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ResEaRch cOLuMn

Altho, i have not completed those 4-pEtitIoNs, alReady-hEadEd, my fRagmentations, what some of you-Folks may have noticed w.i my website-ConfiguRations ‘n confines… came about becauZ theRe was no-wAy my “thRee-Joint re-Placements” were not going to be morally allowed, surReptitiously!~ 

Thus, the columns aRe basically not bloGs but wholesale-ReseaRch! They’ll happen when I resolves this month’s food-pRocuRement… 

                  thAnks fRom the peace-wArrioR

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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