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volume-Excerpt #5/ 26 Oct 16 Troubadours of peace thru eradication nuclear-Molecular

volume-Excerpt #5/ 26 Oct 16
Troubadours of peace thru eradication nuclear-Molecular

section-1 troubadours of peace thru eradication “nuclear-Molecular” 8-16-11

NSDU-238 is not “radiation-Monitored” in the least bit by “public/civilian tenets” so why is grief not an imperative right up and into “empiricism” that the self-Conscious needs and ameliorates thru anger, toxic behavior, and respites that admonishes the self’s need of redefined by proper context or definition was correct? Entropy is not enmity, and enmity is soooo necessary to halt the dumb-Fool penataGooons in their apparachik mode of ripping off 54.5 % of annual ‘federal-Budget’ each year? Bringing the bases: “home” would halt these invasions and continual pollution for more hydrocarbon pollution! Troubadors say “plutocrats” think they need those wars, but we do not need their d-F attitude nor wars”! A troubador is not delinquent but full of estrogen for maintaining emotive-care into compassion and eradicating fear by reason of logic!

The wars-of-Terrorism are a useless divination of the defeatist-Kind, one that a troubadour can bypass or state “not-this-One”. They’re a caustic stipulation of the mind’s capacity to seek dementia. Nothing egalitarian about and regarding ‘finance-capitalism’ when a different system has always been necessity parallel all-along.
“The first in a long-sought type of asteroid companion to Earth has now been dis-covered, a space rock that always dances in front of the planet along its orbital path, just beyond its reach.

The asteroid, called 2010 TK7, is nearly 1,000 feet (300 meters) across and currently leading the Earth by about 50 million miles (80 million kilometers). The asteroid is the first in a category known as Earth’s Trojans, a family of space rocks that could potentially be easier to reach than the moon, even though its member asteroids can be dozens of times more distant, researchers said. Such asteroids, which have long been suspected but not confirmed until now, could one day be valuable destinations for missions, especially loaded as they might be with elements rare on Earth’s surface, they added.”

How vulnerable the planet is, I’ve been stating since 1966, publical. However, had I known that the orbit ahead was significantly availing a supra-need my hindrance to astronomy may have excelled but my indignancy to NSDU-238 would not have kept others going along semi-Informed—which is about all an anti-Nuclearist troubadour could do. This discovery is not that but a reproof of what was known, as I first heard about this round the time I implicated an exigent need supersedes methods of madness, which from grade-school was promoted—by teachers and myself. This 1,000 feet wide asteroid would do more than ruin your drunk for the nite. Just as proteins repair the body’s system of transparency to need, circumnavigates stress and allergies, and replenishes the mental-Stasis, an asteroid doers the opposite. This rather does the same, it replenishes, but also kills human-Endeavor—to say the least? An impact upon the planet’s surface is not protecting the planet from radical Ecological change, nor human exasperation, not in the least. The same must be said for ‘way-ward comets’ of “rogue” tendentiousness.

“…the Army for years denied that it had ever used DU munitions in Hawaii, con-tractors found 15 tail assemblies from the M101 spotting rounds while clearing a fir-ing range at Schofield Barracks in 2005. Even then the Army did not publicly dis-close the presence of DU in Hawaii. The issue came to light inadvertently in 2006, when Earthjustice discovered communication about DU in Army e-mails subpoenaed as part of the ongoing litigation over the use of Makua as a live fire training facility.

The Army subsequently acknowledged that it trained soldiers on the Davy Crockett weapon in Hawaii and at least seven other states during the 1960s… It’s unclear how much DU is located in the Islands, or exactly where. Some 29,318 M101 spot-ting rounds containing 12,232 pounds of DU remain unaccounted for on American installations, according to the Army’s permit application. In Hawaii, the Army’s initial surveys were conducted at just three installations — Schofield, PTA and Makua — and the effort was severely limit-ed by dense vegetation, rugged terrain and what the military characterized as “safety considerations” due to unexploded ordnance.

It’s also unclear just how DU may be affecting human health and the environ-ment in Hawaii, as well as other parts of the world where it was used in combat. Its potentially severe and long-lasting impacts are the core of a growing controversy over its use on the battlefield and its presence in the Islands.”
The fallacy of NSDU-238 is propaganda. The propaganda Model as written by Ed-ward Herman and Noam Chomsky, or as distinguished by the both of them in their books, writings helps marshall why the topic is what the purpose defined in terms of matter is. However, they do not focus at all on anti-matter is not in a need of matter, Unless to make a law being rid of the non-Justifiable. Soooo, on the one hand you have a socio-Political focus which may matter, but in order to be rid, what does matter? On the other hand, anti-matter in principle is never in need of distrust and “principle utilizing the extent of propaganda” does matter, because it negates the knowledge found w.o. floundering the manner of matter? NSDU-238 is radiation, is anti-matter or radiation, and what matters is never to use, but since that has been ostentatiously done, let’s adumbrate by saying “never should have not been disclosed” and then-some “not-ever-Used” or NEU-DU?

“Although the Army maintains that DU emissions are well below U.S. safety standards and do not pose a hazard to soldiers working with or around DU munitions, it has developed training materials and procedures aimed at hazard reduction.
While the World Health Organization has discounted many adverse health claims associated with DU, it does acknowledge that DU has the potential for chem-ical and radiological toxicity, with the kidneys and lungs most likely to be affected. It further states that “[o]nly military use of depleted uranium is likely to have any significant impact on environmental levels.” The agency goes on to state: “Gaps in knowledge exist and further research is recommended in key areas that would allow better health risk assessments to be made.”

Animal studies do seem to support the possibility that DU is a teratogen— an agent capable of disrupting normal embryonic development— and other studies have documented chromosomal instabilities in humans exposed to uranium dust. Laboratory research has been relatively limited, however, and field studies in battle zones tend to be complicated by the presence of multiple contaminants and other factors.”

When one scientist of the many investigating what was basic and known before whatever renown of despicable use since “the first nuclear weapon is here let’s use it” was allowance of should have been placed into prison w a single match for reading your rights? The congenital sleaze in post birth when either leukemias or encephalogy is discovered at birth is two too many for an invasion that illegally “targets killing civilians” in all cases of anti-Humanitarian, anti-Human-Rights and anti-Believing in susceptibility will never get me. Prisons are good enough for these crooks of criminal-militarism? The accoutrements of “power abuses, but corruption finishes the job” is not propaganda, but is military-Hegemony of plutocracy, or anti-Reason is good neglect look the other way nothing will haunt you” for a nano-Second? Making people sick is [sic] sickness must also be aver-red as principle not as aversion, let these egalomaniacs off.

Why, because theirs was usury for excess, not access to the truth “not to be used”? Theirs was to make enterprising unknowns w.i. confines of truths to be negligence and neglect for propaganda! This is heinous-Enough to descript depiction necessity and those mal-formed children and those sick service-personnel all 520,000 persons no longer in the u-S penataGooons employ have had to look to themselves for support, far-far too-long! They need our truth in definitions of what they’ve endured that they did not have to endure. Why, because the “practice and proving-grounds of NSDU-238” are at home and they’ve been covered-UP and tampered w in terms of records as the soldiers returning home were not allowed “medical help for their spouse and their offspring who are “malformed” be-cause of penataGooons despicability.
“Nuclear deterrence is a doctrine that is used as a justification by nuclear weapon states and their allies for the continued possession and threatened use of nuclear weapons.

Nuclear deterrence threatens the murder of many millions of innocent people, along with severe economic, climate, environmental, agricultural and health consequences beyond the area of attack.
We hope you’ll agree: Nuclear deterrence is dangerous, discriminatory, anti-democratic and unsustainable. This doctrine must be discredited and replaced with an urgent commitment to achieve global nuclear disarmament.”
Therefore, I think that a-Holes do not invest in America’s future and ought to be delivered to the campground on the moon for further investigations, is not too much to ask—altho the different fuel might make them wait 50-years give a take a ‘Life-Time’, they could also give-UP all monies they’ve stolen and not receive demerits, because we do not give out “de-Merits”? This also deserves a reminder that too many nice-to-read news comments and reports websites are really basically not putting history of wars-Killings where immicable-Excess is. In These Times, Common Ground, Alter Net, zMag don’t forward the reports from the field, because they’re not-in-the-Field. This implicitness shows that monied-Elites have too much virtual control. The olde saying goes, “Hegemonyites are a dime a million” but you’d think “hegemonyites are worthless”? See they’re not the same, so where do NSDU-238 levels of despicability from one day to the next differ if not in the definition”?

“Durakovic, who is also medical consultant for the Children of Chernobyl project at Hadassah University, Jerusalem, lost his job as Chief of Nuclear Medicine at the Veteran’s Administration Medical Facility at Wilmington, Delaware, as a direct result of his work with Gulf war veterans contaminated with radiation, he states. Two other physicians, Dr Burroughs and Dr Slingerland of Boston VA also lost their jobs when they asked for more sensitive equipment to better diagnose the soldiers referred to them by Professor Durakovic. Oddly, all the records pertaining to the sick soldiers at the Delaware VA went missing, a syndrome of another kind which has be-come familiar, both sides of the Atlantic.

Two years before Durakovic’s discovery, the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) “self initiated” a Report warning the government that if fifty ton[n]es of the residual dust, from the explosions of the weapons on impact, was left “in the region”, they estimated it would generate “half a million” extra cancer deaths by the end of the century (2000.) Iraq’s cancers and birth deformities have become an anomaly, compared to those in the Pacific Islands and amongst British troops after the nuclear testing in the 1950’s.

Further, “depleted” is a misnomer. These weapons are made from waste from the nuclear fuel cycle and thus contain the whole lethal nuclear cocktail. DU weapons (sold to seventeen countries that are known and possibly others – why let poisoning the planet and its population get in the way of numerous millions of quick bucks) are equivalent to spreading the contents of a nuclear reactor around the globe. And far from fifty ton[n]es and that chilling warning, in Iraq several thousand tones now cover this ancient, Biblical land and with the bombs raining daily, the audit rises nearly hour by hour. The US is currently by far the largest user of DU weapons. Over the past decade, they have brought more than sixteen million DU shells and bullets from Alliant Tech Systems alone. (Source: Janes.)”

Wilmington DE is close to Aberdeen proving grounds which was second & third military-takeover make-bases and leave when land is polluted. The testing for NSDU-238 was not expropriated as “new-methods for radiation-Monitoring” to say the least, or testing for service-people before they left “where” an adversity of illegal-Invasion was to take place may have been the difference between coming home in one piece peacefully or anachronistically! Dr. Durokovic may have been compromised on a number of embarkable studies that most public medical practitioners would relate and checkout before answering. When not asked by the military brass beforehand and then when answering and getting non-so-Biodegradable excised “subjective’ treatments back instead of positive reinforcement or non-Placations, then there was something wrong in the military’s approach. That is what we basically know was not objective-planning but secreting and disassociated planning? The results have become the mistreatment of military service-personnel was intentional and those irresponsible parties should have been placed into “d-F jail immediately”? What else do you want. Would you like to hear me yell because stupidity is not psychological nirvana?

“Two years before Durakovic’s discovery, the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) “self initiated” a Report warning the government that if fifty ton[n]es of the residual dust, from the explosions of the weapons on impact, was left “in the region”, they estimated it would generate “half a million” extra cancer deaths by the end of the century (2000.) Iraq’s cancers and birth deformities have become an anomaly, compared to those in the Pacific Islands and amongst British troops after the nuclear testing in the 1950’s.”

There are residual effects from NSDU-238 when inhaled or a micron of alpha-emitter lands inside the lungs or brain. There are congenital affectations of malformities, or cancers, of leukemias in children, in fetuses, in service-personnel w.o proper-Clothing worn—and none, albeit, maybe a handful of experts had that, but not the el-Grunts or el-Rangers doing the testing around Khamisiyah and other nerve-agents, wondrous killer chems more potent than cyanides, and then, was NSDU-238 munition also used to blow those or was that the saving dumb-Fool dis-Grace? Weld. The cancers had gone sky high and the cancer-rates remained high, whenever the stuff was around being used, and kids playing on metals that should have been respected enough not to “ever have had radiologic-Dysfunction placed w.i.” where strewn about and causing radiation-Monitoring” but that wasn’t part of the Invasion, because the illegal invasion was goin’ to us NSDU-238 and kill civilians, too. But the adumbration of disguise is inimicable, because the military say “radiation monitoring was not placed into proper adjunct and they wanted to use their stupidity, or the moribundity goes along as a chimera of secrecy” seen and haughty, an deadly, and mis-trusted, and distrusted, and inaffable.

Had the people failed me in trying to find a weigh-in on what form and what isotope and from what utility the stuffing of NSDU-238 came from 1971 thru 1989, or had we not become focal-enough—or, positively both?
“In the late 1980’s, the United States ended its military production of plutonium, the man-Made metal that forms the essential core of nearly all U.S. nuclear weap-ons. The plutonium production cycle, including an activity called “reprocessing” caused extensive environmental contamination, and left the nation with a large surplus of this dangerous metal. Plutonium, and the reactors and Factories that manufactured and processed it, are at the center of the of some of the country’s most serious nuclear safety dilemmas. The Dept of Energy (DOE) and some of its contractors seem dangerously close to reviving reprocessing, the separation of plutonium and/or uranium from highly radioactive material that has been taken from nuclear reactors. DOE is trying to justify reprocessing as an environmental remedy, but its plans could aggravate serious threat so national security and world peace.”

Any kind of uranium makes into plutonium, no. But, uranium 235 does reprocess into plutonium 239, and also, spent uranium-238 makes pu-239 and 240? The game of please tell me what isotope does what is as bad as the penataGooons keeping the weapons making a secret, but insisting of keeping secrecy from the public who was lolling out $ billions for 50,ooo d-F thermo-Nuclears, and all the while NSDU-238 was just sitting around ready to be useful for becoming the worst killer. Just how to measure the stuff already used now not-so-Innocuous in six states, indicates that this “it” is the worst for wear, as deaths are far over the 238,335 from “march of Death highway” in 1991, the second use by penataGooons as the Doha munitions explosion was in August in Kuwait, as some-Doby fumbled the not-so-Scarce substance abuse, abusively? Since then, the U.N. might be asking or at least suing the u-S federal government to continue to fund measurements thru ‘radiation-Studies’ monitoring necessity the geography of Iraq and especially the dead infants, children, and all adults, as well as Baghdad and especially Fallujah,. Then, the real crux of the problem of course remains the infirmed propaganda to continue these concertinas of lies, as in Libya.

“Strangely, this time, there have been few reports of soldiers with the terrible ef-fects of 1991, where they were only in the region for a few weeks. Although troops now remain for months or a year, Gulf War Syndrome mark 2 seems not an issue. Perhaps it is because, reportedly, doctors treating returning troops have been threatened with jail and or hefty fines if they say anything regarding DU-related symptoms.

The implication regarding compensation to countries affected by this poisoned legacy (DU’s lethality lasts for four and a half billion years) and troops is financially stratospheric. Since the 2003 invasion, US troops are denied entry to the International Atomic Energy Authority or any radiation experts to test ground and air levels.
In Bosnia and the former Yugoslavia where DU weapons were used (with miss-iles also dropped accidentally in neighboring countries, by the US, to whom all the world’s lives are seemingly cheap) the “Iraq Syndrome” became quickly apparent. Even European peacekeepers on relatively short tours of duty became ill, develop-ed leukemia’s and other cancers and a number died. A five man film crew from BBC Scotland all tested DU positive after filming for less than a week there.
Afghanistan too was “liberated” in 2001, by uranium weapons, which continue to be routinely used, condemning generations yet to be born to deformities and the living – the new born and under fives the most susceptible – to cancers and other horrific DU-related conditions. Durakovic also found high levels of uranium in hospital patients there, as there will undoubtedly be in the occupying forces. He also found identical conditions to Iraq amongst the young: “Children born with no limbs, no eyes, or with tumors protruding from their mouths and eyes.”

The troubador is a man who tells his woman and his community and the state of duress, that the pains from wars is not equal the pains of inflicting wars on the innocent, the infirmed and the beleagured have pains that ignorant soldiers can never overcome. The soldier by his or her very intimacy is infirm. The chief-shit brass and the munitions elites don’t inflict pain, because the pain has no threshold. The mono-Tony from pain is the mono-Poly that can and does grant fascism “free” and the plutocrats can grant pain for eternity, but the pains do not stop, until the fruition of halting the infirmed pain-Givers, i.e. the penataGooons and their military-hegemony cronies, well they reside in pain, so that pain is good for you. The utilization of antimony is like MK Ultra, there is no feeling of fidelity, but no feeling of pain. The whole of NSDU-238 is nothing but pain. The civilians dies en masse from the “great-Shit, mons” and the soldiers die en masse from the “great-shid-ski, mons” and the hegemonyites and elites, and corrupt Congress sticks it’s head backup their mutual asses where there thumbs are stuck until they pull them out and suck on them? These fools are so full to averting pain that they eat shit to inflict “pain”.

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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