album-20/ “steel stUdiEs extRaoRdinaiRe—batch-4 (10-19-12)”

album-20/ “steel stUdiEs extRaoRdinaiRe—batch-4 (10-19-12)”


[Steel is not disliked by me, primarily because I do not use that to murder-Civilians thru Invasions-Illegal]!



There is, usefully or not, an aRtes/aRtistic phenomenon, in

cReating stUdiEs to peRpetrate the visual “meanings” and not

concoctives, as those were allowed somewhat wholesomely, in aRtes

schools—schoolings. This is not “mothers of May 2nd. Nor having a tooth

 pulled for $300. These are libidinal-Lifts and visual-Connotations

of american-Steel as pRognosticated by cReating aRtweRks

pRoponent and pRoscriptive of where my funk-Style is going,


I actually started stEel-StuDiEs at 0r0-baR studio, outskirts

0r0ville, bitchen-Cal, positing a needful aspect of camera helpful,

backlogging-Amenity. That done, I was then capable of

expansioning resolutely, into woods, fibReglas and corRugated

paper as aRtes-MateRials. You see these iMaGeS thRuout

both nUkiEmOLe d0t 0Rg and d0t c0m. I do hope you will

find savings-Monies to help update my pRecessoRs

payments and “retiRement-Fund” ravaged by 2014 imbecilic

3-vehicle accident, thefts, and medical co-payments.

R-A ph0t0gRapHiCs




(image title will be found after all is updated from stock) STAY NON-VIOLENT…


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