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volume-ExceRpt post #13/ 03 Dec 2017 NSDU-238 Purposeful state-Prejudice

volume-ExceRpt post #13/ 03 Dec 2017

NSDU-238 Purposeful state-Prejudice


Purposeful ‘state-Prejudice’ against the Palestines people is a senseless rule, but serves not to spare the dictate of taking-over the land and water, while never allowing a political embodiment of Palestines for their own freedom. This is total-Egregiousness, or ‘reverse-method” of nazi’s to eradicate the jews of Europe. Ever-worsening is the zionist-Fascism element which maintains the propaganda of this striation of diseased-Prejudice. The jews of Israels have and are continuing to allow such total-Injustices, while USD-aid is military tools for masse` murder as support of the evil and discivil-Empire’s un-doings and dot-ing of anti-Democracy for plutocracy satisfaction, err-weld, sadism. There may be some other factors of destructive force, such as “the total-cover-ups of ‘directed Energy beams’ utilized for mass-deaths on WTC buildings i.e. though not no. seven. Morosely, the antics of murdering Palestines people directly from behind the “concrete 24-feet high barrier-Wall. What then is soooo gReat about the hapless lack of consciousness by both Israels and american-Hegemonyites? People against americanism as a Universality.

The American-Dream, then was “not this”. This then is not americanism. What was americanism must have been the borderless passion for free-movement and freedom pertaining to free-Wills to socialize w one-Another. On the other hand, the US-military dictums come from sources very shallow, as the stasis of not invading Mexico faded w incorporation of mexico-Territory before spanish-Empire’s collapse; but after Canada had full integration of fRench and English-speaking we-People—gain they have not yet absorbed as much as “allowed” indigenous-People their rights, human-dignity, not indignations from alcohol drinking due excessive years of oligarchic-Tyranny in the first stead. Today, is April 7th 2017, my cerebration-Day of anti-Nuclearist. This day is not as infanticide policy and fascist bearings on not making, not having, and not holding pRogress forward, but again and again, finding where out heritage as communities of the global-Village were supposedly to fit the overall schema-of-peace and no-Borders i.e. at least freedom and trade allowing prosperity w.o. ecologic-Calumny. What then are those variegations for arresting those who perpetrated illegality against the US-constitution, for removing monies from crimes against Humanity due hard-dRugs illegalities w.o. naivete?

“According to the report, Israel systematically denies access to HRW workers and researchers, and has been doing so ever since it imposed a siege on the strip in 2008.

Gaza, whose population amounts to two million, has been under a decade-long blockade imposed by Israel following the 2007 electoral victory of the Hamas movement in the strip.

READ MORE: Gaza – ‘I still have nightmares about the war’

Gaza shares border crossings with Israel, as well as Egypt. The Rafah crossing, bordering Egypt’s northern Sinai is also predominantly blocked by Egyptian authorities, allowing limited access for humanitarian reasons.

Asked how many workers were denied entry during the previous years, Bashi said, “It is easier to say how many were allowed in.” According to Bashi, only one HRW staff researcher was allowed entry in 2011, to document violations of human rights against Israel.

Along with Israel, the report casts the blame on Hamas and neighbouring Egypt, but says the main responsibility lies with Israel as the main controller of the strip’s borders. Israel maintains sole control over Gaza’s territorial waters and airspace.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor’s ongoing investigation into violations of international human rights law includes analysing whether crimes falling under ICC jurisdiction have been committed, the group said.

But the Israeli authorities claim that their investigations meet international standards and that they rely on human rights organisations to notify them of potential violations.

READ MORE: Gaza: 100,000 hours of isolation

A spokesperson for the Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), an Israeli military unit that is responsible for civilian matters in the occupied territories, told Al Jazeera that Israeli authorities allow “Gaza residents, internationals and Israelis pass through Erez Crossing into the Gaza Strip and from it on a daily basis”.

“The Coordination and Liaison Administration to the Gaza Strip (CLA) coordinates over 1,000 crossing daily for trade and business purposes, medical treatment, academic studies abroad, participation in conventions and advanced studies and more,” the spokesperson said, via email, citing coordination with “many human rights organisations” such as Doctors Without Borders, and others.

But local human rights activists say otherwise. Samir Zaqout, director of Al Mez-an Center for Human Rights, a Gaza-based human rights organisation, told Al Jaze-era that tens of foreign workers have been denied entry into the strip, describing the act as a “violation of human rights”.”[1]

Why walk w tyranny and not support democracy, was said to me one day in the 1969-1971 cacophony of peace-Prophecy/anti-Invasion of Vietnam. I do not walk w “hegemonyites” as they are decimation-pRone, and new-Rome: sleaze-Apparent. Likewise, as I have stated too many times w.o. deeper-Disclosure, by definition, “semites are both aRabs and Judes” as they intermixed, then found affrontals were better for following and or re-wRiting the insidious ways and mores of “slaying” that which the New Testament alludes. However, Jewish morals are and have always been an aggrandizement, as that the need was for morality and mores coupled together w portrayals of rudeness which should not be nor becomingly maintained for global-Village, or peace amongst we-People of the gre-ater communities of Community.

There once was a US-constitution. There once was a “posse comitatus”. There has be-en a “COG” which is a rebellious-Act not-voted-upon, not brought forth of the public do-main to the we-public to understand what the impropriety of ‘continuity of governance’ has been C.O.G. suspect, since Sept 14th 2001. What then is anarcho-Syndicalism! That socialism has a whole lot to find in a “negation-Constant” against American-Socialism, I would say is stretching fact far to beyond broken fibre, loss of strength and moribund fact-similarity to and of monotony-Capitalism—themselves. One such “case-not-cause” is that when new facts are pushed from spheres of public-Connote and buried like deaths to afro-Am-ers by mishandling of racist-Police or statist demons, them, maybe, we should expand our knowledge presence w.o. tyranny! Besides anarcho-Syndicalism being chauvinist, and expertised in propaganda-Model, we should acknowledge what there is to History that is “not static” and therefore “not new”.

“Definition of word ‘semite’…

A member of any of the peoples speaking a Semitic language, including the Arabs, Arameans, Babylonians, Carthaginians, Hebrews, Phoenicians, and many of the peoples of Ethiopia; (Peoples) a member of the group of Caucasoid peoples who speak a Semitic language, including the Jews and Arabs as well as the ancient Babylonians, Assyrians, and Phoenicians; Bible: A descendant of Shem.”[2]

Soooo, one can see that the usefulness of having no-Defense, as the Jews did not take-up arms against the host-Nazi’s who designed and carried-out masse` slaughter known to most the world’s people [sic, mine] was negation of utility of religious prejudice or negation of “other-Semites”. Dig? The war overture is not toxicology nor ‘to-the-limit in terms of words/wordages. The value of wordages is that one does not have to stay indoors watching teevee, the loused habit of having been a flab-Gatherer tRukkor. Rather the firm-Hand is well-Held: done, and also had an intimate ‘occlusion” w the steel and girdlies of the high-rise and how the context juxtaposes riveted: non-Welded, the epiphany of World-trade buildings #1 & #2, big, tall and box-like.

My study-cRaft of steel buildings, steel specifically, tons and tons of iron-oRe, high-rise ‘steel-Strengths’ and the abrogated ‘looseness’ the second-to-final-scene was in the Holywood film “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014)”. The one or two features of murdering because no-War, contrast w one and two features of high and mighty “over-burdensome” militarization non-Resolve merely we heard this was the way to do knowing no-Defense if “dept-of-Offense”. There is yet another reason, that “we-Humanity” due the constant of death-from-Wars made need to study dRagons as well as fascist-Takeovers by plutocrats as per u.s.a. once Republic—and as lie about dictators holding cIAS “pass-Cards” for brutality and military-Hegemony.

“In as clear terms as possible, the Socialist Party USA condemns the massacre of at least eighty innocent Syrians in Khan Sheikhoun using  chemical weapons. This inhumane act is completely unacceptable and cannot be defended. Regardless of who ordered this massacre, and despite any pandering from some on the US Left, history will remember these days and write that Bashar al-Assad butchered his own people and Vladimir Putin helped him do it.

At the same time and with equal clarity, we condemn the use of military force by the United States in Syria. It is unclear at this time whether this act was an one-off show of force or a precursor to something larger and more deadly, but as we have learned through countless examples, peace is not born from an exploding U.S. missile. We remain steadfast in the belief that United States involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan was unequivocally wrong. Without question, involvement in Syria will be wrong as well and will lead to more blood spilled and lives lost.

When Barack Obama was moving towards military engagement in Syria in 2013, people in the United States answered that war cry by organizing and demanding No War in Syria. Donald Trump is moving faster and, as a result, we must be that much more determined to keep the United States out of Syria.

Passed by the SPUSA National Action Committee 4/7/2017”[3]

dRagons may well be the ‘teddy-Bear’ in the outdoor theatre, arena, where guessing who’s government is more tyranny was anathema, from mid-19th century. The fact is that humanity does and can ‘fantasize” as a remarkable mental-Stimulation to ensconce thoughts w theatricality! The military-Monopoly is monotonous, and does fascist ways wherever those fool-Hearties go. Soooo who care whether they pay well or can be eaten by a dRagon, al-tho those hegemonyites should be. They’ve become like the German’s soldiering of wprt-2 world-at-war. Yet, get that “nano-Bacteria will save you at least half-Better than chem-tRails, or than all of NSDU-238 spent uselessly to contaminate via Radio-nuclides. Such propaganda. Would that a dRagon would remove nanos of NSDU-238 from soils like a fantasy-dReamscape? You’re welcome does not get done. No thanks, as proving the good-Riddance querie always gets shafted by the spasmodicum. However, we need phytoremediations in an attack akin dRagon degenerating. Yes. Moreso that than is nano-Technology, delayed. Likewise, the old paraphrase that there are many ways not wars. Prove that there is far too many killing millions people inadvertently, merely’ collteral-Damage does the trick. That also, does parable neurotic and psychotic-Consequences. There ought be consequences when one has power. That is obsequious.

Power and soon there will be unfathomable despicability of endless deaths from “methane-Release” that not too many will feature appreciated other than, whomevers. Or CME’s causing UN-told suffering that ‘defense; was never UN-known because counter-Warring” was utilized solely for a non-Purpose not to have democracy outlast plutocracy. Or,Viral outbreak non-stoppable because of rampid water contaminations w super-pathogens. Whether or not methane does the methane-Hydrate in not many will be around to see the ‘beauty’ for a grotesque-dRagon. The fact is that maliciousness may not bing the ‘dRagon” into the chem-tRails to saturate the compendium and make yet another com-pound. The facts is also that we need be rid of fascist-Sacrificiality[4] when we’ve not our whole world-History replete enough.

This means the student of pre-Ancients have lots of becalming and much factual-Backlog not to circumnavigate. However, can that be done before the stalwart last fire from dRagon nixes the methane and ignites ‘static” remunerations. As spoken before, now, the stoic-Embrace will merely harm any of pounced: scientific-Advancement when time in a matter of months is necessity, rather than intel-Gence lies has already supplied confusion for continuations of anarcho-Syndicalism. What will take more than wars-Warring is of course common-Sense, the US-Constitution arresting all meagre-Acts of plutocracy’s insiders since—applied. How to squelch the police-State before their takeover continues to enterprise to make last vestiges of the new-Rome, ever more inevitable.

“Zecharia Sitchin (Russian: Заха́рия Си́тчин; July 11, 1920 – October 9, 2010)[1] was a Russian-American author of books proposing an explanation for human origins involving ancient astronauts. Sitchin attributed the creation of the ancient Sumerian culture to the Anunnaki, which he stated was a race of ex-raterrestrials from a planet beyond Neptune called Nibiru. He asserted that Sumerian mythology suggests that this hypothetical planet of Nibiru is in an elongated, 3,600-year-long elliptical orbit around the sun. Sitchin’s books have sold millions of copies worldwide and have been translated into more than 25 langu-ages.

Sitchin’s ideas have been rejected by scientists and academics, who dismiss his work as pseudoscience and pseudohistory. His work has been criticized for flawed methodology and mistranslations of ancient texts as well as for incorrect astronom-ical and scientific claims.[2]…

Sitchin was born in the Azerbaijan SSR, but was raised in Mandatory Palestine. He received a degree in economics from the University of London, and was an editor and journalist in Israel, before moving to New York in 1952. While working as an executive for a shipping company, he taught himself Sumerian cuneiform and visit-ed several archaeological sites.[3][4]

Ideas and works[edit]

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Sitchin posing with an enlarged, purported 6000-year-old cylinder seal impress-sion

Similar to earlier authors such as Immanuel Velikovsky and Erich von Däniken,

Sitchin advocated hypotheses in which extraterrestrial events supposedly play-ed a significant role in ancient human history.

According to Sitchin’s interpretation of Mesopotamian iconography and symbolism, outlined in his 1976 book The 12th Planet and its sequels, there is an undiscovered planet beyond Neptune that follows a long, elliptical orbit, reaching the inner solar system roughly every 3,600 years. This planet is called Nibiru (although Jupiter was the planet associated with the god Marduk in Babylonian cosmology).[5] Ac-cording to Sitchin, Nibiru (whose name was replaced with MARDUK in original leg-ends by the Babylonian ruler of the same name in an attempt to co-opt the creation for himself, leading to some confusion among readers) collided catastrophically with Tiamat (a goddess in the Babylonian creation myth the Enûma Eliš), which he considers to be another planet once located between Mars and Jupiter. This collision supposedly formed the planet Earth, the asteroid belt, and the comets. Sitchin states that when struck by one of planet Nibiru’s moons, Tiamat split in two, and then on a second pass Nibiru itself struck the broken fragments and one half of Tiamat became the asteroid belt. The second half, struck again by one of Nibiru’s moons, was pushed into a new orbit and became today’s planet Earth.”[5]

The above is not theoretically inane. Nor am I innate for soooo structuring my non-elementalism from conditionalized association. The planets, when one does find interstellar-space maps, can be associated, and also may offer some sort of “further: defense-Mention” to my theoretics involving discourse of many volumes! The structural “granites” of pre-Ancient History, that preceding ancient-Egypt and ancient Peru and ancient Maya, and ancient pyramids, how did those get built? How did the monoliths get there? Who did build the megaliths and pyramids was not particularly well situated w slavery. Was that then antithesis of knowledge cast-Aside or cast-Astray? Not necessarily. Whether or not “apes can syncopate into the disharmonizing effects and affectations of pervasive wars-Warring, propaganda-Statism, empire’s imperialism, anarcho-Syndicalism and general anti-Peace malaise, beings psychopathic cannot win the tears for animals and the plaintiff-Pleas of whomever is to end wars, prerogative? All of us, of course. Enterprising an effusive lack-of-Defense for a dept-of-Offense is also tyranny.

Think yourself utility to knowing as many facts as History of plutocracy has been allowed and my be your internments will be less-Supple that “shid-ski, there’s nothing we can do” (but do-do pants ahoy)! May be the scariest thinGy-Bops is not seeing a dRagon born from a righteous-Shell, but a monster from a “jurassic theme-Park crass-commercialism” a la Holywood revisionism. One may merely provide that culture does mean. Being alone does not entail being in solitude studying the Ecology. Many of us have not attempted what we, of the Ecology group found in and of ourselves. War is predominantly ingrained as a cultural-Phenomenon, not-have-us w onward-Catharsis. Whereas, not a cultural pliancy to where adults and students can or could intermix, other than wars-Warring and calamity that those militaryists cause thru-out the world w theirs is autocracy, for Oligarchs-Technocrats-Plutocrats-fascist mannerisms.

Where else will we get family ties. Not from murdering “collateral-Damage-Civilians in arab-States while eradicating sovereignty. Paranoia sets a course of Bourgeois onto Bourgeoisie. Would you not want a dRagon to do you into the morass of scary-Society of u.s.a. admonishments forwarding templates of wars-Warring in “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”. I see the younger women actors and wonder how they could have garnered a foundation, a true-Fidelity of sorrow, fore-instance at the embodiment of compassion of millions of ‘arabs annihilated” for capitalism-Curses, pluralism of the new-Rome . Would you marry such an obsequious lass? What is chem-tRails garbage and leaving millions tons of NSDU-238 abounding in other nations yards. Yet, garbage-ChemtRails plus garbage-GMO’s equals garbage-Imperialism.

The u.s.a. publics are filled w US-military propaganda obsessives, or they are somewhere between knowing the full analysis and history or learning that fact. What is easier is not putting w the war-Rhetoric and asserting the power-Mongering sleaze is appellate of and to the usages of NSDU-238 and atomic-Nuclear weaponry. The economics extent is reductionist-History and reappears as catharsis of class-Society vampidly aggrandized by bourgeoisie, which serves the political-Analysis as well. Then, there is deep-Ecology, which is science apropos making industrial over-utilization into the “definition” of how destruction and decimation became desiccation. The anomaly is that the ‘olde-Rome’ never quite dis-appeared. {more about this in later published volumes].

Fissile materials expert preparatory group holds informal consultations

On 2–3 March 2017, states met at the UN in New York for informal consultations regarding the “high-level fissile material cut-off treaty (FMCT) expert preparatory group”. This group was established by a UN General Assembly resolution last year to bring together 25 states to meet in Geneva in 2017 and 2018 to make recommendations on substantial elements of a future FMCT. (The group’s composition is not yet finalised.) The informal consultations in New York invited all states, including those not invited to participate in the experts group, to give their views on the treaty and the process. The key topics covered in the consultations were the same as have been considered for the last 24 years in regards to an FMCT:

Should this treaty ban only the production of future fissile materials, or should it also address existing stocks?

Should the treaty also deal with transfer and acquisition of fissile materials?

Should the treaty only cover weapons-usable plutonium and highly enriched uranium, or other materials that are capable for use in nuclear weapons?

What kind of verification provisions would be necessary for such a treaty?

The expert group will meet in Geneva in 2017 and 2018, operating by consensus and building upon twenty years of discussions within the Conference on Disarmament to produce recommendations to move forward with the negotiation of a cut-off treaty.”[6]

Jedediah Smith may not have known the Arikara were reduced by 90% due smallpox introduced by white guys, but 20-years later in 1842-43 the outgrowth of how indigenous people and prospering became, once again, Universalist. A socialism was being borne, fair practice was at least discerned and discussed all the way to Independence MO. The ways of the horses was intricate as cultural phenomenon as well as wives when necessity and love was understood, but beholden-Practiced. Building a culture on “secretized smallpox blankets” should never have gone under-reported, either back then in 19th century nor now. Not learning “languages of the indigenous-Peoples was the power-trippe of burgeoning Technocrats back then, too!

NSDU-238 has been a curse to the people of u.s.a. Killing indigenous-Folks rather than establishing centers of offering beyond beads-for-landscape, was how power of democracy the we-People was lost. The egregious mannerism continue today, no longer colonialism, but too definitively “imperialism and neo-Liberalism”. Fact is there are asinine associations about ranting to aid the dilemma, when noise is proferred as the best ways to squelch. The second fact is that too many amer-Soldiers dies, from the plague of usages, and that killing civilians never resolves as the result intended. Excuses that brain-Power and good-Will diplomacy are merely a start, not toward-Wars but w.i scopes of significan-cies. These are a large-Problem in the in-Different context, one does not need vaccines for smallpox, merely blood-letting in the bedroom? Altho the military men who graduated from 3-phases of US-military in 18th c. are same as belligerences to invade Iraq, and maintain “oil-as-Banking” never did sense the needs to open anywhere and everywhere w info and not belligerence,

The hauteurs are easy to disguise, but voice and info not sermonizing, granting truths has always been a need, as I’ve seen spending my whole life, on explanations for propaganda is nuclearism, but anti-Nuclearist policy is “decontaminations” before any and all form and forums of nuclear-Molecular get outta accord to maintain w.i. premises. Especially garbage of NSDU-238, since 1957.

Ashley leads people into the Missouri headwaters, but regales as vice-Governor of Missouri territory. Jedediah gets job; Jedediah goes to find Ashley to heave purchase of horses brought to Arikara tribe, who want revenge for small-pox blankets. Metal sounds as in high-rise major building in film “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” then, “Super 8” the clashing of weighted rail cars” as though we-people have nor familiarized ourselves w real-Disasters being close to sound? No. As in real-Disasters are practice “first-Aid” do relate to our culture and o not take all inferences of propaganda as truths when you’ve no Medica-   re-for-all at all since 1960.

“Most popular of all—over half—was the so-called public option, a government-guaranteed healthcare program, which is pretty remarkable because no one publicly advocates that. But it’s been a consistent polling result for decades, that when people are asked what they want, they say that’s their choice. And, in fact, that’s about the only proposal that makes any sense. The U.S. healthcare system is an inter-national scandal. It’s roughly twice the per capita costs of comparable countries, and some of the worst outcomes, mainly because it’s privatized, extre-mely inefficient, bureaucratized, lots of bill paying, lots of officials, tons of money wasted, healthcare in the hands of profit-seeking institutions, which are not health institutions, of course. And for decades people have preferred what every other country has, in some fashion: either straight national healthcare or heavily government-regulated healthcare like, say, Switzerland. Sometimes the support is astonishingly high. So, in the late Reagan years, for example, about 70 percent of the population thought that guaranteed healthcare should be a constitutional guarantee, because it’s such an obvious desideratum. And about 40 per-cent thought it already was in the Constitution. The Constitution is just this holy collection of anything reasonable, so it must be there.

But it just doesn’t matter what people think. When Obama put through his own program, I think support for the public option was almost two-thirds, but it was simply dismantled. When this is—occasionally, this is discussed in the press, New York Times, others. And they mention it. They say it’s a possibility, but it’s called politically impossible, which is correct, which means you can’t pass it through the pharmaceutical corporations and financial institutions. That’s politically possible in what’s called democracy. Sometimes they say “lacking political support,” meaning from the institutions that really matter. There’s kind of this population on the side, but we can dismiss them, yeah.”[7]

Oh, Mr. tRumpeteR. Do not make me angry, when the Yemens need the cholera-Vaccine, and water, and United Nations helpors positions paid for, configure a need bey-ond halt-the-Saudi’s and DONATE MOTHERFOOKER. Cut the tail off the intel-Gence suppli-ant for Directed Energy Weapons, as well as give us the arresting of those who were Sept 11th 2001 involved. Give that a spell and do somethinGy-Bop for a good-Son and good-Daughter would-could-should be pRoud. The somethinGy-Bop entity like HALT any and all US-weapons and munitions to Gaudi cut-throats. Remember, we have the military that can do anythinGy-Bop! Like stay clear from any further US Treasury depleting wars of rogue-Empire. Wars are not proud, but peace is consensus. Wars for oil is not ubiquitous, but is heinousness of drones as military and bombs as killing for US-military purposes. The us-ages of NSDU-238 is what, not whatever. Stingy ways of conquering people has become destruction and not-to-mention propaganda, while Radionuclides waft around circumnavigating healthcare to planet and healthcare of humanity”!

“Genuflection to Orthodoxy

Many on the U.S. Left have exhibited a Soviet bashing and Red baiting that matches anything on the Right in its enmity and crudity. Listen to Noam Chomsky holding forth about “left intellectuals” who try to “rise to power on the backs of mass popular movements” and “then beat the people into submission. . . . You start off as basically a Leninist who is going to be part of the Red bureaucracy. You see later that power doesn’t lie that way, and you very quickly become an ideologist of the right. . . . We’re seeing it right now in the [former] Soviet Union. The same guys who were communist thugs two years back, are now running banks and [are] enthusiastic free marketeers and praising Americans” (Z Magazine, 10/95).

Chomsky’s imagery is heavily indebted to the same U.S. corporate political culture he so frequently criticizes on other issues. In his mind, the revolution was betrayed by a coterie of “communist thugs” who merely hunger for power rather than wanting the power to end hunger. In fact, the communists did not “very quickly” switch to the Right but struggled in the face of a momentous onslaught to keep Soviet socialism alive for more than seventy years. To be sure, in the Soviet Union’s waning days some, like Boris Yeltsin, crossed over to capitalist ranks, but others continued to resist free-market incursions at great cost to themselves, many meeting their deaths during Yeltsin’s violent repression of the Russian parliament in 1993.

Some leftists and others fall back on the old stereotype of power-hungry Reds who pursue power for power’s sake without regard for actual social goals. If true, one wonders why, in country after country, these Reds side with the poor and powerless often at great risk and sacrifice to themselves, rather than reaping the rewards that come with serving the well-placed.

For decades, many left-leaning writers and speakers in the United States have felt obliged to establish their credibility by indulging in anticommunist and anti-Soviet genuflection, seemingly unable to give a talk or write an article or book review on whatever political subject without injecting some anti-Red sideswipe. The intent was, and still is, to distance themselves from the Marxist-Leninist Left.

Adam Hochschild: Keeping his distance from the “Stalinist Left” and recom-mending same posture to fellow progressives.”[8]

Stressed know-Nothing is like, you’re soooo bought your chicken-Feathers are feet too long for your Medicare not free “bodies”. The losers are about defeat of humanity thru masse` murder never reconnoiteuring “whatever democracy and freedom and liberty ought mean” at the present and as losing weight upon the smirks of holding their ego-maniac, style. Their behestations are massive rip-offs. That is all. Goshe` and un-Becoming of adults, treasonous as dumb-Fool backwardness could allow. Their brains ever-so-small are overweight for the dementia they’re incurred thru wrath. How would you invite that to happen? How could you allow deceit at the helm where parity ought rule before the very next step? Privatization thru liquidization, oiel is an angry ‘phooel’ remains total disgust and neo-Cons for neo-Liberalism death to democracy.

Adam Hochschild, a liberal writer and publisher, warned those on the Left who might be lackadaisical about condemning existing communist societies that they “weaken their credibility” (Guardian, 5/23/84). In other words, to be credible oppon-ents of the cold war, we first had to join in the Cold-War condemnations of com-munist societies. Ronald Radosh urged that the peace movement purge itself of communists so that it not be accused of being communist (Guardian, 3/16/83). If I understand Radosh: To save ourselves from anticommunist witch[-]hunts, we should ourselves become witch[-]hunters. Purging the Left of communists became a long-standing practice, having injurious effects on various progressive causes. For in-stance, in 1949 some twelve unions were ousted from the CIO because they had Reds in their leadership. The purge reduced CIO membership by some 1.7 million and seriously weakened its recruitment drives and political clout. In the late 1940s, to avoid being “smeared” as Reds, Americans for Democratic Action (ADA), a supposedly progressive group, became one of the most vocally anticommunist organizations.

The strategy did not work. ADA and others on the Left were still attacked for be-ing communist or soft on communism by those on the Right. Then and now, many on the Left have failed to realize that those who fight for social change on be-half of the less privileged elements of society will be Red-baited by conservative elites whether they are communists or not. For ruling interests, it makes little difference whether their wealth and power is challenged by “communist subversives” or “loyal American liberals.” All are lumped together as more or less equally abhorrent.

Even when attacking the Right, the left critics cannot pass up an opportunity to flash their anticommunist credentials. So Mark Green writes in a criticism of Presi-dent Ronald Reagan that “when presented with a situation that challenges his conservative catechism, like an unyielding Marxist-Leninist, [Reagan] will change not his mind but the facts.” While professing a dedication to fighting dogmatism “both of the Right and Left,” individuals who perform such de rigueur genuflections rein-force the anticommunist dogma. Red-baiting leftists contributed their share to the climate of hostility that has given U.S. leaders such a free hand in waging hot and cold wars against communist countries and which even today makes a progressive or even liberal agenda difficult to promote.”[9]

What might be interesting to note is whether the “Americans for Democratic Action (ADA), a supposedly progressive group” were bought into by subversives fomenting conditions of the newly formed cIAS? Certainly there is the other reason, that NSDU-238 be used as a ploy or standby for invading North Korea and keeping the military-Hegemony well endowed. The left anti-Communists of US politicking were progressives, but apologist nonetheless, a moral aberration. Nefarity is easy, the Id-al UN-doing is merely a task of having a lacking-consciousness” method. Peace, that is not Easy. How come? Noise is archaic, but lies and deception are concomitants to fruitlessness, generally speaking. Background audible(s) of sea gulls chirping and waves flowing atop sands of saltwater, may not be noise of wars-Warring. Whether or not outdoors audible sounds are soothing, is not imperative. But is superlative. The sounds forced upon us people via methods of US-military are non-Perfunctory, there for the reason to maintain an empiricism of forwarding wars goodness, a negating overture, no matter what may have caused the was. Yet, this is where invasions have become handiwerk of empiricism. Wars have become static because empiricism is said not-o-exist. The lie is that empiricism is most prescient.

“Left anticommunists remained studiously unimpressed by the dramatic gains won by masses of previously impoverished people under communism. Some were even scornful of such accomplishments. I recall how in Burlington Vermont, in 1971, the noted anticommunist anarchist, Murray Bookchin, derisively referred to my concern for “the poor little children who got fed under communism” (his words).

Slinging Labels

Those of us who refused to join in the Soviet bashing were branded by left anti-communists as “Soviet apologists” and “Stalinists,” even if we disliked Stalin and his autocratic system of rule and believed there were things seriously wrong with exist-ing Soviet society. Our real sin was that unlike many on the Left we refused to uncritically swallow U.S. media propaganda about communist societies. Instead, we maintained that, aside from the well-publicized deficiencies and injustices, there were positive features about existing communist systems that were worth preserv-ing, that improved the lives of hundreds of millions of people in meaningful and humanizing ways. This claim had a decidedly unsettling effect on left anti-communists who themselves could not utter a positive word about any communist society (except possibly Cuba) and could not lend a tolerant or even courteous ear to any-one who did.

Saturated by anticommunist orthodoxy, most U.S. leftists have practiced a left McCarthyism against people who did have something positive to say about existing communism, excluding them from participation in conferences, advisory boards, political endorsements, and left publications. Like conservatives, left anti-communists tolerated nothing less than a blanket condemnation of the Soviet Uni-on as a Stalinist monstrosity and a Leninist moral aberration.

That many U.S. leftists have scant familiarity with Lenin’s writings and political work does not prevent them from slinging the “Leninist” label. Noam Chomsky, who is an inexhaustible fount of anticommunist caricatures, offers this comment about Leninism: “Western and also Third World intellectuals were attracted to the Bolshevik counterrevolution [sic] because Leninism is, after all, a doctrine that says that the radical intelligentsia have a right to take state power and to run their countries by force, and that is an idea which is rather appealing to intellectuals.” Here Chomsky fashions an image of power-hungry intellectuals to go along with his cartoon image of power-hungry Leninists, villains seeking not the revolutionary means to fight injustice but power for power’s sake. When it comes to Red-bashing, some of the best and brightest on the Left sound not much better than the worst on the Right.

At the time of the 1996 terror bombing in Oklahoma City, I heard a radio commentator announce: “Lenin said that the purpose of terror is to terrorize.” U.S. media commentators have repeatedly quoted Lenin in that misleading manner. In fact, his statement was disapproving of terrorism. He polemicized against isolated terrorist acts which do nothing but create terror among the populace, invite repression, and isolate the revolutionary movement from the masses. Far from being the totalitarian, tight-circled conspirator, Lenin urged the building of broad coalitions and mass organizations, encompassing people who were at different levels of political development. He advocated whatever diverse means were needed to advance the class struggle, including participation in parliamentary elections and existing trade unions. To be sure, the working class, like any mass group, needed organization and leadership to wage a successful revolutionary struggle, which was the role of a vanguard party, but that did not mean the proletarian revolution could be fought and won by putschists or terrorists.

Lenin constantly dealt with the problem of avoiding the two extremes of liberal bourgeois opportunism and ultra-left adventurism. Yet he himself is repeatedly identified as an ultra-left putschist by mainstream journalists and some on the Left. [Notably Chris Hedges, accused him often of “highjacking the revolution”, whatever that means.—Eds) Whether Lenin’s approach to revolution is desirable or even relevant today is a question that warrants critical examination. But a useful evaluation is not likely to come from people who misrepresent his theory and practice.”[10]


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