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Volume-ExceRpt Post #11/  26 Mar 2017   Era Of Liberty Seeks To Gain Freedom (10-06-09)

volume-ExceRpt post #11/ 26 Mar 2017 era of liberty seeks to gain freedom (10-06-09)

volume-ExceRpt post #11/ 26 Mar 2017
era of liberty seeks to gain freedom (10-06-09)

section-1 era of liberty seeks to gain freedom 10-06-09

Letters have been the continuing parable to my life as I desired to be and become literary author-poet as visual artist–since 1967! As this one tenet became more individual-istic, I wondered where to direct in a more boomer, discerning for staying revolutionary-Independent. These are the philosophical overtures to scientific life, which became mor-osely apparent to the crossover of science and warmongers causing us, the Boomers, such disinterest via disintegrating our collective and universal sociology commitment to rational sense. Where was the immediate balance of peace and science was extremely hard to find, as I noted that my high school friends were more akin passing acquaintances than associates. Ours was the verisimilitude of truth or to the theosophical altruistic and venerable non-excess of social-responsive factuality? Letters I wrote to folks and people of import w whom my meting of the Individualistic ways had to be honed to pertain to an independence, yet forthcoming. As I kept many copies– before Oro-bar studio by that time, I had reached 45 years—and, I was doing both literary-Arts writings and visual arts (sculpturing and photography).

Trying to expand both, since the studio was an intensive gloss of purposeful intent to complete both artes and wRitings, was the quest on how could and would the knowledge and forbearing of nation-state not continue to obviate and become more miasmatic than ‘useless Radionuclides and nuclear-Molecular’ which is enormous-Contaminations by the millions of tons for molecules, which having become propagandated needs a now-Answer. What had become part biographical but not wholly atavistic, and why was the need not always superseded? This, the peregrinations of socio-Economic: Ecosocialism was, sum-marily, importuning to my self-Regulating methods and of an excruciating extent, altho my task, not always a necessity of empiricism at all, but of an Existentialism never before reconciled for me. As the nuclearists and nuclear-Policy, had adumbrated my Life, why not side-step and see what actually was going-Down. Who had found Determinism could be expounded, we may not yet know? Plus, I had found D.r Carl Sagan responsive to answer question as well as reflexive to “nuclear-Winter contrast in study”.

They, the Oligarchs and fanatic-penataGooons, had prevaricated an exchange of power-Mongering that was not power-Politics, but military-Hegemony for a cold-War and a venue of allowing nuclearism to expound into intel-Gence! This much or this stridently monopolized belittling of duty to undo ‘democracy’ which has led to overdoing building thermo-Nuclear h-BoMbS and placing he first nuclear-Weapon—w quite a long history and back-Burnor approach to what we thought may not remain any but a forefront of im-perialist-Military burgeoning—in 1970!—because, the iconographical became demised by greedier excesses of the druggies and the corporatist dictums of autocratic elitism, which makes for usuriness involving less and less individualism, UN-less one has the stat ‘patent-method’ and can maintain lies for deceit or can get toward allotting IMpunity—for a major onslaught of militarism as cause! Thus, my arts were historical netwerkings of words and funk delineations, as my gRad schooling had extolled, and I also toiled in words, wordages, poetics, phrases of the Existentialist theoretics and ‘what is peace, portrayals of anti-Nuclearism’ and what is International Peace?

“As a result, his stunned and heartbroken family has joined growing ranks of sickened and dying Iraq war vets and their families who believe exposures to toxic poisons in the war zone are behind their illnesses—-mostly cancers, striking the young, taking them down with alarming speed. The number of these cancers remains undisclosed, with military officials citing patient privacy issues, as well as lack of evidence the cases are linked to conditions in the war zone. The U.S. Congress has ordered a probe of suspect toxins and may soon begin widespread testing of our armed forces.

“He got so sick, so fast” Jim Lauderdale was 58 when his National Guard unit was deployed to the Iraq-Kuwait border, where he helped transport arriving soldiers and Marines into combat areas. He was a strong man, say relatives, who can’t remember him ever missing a day of work for illness. And he developed a cancer of the mouth, which overwhelmingly strikes smokers, drinkers and tobacco chewers. He was none of those.

“Jim’s doctors didn’t know why he would get this kind of cancer — they had no answers for us,” said his wife, Dixie. “He got so sick, so fast. We really think it had to be something he was exposed to over there. So many of the soldiers we met with cancer at Walter Reed (Army Medical Center) complained about the polluted air they lived in, the brown water they had to use, the dust they breathed from exploded munitions. It was very toxic.”
As a mining engineer, Lauderdale knew exactly what it meant when he saw the thick black smoke pouring nonstop out of the smokestacks that line the Iraq/Kuwait border area where he was stationed for three months in 2005.
“He wrote to me that everyone was complaining about their stinging eyes and sore throats and headaches,” Dixie said. “For Jim to say something like that, to com-plain, was very unusual.”2

I do burn lots of energy in fact-finding and historic allocating where truths are– for others, usefully, first, but, also for myself a definitive in discerning what need anti-Nuclear direction? This quest has become demonstrably renown, too. But, where are the letters of purpose and intent that thousands others could have sent, to me, of course, but never did? Where have my legendary traits gone astray or furthered? Did I stay in one geographical vicinity and expand colloquially, or become provincialist by doing merely that! As philosophy may be, or as I was being, others of the rightwing usuries, sought to maintain a burglarized-conditionalizing tenet upon me, as though all longhairs had to be and become druggies and pro-Fascist anti Human Rights. The sociology fact is that racism-theoretics does not think to be a part of any-integration, whether of peoples or, integration of democracy among nation-states, and anti-Nuclearist polemic to me was not open enough knowledge and renown all military, bombasticated and cRonyist.
1970 became 1971 and I pushed myself (until the cattle prod was like a tay-toe upon a road-killed muledeer buck) i.e. whatever needed defining?

I was more than glad to have the many computers to assemble my e-mails as inert consistency into this or any section, 33 years later, because the wars since 1980 had not brought “defense of the planet nor Ecology and Clean-ups Radionuclides into an Americanism-Formula of “learning-Decontamination” the molecularization-Imperative. Because letters are the commutations of communications or those humans that forthcoming to mental acquisitioning, I had be-come a small-voice w ultra-large tenets of social-Digression by societal irked prescience of the psycho—pathologic estate of neo-Liberalism—morphing away, not into propaganda-State. What are we-Amers if americanism is not part nationalistic and moreso cultural-Inte-grative, unless the capitalist-Monopolists and the ilk yet not political parity of political-Par-ties determines politics-Extent. As a different calibre of literariness on and of those arrears has come forth formidably, when people participate we may yet, get ‘democracy’.3
“One of the mothers on the cancer ward had pictures of her son bathing in the brown water,” she said. “He died of kidney cancer.” Stationed in roughly the same area as Lauderdale, yet another soldier — now fighting terminal colon cancer — described the scene there, of oil refineries, a cement factory, a chlorine factory and a sulfuric acid factory, all spewing unfiltered and uncontrolled substances into the air. “One day, we were walking toward the port and they had sulfuric acid exploding out of the stacks. We were covered with it, everything was burning on us, and we had to turn around and get to the medics,” said Army Staff Sgt. Frank Valentin, 35. Not long after, he developed intense rectal pain, which doctors told him for months was hemorrhoids. Finally diagnosed with aggressive colorectal cancer — requiring extensive surgery, resulting in a colostomy bag — he was given fewer than two years to live by his Walter Reed physicians.

He is now a couple of months past that death sentence, but his chemo drugs are starting to fail, and the cancer is eating into his liver and lungs. He spends his days with his wife and three children at their Florida home.
“I don’t know how much time I have,” he said. Suspect: depleted uranium
None of these soldiers know for sure what’s killing them. But they suspect it’s a cascade of multiple toxic exposures, coupled with the intense stress of daily life in a war zone weakening their immune systems.

“There’s so much pollution from so many sources, your body can’t fight what’s coming at it,” Valentin said. “And you don’t eat well or sleep well, ever. That weakens you, too. There’s no chance to gather your strength. These are kids 19, 20 and 21 getting all kinds of cancers. The Walter Reed cancer ward is packed full with them.”

Why was not decontamination “not a civil-campaign” I kept returning to again and again, since 1961. That means both! Both nuclear-Mlecular weapons as well as whatever, is deterministic, a campaign odd civilry, as well as need of civil-Campaign. My space-Time is part of the “we-Boomers” era, so why not the broader nation-Wide understanding antipa-thy levels of input/output relegated me into writor and visual-artist. The new-Rome is a mostest power-mongering empire. Advantage-taking has been happening since 1944, when the Democratic-party machine of Chicago illegally impugned against Henry Wallace and installed, fascistically, an un-known person who’s credentials for leadership were bel-ow rightwing ethically or at most ‘too liberal to function under any but Individualistic temperances” for the sake of maintaining “lack-of-Principle”.

Plutocracy, and to some extent, those fighting against that hauteur, democracy have increased exponentially, as though caught in a taffy-pull machine—around and around and the military-Hegemony wins ‘all’. Uranium-235 is not ‘depleted’ so why would ur-238 be depleted, when the first half-Life is 4.45 billion years, but the uranium-235 and some ur-234 are merely extracted at high cost? What the US military does is like the second nuclear-Molecular: age, UN-declared war, new-Rome’s invasion-Korea. North Korea did not provoke the Americanism of the olde-Repub-lic of U.S., but the new-Rome not oNLY provoked but allowed an illegal and UN-declared invasion of North Korea.

“Aircraft that contain depleted uranium trim weights (Boeing 747–100 for exam-ple) may contain between 400 to 1,500 kg of DU. This application is controversial because the DU may enter the environment if the aircraft were to crash. The metal can also oxidize to a fine powder in a fire. Depleted uranium was released during the crash of El Al Flight 1862, in which 152 kg was lost…Neither the Federal Aviation Administration nor the major aircraft manufactur-ers publish information about which planes and helicopters contain DU compon-ents. As one industry insider told a reporter, “No one brags about DU.”

However many wide-body aircraft such as the Boeing 747, Lockheed L-1011, McDonnell Douglas DC-10 and Lockheed military C-130 all require the use of coun-ter-balance weights for proper flight control. The Boeing 747 airplane program utilized depleted uranium for its first 550 air-craft built. The company obtained in excess of 200 tons of the radioactive material, and cast approximately 12,000 parts. Each airplane was equipped with 21 or 31 weights, and over 20% of the weights presented a high corrosion risk within 4 to 5 years. Aside from the high corrosion incident rate, the weights were extremely difficult to transport and there was only one recognized reprocessing source in the world.”4

The always consensus baloney is propaganda that people “should not understand Radionuclides” as Ecology suggests any chemicals, bacterium, Radionuclides has a by-productful human capaciousness, of not natural. Then , Ecosystems are already demised by definition and in Reality can be studied and/or predictable. As all excesses nuclear soon shall attest for all generations resolving the new dilemma of the new millennium NOT to Have nor wage WAR ever-again…when democracy appears (again) or when dissent becom-es (better) defined, may be when Americanism has accepted Radionuclides parvenu as more than highly toxic but very understandable and not-so-complex as propaganda delin-eates thru utility of Determinist policy—nuclear-Pentagons!

The websites/internet has given to us people, a redress to those issues on aggressive dispositions, those which remain transgressed—such as by illegal wars causing manipulation for oppression and repressions by the state. Therefore, to not-only continue one-sided warmongering via aero-Jet bombings, but to use thermo-Nuclear(s), mostly as insurance, or as the hedge for cold-war rhetoric, hawk-Monopolization, until NSDU-238 is used and prevaricates more intensely, that radionuclides is the duty of others. This, once not-so-Contaminated by Radionuclides planet, finds that the we-peeps must cleanse our-selves in, and from, simultaneous usury implicated against others via NPP’s, and two: nuc-lear-weapons, that we are used not-to-21-years into continuous-Wars (war chaos theory) embellishments by penata-Gooons and Oligarchs of the new-Rome! The duress, the non-Issues of whatever the mentality burden-Level is, are also the social-stress and a paragon for world peace Bureau’s and protests needs. That exists!

“DU weights have been installed on more than 1,600 jumbo jets operated by all major world airlines, including: TWA, United, Delta, Continental, Pan Am, Northwest, American, Air Canada, Lufthansa, Air France, Alitalia, BOAC, British Airways, Qantas, Air China, SAS and Swissair. Since Boeing 747s were first deployed in 1968, 27 of the superjets have crashed. Several of these accidents, may have left crashsites contaminated with dangerous residues of incinerated DU.The danger may have begun as early as 1974, when a Lufthansa jet crashed and burned at take-off in Nairobi, Kenya.”5

The that-That, NSDU-238 exists, as the first nuclear-Molecular weapon, but has been purposefully withheld from public reportages and therefore secretized from awareness levels of scrutiny should that “nuclear weapon be used” as now has been record (1973 IDF) the new-Rome under gHW Bushwhacky, 1991, too. Or did you not you know thermo-Nuc-lears have a lil-Cousin that came in first “nuclear-Molecular” consequence of weaponry, not NPP’s that apprise plutonium-239 low-enrichment and high-level enrichment, for building a budding industrial trivialization for animosity” or terms of juris for propaganda, nuclear-Weapons and UN-defended NPP’s? Was ‘determinism” determining a new-Rome for oligarchs America, all along? Yes. “The official accident investigator said: “there is no threat or concern” about DU exposure to those working on the wreckage.

“That’s baloney,” Marion Fulk, a retired staff scientist from Lawrence Livermore National Lab, told American Free Press in 2004. Fulk, 83, was researching how low-level ionizing radiation causes cancer, birth defects and a host of other health problems.Burning depleted uranium creates a “whole mess of oxides,” Fulk said, “which is what makes it so wicked biologically.”
In 1988, American physicist Robert L. Parker wrote that in the worst-case scenario, the crash of a Boeing 747 could affect the health of 250,000 people through exposure to uranium oxide particles. “Extended tests by the Navy and NASA showed that the temp-erature of the fireball in a plane crash can reach 1,200 degrees Celsius. Such tempera-tures are high enough to cause very rapid oxidation of depleted uranium,” he wrote.

“Large pieces of uranium will oxidize rapidly and will sustain slow combustion when heated in air to temperatures of about 500 degrees Celsius,” Paul Lowenstein, technical director and vice-president of Nuclear Metals Inc., the company that has supplied DU to Boeing, wrote in a 1993 article.
In 2004, some researchers began turning to the large number of sick firefighters and workers from the World Trade Center site and reports of elevated radiation levels around the Pentagon after 9-11. They contended that the Boeing 757 and 767 aircraft involved in the attacks may have also contained depleted uranium counterweights.”

The word-term, b-a-n is akin that usage of “Ban the bomb symbol” not to be demeaned by being re-defined as peace-sign, during which the longest war V-C-L (Viet-Cam-Laos–1961 thru 1975) never proved peace and remains as much a dreamscape as the insobriety that is not, ban-the-Bomb! Because of not-so-depleted ur-238, err-weld NSDU-238 is the first nuclearist-Weapon of the new-Rome, invented by Germany in 1934, basically the mili-tary-Hegemony and NSDU-238 happened together, by plutocrats, not by americanism! The ban-Symbol is not a symbol of peace, but there is, none, anyhow! We should be incorporating to be defined as “halt NSDU-238 and ban thermo-Nuclears” the 1954 “ban-symbol” as those of us who were a part of the ban-the-bOmB movement 1954 thru 1983, may need to hone and update—those truths necessitating maintenance.

“I reflected that war was war, as Concetta was always saying, and that in war it is always the best who are lost because they are the most courageous, the most unselfish, the most honest, and some of them get killed like poor Michele and some of them are maimed for life like my Rosetta. The worst people, on the other hand, those who have no courage, no faith, no religion, no pride, who kill and steal and think of themselves and follow their own selfish interests-– these come through safely and prosper, and become even more brazen and depraved than they were before…

Sorrow, I thought of Michele, who was not with us in this eagerly longed-for moment of return and would never be with us again. I remembered the evening in front of the hut at Sant’Eufemia when he had read aloud to us the passage from the Gospel about Lazarus, and had been so angry with the peasants who had failed to understand anything, and had cried out that we were all dead and waiting for res-urrection, like Lazarus. At the time Michele’s words had left me in doubt, but now I saw that Michele had been right, and that for some time now Rosetta and I had indeed been dead, dead to the pity we owe to others and to ourselves. But sorrow had saved us at the last moment, and so in a way the passage about Lazarus held good for us too, since at last, thanks to sorrow, we had emerged from the war which had enclosed us in its tomb of indifference and wickedness, and had started to walk again along the path of our own life, which was, maybe, a poor thing full of obscurities and errors but nevertheless the only life we ought to live, as no doubt Michele would have told us if he had been with us.”6

Isn’t so much that empire produces good ‘propaganda’ but that propaganda-Inventing comprises the infernal death-Wheel of the fanatic penataGooons as their templates to succeed, does not maneuver from involved killing of 100,000’s civilians, and as maintaining death-Squads training psycho-pathetic killers who can and do return home to kill spouses, abuse themselves committing suicide remnant brains of the new-Rome military “training jamborees”! Do you thus want americanism or fanatic military-Hegemony/ pluto-cracy when neither should be the choice, if. The big-If is economic and socializing-Democ-racy does not wirk in that fastidious a non-sublimation of factuality i.e. by not working to-wards ‘democracy’ w expediency!

1+ Cancer in Iraq vets raises possibility of toxic exposure” August 26, 2007 12:00 am By Carla McClain Arizona Daily Star

2+ Ibid.

3+ “Depleted Uranium and the Boeing 747 airplane program” Jan 31,2012

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6+ “Alberto Moravia: War survives in our souls long after it is over” January 16, 2014 by Richard Rozoff

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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