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volume-ExceRpt post #10/ 10 Dec 2016 Human Rights Day–abjectly, the new-Rome: oNLY (7-04-11 & 4-26-16)

volume-ExceRpt post #10/ 10 Dec 2016
Human Rights Day–abjectly, the new-Rome: oNLY (7-04-11 & 4-26-16)

The harshities of empire has no savior-faire, in case you-all did not discern a differ-ence from war-mongers: hegemonyites that usurpated anti-Democracy ex-patriots of warring, as plutocrats, which is a difference was never made, but merely concocted.

What is an UN-happy thought for the day-week-month-year-decade century, if not that “debt is not destroyed thru warfare” because there is no daily radio-Program nor tee-vee program regarding this public way of not having a spatial surround identity–whether for and of each individual. The wars were started to entice death-syndrome, to make incongruous that dastardly-Nowhere does exist beside patricide, genocide, “war-against-Terrorism: fascists” whether oligarchs of Zionists. That does exist, but the people do not exist, is there indemnity to our 99% renown. There are two sides, one that the public can-not see and hear of bombings, deaths, civilian-death-count, mistake after mistake in kill-ings of people involved in “weddings” this shid-ski: drone-Weddings had better stop. Was there an unsung reason for UN-heard, because the bombing of hamlets, the slaughter of people tending rice paddies, all that was spatial to our lacking a Consciousness.

Amenity, like, the past 20-years of three-Invasions into Iraq lands continues, and yet no programs forpeace AND for decontaminations? Two, that all the people need think about is “the economy-Stupid”. The wars are killing over 90% of civilians thru each nation-Invaded, but wars are fun for new-technology is rapprochement of despicable answer to “why, how come any invasion” everywhere?
Every individual must live-UP to themselves, before nation. Nation does not own your mind, te collective-Spirit is your, ishers, is mine.We may be the underly-ing tenet of the psychology in Dept. of the Offense: u-S Pentagons. However, there is no news relating why killing and overuse of body-bags is so good for the people who’re soooo lucky-enough not to have to leave their meagre no-paying healthcare allowances suspended for monies to attenuate “killing-Sprees” again and again. Did that all come home, they can ill-afford to come to healthcare for all, just have a job for your pTSDwill harm somebody-Else, too! Fac-etiously I say this? No. These tarnished soldiers are not all support nor all involved technici-ans of how a guerilla-Warrior defends his land, whether he needs a religion, or already has three of those. Moralisms are cast-aside by fanatic-penataGooons, who may have to dwell on chaplains being gun-toters for death. Then when blaming the indifference he/she pro-pagates, that is upon economic-Needs, not spiritual-awakenings, nor demoralism from illegal-Wars: immoralism. They may mistreat the indifference thru furtive, negative-Case scenario’s that a myth-Gawd may really help, but morality, when known, supersedes, i.e. becomes more renown.

What then is defense, if not to defend “peace”. That supposition means, have an imp-osition of just-Morality, redundant as that usurpation assuredly is.defending by “nuclear-Molecular: measurements” those 99 NPP’s of u.s.a from us by us. Thus, when disparage-ments of supporting laws is or was what their elected officials were into, in the primary as-pect of dissoluble(s) ‘eat your heart’ its full of chlorine-Water? Were they to travel to relati-ves in another state UN-less they’re “fully employed” and making over $20 per hour, too! Public services has different benefits than public school teachers, and wars are good for them, because the military gives stipend-Cuts for transportation of it’s soldier-Enlisted ilk, and because the social interruption to “go-to-War” is socio-Political and they paid high price for health insurance, but then, never received their needs. UN-less someone-Bureau-crat told them the monies go to a welfare recipient of their choice, who can wirk, but not remain parttime-Disabled, nor pTSD infirmed, nor drunks needing a hand-Up policy of practical social-health. This is not the same as to serve in a capacity of defense, when there is no-Defense—at all? Defense remains “radiation-Monitoring necessity” and not interven-tions by force.
Those reactionary policies of radical-Right has brought non-communication into fun-damentalist “sphere” of propaganda, and the wars have been followed by surety ‘terrorism’ that is:

a) use of NSDU-238, a radiation weapon that has specific-Gravity fallout, and five or more radio-isotopes in dissemination from “each” use?
b) 9-11 c-4 explosions at world-Trade: center-Destroyed by fascist-zionists w.i. the US-government (of the fifty in u-S the Manhattan Island 1 & 2) but coupled w UN-known missile-type into the offense-Dept. Pentagons building! What we do know.
c) the Bailout due real-Estate greed to maintain a constant of private-Interest from fed-Reserve (family).
d) the continuation of not allowing “defense” to be structured and useful for the amer-Publics by radiation-Monitoring?
Thusly, the predication that “no media of wars-Reportage” is merely a supposition, may be closer the truth of not allowing dissemination of “all the facts known” ready for print, as heard on such ‘n such radio and/or on such ‘n such teevee—but actually seen and actually heard? This is called the dumb-Fool: theory, as the dumb-fools do not know what the inner meanings of knowing are UN-less they had family funds and begot an education-al standard beyond mysticism. Yes, we need free “University” education, free transportati-on, housing and organic foods commendable, not church handouts to maintain somebod-y’s doing something that is never against war-Illegal.

“The e-mail account used by the Shadow Brokers is in Germany and is resistant to attempts at disclosing users’ information. Applebaum, Laura Poitras, Sarah Harri-son and Peter Sunde are in Germany. “. . . He said Tutanota had only ever been for-ced to hand over encrypted data of its users a few times and it has a transparency report where it discloses those cases. ‘However, we release data only in very, very few cases…And when we have to provide the data due to a court order, it is still encrypted,’ Pfau added, going on to explain the company’s stance on surveillance. . . .”

Recall that, in FTR #’s 891 and 895, we noted that Snowden was working for the CIA in the summer of 2009 when he decided to infiltrate NSA and leak its informati-on. NSA “non-hack” suspect Applebaum and much of the so-called “privacy” advo-cates have received funding from CIA-derived organizations such as the Broadcas-ting Board of Governors, Radio Free Asia and the Open Technology Fund. What role is the CIA playing in this? “. . . Jacob Appelbaum’s willingness to work directly for an old CIA cutout like Radio Free Asia in a nation long targeted for regime-change is certainly odd, to say the least. Particularly since Appelbaum made a big public show recently claiming that, though it pains him that Tor takes so much money from the US military, he would never take money from some­thing as evil as the CIA. . . .Appelbaum’s financial relationships with var­i­ous CIA spin­offs like Radio Free Asia and the BBG go further. From 2012 through 2013, Radio Free Asia transferred about $1.1 million to Tor in the form of grants and contracts. This million dollars comes on top of another $3.4 million Tor received from Radio Free Asia’s par­ent agency, the BBG, start­ing from 2007. . .Though many of the apps and tech backed by Radio Free Asia’s OTF are un-known to the general public, they are highly respected and extremely popular among the anti-surveillance Internet activist crowd. OTF-funded apps have been recommended by Edward Snowden, covered favorably by ProPub-lica and The New York Times’ technology reporters, and repeatedly promoted by the Electronic Fron­tier Foundation. Every­one seems to agree that OTF-funded privacy apps offer some of the best protection from government surveillance you can get. In fact, just about all the featured open-source apps on EFF’s recent “Secure Messaging Scorecard” were funded by OTF. . .You’d think that anti-surveil-lance activists like Chris Soghoian, Jacob Appelbaum, Cory Doctorow and Jillian York would be staunchly against outfits like BBG and Radio Free Asia, and the role they have played — and continue to play — in working with defense and corpor-ate interests to project and impose U.S. power abroad. Instead, these radical active-ists have knowingly joined the club, and in doing so, have become willing pitch-men for a wing of the very same U.S. National Security State they so adamantly oppose. . . .”

Like, wow, how fascist the elements from fascist of Operation paperclip have become —not fooling you! Again I am reminded how the over-Militarization had led to circumnavi-gating the Stalinist “masse` murders program” whether propaganda implemented or NSA buildup for continuation of “military buildups” and of course, eventual military: buildups under Truman and then Eisenhower admins. We never did here the scope, let alone the infinitude of millions-People: murdered under Stalinist regime, because Stalin was a hero to have expended 1.5 million we-People in the defense of Leningrad (1942-43), in 1953. We heard of the rightwing “mouth-off” of anti-Democracy, Sen. Joseph McCarthy, altho “Ike” never stated “I’d step on his foot, ruin his shoeshine, and not let off my physical-We-ight” as he should have. Soooo, what we knew was NSA was not cIAS, but we-Boomers did hear that cIAS were instigating inside u.s.a. Period.

“2. After synopsizing the apparent framing of Russia for the DNC hack and the Shadow-Brokers’ non-hack of NSA, the broadcast recaps two key episodes in the painting of “Oswald Red.”
One of the results of the Snowden “op” was the death of the Obama/Clinton State Department’s attempted re-boot with Russia. In this regard, the actions of the Obverse Oswald are similar to the way that the painting of Oswald Red served to exacerbate Cold War tensions.
The killing of the attempted diplomatic rapprochement with Russia was, in turn, central to the realization of the destabilization of the Yanukovich government in Ukraine and the installation of the heirs to Stephan Bandera’s OUN/B in the Maidan coup.
(Recall that the Maidan coup was financed, in part, by Pierre Omidyar, whose First Look Media were not only recipients of Snowden’s purloined files, but served as the journalistic platform for Glenn Greenwald, Snowden’s leaking journalist of choice.)

This program details the assassination of OUN/B leader Stephan Bandera–a key part of the painting of Oswald Red.
Blamed on the KGB, the killing was–in all likelihood–performed by BND (German foreign intelligence and the successor to the Reinhard Gehlen “org”) or other Und-
erground Reich-connected elements, possibly elements of CIA.
The broad­cast cen­ters on disinformation pointing to Lee Harvey Oswald as a KGB-trained assassin. (The disinformation was spread by the World Anti-Communist Congress for Freedom and Liberation–the forerunner of the World Anti-Communist League.)

Attempting to pin the assassination on the Soviets and/or Cubans, these elem-ents spurred many liberals to endorse the “Oswald as lone-nut” hypothesis. They were afraid that the assassination could lead to nuclear war, if the perception gain-ed traction that Oswald was a communist. A central element in this dis-information ploy was an attempt to connect the JFK assassination to the death of Stephan Ban-dera, allegedly per­formed by an KGB assas­sin named Bogdan Stashynsky.
Murdered on the same day that Lee Harvey Oswald “defected” to the Soviet Union, Bandera’s killing was linked to Oswald’s alleged killing of JFK by elements associated with the W.A.C.C.F.L.

W.A.C.C.F.L. elements disseminated the lie that Oswald was trained at the same facility as Stashynsky, and that the JFK hit was part of a Soviet program of assassina-tion of Western political leaders. It should be noted that W.A.C.C.F.L.-related elem-ents also figured prominently in the “handling” of Oswald in New Orleans, Dallas and (possibly) the Soviet Union.
Those W.A.C.C.F.L. elements were closely associated with the OUN/B and the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations, a consortium of Eastern European fascist groups inextricably linked with the Gehlen organization, the BND, the CIA and the Under-ground Reich.

The disinformation that Oswald was a KGB assassin was inserted into a Senate Subcommittee report by Sen. Thomas Dodd, with assistance from elements of CIA.
(We went into this at greater length in FTR #876.)”

Anyone not know that Oswald werked for cIAS,was not a communist, was employed in that “patsy” capacity by back-stabbling of gHW Bushwhacky, thru his Operation-40 con-tacts, and maintained a parallel: black-Ops incursion into the heart of fascist-Zionism for “war-against: Terrorism” a fantasy that would demand the type cover-ups he had purpose-fully established, and defended from w.i intel-Gence: buildups i.e. parallel w US-Military propaganda and weapons procurements, experimentation and covet involvements in Uk-raines thru Operation Gladio. when one fantasizes to lower-rung military brass of enlisted, one does not do such w impunity!

“Despite the decline in the overall number of nuclear weapons since the end of the Cold War, expenditure in this field continues to increase. The numbers are alar-ming. According to a Nuclear Weapons Cost Study released by Global Zero in June 2011, global annual expenditure on nuclear weapons amounts to 105 billion USD annu-ally or 12 million USD an hour. At this rate, we can calculate that nuclear-armed states will spend at least 1 trillion USD over the next 10 years. The significance of these numbers becomes even clearer when put into context. The annual budget of the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs is only 10 million dollars. And the target of the UN Green Climate Fund is to secure 100 billion USD a year – an equivalent amount to the global nuclear weapons budget.
The figures released by Global Zero in 2011 are likely to be under-stated, and the actual expenses much higher. Since 2011, the US Congress has authorized additi-onal nuclear modernization programs, the full costs of which are not included in the 2011 figures.

In addition, the nuclear-weapon-possessing States have never comprehensively tracked all nuclear-weapon-related spending. Nuclear weapons expenses are spre-ad over a number of departments – with some expenses such as compensation for nuclear test victims and secret radiation experiments not adequately documented. As Stephen I. Schwartz, author of Atomic Audit: The Costs and Consequences of U.S. Nuclear Weapons Since 1940 notes with regard to US nuclear weapons spending:
“The problem is not (…) that the government ‘has never officially disclosed the exact cost’, it’s that no one knows the exact cost because all the relevant data have never been collected and analyzed.’ However, Schwartz acknowledges that even within the margin of uncertainty ‘the nuclear weapons program has consumed an estimated 8.7 trillion USD (in inflation-adjusted 2010 dollars) since 1940, making it the third most expensive government program of all time.”…”

Then, there’s the “attitude” based upon how the behavioral tendentious exorcism must predicate that is put forth “before” the propaganda-Model becomes propaganda-Ex-tent. That inception has never been “debated in public spheres” unless in social-Groups, unions, political groups, students in University classrooms, or merely ‘at home” or has that not? Why then do we not hear from these enumerations, is that somehow every “progres-sive’ is a Liberal, and any “liberal” is not a conservative, because conservatives are rendered ownership of radical-Conservatives, or some-such: nonsense, to maintain a premise of real-Estate is value but philosophy and human-rights are not? No. The illegal-Wars and real-es-tate should not be coupled into killing civilians over-There: overseas, nor by police-Military: here.

Then, where are the main-stream “news-Media” is a curt question, because where are the “truth-Journalists” reporting is not mainstream and for one, very pertinent reason. The mainstream does not exist since “military-Media” is the delivery-System. This renown was a part of the raw-Goon economics for military-Hegemony to be giving more rein to the cor-poratists, to gain more adventure in designing “drones” and other empire-Type killing mannerisms of technocracy-not-always-Technology? The five-second announcement, is not necessarily news-conscientiousness, or basically news-bytes makes repletion on all “corporatist networks”. Altho I did have my “white-Paper” released by Dan Rather at CBS in 1977, I sent the copy in 1972 to him from Texas—a follow-up in 1973. My fidelity was imp-ortant to me in maintaining a consciousness of how individuality become heir apparent to needing a proscription of becoming propagandized, was not the intent? How come that must be included is what I did find out!
Not everybody is cyberneticized by fBIS, indige-Amers, junkies of post “I am a veter-an” hypothesis of bleeding hearts-Club. There is more to the word “coalition” here that which extends or that which offends. Was “socialism” offending an imperative subscript to merely offending? No. Was the subscript known, however? No. Those features are why I find the sampling to be non-Degenerate. The veterans of the V-C-L have to be helped from any “shell” in which they may remain by choice or non-Choice. They could have werked w me on the aspect that “I know something” or the concept “you are knowing, how can I be of allowable disservice/prevarification”? Bull-dozing words all the time is not easy to assim-ilate, just as knowing what an educated word-usage by definition is as used is not easy for drunks, frat-Rats, or military propaganda-Brass, too comfortable. There is one reason to precipitate oNLY a one-Party system imperative, and that is to maintain “empiricist-Determinism” or military is pretentious because they have taken over the “money-Extent” while the money-Market is also, now, propagating “empire”?

The need for “healthcare” should be their need before the need of empire. The new-Rome exists to dissuade you from thinking this. The ensemble of ‘defense’ in terms of “rad-iation-Monitoring of all aspects radionuclides” is not subtle to those who see the misalign-ment of social-Facts has been malfeasance against the we-People and the publics, where we are all supposed to live. I love the people, because the integrative means gave me a deportment on my rights missing from my highly educated and cultural arts tasks, due being disabled would I succeed at my tasks, to present a consciousness, and w factual-His-tory. Immediately one dared to change because of their commutations or communicate-ons. That the poet does both of these, sociologically, is good for all aspects of cultural and socio-Political change or because this is good social-Justice. There is a defining line of ap-probation, and psychotic-reactions is as rightwing as any junkie gets, too! The facts don’t al-ways belie the issue that reason is worthy of connote, but reason sharing is more intim-ate, is also, why my communicating has been “import”! One does not need to guess that invasion is not “aggression to further depress a people, tribe, nation” but that is important to be known, psycho-pathologically, or not.

Defense is not invasion, offense is. Having the monopoly on NSDU-238 AND on ther-mo-Nuclears is not the case. NSDU-238 is. The Russia federation had inculpated those wea-pons of and in geography of former Soviet supreme democracy, but they were more dem-ocratic than u-S corruption of methods found “somehow usable” in usage of cIAS interven-tions, cIAS assassinations, cIAS setting-up base-camps pre-Invasion by “u-S military”? Hard-ly democratic. What is the defense we-People need, as not of aero-Jet fleets and aero-Jet masse` murder, conjoined-Insurgent murder, death-Squad murder? Almost that important or adjunct of wrong-Phooel? Who in u-S Congress stated point-Blank that this was wrong, could as easily stated this was secretized to stay. That states that right or wrong does not exist where “secretized” remains a sitt-Butt entreaty of p-a-i-n. That states that once had the people have no healthcare, is the new-Rome, an empire. They need ‘propa-ganda’ to maintain “chaos”. That chaos-Extent brought about the “chaos-War theory” and, the continued practice, while they have provided no official source, no radiation-Monitor-ing is needed until the people fear for themselves, while they pay taxes to a system that also takes their retirements—both pension and Medicare is not useful for you when you take meagre holidays o-f-f, which concerns the citizenry in “defense” for themselves might be necessary? How?

Now, the public-Will remains w.o. cognition is ever quite replete truth. People in need of their inputs for their communities, for their county governance, that can and do main-tain w.o. police-state overlook, such as that particularly found in Dept. of Homeland ‘injus-tice is hegemony’ not security. Nor has ‘defense’ been structured to continue no “radiation-Monitoring” is the surrender in truth, which is in dire needs of public thoroughized discern. Let’s not merely feature what is of dept-of-Offense when not partiality is, define-tively, first! We-people and the publics we’re from should be spoken of as located w.i. the vagary of citizens needing to be protected from proximity to radionuclides and the neces-sity to any but all proximities of NPP’s and “all-Other” aspects of UN-just radionuclides known to pollute, renown as carcineogenetically impelling over decades in low-Level cap-acity-Measurements, and renown from accidents—such as Savannah River graphite and non-Graphite reactors: 1972, the here Mile Island 1979, the Chernobyl meltdown & conti-nent-wide release 1986, the Dai-Ichi meltdowns and releases of three-Reactors 3-11-11 (most recently).

We do not need to be patriotic for idiocy of invasions w superlatives of propaganda-is-good for you just try to have “universal-Healthcare” and save five dollars-day-by-not-smogging cancer-Sticks. We’ve needed more for over 6-decades. This amenity also made a pro-cess in bully-Clyneton establishing more, not less of those inceptive-Oligarchs, and the IMF dictates. His doings for so-called free-trade or covert cover-UP of GMO foods thru IMF control by u-S ‘corporate’ banks for money, for greed, for autocratic-Ascendancy to be the insurance-Scare, that has been continued to destroy laws, as NAFTA was established to destroy the ability of Mexicanos to have their traditional-Basics of localized foods, and loc-alized fish markets, and small farmers who grow a “variety” of corn types. Those are gone, as early as 1998, and what’s left is pyro-Technics is smog but whose half have you “inhaled” by the immediacy of idiotic-act and events of the Imperium w its imperialist spates outta consort, since military-hegemony’s inceptions, in spring 1945,control levels started?
What would Norman Thomas say about all this? What would Aldous Huxley have written regarding this itinerary of destruction, has been prophetic and said in other langu-ages as well as maintained in they who gave they soul in credos of speeches and writings as well as remunerative credence of the existentialist admonition? Is the crime of afro-Amer enslavement, continuing edifice of always typecasting, or does the use of innocua-tions w radionuclides continuing, demean a class-Society is necessary by ruthlessness continuing, or that moralism, has never quite integrated w Integration of we-Amers as americanism? The eugenics of “sterilization” continuing, or history against amer-indigen-ous: womens, not UN-known, but to what ‘extent-Renown’. or the sex-trade industry not connected to drug sales, or that those aspects of amer-History were merely despicable “vivid” dreams, as yet morosely not written well enough into students history readings. What is fondling the mind good for, people?

Is the mind-Scape of americanism? What is shared and enjoined for democracy, or not for remediation as well? Inglorious technocrats and oligarchs seems oblivious to what effect they have done, negating the knowledge and susceptible to affirming racism-Laws are okay, because some prisons are not! But why history not a portion of the universal “human-Rights” mind-Scape, as all humans can share values, but never seem to desire “de-valuations’ until the new-Rome, by a league of cronyist Militants abusing military and u-S needs of defense from ground-Level w support from veterans who have not ‘deprogram-med themselves’ from pTSD servitude practices yet still i.e. the grass roots, not the guillo-tine “blood-Letting” for UN-known purposes w or w.o. healthcare ‘Universally’ accepted and/or provided!
This is not oNLY to adjust for “class consciousness” on my part or for my lacking the professionalist mannerisms necessary to allow language standards as a constant of con-cept-of-knowns, but an intrinsic-Philosophy of the Universal. As we socialists in America have history of socialism’s first awakenings, intellectual base and persons elected such as “Victor Berger” 1911, first elected-Socialist, Bob Lafollette, and basically the two aforemen-tioned Existentialist socialists. There is a swarthiness against allowing or mentioning this word. I find that fact has denigrated “news-Media” to hype-Tripe workers of the rightist elements of Joe McCarthy type sleaze. Since socialists are not communists and not all communists are Nationalist-racist as he was; all 3 Kennedy bros. were friends and travel-mates w socialist Michael Harrington in 1950’s, 1960’s and until cancer caused his death in 1990’s. They all were parts of electoral-politics?

The fact remains that all-Oligarchs from this very indifferent hypothecary are anti-Socialist, for the reason that power is a vacuum cleaner not a process of politics, but of manipulation thru select processes under titles of politics and political-Parties. Basically the one-party system is a parody of nuclearist-Plutocracy and the allowance of having “a defense structure” for the specialized-Tyranny, that which affirms no need of non-manipulations prone sobriety. UN-less that is nuclear-weapons are dept-of-Offense for only the narrow-Minded sources to re-sources of uranium, and scientific factory practices w.o. free-Research and expostulations under one-Party parody is stat, what this socialism? What is Marxism, Marxist-Philosophy, tRuth and Understanding of Jean Paul Sartre unless, you discern what you know and what is read to fill vacancy gaps. The throes of narrowness continue to be the Imperium. That which is predicated upon not allowing education to become democracy-Purpose, that which leads to socialist participations of democracy-Purpose? No. “that which is must not be” says the tyrant. We’ve seen this indignation as “dictators are being more than asked to leave those Arab countries” whose people (they have indigenous folks and pastoral lands, and multiple practices) are uprisings en masse` against state-mandated “emergency rules” that have gone along for 3-4-5 decades.

Socialism is not stoic embrace of tyranny. Bringing socialism home to us, the we-Am-ers, especially the we-Boomers is not a pensive affair. What is an eased task doing inside the gloat concerns us all. As the lack of understanding history purports toward resolve be-comes more and further waylaid by each-Wars: propaganda. This is a method of madness. Furtive reparations are always necessity as the new-Rome lambasts, lashes peoples around the world due the nature and nurturing of client-State: Zionists. And murders chances to halt impropriety, simultaneously. Remembering the millions civilians killed and those mil-lions of people yet refugees from “invasion-Pentagons” ought be balanced w reparations duo-fold, not propaganda.. Nor is socialism a tyrannic-Communism of the mass-Murderer Josef Stalin, not as Stalinist dictatorial hegemonic so much as either not known or myth-Renown. Either way, your nationalist-puppetry is you not knowing past history upated due immense communicative ‘dissonance’. Yes.

The apologist’s aforemations are built upon these predications of anarchism, rather than continuous educating and updating. In other words, as simple as rhetoric is, spite is too simple. Then such as Khaddifi’s ignominious tribal defense structured to abuse all but his tyrannic-Excesses of buying arms from the US-munitions people decade, after his 1968 coming to power—then changing to a progressive under-studying. Were those sordid UN-kinds? Fore, the people who may be celebrating the fourth-July w a flag which is supposed to represent the “republic” there is none. That is emplace the flag upside down, but keep on display, representing that the Constitution has been malaised and manipulated into a nationalist-Paradigm that the people are not one.

The socialism is that truths are w us, and we become democracy, but to become one, is not perceivable in this new-Rome. When and how can we be “oneness-One” has been superseded by wars-warring, and not peace-Diplomacy prospering as the tenet of ‘democ-racy’ is one iota worthy of having both community, and county “defense” structured thru rendering radiation-Monitoring in openness and w.o. contentious supercedent of Univer-sal healthcare transposited for tyranny? I am aghast at how people impugn w headlamps during daylight, as automatons/robots is malnourishing the eyes dispensation from bec-oming over-Sensitized. Finding and maintaining truths, dig.

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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