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volume-Excerpt #4/ 10-22-16 Japan and US bought-Off by Conditionalism

volume-Excerpt #3/ 22 Oct 16

Japan and US bought-Off by Conditionalism


section-2 Disarmament Documentation Time To Act on Nuclear Test Ban 12-31-14

How many NSDU-239 nuclear-Penetrators does the new-Rome have? How many ‘thermo-nuclear: h-BoMBS’ does the new-Rome have? What is always the increase in “billi-ons dollars” for so-called improvements of thermo-Nuclears’ involve, if not paranoia and secrecy-Galore: heard, but plethora-amounts morosely maintained as having a cure for the world’s plutocrats to stay ahead—of millions-People displaced—sixty millions at last count since 1950. The american-Bankors are for a Europe for multinational-Bankors is that all coRpoRations are alike i.e. not a single-Person w human-Rights doing we-Humans: wrong-ly for our survival. Then, Europe-an-coRpoRatists are nonetheless always involved. Howev-er, planet-eRathe is on a dire-stRaits, course or prophesy of total-Destruction due the un-doing by coRpoRatists of natural-Resources, minerals and once-Waz: forests. All that for more and more aero-Jets: CO-2’s. Wow, how much fun destruction is, while not necessar-ily reality the sardonic-Conditional-ism of stoic-Polluting and the contaminating brain-less emphasized stat may have caused a brain-Malaise toward planet in excess that human-Endeavor can follow w propaganda?

Why those copRpoRate sleaze-Head do not improve, because they know immoralism as greater than the parts of waylaying ‘military-hegemony’ and hosting ‘destruction thru destabilization. Defense is not what we have but nano-Weapons are on their way and one cannot surrender to the cacophony of felony: die. The defense is anathema, as the intel-Gence agencies were bought-off while a long-Haul toward balances in democracy may never occur where they were to begin. Masse` murdering civilians is R-O-N-G.
That’s the point of destabilization, waylaying, that of sovereign-Leaders amalgamated-News: known as public, sanguinely newspapers-media, teevee-broadcasting. Radio-broadcasting, etc. Matches the infernal coRpoRatist banking schemas, in fact they not oNLY look alike they’re the same–but not accounted thru manipulative: coRpoRate-News processing and underhanded not to report the ‘full-tRuths’’ as that interferes w propaganda.

American-citizens counting and bringing forward the accountability. When? In 2010, we need no reminder that the end of the Cold War, unfortunately, did not bring with it the end of the nuclear threat. Twenty thousand nuclear weapons remain in the world’s arsen-als. Eliminating those weapons is an imperative that must be urgently met”
says Ambassa-dor Tibor Toth, of Kazakstan. Disarmament of NSDU-238 has not yet transpired, yet should have happened after Israeli’s first usages by IDF in 1973. How come not? Ballast for aero-Jets also started in 1972, when munitions parabled the dementia, may be one action reprimanding a mandate of non-use. But, any uranium remain radiologic for a very long time-span—measured in cosmic or planetary universe timings.

“In 1991, after the exploding of over 450 nuclear bombs, Kazakh President Nur-sultan Nazar-bayev shut down the Semipalatinsk site. Kazakhstan eventually rejec-ted its entire nuclear arsenal, which was the world’s fourth largest. A decade and a half later, Kazakhstan’s nuclear inheritance from the breakup of the Soviet Union is a part of history.
Fourteen-hundred nuclear warheads, intercontinental ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and heavy bombers were returned to Russia for disposal under the START 1 Treaty.

Weapons-grade uranium was down blended into commercial reactor fuel and weaponizable plutonium was safely disposed of. Reactors that had provided weapons material were de-commissioned. The Semipalatinsk test site was spiked. Once one of the world’s most nuclear-armed nations, Kazakhstan acceded to the NPT in 1994 as a non-nuclear weapons state. In 1996, four days after the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) opened for signature, it was signed by Kazakhstan.

Without being able to test nuclear weapons, a state seeking to develop them will have its hands tied. Now is the time for the nine states — including the U.S. and China — whose ratification of the CTBT will bring it into force to show the political will to fully endorse it.

The U.S. has an historic opportunity to lead by example and ratify the CTBT by next August 29th to lend this anniversary the significance it deserves.

The desire to pursue a nuclear-weapon-free world is not in short measure, but we need to continue to observe August 29th as a reminder to act and not wait.

Ending nuclear explosions is a goal on the road to nuclear disarmament that must be reached.
Kazakhstan offers a clear example for the rest of the world of how nuclear dis-armament can be undertaken. Kazakhstan’s example shows that states can abdicate their nuclear regalia without it impinging on their security. Belarus, South Africa and Ukraine have also renounced their nuclear arsenals, thus setting the same example.”

Let’s analyze costs of war, per civilian-Killed and the land-water-property-soils contaminations? Please do find a resource on this stat, because “all wars do this as injustice” and thus there is no such thingy-Bop as a “just-War”. The costs outstrip the expense and the healthcare of any and almost “all” is further imparted from that moment of participation: onward! The above states some progress toward halting the total destructive volition and use-of-Force, while the interpretation of United Nations altho ‘positive’ has not yet included their disgust w usages of “nuclear-Weapon #1” NSDU-238. Why not, become how? Does the world need the exasperation for the Federal Reserve which not oNLY seems but does perpetrate world-banking as though wars were theirs to chose, soooo that we-People of world fight and kill each-Other as though we chose to do such! How come, is because the wars makes economics worse? Yes. The anathema is not backward the resolve to be and do injustice is backward and therefore accepted! I say 200-is-enough for each national-Military, altho the plutocrats support oligarchs misrepresentation of republics w coups to maintain militarism.

“The Pentagon’s Arguments for Runaway Arms Trading Are Indefensible
The Pentagon’s weapons trafficking arm the Defense Security Cooperation Ag-ency (DSCA) announced last week that it brokered $34 billion in arms deals in fiscal year 2014, one of the highest totals in the history of the agency. It’s no match for the record $69 billion in sales agreements the agency secured in 2012, but it still gives the United States the dubious distinction of being the world’s largest arms merchant.
Chart: The top buyers and sellers in the global arms race
The APEC Summit in Beijing last week and the G20 meetings held in Brisbane, Australia, were both reminders of how the center of gravity in world affairs is fundamentally shifting to Asia. There are two obvious concerns about a burgeoning arms race that is only likely to gather pace in coming years. One is that, especially in poorer countries such as India, Vietnam and China, where there are still hundreds of millions of poor people, public funds are being lavished on prestige military purchases with no social value.

Bosnia’s Federation military industry turnover up 40.8%
The turnover of arms-making companies operating in Bosnia’s Muslim-Croat Federation soared 40.8% on the year to 95.2 million marka ($60.8 million/48.7 milli-on euro) in the first nine months of 2014, the entity’s government said on Wednes-day. The value of exports to the entity’s arms-making industry totaled 71.9 million marka, up 28.7% from a year earlier, the government of the Muslim-Croat Federa-
tion said in a statement.”

My question of concern is that of what and where are the premise and conscription for law and accountability, which me the must start w Ecosocialism versus anarchist-Indus-trialism of capitalist-Totalitarianism. Next, one must include the strength for understudy and understanding Ecology is not environmentalism and movement against “global-Climate change” but that of halting CHEM-tRails which has been the major cause, as well as halting any and all usages of NSDU-238—even in wingtips and elsewhere on aero-Jets! (more about that later). Is socialism or is sociology the basis of tenets involved w resourcing and Ecosocializing? The examples of ABM treaty, START-III treaty, NPT (non-Prolifera-tion treaty) is not Phytoremediation. Both socializing and Ecology demand socializing and political-Party parity. That capitalist parties are debased by bankors-Elites-Oligarchs and represent the total-Whole of plutocracy, the fact is necessity of change—in order to have change! The lasting tenet of ‘worldwide-Radionuclides: contaminations” those of microns and not nano-technology per se, makes Phytoremediations even more the necessity of future. However, long-term planning is most-Intricately synapsis, too! One million years from now where will all the Radionuclides be stored or transported to continue the sordid excess of make a larger morass into a larger mess.

“But which I would like to mention are most telling examples in Central and Eastern Europe, to which we usually do not pay sufficiently attention. There is for example the Alliance of the Democratic Left (SLD-UP) in Poland, which scored 41 % in 2001 and achieved 8.2 % in 2011. And there is of course the striking example of Hungary where the Socialist party (MSZP) declined from 43.2 % in 2006 to 19.3 % in 2010: 19.3 % functioned as the door opener for both the populist and the neo-fascist Right. The picture did not even change in 2014 when MSZP collected 25.6 %. 
The decline has accelerated in the course of time. Half the losses suffered by the European Social Democracy as compared to the time its influence was strongest occurred only in the five years between 2009 and 2014! This cannot be explained by conventional wisdom of political science which refers to social and structural factors and changes in people’s ways of living. But it is ideas that count in politics! 
Indeed, the European Social Democracy of the 1970s pursued its own political ag-enda hegemonic in society, which distinguished it from Communist states on the one, the Conservatives on the other hand and which also made it attractive to the democracies which were emerging from the dictatorships in the European South. The Social democrats of the 1970s, such as Willy Brandt, Olaf Palme and Bruno Kreisky were of a different breed. The cornerstones of their agenda were the
• Welfare state and full employment
• Modernisation in the sense of political and cultural liberalism
• And the pursuing of a peace agenda
From this agenda only political and cultural liberalism remained in the 1990s when Social Democrats were represented in 12 out of 15 European governments and held the post of President of the European Commission. 
In the 1970s the Social Democratic agenda prevailed in a general conservative climate against the reacti-onary policies of Adenauer, Macmillan and De Gaulle. Responsible for their victory were favourable international conditions, e.g. the competitions of systems, but first and foremost the willingness of social democratic leaders to embrace at least parti-ally the agenda of the big social movements at the end of the 1960s.
In the 1990s the situation was completely reversed: The Maastricht Treaty and the Schröder-Blair paper confirmed the capitulation of the mainstream of European Social Democracy in the face of Neoliberalism, deregulated market economy and generalised competition. “

In other words, NPP’s make more NSDU-238, and that will perpetuate munitions-Tot-alitarianism. They are the neo-Cons, or boastfully, the Oligarchs. Not the oNLY party, and why they are so inhospitable as to constantly cause wars; is that not “total-fRustration” of culture, freedom and non-Devaluation of Life does not assume 60-millions of people dis-placed since 1978—by the evil-Empire’s US Military! Merely 100,000 years and how much of that 100-million tons of ur-238 will yet be hanging around? All. NPP’s are the disaster and not the “defense-Mechanism”. Who invented the non-Defense mechanism to protect ‘racism’ the Ecology of lacking integration makes for furtive soldiers-Enslavement? Yes. However, not no-onesville, someones-Ville!

3-Thirty-Sixth Lauriston S. Taylor Lecture on Radiation Protection and Measure-ment: From the Field to the Laboratory and Back: the “What Ifs”, “Wows”, and “Who Cares” of Radiation Biology (Anton Brooks) Dr. Brooks grew up in St. George County, Utah, one of the areas most affected by fallout during the days of atmos-pheric testing. He recalled being a teenager working at a gas station when the AEC told his gas station to wash of cars that had driven through the fallout field. He wondered what would happen to him! This became a desire to find out what the risks of cancer and other diseases from fallout were. Low LET radiation studies have shown a huge plateau where there is no cancer or life span decrement until you get out a very long time and have higher dose rates. Plutonium, “the most toxic mater-ial known to man” according to some, is no more hazardous than other alpha emit-ters. The “hot particle hypothesis”, where a very high dose occurs around a large radio-active particle, has been disproven; there is no effect due to particle size, only to total dose. Tissue responds as a unit, not as a single cell. Also, radon alone is not the second or even third cause of lung cancer; however, in combination with smok-ing, it is very hazardous. Compared to many carcinogenic chemicals, radiation is a good cell killer but a poor mutagen and carcinogen. Dr. Brooks also presented evi-dence that the linear no threshold hypothesis (LNTH) may very well verestimate the risk of cancer at low doses. The reason is that low-dose responses are nonlinear; dif-ferent sets of genes react to high doses than react to low doses, and there are dif-ferent mechanisms of actions responding to high vs. low doses. The LNTH may be good for regulations but NOT for low-dose risk assessment!
Another point was that it was once thought that internal emitters were more dangerous than external radiation; again, dose for dose they are not. His final point was than nuclear power does not have increased mortality than other forms of power.”

What about 10,000 years? Is that enough for the Oligarchs to assemble what looks like capitalist-Totalitarianism is not going to outlast despicability of Radionuclides cannot be put back into the non-radioisotopic form, altho multiple guess formula’s may yet exist. That would be very funny! Not as funny as 400-tons of cesium-137 and strontium-90 bar-reling into Pacific ocean daily basis, since 3-11-11. Horrendously arcane; horrendously UN-disciplined. Not military-Like; military copycat, in all decadent-Likelihood. We’re not at
10,001 years yet, are we? Does all-Life need to be made scurrilously-Inadequate because the cover-up of fascist-Zionists and ‘Directed-Energy particle-Beams’?
Who yet has invented phytoremediations of removal-Radionuclides from salt-waters? What are you awaiting?

“Presentation: U.S. Public Health Response to the Fukushima Radiological Emer-gency: One Agency’s Perspective (Charles Miller)
The CDC activated its Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for the first time ever for a real world radiation incident. EOC activities were even more intense than for the swine flu pandemic in 2009. Cargo and passengers from Japan headed to the U.S. were screened, and there were contaminated passengers (and cargo). However CDC (nor anyone else) has authority to quarantine passengers contaminated with radiation. They can if the passenger has a transmissible disease (though of course contamination by radioactive materials can also be spread)! Because of conflicting duties the “A-Team” (advisory team for environment, food, and health comprised of personnel from EPA, CDC, USDA, and FDA) was never in full force in Tokyo. Com-munication was a problem. At first they had to speak “off the record”. Also noted was that means of communication are changing; young people don’t even have radios. Early PAGs were guidelines, not rules. Potassium iodide is a supplement to primary protective actions, not a substitute for evacuation, shelter in place, and food interdiction.

The final point was that Fukushima was a great tragedy for Japan; it also be-came a public health emergency for the U.S. Presentation: U.S. Department of En-ergy/National Nuclear Security Administration’s Response to the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Emergency (Joseph Krol) The NNSA was the only agency (at first) to detect the ground truth with respect to contamination. Per agreement DOE/NNSA did not share data except with the host. This led to a lot of controversy. Main contaminants were iodine and cesium, with a very few traces of strontium. They conducted several flyovers for detection and monitoring beginning day 6, then daily thereafter for some time. One pilot accumulated 6 mrem after several flights. However, when they measured the dose he received on a roundtrip flight from the U.S. to Japan, it was 13 mrem!

Main lesson learned: always shelter-in-place, with few exceptions. More dose would be received in evacuation. Presentation: Reference Levels in the Context of Fukushima: Lessons Learned and Challenge to Radiation Protection System (Kazuo Sakai) There was a level of dose above which it was considered “inappropriate to plan to allow exposures to occur”. The Japanese government also had optimization levels, down to 1 mSv/year. One major lesson learned is that signs limiting children to one hour of play in a school playground is not a good idea; parents will almost invariably not only keep their children away but assume the government is not caring enough about their health. The public considered any dose above 1 mSv/ year as dangerous. It is highly inappropriate, scientifically as well as politically, to predict how many people will die from radiation released by the accident. (Note: this is a major disadvantage of the LNTH, as it lends itself quite readily to such pre-dictions even though initially it was explicitly stated that this hypothesis was to be used solely as a regulatory guide, no t an epidemiological fact.)
One problem is that incorrect perception about radiation effects causes people to focus too much concern on themselves and too much stigma on others. The maximum dose to the Japanese public that was evacuated was 23 mSv; NCRP rec-ommends evacuation be considered to avert effective doses to the public of 50-500

The US-coRpoRations of General Electric and Westinghouse were bad on US-Military preoccupation and demise nto anarchism to kill-civilians becai=use lies can be had thru cover-ups maintained by propaganda? I wonder how fooled you were since 1945? That Daiichi’s was a great tragedy for Japan is a lie, as the Tsuanami and Earthquake were those appellates. The meltdowns due the averse protective factors of safe operations were never allowed into the Westinhouse design of the mach-III. General-electric has allowed big-Investments in war-Mongering killing scope for massive-Sales. The NRC of Japan and the pushiness of US-diplomacy post August 5th and 8th 1945 were the structures of surrogation not to apprise the conditional-Basics of radiology connected to microns of radioisotopes in the environment and human-Anatomy to and of every great virtue: body-tissue, bllod-vessels, bone-marrow, bone density, etc.
The fanatic-penataGooons must be protecting the “psychology” from a para-Psychol-ogy insidiousness, likely that race is beleaguering them to maintain their beings everso-Paranoid that integration may actually provide “democracy for Democratizing” or even for “social-Democracy to breakout before bankors conquer the world and double their indem-nity to 120-millions we-people displaced. But that would probably also double deaths to 24 millions since 1947.

“DU Spread and Contamination of Gulf War Veterans and Others (excerpt)
The fallout range of airborne DU aerosol dust is virtually unlimited. These micro-particles can be inhaled and ingested easily and that makes them dangerous to human health.
Leonard A. Dietz–Abstract

We develop background information about depleted uranium (DU) and use it to describe a physical model of how on the battlefields in Kuwait and Iraq a large number of unprotected Gulf War veterans could easily have acquired dangerous quantities of DU in their bodies.
We examine how U-238, which comprises more than 99% of DU, decays radioac-tively, producing two decay progeny that are always present with it and add signifi-cantly to its radioactivity. The pyrophoric nature of uranium metal causes it to burn (oxidize rapidly) when heated by impact or in fires to form invisible aerosol particles that become airborne.

We refer to scientific measurements that have been made of the atmospheric wind-borne transport of uranium aerosols over distances up to 25 miles (42 km) from their sources. Stokes’ well-known physical law helps to explain how airborne transport of DU particles can occur over large distances.
We describe how gamma rays and energetic beta particles become absorbed in body tissue and can traverse large numbers of body cells, potentially causing dam-age to genetic material in the nuclei of living cells. We describe a biokinetic model developed by the International Commission on Radiation Protection that explains how uranium microparticles can enter the body and spread to vital organs. The model predicts that an acute intake of uranium particles can result in urinary excre-tions of uranium for years afterward.

We review estimates of the tonnage of DU munitions fired during the Gulf War. Even if only one or two percent of a low estimate of 300 metric tons of DU fired had burned up, this would have produced 3,000-6,000 kg of DU aerosols.
This background information allows us to propose a plausible contamination model at a battle site. It consists of three steps:
1. a source of hundreds of kilograms of DU aerosols generated suddenly against
concentrated Iraqi armor;
2. widespread rapid dispersal of DU aerosol particles by wind action;
3. inhalation and ingestion of DU particles by unprotected U.S. service person-nel on the battlefield.
The U.S. military and its representatives claim that DU munitions are safe, but they have not publicly addressed health and safety issues that apply after DU mun-itions have been fired. Apparently the official view is that in a combat situation it is acceptable for unprotected personnel to be exposed to the combustion products of fired DU munitions and assume any health risks involved.

We mention that 22 U.S. service personnel have been reported to have suffered imbedded fragments of DU in their bodies from “friendly fire.” More than five years after the Gulf War, few of these fragments have been removed and the long-term health situation for these veterans has not yet been determined. We note the astonishingly high incidence of serious birth defects in families of Gulf War veterans in the State of Mississippi.
Finally, we mention how commonly used DU flight-control counterweights in aircraft and DU munitions can burn in intense fires and produce dangerous concentrations of airborne DU aerosol particles that can be inhaled and ingested.”

Basic problem I have w NSDU-238 is duo-fold. First, the longest ‘full-Life’ @ 44.54 bill-ions years, outlives current estimates of known-Universe! Second, there is the useless evil-Empire in the weigh-ins on HALT all NSDU-238 functionality for “clean-ups: galore” which must include ‘defense’ perimeters, not necessarily, but wholeheartedly, radiological-Meas-urements—almost everywhere until hot-spots, semi-Indefinite and pertinent-Connotated, already. Some more on the chaos/anarchism of accidents, affrontals against the planet-eRathe, and human-Population. Facts of wars-warring cannot be pushed aside, altho those are castigated almost en masse` for a superlative reason: no-Defense!
Additionally, the Daiichi’s are leaking radionuclides into the Pacific-ocean continuously and we needed our human-Earth w.o. a varnish that is ruining the fishes, micro-org-anisms and kelps. The wash-ups are worse than ever for marine-Life existence to last much longer w.o. total cleanups at source, including Phytoremediations on land and nearby the “dumpage-Zone” abrupt the 3-reactor melt-downs.

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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