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album-39/ seRies-3 “Salt Lake city anti-wAr w anti-Nuclearist “R” batch-39″ (6-01-11)

albim-39/ seRies “Salt Lake city anti-War w anti-Nuclearist “R” batch-39″ (4-01-17)

The we-People scene in SLC-UT was happening from the 1970’s and all i did was plan when I had gas, food, and camera(s) to pRotest w them. Why did they get so scaRce? Were they paRanoid as well as peace-pRoponents? I do not think soooo however, any urban-space-since 1979 was getting hardship UN-less one was familiar and always werking at set-ups–instead–of photos, prints, then e-Mails and internet resizing, downsizing and editing-foldeRing-pRemising which space-Place to get on-to-next!

These people were knowing that i’d been, but never got back as my stoRies were not meRely analogs. Am I being too harsh oR not finding others to suggests an anti-nucleaRist indigestion! The thought is not discount but thought-discourse! I had until recently, around 55-iMaGeS from my meeting, plenaRies, protesting w these Salt Lake city folks w whom I also did the Tooele delveRies of nuke spent fuels –for years. Those were on slr: 35-mm. Have any wondeRs about paRanoia w Senator Orrin Hatch?

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