volume-ExceRpt post #1/ 01 Jun 2016 How to discern elements of peace, not same as elements of belligerence

volume-ExceRpt post #1/ 01 Jun 2016

How to discern elements of peace, not same as elements of belligerence


Enforce an opposition by not talking on-Peace, is not plutocracy by multinationals leading to becoming autocracy; or, the naught of suppression of freedoms, by militancy for “death-Squads” generals taught and training by tyranny-Extraordinaire murderers. Why pay for that? Well, done, means how to sort while having a freedom trajectory of the future. That is halt wars; HALT NSDU-238.

“…“It’s a big deal,” said Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson in an interview. “The court specifically said that the Department of Energy must meet its deadlines.”

Northwesterners have watched this movie enough times to parrot the dialogue. The feds heel-drag on Hanford cleanup, as lawmakers harrumph and scold the Department of Energy secretary. Time passes; there are new lawmakers and a new DOE secretary. Press repeat.

Now, enforceable milestones should rewrite the narrative. In addition to increased transparency, there will be earlier, set-in-cement deadlines, and the state will have the option to race back to court whenever DOE experiences a procrastination relapse.

In her 102-page ruling, Judge Rosanna Malouf Peterson notes, “Granting DOE the unilateral, virtually unbounded freedom to extend any consent decree [regarding any Waste Treatment Plant] scheduling milestone would result in the opposite of accountability. … These milestones should be viewed as enforceable legal duties rather than optimal, idealistic goals.”

Under the judge’s ruling, phase one, a treatment plant to process low-activity radioactive waste, must be up and running by 2023; then a pretreatment facility has until 2033, and the full-waste treatment plant for high-level waste must begin operations by 2032.

In the slow-motion universe of nuke-waste politics, this registers as light speed.

The ruling underscored Ferguson’s concern that when it comes to the most contaminated place in North America, DOE exhibits a kind of accountability avoidance.” [1]

[1] “Court orders feds to clean up World War II era nuclear site” journalist written, by Peter Jackson Mon. 18th April 2016—I protested here, over 16 times…detained twice!

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