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PRosper-pRospectus-7: NEw Additi0ns FRom Both “R’s” Websites

pRosper-pRospectus-7: nEw additi0ns fRom both “R’s” websites

pRosper-pRospectus-7: nEw additiOns fRom both “R’s” websites

<24 Jan 2020>

anti-nucleaRist bloG #274/ 07 Nov 2019

Decades of Resentment, Spites against Kurds and Humanoid-Race, ends When

–note: updated last three paragRaphs…

<23 Jan 2020>

C- posted 1st time to anti-nucleaRist bloGs/

anti-nucleaRist bloG #274/ 07 Nov 2019

Decades of Resentment, Spites against Kurds and Humanoid-Race, ends When

A- reposted to anti-nucleaRist bloGs/

anti-nucleaRist bloG #273/ 11 OCT 2019

Peace Did not Become a Rash, and new-Rome of Plutocracy

B- reposted to anti-nucleaRist bloGs/

anti-NucleaRist bloG #272/ 28 Oct 2019

Culture Struggle, Wars Un-constitutional, Chemicalizing for Ionization of Upper Stratosphere, ChloRinated fReshwater

< 11 Jan 2020 >

I did two posts earlier this week and due to having such a laRge amount data to tRansfeR–in other woRds–now, in Biz Hosting, bu-u-t-t! Whereas bloG #274 was posted, as well as other poetics by ‘otheRs’…on phone w tech-Support @ go-Daddy! They were technically managed as per managing this site, too! Why the change when merely a migRation has been tRaumatic and suspends my dissonance at this very impoRtant juncture…

< 04 Jan 2020 >

Next, my nUkiEmOLe poem #76

a dReam that tRumpeteR was assassinated by Finch Birds

was posted on 04 Jan @


< 22 Dec 2019 >

  1. post re-start/ nUkiEmOLe pEtiti0ns #1 / 1-15-14
  2. We Want the ‘eye-Fuck Flashlights’ O-U-T
  3.  post (start) / nUkiEmOLe pEtiti0ns #2 / 1-15-14
  4. for non-Usages and no-ExpoRts of Uranium-238 (1-16-14)
  5.  post (start) / nUkiEmOLe pEtiti0ns #3 / 1-17-14
  6. to HALT US military-Hegemony thRu 90% reduction Budget
  7.  post (start) / nUkiEmOLe pEtiti0ns #4 / 1-18-14
  8. HALT chem-tRails/Ionizationings & Release all finances spent
  9.  post (start)/ nUkiEmOLe pEtiti0ns #5 / 1-21-14 pEtiti0n-5: ReforestRations all National Forests, in 50-States, Phytoremediation for Removal of Plastispheres

< 11 Dec 2019 >

f0li0-27/ 11 Dec 2019

laRgesse` chem-tRails Ionizationings & EMF’s not for Human Beings 


<05 Nov 2019>

    This event happened after my first “knee-Replacement” as I had wanted to get back to stop ‘n Rest

Cabin, but also wanted ‘the hEy buRn’ continuations before gRavelly oasis tRees were further demised

–which was the offeRance of that 315,000: dEad aK-Res… I did this event and found that May Day had

been “lambasted” by Cinco de fifth of bourbon R-O-0N-G day sleazey. Sooo much for never wanting

cerveza’s in the paRk! The imaGeS will be posted; as will fuRtively, moRe of the gReen Festival, and

my being on cRutches as well as in arm-Sling!

album-63/”all-Single Payer Gathering little-D–Batch-63


<04 Nov 2019>

i have updated, re-edited and now adding 15-fuRther tO:

album-8/ “gReen-Festival little-D (5-01-09) Batch-8″ h

** soon I shall relate iMaGeS which peRtain, as I am delayed finding w “woo-Commerce” patron to get paid for re: developing!


<03 Nov 2019>

nEw-SummaRy on evaluative choices for pResentations i.e. like these aRe my “galleRies”…

please go tO:

<18 Oct 2019>

  sN0-sCuLpT-mateRials-winteR-studiy-aRamassd00micated-2015-Screen-Shot-2019-10-16-at-8.08.51-AM” cRop-23″-W-X-12″H…-edited-10-18-19-@-sRC..

note: point on thEse: tRibUtEs, is that they’re not gRossly oveR-edited and show the vaGaRieS i pRoduce in my aRtwurks–in a different-foRm-of-light!

AND my two ‘aRtes posts’ visuals tO: dOt cOm

f0li0-78 / “sCuLpTs as abstRuseSs is beliEvinG— batch-90(10-18-19)

f0li0-18/ “steel-studies in sCuLpT-mEtals as puRchased sCuLpTuRal-aRteS–batch-86 (10 Oct 2019)


<17 Oct 2019> posted

f0li0-22/ 17 Oct 2019

“LaRge sCuLpTs aRtes-pRojects d00med to-Public space-Places, yet!”

<16 Oct 2019>

 fOliO-5/ 10 Dec 2018

sCuLpTuRal aRtes of a Magnanimous sort

is now long awaited, staRted…

<15 Oct 2019>

posted re: **re-Vamp on 3X bloGs, 15 Oct 2019

anti-nucleaRist bloG #268/ 02 Sep 2019

Peace is imperfect, Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW)

**re-Vamp on 15 Oct 2019

anti-nucleaRist bloG #269/ 04 Sep 2019

Peace, tReaties on D.E.W. and NSDU-238, plus militarization of cyber space

**re-Vamp on 15 Oct 2019

anti-nucleaRist bloG #270/ 15 Sep 2019

A-hole Gaudis got theirs at last US-diplomacy, Zilch

**re-Vamp on 15 Oct 2019

<14 Oct 2019>

nEw post tO: d0t c0m

f0li0-16/ caRbon steEL & other stEel stuDiEs (12 Nov 2012)


<13 Oct 2019> Updated post

fOliO-6/ “All Sessions bLU-oAkscountRy’ bitchen-Cal (study area since 1969)  batch-6 (08-10-08)


<12 Oct 2019> updated

As my ph0t0gRaphiCs are now, moreso, a concern, i amble into olde-seRies, as well as update, due tempeRaments of compueteR’s usages in changing! pRicing will, hopefully, happen in the next week alongside oRdeRs encapsulations of caRds usages… “R” Addison


fOliO-66/ “sPeciaLs 4 nUkiEmOLe (22 Nov 2011) batch-66″

<10 Oct 2019> post

fOliO-68/ “41-yeArS wArs-wArrings 0r Ecosocialism-4-Ecology iMaGes foR nUkiEmOLe– batch-85 (14 Aug 2014)

**NOTE: there are now 147 posted on this seRiEs…!


<07 Oct 2019>

Once upon a space-Time in the rogue-empire where evil pRevailed, like the diRvish of Plutocracy, because those wars of the US: military-Hegemonyites, was not an aRtiste` vehemence of p-e-a-c-e? No. Hey, anti-NucleaRist is anti-wArs-wArrings– since 1957. The u.s.a is a capitalist-Totalitarian-State of aRms and munitions dealoRs, as the wars are capital-cRonyism. Whereupon, today, at long last, i am settling my affairs on bloGgeR, as i enlisted to post these small sCuLpTs 4-start on sales of those “small metal pieces done in 2001-2004”. Ohh, yeah, the camera came along (about 2006) and my computer was plugged-In same year–sooo much for part-time OTR-tRukken. 

Today, I shall post 32-iMaGeS of those metals…now posted. The entitlement:

f0li0-48/ pH0T0s on small-Metals pieces done in 2001-2004 (10-05-19)

and, alongside that seRies, i shall post anotheR (27 iMaGeS to be posted by 11 pm MDT):

“f0li0-77/ aRtes foRE seEinG, abstRuseSs is beliEvinG batch-77 (1-25-17)

R-A pHOtOgRapHiCs


<02 Oct 2019>

new 22-iMaGeS total, tO: fOliO-21/ 02 Oct 2019 tO dOt cOm

aRchaics Expose` in bLU oAks country bitchen-Cal




–note: I’ve weRked oveR the pRemisings on and of “nucleaRism” since 1957. That is 62-years, now! You will find a whole lot data in d0t oRg that you’ll not have access to elsewhere, because! The Ecosocialism I helped to establish while attending both UC Davis and UC Berkeley. That was also w guidance fRom Chalmers Johnson, Michael Parenti, Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, rev-Paul Sawyer, et al-ski! They all knew that my peace-Phrophecy was due the need for american-Socialism to stand-up and be counted. I did go uppe-fRont, because as an aRtiste` I knew my art as Exhibits and continuation of doing aRtwiRks. This does not mean I do not need “sales” . My injuRies and pick-up repairs have been as haRshity on me w same said for 3X joint-Replacements. My attempts for e-Commerce has been tediously slow. Please, though, do look forward to that happening, as small-sCuLpTs (soon to be posted) and collectoR’s aRte-Pieces plus lotsa automotive parts: used, are also 4-Sale.

<01 Oct 2019>

I am readying to post about “20” fOliO’s and oR seRies…

fOliO-17/ “steel-studies & mEtals foR sCuLpTuRal-aRteS

©apeco 01 Oct 2019

<24 Sep 2019>

  iMaGe “the-Vast-muRdeR-machine-by-fRench-US-govt-Screen-Shot-2019-09-24-at-6.54.44-AM”  23.5″W-x-12.5″H-edited-9-24-19-@-sRC..

This morning as Sunlight arose, the chem-tRails blotched the skies as putRid, not blue, because what was, is a total-Morass of discolorations, of wide-Swarthes, and just about anywhere across the Wyoming east-Horizon. Shall I give-up my social-Complementarianess to american-Socialism, and constipate on not posting my blogs. Do you folks read and relate those. There are the links, and we-People ought comeback again and again to complement, their own necessity for remaining tuned-in, as the Bourgeois society is disdainfully: system.

Is there a contrast between peace and democracy when wArs-wArring is always present? History has included “a demcracy-Government” as being a capability to forwarding wArs-Conscientiousness. What then is a need for democracy is that american-Socialism, and wArs-wArring? Do women contRast from men in our u.s.a. of Plutocracy, or do women contRast because they’re woman, and must have there hair done correctly? The decades of wArs-wArring is now in the 41st year, w one break of 14 months. Otherwise, the tyRanny of plutocracy, the fascist emblematics of “acid-reins in the chemicalizationings from 1998 thru 2003, killed off forests, via the “acid-Reins impacts” inside coloRadie and inside WYoming and into UT-utah, too!

The fascists are behind that little-Concern! Correct. Sooo, what is sooo good about “word-pRess” has become idiocy again and again. That nUkiEmOLe d0t c0m is outta service, does not mean the website is a motorized vehicle. Does that? The history-of-wArs, should be stated to include the peacetime before and after, in order to preclude that democracy does not war, but Oligarchs of plutocracy maintain the  System”.

<updated: 23 Sep 2019>

nUkiEmOLe bio-Sketch #11/ 08 Sep 2019

How do You-all Feel and Relate How about my Websites

                                                 <14 Sep 2019>

The RSS, my major feed seems to have been hacked. As you folks are most likely aware, the fact is that my lifelong endeavoring to bring stats and facets on “nucleaRism” is almost one of a kind. KEEP MY SITE w.o. spam and hackers, please.

 My research and actually being inside building-7, in 1996 as construction completion was being completed, is actually my partaking. As Ecosocialism-27 is not a blog, I shall continue to add data entrees because the plutocracy is not our republic-Analog of governance.

To continue, the URL: 

<05 Sep 2019>

adding #’s 31 thru 50 tO:

<01 Sep 2019>

New “ph0t0gRaphics post on nUkiEmOLe d0t c0m”:

folio-15/ “Yuba River, Sierra’s gRanite & Eco-system (2014) batch-30” (1-14-18)

                                         <29 Aug 2019> 

Added an edited “poem” and chased down a few typo’s for you to review:

Ecosocialism #14/ 05 Jan 2017 tRuths beyond Destabilization Deifice of the new-Rome” 01/05/2017


                        <13 Aug 2019>

As I repair the hinterlands, at least in word-litany AND w pHOtO-engineering of hundRed’s ph0t0-s0j0uRn seRies, I have not had a placement spot where RSS will get you to latest URL. This is that key-Feature, pRoviso’d befoRe I get “purchases-System” aligned and adaptable. Let’s staRt… 

                                                          “R” Addison

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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