Jeeps, too. If kids, not punks, children realizing they are growing-up and face being adults w or w.o. knowing complements of society and bad-Attitudes abet incarceration when the displeased type-casting offender-Police patrol officer’s fail to do their jobs adequately. They were not as worthy as US-constitution says “no Un-declared-Wars” on a personable, daily basis of public-awareness and social acknowledgement. They were mainly listening and purchasing videos and music appreciation of the audio-Books. Theirs has been a listening ediquette. As I was always into showering at my local tRuk-stops, my maintaining en Voce’ continued. They heard from e, and my privilege was to discern and reconnoiteur the lacking of interests w facts. As well as writing my volumes, too.

“In view of the growing risk that in future wars weapons, nuclear and otherwise, will be employed that threaten the continued existence of humanity, we urge the governments of the world to realize, and to acknowledge publicly, that their purpose cannot be furthered by a world war, and we urge them, consequently, to find peaceful means for the settlement of all matters of dispute between them. We also propose that all governments of the world begin to convert those resources previously allocated to preparations for destructive conflict to a new constructive purpose: the mitigation of climate change and the creation of a new sustainable civilization on a global scale.

Why is this important?

This effort is endorsed by Foreign Policy in Focus, the Asia Institute, and World Beyond War, and is being launched on July 9, 2015.

You can sign, and ask everyone you know to sign, this declaration here:

Exactly 60 years ago today, leading intellectuals led by Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein gathered in London to sign a manifesto voicing their concern that the struggle between the Communist and Anti-Communist blocs in the age of the hydrogen bomb guaranteed annihilation for humanity. Although we have so far avoid-ed the nuclear war that those intellectuals dreaded, the danger has merely been postponed. The threat, which has reemerged recently with the conflicts in Ukraine

and the Middle East, has only grown more dire.

Moreover, the rapid acceleration of technological development threatens to put nuclear weapons, and many other weapons of similar destructiveness, into the hands of a growing circle of nations (and potentially even of “non-state actors”). At the same time, the early possessors of nuclear weapons have failed to abide by their obligations under the Non-Proliferation Treaty to destroy their stockpiles.

And now we are faced with an existential threat that may rival the destructive consequences even of a full-scale nuclear war: climate change. The rapacious exploitation of our resources and a thoughtless over-reliance upon fossil fuels have caused an unprecedented disruption of our climate. Combined with an unmitigated attack on our forests, our wetlands, our oceans, and our farmland in the pursuit of short-term gains, this unsustainable economic expansion has brought us to the edge of an abyss. The original 1955 manifesto states: “We are speaking on this occasion, not as members of this or that nation, continent, or creed, but as human beings,” members of the human species “whose continued existence is in doubt.”

The time has come for us to break out of the distorted and misleading concep-tion of progress and development that has so seduced us and led us towards destruction.

Not only intellectuals but anyone informed, aware, and caring bears [bares] a particular responsibility of leadership by virtue of their specialized expertise and in-sight regarding the scientific, cultural, and historical forces that have led to our predicament. Between a mercenary element that pursues an agenda of narrow interests without regard to consequences and a frequently discouraged, misled, and sometimes apathetic citizenry stand the responsible individuals in every field of study and sphere of activity. It falls to us to decry the reckless acceleration of armaments and the criminal destruction of the ecosystem. The time has come for us to raise our voices in a concerted effort.

The original text, issued in London on July 9, 1955, is here: “[4]

All that was consummated by what existed of the federal-penataGooons tripping w the public-Relations: propaganda correlative. That existed in spite of the “ego-trippe” of those ego-maniacal selfish-Selves not deserving of the dis-spoils of ruining-Democracy. They’re called despots and the u-S congress was a socio-Political letdown, because. How-ever, why were the people not supportive of impeachment rite-away, must have been predilected, w.i. confines and black-Ops of propaganda—too big–as well as using NSDU-238 needing a constant cover-up idiopathic! Since 1972, there have been too much the h-BoMBS pejorative as each silo being built, was a partiality of the spiritual-Reacquaintancing the peace-Proponents of “reduction and de-Alert could assuage” as the next ‘step” w.o. explaining themselves all-the D-day: long could entail and solicit to maintain an expansive base. The fundaments and principles of “peace-Polemic” is the same. While the standards, discretions of governance do not always change toward ‘technocracy’ the cover-Ups a non-Pseudocratic way must and ought be found.

Not to remain foundations of “military-hegemony” was the other “peace-proponent”? The silos are now scattered over the once-Waz bison-Prairie grasslands, over prairie-dog villages that succumbed to plows without “ecology per each quarter-Section, let alone ‘section”. Changed from dirt feeding cattle annual arableness to now lonesome corn-sillage and corn cattle-feed, the range-Cattle were changed to agri-Foods; corporatism. Those cattle feed-lots have allowed agri-Corporations to add immense costly “hormones” to the fattening “penned-processes” extolling the same pounded, same-width grav-el roadways per country grid-lines squared, as each installation-of-Killer offensive weapon was immediately on alert; as each silo fissile-Missile was to be replaced by a MIRV’d warhead, up to and including ten separately aimed, these are indeed deadly, nuclear-Weapons.

The farmers taking annual losses could see fit to earn annual increments of over $10,000 per silo rental, but parked beside the arable-Fields made lots of indifference in Montana and North Dakota. That some head-of-Household semi-pertinent interest to “defense” could be maintained by silo offerance meant widening many roads, and the weight ruined the paved roads, too. Is the land of the once-Waz, gReat plains (des Plaines) arable or futile because of chemical-Usurpations and oligarchs not thrown into jails—yet? Who voted the farmer a chance “out” of their annual living style, income borrowing habits, if not the new-Rome’ oligarchs and their cRonies? Buy your own-wars bought-holds.

“This weekend, the Islamic State (ISIS) released a video of the horrific behead-ings of 21 Coptic Christian workers seized in the town of Sirte in eastern Libya. This barbaric act was the latest in a series of such killings, including the beheading or immolation of hostages from the US, Britain, Japan and Jordan.

The latest ISIS atrocity has triggered predictable expressions of shock and anger by news anchors and editorialists in the United States, along with further massacres. Within hours of the release of the video, Egypt, led by US-backed dictator General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, launched a wave of air strikes killing 64 people, including seven civilians.

Washington and its political allies are politically and morally responsible for these atrocities. The Islamist be-headings in Libya are the product of a monumental crime: the 2011 NATO war in Libya to oust the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

Prior to the intervention of NATO, there were no sectarian murders of Christians in Libya and Islamist militias tied to Al Qaeda were small groups with no broader influence. These forces were armed and promoted when, in 2011, the Obama administration and its allies in Europe, led by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, took the decision to topple Gaddafi.

The imperialist powers funneled massive amounts of money and weaponry to Islamist militias and Al Qaeda operatives, providing them with air support through a mass bombing campaign that killed tens of thousands of Libyans.

As the World Socialist Web Site wrote at the time: “Far from a ‘revolution’ or struggle for ‘liberation,’ what the world is witnessing is the rape of Libya by a syndicate of imperialist powers determined to lay hold of its oil wealth and turn its territory into a neo-colonial base of operations for further interventions throughout the Middle East and North Africa.”

The disastrous consequences of the rape of Libya are now all too clear to see…”[5]

Give me a break! Since when is ‘offense’ defensive, and since those measures unless   historically misrepresented, so connoted thru lawful-Abidances nor secretized, then why   the silos anyway-how? There are 147 nuclear warheads on alert-status, but no mention that all were mirv’d and removal-processes were guarded by satellites fearing reprisals they may have been the significant “excuses” of 9-11 in and of the patterns of discretions so “relegated to anti-Norms that even the teevee movie of 1994 of the Ohio aero-Jet bro-ught down, was not a downerism until, 9-11 actually happened. The patriotism out-there awaits you, not the whimsy of fanatic-penataGooons. The ploosh of buttons on your computer awaits you, not the indigestion of assassins-Attack. Teevee is too much a figment of the ease of exposure to over-simplification with so meagre the output of authenticity. The silos are protected but “we-people” are not as onslaught-invasion after onslaught-Invasion murders democracy and installs despotism look-a-Likes” of the push-Button fanatic-penataGooons/cIAS?

All but the weather protects you they are told, that no cyclone-Tornado can cause the missiles from being launched, but mistakes happen electromagnetically all-the-Time in cyber-Harbored internet and space-Time has the US-military scientists on contract. They are disposing of ionization and that means the real-Issue of chem-tRails is not superlative nut fascist. Not soooo, not anymore than the chem-tRails are penataGooons usury, con-trolled thru what has been found floundering in US-congress. The black-Ops loves no-body? Wars and murder is not two separate entities, as that would be peace not wars, survived the insult of wars-Murder en masse` and via death-Squads. The facts are that usury rules alongside egregiousness are the black-Ops temperances. Mighty illegal. Mighty UN-awful. Never committed to democracy and to Defense of planet and we-People thru Medicare each person wirking pays into w each payroll check.

“It is rare for someone of this writer’s acquaintance to enlist in the military, although it has happened. When someone does so, his or her family usually speaks of how proud they are of them, as [though] the enlistee has done something to which great honor is attached. This attitude is also reflected in public opinion polls, in which much of the populace generally seems to agree that military service is good preparation for elected office.

Let us look at these two myths in a little more detail.

1 Myth of honor and the military. U.S. soldiers today are placed in war zones, combating ‘enemies’ the U.S. armed and trained in order oppose some earlier ‘enemy’. These enemies are created initially to combat some regime that either was democratically elected, but leaned too far left to please the U.S., or that somehow thwarted U.S. corporate expansion. While the government’s public relations operation works overtime to associate such things as ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ with these imperial misadventures, history has proven that this is not the case.

Not all U.S. soldiers go to war zones. Some are stationed at one of the hundreds of military bases the U.S. operates around the globe, ostensibly to protect some supposedly vulnerable country from something, or, also ostensibly, to protect U.S. interests in that region. In all cases, however, the presence of military bases enhances the profits of wealthy businesses, and does little or nothing for the people of the countries where those bases are positioned. Oh, there might be some employment opportunities for some of the people there, but with soldiers there all granted diplomatic immunity from any crime, and with the bases themselves utilizing property that could be farmed or otherwise used commercially by the host country’s citizens, there is only negative benefit.

During training, U.S. soldiers are taught to consider the enemy as less than human. It may be troubling to kill an Arab (although with rampant Islamaphobia sweeping the U.S., perhaps not), but killing a ‘raghead’ isn’t so bad. During the Viet-nam War, a soldier testifying about the infamous My Lai massacre said that none of the soldiers accused would ever have killed “a white person. A human, so to speak”. But killing hundreds of ‘gooks’ was perfectly acceptable.

Soldiers are also taught ‘interrogation techniques’, which apparently serve as an introduction to ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’. Such pretty words; unfor-tunately, the rest of the world, and U.S. law, consider them to be torture. Yet U.S. soldiers learn them, and there is no point in learning something unless it is going to be used.

Soldiers are considered ‘deployable assets’; nothing more. Perhaps this level of dehumanization might account partly for why soldiers and veterans are commit-ting suicide at such a high rate. For veterans, it is a rate of 22 per day. In 2012, the last year for which information is available, more active duty soldiers died by suicide than died in combat.”[6]

Suicide is illegal, whereupon, then the total-Lack of pTSD healthcare is illegal. Which is egregious? They are that little-Ole minutiae of know-Nothing is doing nonsense. One the recruiters must pass a better muster-Incentive than money-money-money. Two, the military is lambasting teens not ready nor mentally fit for service, beyond six-weeks, hardly qualify for on-duty service to kill-kill-kill. Like, the US-military fanatic-penataGooons have the al Qaeda and the ISIL to do their dirty-werk, why even be illegal for “black-Ops”? Mov-ing people around pollutes w US-military but those rebel-Jihadi groups DO NOT FLY AND POLLUTE CO-2, magnanimously.

Wars need ‘patriotism’ is propaganda and usury w.o. tRuths. Patriotism in this sense is false-flag cover-ups, or chaos-Anarchyism. Do we need hormones in food? Do we need gMOS in food? Do we need acid-reins from chem-tRails in food? Do we need Radionuclides encircling the uppe-Stratosphere coming down and bringing chemicals manufacturing acid-reins, on us, and, in our foods? Pushing the atmosphere thru aero-jets for-warding war the past 39-years, as-well-as no changeover from R-O-N-G phooels is, wholly the incorrect manner of industrialization since 1953, when auto-Exhaust was renown for insubordination to human-anatomy.

“So where is the honor? Where is even the most basic level of respectability in all this? What is honorable about killing people to further the corporate bottom line? How can considering people to be less than human be associated in any way with honor?

  1. Myth that military service makes good leaders.

Soldiers are taught to follow orders unquestioningly. They are taught not to think, but simply to do as they are told. Placed in artificially-created life or death situations, they react based on the training they have received, training that includes the dehumanization of themselves and the U.S.’s self-proclaimed and self-created enemies. They are taught from the start of their military indoctrination that country comes first over everything else: their own lives, the lives of men, women and children in whose country they have been sent to kill, and certainly over their own basic dignity and humanity.

In 2008, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) was the Republican nominee for president. While deployed (this writer does not refer to anyone in the military as ‘serving’) in Vietnam he bombed the countryside, a pleasant way to wage war without ever seeing the impact of those bombs on the victims. During his twenty-third such ‘mission’, Mr. McCain’s plane was shot down and he was captured. He has since created a cottage industry of his years as a prisoner of war. Certainly he underwent unspeakable torture during that time, but it’s also important to know that in 1968, a year after Mr. McCain was captured by the North Vietnamese, his father, Admiral John S. McCain, Jr, was appointed commander of all forces in Vietnam. The North offered to release Mr. McCain as a goodwill gesture; the senior McCain turned down the of-fer. He, it seemed, had learned well the lesson to put country before anything else, regardless of the lies that started and sustained that particular war.

Military men (and possibly women; this has yet to be tried) tend to see war as

the solution to almost any international problem, either real or imagined. This is not to imply that presidents without military experience aren’t more than happy to drop bombs; witness the bomb-dropping proclivities of former President Bill Clinton and current President Barack Obama. But while these two presidents make at least a pretense of wanting to avoid war, those with any military experience tend to rush right in. Consider President George W. Bush, the author of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, who, with very limited and dubious military experience, was so ea-   ger to sit in the White House and send U.S. men and women to kill and be killed on foreign shores.

So the next time a friend advises that his or her son or daughter has enlisted, or when a young friend tells this writer that some senator has recommended him or her for some military academy, this writer will express the sorrow and sympathy such an announcement warrants. He will tell the parents that he is sorry their off-spring has made this choice; that they must not blame themselves, and it is still possible that at some point, the child will be able to turn his/her life around. He will tell the young friend who is enlisting that there are options, that such a desperate moves isn’t necessary, and that surely things will look better in the near future. He will offer his assistance in helping the young person seek alternatives, and, if the young man or woman remains determined in this self-destructive path, he will tell them that, in the future, he can and will help them desert.

This writer would welcome a convicted felon into his home more readily than an active duty U.S. soldier.”[7]

There’s a snow-pack in the high-country this year. The white peaks are the mountains of run-offs, in June maybe. The granite mountains covered with compost-Fodders of centuries, have been reduced to decades-of-sanguine depositions of suppose insects were to lay larvae on beetles-Larvae—butt-holds? Would your teevee allow you to camp a week and prosperously plant 125 saplings per day for the one-Day price of “zoned; camp-spot rentals due daily” offerings of barter? The hype-of-Wars continuous is ongoing daily, because the daily-Killing-s are on-goings, daily-paid occasions of usurpations of tax-payers pay for others “gReeds” but not as people, as oligarchs premising “autocrats”. The ennui of mountains for “fulla-Bulla” continues in ennui toward natural landscape everywhere-else. The growth of gReenery is demised as laminations of hourly aero-Jets lauds the low-price hydrocarbons “yummy”? The national-forest Service has been allowed coniferous forests to defoliate and to halt reforestation, or the wars got in the ways of bureaucrats who were “militarized” to obey taxes go towards bases overseas and killings of others and buildups of penataGooons-Militaries and Invasionary forces, to deforestrate.

The disavow the reforestrations remains demised. The merely significant deaths of white-pines, pondersoa-Pines, limber-Pines, douglas and alpine firs, engelmanii-Spruces alongside the high country once-Waz canopied-flows, and even the Colorado blue-spruce (how could anyone allow those beauties to depart without a whimper and pointed finger at-hose-illegal-Wars)? The looks of the high-country is brownness, dried-Conifers galore, fire-hazards and nonsense of significance entropied. The wars divinate for your fundamentalism to wipe-out all oxygenate that the empire’s invasions can and do muster. Where’s your little pea-brains gone to people?

People of the u-S, Mejico and Canada: the whitey-Amers, afro-Amers, indige-Amers, hispano-Amers, asia-Amers tried to tell me to stay with one “job” while I was traveling 1966 thru 1974. My becoming a ‘peace-keepor’ was emphasized with them, and my anti-Nuclear speaking and communicating was pronounced —for free. The discourse was to embellish a broader base of s0cio-signficance for a growing cultural need, some economic confidences lacking improvements of “communications remaining in conflagrations not confidence”! That was not easy, then. The same holds truth for today, because the same aspects are happening and not being factored enough by grass-roots—programs involv-ing communications or naught? More peace-keepors have dropped-Out at the time when NSDU-238 was shid-ski-Fanned: 1989-1991? The dissent of necessity to fend the blows of “monopoly” are ever-increased. Becoming more the “we-People’s” jobs, ordinately those who can think or struggle thru thoughts to support others, is all that is necessary. I stayed clear of the druggies, and of the ‘street-Anarchists” who are not dissidents of the peace-Polemics found in non-Violence and freedom-Struggle. The sidewalks are for dissent, not anarchists wanting rightwing reactionary and new-Rome: constabulary to infect all re-maining souls with sponge-foRmatical: grotesqueness—altho the brains ought to daily en-capsulate “visual-acuity” of what deaths by NSDU-238 and blood oozes of 20-feet from blown once-living humans corpses a-rot with asphalt-Streets paralysis.

F.E.M.A. was doing well before the sponge-formaticals of g-Enron and the pNAC-ilk tirades of 9-11(2001) and the pseudo-Catharsis, hurricane-Katrina (2005). The pat-Act gob-bled that separate entity of covetous for a pact not to disclose the “directed-energy beam” (in that way of usury) the crime-family Bushes perpetrated upon the hoaxed public. Was all well in the new-Rome that a major calamity could become a minor calumny! As the lead-in-actions of ridding the state-Dept of U.S.A.I.D. 1999, because in Afghanistan they readied for use again, that of NSDU-238 in 2000—when usages appeared prior to war’s actual, was delayed until 2 March 2003. The non-manipulated illegal course i.e. both usages of ‘direc-ted-Energy Beam” and NSDU-238 in 1991, then were illegal by usage was perpetrated w addition of the DEB hoax, as expected. Why then has that not developed, as hoax, because the superficiality of all the consorted and twisted “lies’ that a DEB could not have left it’s actual footprint i.e. like evacuation for commuters on the weekend is merely that they stayed away, sardonically, of course.

However, neither UASAID nor F.E.M.A. have recuperated, since all the monies are sip-honed from those budgets, and were then useful to g-Enron’s black-Budget: secretized ag-grandizements of “oiel-Wars are best” for killing peoples you-the we-people do not care to meet with meagre than less travel overseas proficient vacationing for lower, idle-Class needing to make 4-times that to even leave the continent, too? Those monies squandered in illegal apparatus for wars-Warrings, black-Ops making psy-Op Armies, contractor-speci-fic, since NSDU-238 is used? When was that question ever asked? Supporters of aggression without laws to oversee nor backup their murders and insubordinate-to-laws illegalities. Why not have an investigation on what REALLY HAPPENED W THE DESTRUCTION OF SIX OF SEVEN WTC BUILDINGS is left a good question for when the Iraq war has ended. But that is yet ongoing in 2017. Vituperations against we-People, against law and for disorder and Chaos, order basically, has not disappeared. Why fear is good-for-You, because lies are lies not good? Life so puissant, in the fast lane of non-insignificance, en otras palabras? Dig.

“The Syrian people’s revolution is approaching the end of its third year, still con-fronting the apparatus of death and destruction of the ruling dictatorial regime, in addition to numerous threats and dangers. The popular masses have made huge sacrifices in this period: in addition to over a hundred thousand number of killed, hundreds of thousands are wounded or missing, and around half the population of Syria have become internally displaced persons or refugees in neighbouring countries

It is notable that this gloomy picture concerns the areas which are revolutionary – and therefore destroyed – which are the areas where the popular classes, including the working class, live and work. This geographic map corresponds to a large extent with the nature of the social forces which are driving the revolution[.]

The political understanding of the traditional, nationalist and Stalinist left, both before the wave of revolutions which has swept across the region and during it, can be characterised as a mixture of statements saying that the coming–or current– rev-olution is a national-democratic revolution, and another set of statements speaking of revolutions by stages, meaning that the first stage is a national-democratic revolution, but with a ‘socialist horizon’ which will arrive one day, in the far future. This is a repetition of debates which used to be current among the leftist forces during the experiences of the revolutions of the twentieth century – as if no lessons whatsoever had been derived from them

These two concepts, which are in fact a single concept, Stalinist in essence and origin, are based on the idea that we possess a national bourgeoisie, or a national capitalism. This demands, according to this Stalinist proposition, that we ally with it in order to reach the sought-after national-democratic stage, so as to build a strong economy, industry, growth, etc. From this intellectual proposition, originally Stalin-ist, are derived a number of Third-Worldist schools, which accuse a mafioso, com-prador or rentier bourgeoisie, in order to distinguish it from a national industrial bourgeoisie which will have a progressive role. Some of them see it as necessary that the ‘revolutionary party’ should lead a class alliance (popular-national bourge-oisie) during this national-democratic stage. This is in fact a repetition of the dema-goguery of which we have seen the miserable effects under the slogan of national liberation, and what were called people’s democracies, which were revealed to be in reality pure capitalist dictatorships, or state capitalisms

Our object is not an intellectual contest with the above-mentioned myths, which we oppose, with the adoption of the concept of permanent revolution, and the idea that all mass revolutions carry within them, in the age of capitalism which dominates the whole world, the dynamism of social revolution, that is, the actuality of socialist revolution in our era. Rather, let us see where in reality this Syrian bourg-eoisie is today, this bourgeoisie which is supposed, according to the positions set out above, to be concerned with [8]the ‘democratic’ revolutions, and what its political and class position actually is…”

Cheap lumber, cheaper non-Union slurb carpentry, pedantics-Galore from 1974 thru 1999, the usuries of once-Prophetic banking-Business, now megalo-Corporations being bought-out by multi-Nationalist: corporations, little-D: denver continued into the sordid and grotesque space offered by illegal war-Crimes monies, and you “the we-Pople” did not get sick on-the-concrete-side-walks-enough”? However, what of the pre-D.I.A. one billion-dollar overrun-cost aspect of maintaining wrong phooels for aero-Jest while maintaining wrong-pHooels for automobiles, while maintaining wrong-Phooels for barrages-trains, big-Rigs and other, like farm-Corporate: combines, family-Implements. All, pHooels in needs of no-Catharisis “pluralized-to-Plutocratize-Extant” so-that-Pollutions would contin-ue, what-so-ever? Since when have you been breathing “sleaze-Oxygenate”!

One’s inner-nature ought to have been stirrings against the oligarchs by June-July 1990. That gHW Bushwhacky “infarcted,” no doubt to show how powerful “illegality: twice-Over” was, that he could use NSDU-238 by 1990, did not mean that the war was worth invasion, when “nerve-agent had been sold to saddam-Insane in 1983, by Donald Rums-feld. So, the need of covert cover-ups may have been happening since 1983, as Jeb Bush’s gouges and purges of “Savings and Loans” was done by some sordid-methods, and who was onto that 20-lanes wide trail—of cover-up or covert implicitly? Alas, the “massacre” of 1991. That g-Enron had to gloss that aspect of his father’s “grotesque: live-down” without mention to “the we-People’ harangued not my codifice of peace-Keepor turned peace-Activist, while maintaining non-violence as the key to harmony not killings via mass-Murderers—even by a u-S, since bully-Clyneton had basically side-stepped arresting the ex-president, outta-fear–was bully’s downfall, as he too became “genocide-Expert” as had done raw-Goon, post, master appeaser Nixon-Gate, all others since Herbert Hoover, who did not bring u-S marines home from Haiti too? Dig.

My protests, arrests, active-Participation in anti-Nuclear: demonstrations, has brought me full-face with the lacking rhetoric of 100,000’s of “the we-people’ who ought not shut-down their freedom’s and turn inwardly, landing on the morass of anti-knowing: despairs, which are now hard-fast: set-up and too prevalent—to say the least. Those anti-Nuclear travels were besettling enough on my peers. Going to protests or being a citizen-Inspector at Hanford, nev-Test: site, Pantex, R-Flats, LANL and Livermore Lab, and Oak Ridge, Y-12 and Paducah and Fermi Lab and Savannah River was for all-of-Us. Because I knew tat NSDU-238 existed, and since plutocracy had not disappeared that the new-Rome was seize upon the non-momentous and use a “conditional-Radicalism of spite” for their ego-maniacal extremes, and their groping enterprise in castigations of the portends that radicalism with one of the two nuclear-Weapons was okay, since the Pentagons had gotten away with black-Budgets and intrigue notwithstanding could not force others to use the “dirty-Stuff”?

Like, “heroin-Veins’ the body cannot withstand the onslaughts of “the radionuclides of uranium-235, 238, plutonikum-239, 240 americium-241, 242”. However, the plutocrats think-feel that Conditionalism protects the people maintain a propagandized-Zeal, while the big-Fella’s sleaze with Determinism—merely n affectation that lies will go a longer ways specifically in taking control of the one-World market, via covetous for “one-world government”?

My travels since 1967 have always become travel-Travails, as peace-Polemics by  themselves are idiopathics, not always pluralist or Universalist, and may not have antece-dents of positive-Connote. So, that geographies were purposeful, relatable, intelligible, I could not feature getting halfway there, and having to turn back, but to remediate, con-sole, regroup and learn-More upon being received with others who were onto the plate-aus of Existentialism or the burgeoning(s) of peace-Active aplomb. Stridently, peace-not-War surmised into peace-Pacts for interest of others wherever the protests went. If wars were too prevailing the issues of “nuclear-Molecular” were semi-Darkened, and would need corrective research realized a.s.a.p. What each group and each protest and each geo-graphy did was suspended-Thought.

The peace-Geographers, were not so prevalent and had to learn regale and recoil or reconcile affirmative-action. Yes, humane and my geo-Morphics entering human activity is human purport for ‘global-village alacrity’. They had to affirm the positive for continued duress would happen somewhere; that the negligible could be coercive: that arrests if they could happen might not be ascertainably ‘just’ but would take time from coalesced “meanings”. Although meanings were everywhere significant, anti-War was too prevalent, too much “in-the-face” and too integral of antipathy of “propaganda-Model” and violence needing portrayals of killings that assuredly were more-then-real, more than teevee “ketchup”, that more than long-term-deaths and suffering from radionuclides-Poisoning: unseen? I dReamed that I had an injected motor and LNG for 26miles per gallon. That change got sideswiped by neo-Liberalism.

“The bourgeoisie did not long hesitate in grasping the danger that the popular revolution posed to it. It immediately began arbitrarily sacking large numbers of workers, in order to prevent them from taking part in strikes in their factories, and to protect their capital in the best conditions for the guarantee of their interests. The semi-official newspaper ‘al-Watan’ published a report noting the dismissal of over 85,000 workers in the first year of the revolution; half of those dismissed were from Damascus and its surrounding areas. The official figures indicated that 187 firms in the private sector were closed completely in the period from 1/1/2011 to 27/2/2012. The report indicates that these figures were not confirmed: the number of workshops and factories closed was estimated at 500. (2)

The British Financial Times stated that ‘Syrian businessmen have quietly moved their property abroad since the start of the crisis in the country. Economists have said that the operation sped up when the violence destroyed the commercial cen-tres in Damascus and Aleppo…’ (3)

The researcher Samir ‘Abbud estimated the value of what has been withdrawn from deposits in Syrian banks by the depositors (especially the large bourgeois), by the end of 2012, at nearly 100 million Syrian pounds. (4)

But no-one has an exact estimate of the size of the capital  smuggled out by the bourgeoisie, including that section which is closely linked to the ruling family cliq-ue, and there is no correct estimate of the number of factories which have been moved abroad to be worked or sold, or those damaged or stopped from working

According to statements of the Damascus Chamber of Commerce, ‘capital flight from Syria is estimated at 20 million dollars’, (5) a figure we believe is much lower than the real one, especially as it was produced at the start of 2013

In reality, the number of private factories which have stopped working in Alep-po alone, a city whose industry forms 36 per cent of Syria’s total industry, is more than a thousand, meaning the arbitrary dismissal of more than 500,000 workers. (6)”[9]

When I was ‘driving’ and whiling these thoughts of philosophical-Enlightenment, as well as discourse-Thought, I felt deepening resentments for the soldiers trying to make a mediocre and meagre amalgamation toward a mythical hyperbolie that “wars are good for you get to deposit very low wages, and kill others you’ve not yet met”! Syria happenstance was my post-1981 tRek seeing five-Separate social entities struggling to rise-Up since 1918-19. How dastardly lameo’d the new-Rome is not to pay those soldiers to have pTSD and ur-@38 no-Tests resolve before they goe and let alone, who will come-home wholesome and refreshed?

I was fractured by indecisions of others in the smaller degree. My entropy was that I wanted the arts to answer for my having found the anti-War protests never came down hard-Enough on the anti-Nuclear “depositions of wastelands/dispositions of mistrust ‘n misque”. That the NSDU-stuFF might be used, I came back again and again between 1967 and 1983 to “reduction and de-Alerting thermo-Nuclears. After that both could not yet be paralleled, although they were equally, par force perceived for misuse, because the penataGooons had become the new-Rome ideopathologically in excise, non-restraints. As much as I had wanted the F.E.M.A. job in Manhattan, I was wont to go there and study for my PhD in poly-Sci, because then 1970 one could receive a masters. Morosely I thought that I could get tooled-Up for the future ‘sculptural-metals” without first having known “uranium-238 was capable of becoming metals” until 1979. Then, I was almost assuredly that 50,000 pounds of metals could not fit in the luggage-compartment or the bed of Vans 1 & 2? Anyone for an NSDU-238 laced sandwich?

“Nor did the industrial bourgeoisie smuggle most of its factories abroad in the

dead of night: many of the factories were transferred outside the country with the agreement of the Syrian authorities themselves, as is demonstrated by the state-ment of the Egyptian Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade Hatim Salih, at the end of March 2013, that ’70 Syrian factories have moved to Egypt’, indicating that ‘there are 300 more factories waiting to find sites’. (7) Another indication is the decision of the Syrian government to prohibit the export of factories, issued in March 2013, (8) and the statement of the Syrian economic expert Muhammad Sa’id, that ‘around 90 per cent of the industrial establishments were moved abroad with the permission of the state and with the agreement of their owners….’ (9)

The Syrian bourgeoisie did not just sell or move the majority of its establish-ments and factories; it also smuggled out the larger part of its capital. And of even greater importance is that a large part of the bourgeois fled the country themselves to place themselves and their property in security, looking on at the ongoing death and destruction, the price of which was being paid by the poor and the toiling clas-ses, whether they were civilians or fighters with the ‘popular resistance’, or soldiers in the regime’s army. And this at a time when the part of the bourgeois class that remains in the country is flourishing and getting drunk on the war economy, by sel-ling land, building, smuggling, speculation, monopolies, or other profitable activi-ties that wars provide. Some of them can now live exclusively off these activities: those who have been given the name of warlords…”[10]

Were I you I would go to this source, and continue reading, or taking notes get into the whole of “muddled: middle-East” new-Rome tyranny via imperialism. The bomb, how-ever, is not NSDU-238 dastardliness, but dastardliness nonetheless.

Was i being the condition of technocracy of the oligarchic-Elitism, while protesting and studying Ecosocialism and lack-of-Ecology naturalized? While the socio-economic sys-tem of the boomers-Generation was being tormentizing, but the “we-People” were cop-ping-Out by not socializing anew within the spheres of integrationist: political-Party, theo-retics, too! The wastelands were being striated, the people castigated, the anti-Nuclear: peace-Makers, were not being “plutocratized”. I stood-Off, and that made me show-Up: sociologically! My restructured self-Self was not indifference to indifference, but wars were harmful to the needs of staying the “nuclear-Animosity and nuclear-Aegis stridency” which was not capable of becoming less than what “nuclear-Molecularism” is. Not was? Dig.

The future of Eros, or Futurism, was in the doldrums of Bathos, manipulated by chaos-Theory. The capitalist-elites had often become autocratic-elites, who had wrought upon the indige-Amers from Andrew Jackson into the late 1950’s when autocrats had made mannerisms of exchange that the thrills of christian baring manners would help these people abstain from poverty, or drinking caused by removing then from their families (actually breaking-the family structure) in sending them to internment schools. There they learned how autocracy werks the negation of spirit, until they were beaten, or broken ran-away. The so-called boarding schools of imperialism were in-doctrinations of racist-Americans not really wholly there in themselves, since they maintained negations of the child-ren’s spirits beyond merely expanding the resourceful ventures of Life. The government, or clerical duties persons hired by governance were on-the-make, and on-the-take, once again—as this had been done, transgressions against indige-Amers during colonialist 18thcenturey, past pacts of similar abuses, negations toward Life, toward humanity in maintaining indifference for suffering—oNLY!

When I went to stay with A.I.M. in 1970 in Minnesota, I visited several of these “intern-ment-Schools” en route and several on the Ojibwah Reservation. They were quite sterile, but did not tell of the whole story in the least, nor parsimonially, until the Ecology group visited 4 years later, and made offerances that facts of historical-Data should be acknow-ledged before the “boomer-generation” got there. Otherwise, that we would not excuse these excesses as we wrote quite a few dozen letters and finally got response from officials “who had known, and officials who had looked into the matter but had not known” of the despotic destitution! So, much else of social-change was becoming apparent, so we “pea-ce-Keepors” persisted on Paducah, most persistently of all the intolerances taken as-a-whole.

“Saudi Arabia is clearly of great importance to the government of the United States. President Obama not only cut short his India trip to visit with newly installed king Salman, but brought along a who’s who of administration officials and con-gressional leaders for the ride. Secretary of State John Kerry, former secretaries Con-doleezza Rice and James Baker, Vice President Joseph Biden, Senator John McCain, Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi, National Security Adviser Susan Rice, and CIA director John Brennan were all part on the entourage. All that fire power was devoted to a visit which lasted for just a few hours. The show of force was not coincidental.

The reaction of the corporate media to the death of the late Saudi king Abdullah tells us everything we need to know about the United States/Saudi axis of evil. It is one thing for the president to call Abdullah his friend and for the secretary of state to claim that the absolute monarch was a “man of wisdom and vision” but it is anot-her for the media to parrot the same words. The New York Times called Abdullah a “shrewd force” and a “cautious reformer.” He didn’t reform the policies of behead-ing and flogging his citizens or creating instability in other countries. Those facts don’t count when our government makes it clear that he was a partner in America’s imperial designs.

It is easy to tell who is and isn’t an American ally just by reading the newspaper. Hugo Chavez was elected president of Venezuela three times but the most positive description from his New York Times obituary referred to him as “a polarizing figu-re.” Unlike the Saudi royals, Chavez didn’t intervene in the affairs of other nations. In fact he used his nation’s oil wealth to aid neighboring countries. You wouldn’t know any of that from the media which get and obey marching orders that come straight from the White House.

Saudi Arabia gets the kid glove approach from the press because it works hand in hand with Washington. It is now more than thirty years since the Saudis joined the United States in backing jihadists in Afghanistan to drive out a left wing govern-ment. The blowback resulted in past allies like Osama bin Laden attacking the Uni-ted States on September 11, 2001. Similarly, ISIS wouldn’t exist without collusion between the west and the gulf monarchs. Now ISIS makes clear that it wants to rid the region of the same kingdoms that brought it into existence. ISIS is a United States/Saudi chicken that inconveniently came home to roost.

The Saudis backed jihadists in Libya to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi and in the process created an ongoing civil war and the destruction of a once prosperous country. They did the same in the as yet unsuccessful effort to dispatch Bashar al-Assad in Syria and now nine million people are refugees. They committed those crimes in full accord and cooperation with the United States.

“ISIS wouldn’t exist without collusion between the west and the gulf mon-archs.”[11]

The March 15th 2016 sale of armaments to IDF/Israels was not outdone by Saudi’s

purchases of $36 billions but making austere-crimes against humanity costs money. Too much cash and not enough federal-Government owning the bank for dispensing “mon-ey”? does that mean double crime or ‘crime, like grit’ just double-Happens?

The war-machine and the patriotic-duty, dissent. The many protests I went to and those that were national-Mobilizations, included many nuclearism-Events of protests, and sit-ins, dies-ins being invited within the “radiation-confines” in Hanford, especially. The graphite-reactor had always been a problem since providing the first “pu-239” for the hyrdrogen-Implosive devices used by the AEC, which was then placed in-the-hands of the pentagons for the air force to utilize in “amalgamated-Destructions” by any other name stupidity, not peace. Wars are not caused by making reactors that leaked, was the stoic-compromise spoken by “engineers” who knew that the “stuff” they were making had con-taminated the air, water, lands around the plant. Why would we want to go inside as “inspectors” anyhow?

The plant was designated to be taken-Down, because the plant had made the first h-bOMbS plutonium, this was an historic-Offerance, too. some gestures are weak, while others are weakened from empathic lacking compassions, we also said. We waited for two months. Then they said, that the inside areas were yet too contaminated since release of 4-to-6 years ago. The vigilance went continuously from 1969 until 1975, when we were allowed to enter, the main outer room, read the monitoring gauges for radiation-Background levels, go to the see-thru windows inches thick and ascertain what all the fac-ility was polluting for in the second-place.

“The Saudis and the American government are locked in a loveless marriage of convenience. The Americans have military and economic dominance and want to keep it. That means working against the aspirations of any nation that refuses to toe the line. The Saudis are natural allies because they don’t want democracy in their own country or anywhere else in the region. They have become useful in pro-viding support to the jihadists du jour who do their bidding for a brief moment in time but eventually wind up being very ungrateful.

Sometimes the Saudis want what the United States can’t give. Obama failed in   his attempt to directly attack Syria in 2013. He also knew that the tide had turned in Egypt and Hosni Mubarak had to go. The Saudi monarchs have been itching for an attack on Iran but that is biting off more than America can chew. The two countries need but are also wary of one another.

Of course the president came running with a huge retinue to pay homage to Salman. He doesn’t really have a choice. The desperate imperialist game will go nowhere without the House of Saud. In turn, the new monarch needs American muscle on his side to make Saudi Arabia an undisputed power with the ability to decide who lives and who dies.

Any head of state who gets a visit from the American president, vice president, and current and former secretaries of state is up to no good. If all of those criminals descend at once it means that evil acts are in the works. The old adage is true. There is no honor among thieves.”[12]

What is soooo good w Saudi’s is that they do not allow nationalism, nor the change-over to nat-Gas, because they are not righteous, and Iran is yet the oldest remaining civil-ization of the planet, which is an excuse for new-Rome militarism. I maintained my poetic dispensing culpabilities of trying to equate what was intimate and what was significant, but not by allowing state-Dept of the one-Party imperatives of “imperialism is establish-ment”? Poetry was usefully informative w the nuclear-Molecular: dispositions and analogs of political-Analysis waylaid as the US-military does w democracy.

And what now could be said, would be historical. I get back with my indige-Amer fri-end and an Ecology group associate, Charlie Klatt. However, Charlie would not talk much about the V-C-L wars illegality, the killings or the veterans words: what-said. This was hard-ship atop the “nuclear-Molecular: sites” and the disparagements that I was not seeing that all those elements-pools and subsequence radiation Geiger-Metering was persistently tell-ing me something. What was that something, which was asked, finally in 1972, when the “we-Boomers’ from all over the u-s came to protest the leaking vats of radionuclides at Hanford. Moths and years had been stepped-up, as the radionuclides were also inclusive of what made bombs—words not mentionable on d-F government, Indian-Owned: land-scape, fully contaminated, too. I returned to Hanford, after Berkeley then nev-Test; site, where I met Corbin Harney by himself, and myself, finally. He was seeing that I specifically awaited hear from him, that I was downtrodden, and dire-cast of disposition. He asked me what do I feel, rather than what do I think?

That enormity was suspenseful. I said this is the third time I’d come back since being arrested at Frenchman’s flat. He said no-one goes. There. My response was that “we” had gone there because we had wanted to see the landscape. He said, not the lands– the gov-ernment! My fidelity was that this was indige-Language misspoken. I was wrong though, enough to be taken by my countenance for learning correctly the geographies—i.e. that my meanings also carried suspended—or anatomically adept weight, as pronouncements that were communicated—back in Berkeley. I went to Hanford, first. The time-span at Pad-ucah would take assailable intrigue to un-winde, as well as fact that incongruous antipat-hics there were going to be prone to paying forth high costs of clean-ups, by allotments of enriched-Uraniums’ being parlayed into the makings of: NSDU-238 munitions, those used in Kosovo, immorally against the N.P. Treaty.

“The most serious atomic power reactor disaster in the United States began very early on the morning of March 28th, 1979, when the main feed-water pumps mal-functioned and stopped pumping water to the steam generators of Reactor No. 2 at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant located near Middletown, Pennsylvania, only 14 months into the reactors operational life span.

The reactor automatically shut down due to its loss of feed-water, but the temp-eratures continued to rise. The backup cooling system had been improperly locked closed and therefore could not provide cooling water to the atomic reactor. With-out cold water being pumped to the steam generator and condensing the steam back to water, both pressure and heat began to build inside the reactor. A pressure-relief valve automatically opened as it was designed to do and the pressure levels dropped, but due to a mechanical failure, the valve did not shut properly, unbe-knownst to the operators.

Steam continued escaping through the open valve, yet without a sufficient am-ount of new coolant being pumped into the atomic reactor, the water that the fuel rods are submerged in began to boil off, eventually exposing the fuel rods to the air, causing a meltdown. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) still maintains that the whole event emitted only a very small amount of radioactivity. The NRC also claims that the meltdown had no detectable health effects on the operators or any people in the community. Witness accounts and calculations done by indepen-dent scientists and epidemiologists have shown that the amount of radiation that was released was quite considerable and caused a wide array of health conditions for the areas residents, some of which are quite serious and have only been realized years after the meltdown.”[13]

We asked the engineers whether the military could answer, there, what the radionu-

clides were going to be used-for, those hat they carted-Off, which was another reason why clean-ups can transposit making millions of tax-Monies as wasteful as hazardous radionu-clides “in-the-Muddles” another name for the post-in-Ground we saw at Hanford—that I’d camped next to, too fearsomely for two nites (tritium-waste i.e. not as harmful in alpha rays as cesium-136). Those days were tiring, but eventfully rewarding, in as much as we were now known as peace-Prophets, or peace-Keepors who helped forewarn “radiation-Wurkors” what problems had been un-Intelligibly from government sourced AEC then Energy-Dept ‘edicts’? It was then i.e. “if the radiation won’t get you then the fallout will” that I realized that radionuclides were what was present in ‘scatter-method: uranium 237”. Very soon someone tell me that the isotope I thought was one-Off i.e. off by on isotope. So, next I thought NSDU was uranium-236, because I went from Hanford to Paducah KY? There was nobody there who had the answer, and so I drove on and into Oak Ridge TN.

My sculptural space-Time was diminished, but other time-Era space-Time had incre-ased immensely. I ran into Prof. Carl Sagan, after house arrest for 25 hours, before he was to officially announce to me that he had succeeded in what I’d stated back in Cal Tech in 1972, “that, the firestorm after multiple ‘thermo-Nuclear: explosions’ was enough to start a multiple ecological-transgression” on one that he had aptly named NUCLEAR WINTER. I was both pleased an not pleased. Not oNLY had I been arrested and not eaten or slept 28-32 hours, but I had wanted to know what the isotope was that comprised the elements of “scatter-Uranium: nuclides” makings. Had I attempted that, like yes? Had that measure become a success-Story? No. Was the derisive underscore kept going by me? No. Did that matter of anti-matter matter? Of course! The ‘insult’ is the parvenu on cause and effect-Therapy. That is to say that you must express his or herself on these prismatics of nuclear-H’s and heroin’s per value “evasives”, and beings more into peace, should then look for-ward to the more mundane “exhibition” on Socialism thru wonders of inter-relating “war is Tyranny” escapade, that’s been the that-that on goin’s of us anti-Magalo: peace-makers. Forward “halt” the use of all but eulogics, and get to peace-Complements of how both nuclear- Weapons types can “be-trucking-be-Darned” and then reducted? Dig.



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Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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