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pRosper-pRospectus-2: Ecology is not the Environs

pRosper-pRospectus-2: Ecology is not the Environs (2014)

<17 Sep 2019> post

There are two social-Justice aspects of my concerns today. One is Ecology and the other is “cultural-anthropology”.  First, I’ve added and omitted words for the 15th Sep entrée on “pusse`” as the engrossment should be intimated sensuality! Look at the female-Gender’s genitalia. The vulva and the clitoris and the holey, all are as intricate to previewing and thus to knowing what is going-On. Now, continuing, my other injuRies may as well be disclosed, as the hand bRace is useful for the double-bladed axe injury suffered in Hardin Montana, one that I received from extolling studies of Ecology—1981. I wear a wrap brace, and that helps as now using mouse—left-handed, altho I am ambidextrous. The need to have a woman around is that I prefer nudity during summer heat-ups and skinny-dipping. But, a man often does not get to view the “vagina” in such a manner as those iMaGeS posted on soft-Porn. I am a religious addict of sanctity of person, and that means exclusive-Rights and not R-O-N-G-S. I wonder. Like in the US-military are you allowed to masturbate, or to discuss NSDU-238, openly? Probably, not!


My own experience is that the vulva is quite intricate and the sexual-Act of intercourse can be that way as well. The sites are not “nUdeLie websites” they are soft and hardcore poRno-Sites. Thus, my feeling is that fidelity of need, as well as sensuality, is lost prioritizing too luxuriant “sexual-Overture”. In other words too Bourgeois. The facts are that a gal at the swimming-Hole ought to be free and feel fRee to doing “radials” if she wants too. The capitalist-Totality gets into commercialism contexts too often. The social-Justice aspect is there, however! Chris Hedges was correct in his latest book, that “pornography” is decadence which I’ve always agreed, but not on soft-Porn. MastuRbation is more a common word-Term usage these days—than 1960’s. We, both genders, masturbate for release and for exasperation and for climax assuredness amenities. That I also consider is decadence, because why would you, or your neighborhood, lassie not want to do that w you, is sensuality and sexual-Resplendency, and of need. Wherefore, I needed to see the vulva, the pusse` up-Close and I learned lots more about my lacking sex-Connotes–than ever before due not knowing pRecisely those-Acts pRofoundly well.


In my tRavel-tRavails, protests and study of eco-Systems demised by over-Indutrializationings, I have suggested more support of american-Socialism, and that since 1980, my legend begin renewed, too! Oftentimes I would need to pay a gate fee for a shower that you had to posh w one hand and the pressure would hardly last, to soap-suds, ahoy! The journalist, as I was an underground-Journalist those days 1969 thru 1989, becomes a manner by Chris Hedges, ex-NY-Times reporter. In my own experience, reporting is not easy. However, we-Socialists do not need organized religious-Doctrine, because we have religion of the heart for humanity i.e. not merely Humanism. He says on one-hand he is socialist, but does not sooo state which socialist-Party—much worse than Sen. Bernie Sanders who is tRumped fore, Israels over Palestines freedom from IDF and from zionist tyRannies, does. The zionist-Movement of Israels, in 1947, was a winner when they chose “socialism” and cast-off the futility and Ashkenazi influences, since nowhere was the Jewish League a race, and nowhere a non-Geography, as they were partly semites, but aRabs and Palestines people were sooo0 i.e. much more semitic.


Lastly, a good socio-Polity: american-Socialist, must understand couth for we-Socialist: others. As the zionists, can understand “socialism” and as we intend the Palestines people will also be fRee, we have a decisive-Consorting of theoretics to contend. What more can I state than I am tRying to get my ph0t0gRaphic-sales going.  If any of my previously met gals can come across w enumerations for my ph0t0ings, gReat. I welcome those comments and asseRtives. The “4th International of Socialists” is the same everywhere. We can have our individuality, but not organized-Religion, as that corrupts those templates of socio-Polity which helps all of us move forward, to pRogress. Besides, an iMaGe of the female pusse` is not sex, nor is that totally degenerative-Capitalism.


Lastly, the electromagnetic-Pulse EMF is upon us and far more corrupt than the human-Anatomy lack of studies 25-years ago.


“The deployment of 5G is presented by militaries, governments [xlvii]  and commercial entities as a race in which the winner takes all. Why should such a dangerous and completely untested technology have to be rolled out so quickly? Could it be that the Internet is empowering people who are increasingly impoverished to open their eyes about the kleptocrats who plunder the planet? Could it be that the true health effects of 25 years of cell phone use cannot much longer be hidden?[xlviii]”

[ “The 5G Electromagnetic “Mad Zone” Poised to Self-Destruct: The 5G “Dementors” Meet the 4G “Zombie Apocalypse” Incisive research and carefully documented analysis of the impacts of 5G Electromagnetic Radiation by Claire Edwards, Global Research, 14 Sep 2019  ]


The DNA is not on the survival-List w the 5G, as we can see by reading. Further introspectioning is necessity. As for all-of-Us, I recommend computer-Usage research and careful note-taking, to answer the amenity of harm as will need to be poRtayed, as I am curtailing my blogs for ph0t0s editing and sales dues to financial “necessity”.


<15 Sep 2019> post

The ‘total-Shennanibus’ I that I had at seeing the Gobi desert, the Sahara desert, the american-Deserts (southwest), but intRicately, the mountainous-Verisimilitudes of ever-steepening Hindu Kush and all the mountains of Afghanistan, made me take note to connote, as I have done, my Life– but, somewhat not yet enough in the rehabilitate the San Gabriels: study, then the Afghanistan Mountain ranges. Culling and watering, planting and care-taking to make berms in creekways w underbrush i.e. not burn.

That is until Phytoremediationing of Radionuclides has become accepted normative-the causality will reman, openly, Conditionalist. Those mountains enjoyed enough moisture, and snow-pack, to gRow immense-Forests w the pRoper hoRticultuRal-Thumbs. Besides, nowadays, w chem-tRails worldwide-Insufferable, all-Humanity needs not further discretioning, altho Ecosocialism is here to help the adherence. 


Regreening the desert with John D. Liu – Docu – 2012

43:06 mins. 774,633 views Published on 7 May 2017


For more than 15 years, cameraman and ecologist John D. Liu has been working on his worldwide mission to green deserts and to restore biodiversity. It all started in 1995 when Liu filmed the Loess-plateau in China. He witnessed a local population who turned an area of almost the same size as The Netherlands from a dry, exhausted wasteland into one green oasis. This experience changed his life. From that moment on, Liu has been travelling all over the world to convince and inspire government leaders, policy-makers and farmers with his film material and knowledge. Liu diligently spreads the message that restoration of ecosystems is not only possible, but also economically very meaningful. Backlight accompanies Liu on his mission in Jordan and shows on the basis of Liu’s own film material that a green future is possible worldwide.



How Peter Andrews rejuvenates drought-struck land | Australian Story

688,690 views 28:45 mins. Published on 29 Oct 2018


Is “natural sequence farming” the secret to restoring our water-starved continent? For more than a decade, two farmers have shown that parched landscapes can be revived. And finally, Canberra’s listening.


Sooo, what i’Ve learned from back-tRacking my geogRaphy-Ecosocialism was that one bRings the water to where the run-offs ought stay to seep further into regeneRative soils, above video’s & text-aRticle. Of course, what I ask is whether the ecosystem can survive “Ecology” and one may ask, was I impressed having been to that cut-back forest region of gRasslands and gRazing in Australia. But expecting an answer! Yes, the divergent methods of indulgences and divergences, makes morosely more stupendously, Lame-0 waste of human-Thinking and intelligibility. The landscAPe is all you and I need. Ecology is what you want and should have for this: human-Consciousness!


<08 Sep 2019> post

            No PseudocRatic Contritions Here


Are the empathogens going to change as the past 21-years, now, has laminated the future into a nano-Buy for obsequious methods that reawaken nowhere and cannot re-suspend our implacable-Past. No. How have I faired the past 67 days since shoulder-Replacement: major surgery. Weld. The nature of exercises help as I do what the physical-Therapist has suggested, and then some practice w smaller movements from “practical-Notice. I do the nurturing-Associatives, dispelling any atrophy and opening new areas of commensurate muscular pains. Should now be another 3-weeks before I should drive, expected distances, of 140-miles round tRip. Typing is slow w the one-Eye prognosticated condition, but I shall not allow Conditionalism of staid chemicalized foods. I shall have to stay w dumb-Fooled mechanics in Laramie WY once again, as I feel theirs is not mine resourcefully., I am like Shylock, in The Merchant of Venice, lost in an island at the whimsies of women w money and jewelry apparency they have. As not one woman who has read my website, has suggested meet her in fort-Collins CO and she’ll do the best to take care of me—and me alone.


Is my Life that needing “pusse`” is one aspect, while having someone to share in my physical-Needs as necessity-Demands 5-full months not noteworthy of the socialized need in sharing? See, I like pusse` and noteworthy sharing as well. May be there are not 1,000’s of women who have pusse`s and do want to share the aRtes w an older man-ski? I think pusse` is gReater, when attached w heart and Soul. Have they not been discivilry, since my return home, August 1st? Hardship to see w one ‘eye’ do you not think-Feel, whether these words are mine or somebody-Else’s? Sure discivilry is fingering a pusse` on the concrete-sidewalks of the new-Rome, however, that can also be said for “at home” and that is why I state, why was I not yet, invited for home-Care is health. The Gaudi’s be damned. They have bombed the shidski hotels and Hospitals of Yemen, alongside the aggressor-Cohost U.A.E. Was not Goshogghi an arms and drugs-Dealor as well as partial to Gaudi’s for their observable brutality, then coupled to belligerence, thru knowing US-coRpoRatists? Or not.


Why then do american-Women, single and free, or divorced and w children at home not worthy of a least consorting in words? Are they afraid of their pusse`s, their humbling beauty of opposite-Gendering. Do not get me R-O-N-G. Who they are can always read my blogs, and my volumes-eXceRpts, my poems waltz thru eyeball-Readings 24/7, sooo attenuating of nucleaRism. I am a sCuLpToR and a humble professional, who sought many times lassies on 4-5-6 townships, in fear of being not a courier but a follower of fine body and where did she park her bRains, not automobile w an expensive-Insurance rate? One who knows inordinately, better to learn and discern than not to think at all, is not liable for any but control of her own physiognamy. The walz is what my professional-Dance mother would do serving us kids and schoolmates at dinner—actually, more like modern-Ballet—pirouettes w plate cast before the silverware or stainless ware. Why then not a pusse` to invite me for too much is her need that shower and help lifting smaller items is not a necessity to win her charms of has not bathed in weeks, also, pusse`?


Beside a woman w a pusse` and bRains, she may know how to do a “radial” and that is merely eye-Candy, love of gender one should state, as much fun to watch as reading my bloGs shows temperance is not being offended by bRain-werks. The radial is suggested exercise I would state for pre-Birthing and definitely not a chauvinist-Display. Watching a radial being performed is as good as watching several-Times in-a-row: thejuicemedia expose’s or acknowledging how well done “inthenow” was on theirs is commentary of internet. Hardly a disservice! See: “Honest Government Ad | We’re F**ked” 2:10 mins. 230,966 views @  Sooo, don’t worry about buying a backup eyepatch for me, I can wear that when I must eat-out. U know, a pusse` is as american as sexuality is opposite-Gender, sooo as not to make a misjudgment of what is a radial well-Done, as males should not attempt that I understand—viscerally!

Now back to re-Placing my “bLU oAks sessions” on nUkiEmOLe d0t c0m



<07 Aug 2019> post

The fact is that, since 1900, there has been no expropriation “movement” to control all 93-elements on the periodic-Chart of Radionuclides. What I have been calling fore, and I am warranting need regarding the beyond nominal need for Radionuclides to not be an UN-necessary apportionment for further A.I. research and development by the non-Scientific entirety of US: fanatic-penataG000ns, In other words, there may not need to be one study after the other to maintain a complementary rapprochement, rather than testing each person’s body at birth or before 4-months of age. That the issues are as each person has an indoors exposure, and no metering: calibrated w.i. the body to escape the challenge, as that may also demean the older studies which we know to have been insignificant, cannot correlate as trusted once-Over any longer!

Whereupon, from this perch our collective-Level can become assertive to needful amenity as well as needful tRust. The natural eco-Zones comprise all of Ecology. However, “the Environs” is not Ecology but also is ‘eco-Zones’. Whereupon, in terms of the body, finding oneself w a “skin-Chip” implanted to disclose diseases, wouldn’t be enough to declassify the whereabouts of microns for any and all-Radionuclides. Therefore, the strontium-90 sampling needs be done, as that is concurrently, the closest composite for disingenousness to the character of human-Body and our natural-Metabolic: dysfunctions. That the Ecology is outta balance is basic the proprietary “need” to ensemble all Radionuclides w.i. and w.o. the body.  That then, is the extent on and for human-Ecology”.

  “R-when-he-got-back-stop-n-Rest-Cabin-four-days-after-cutting-goatee-annual-event-for-cabin-style” (edited-7-14-14-@-SRC…)

“Humankind has reached a moment of existential crisis. Human activity is causing disastrous climate disruption and Earth’s sixth mass extinction event, triggering critical losses of biodiversity. We are already locked in for global warming that will have catastrophic effects, and we are on a slippery path to our own extinction. The 2018 Special Report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warns unequivocally that “without societal transformation and rapid implementation of ambitious greenhouse gas reduction measures, pathways to limiting warming to 1.5°C and achieving sustainable development will be exceedingly difficult, if not impossible, to achieve.”

Yet, the crisis we face exceeds ecological breakdown. Deepening inequality, suppressed democracy, precarious jobs, racial and gendered violence, border hostility, and endless wars make up the terrain on which climate destabilization will be unleashed. The most vulnerable members of society will be hit hardest, first, and suffer most.

We must solve the climate crisis and the inequality crisis together. Climate remedies in the context of austerity will produce a popular backlash, as we see in the yellow vest protests against a fuel tax. Corporations profiting from fossil extraction have long worked to turn workers against environmentalists, claiming that clean energy would be a job killer. But working class and poor people’s quality of life, gravely threatened by climate disruption, would greatly improve in a just transition. Because corporate capitalism rewards extraction to concentrate wealth, it must be replaced by a sustainable economy. A Green New Deal can begin the transition from exploitative capitalism to democratic ecological socialism.

The urgency and scale of the crisis we face demand solutions that meet the magnitude of this moment. The ineffectual gradualism and corporate obedience demonstrated by the U.S. government’s climate response has proven to be a dead-end for humanity. We need rapid, systemic transformation that heals the stratification of wealth and power while putting decarbonization and justice at the forefront.

We need a Green New Deal

We demand a Green New Deal, and we demand that it serve people and planet – not profit.

For too long, our livelihoods have been undermined by the pursuit of profit. Land expropriation, mass murder, and slavery on a vast scale built the great fortunes, the markets in cotton and industrial goods, and the system of finance and extraction that are with us today. Their legacy is plain to see. People are starving while we throw away food. Buildings are empty while people sleep on the streets. Working class communities, especially those of color, are being poisoned by polluting industries that are wrecking the climate, all for the sake of making the rich richer.

We can no longer allow our lives and liberation to be undermined by an extractive system that uproots wealth from nature, communities, workers, and vulnerable peoples, while imposing onto them all of the costs. We will no longer allow corporate monopolies and their political servants to control the resources we need and the outcome of our lives. We demand justice and power for The People to determine our future – a future that belongs to everyone living and yet to live.

Future generations are entitled to a beautiful planet with a vibrant natural world that can sustain a good life for all people. Creating a fully ecological society will require a revolutionary transformation to replace the capitalist social order based on exploitation and oppression with a new society based on cooperation, equity, and justice. A Green New Deal must serve as a bridge toward this future. To that end, we support the resolutions introduced by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the Houseand Sen. Ed Markey in the Senate while recognizing that they are conversation starters – not complete and adequate blueprints. Their proposals are facing fierce opposition from corporate politicians and nervous ridicule from Wall Street pundits, but the opportunity to campaign for a radical and effective Green New Deal remains in our hands. Comments by the Climate Justice Alliance (CJA) and the Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN) advance the vision of what a Green New Deal rooted in a truly just transition should look like.

The radical Green New Deal we need will not be introduced in a single bill or resolution – it can only emerge from the grassroots struggles of working people and social movements. Together with our allies, we can organize a powerful multi-faceted movement to catalyze the major left turn in American politics and massive structural changes that are necessary to ensure climate justice and human survival.

Because we see the fight for the climate as a struggle against capitalism itself and the myriad forms of oppression which sustain it, we propose to organize within Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and without around the following guiding principles for a radical Green New Deal:

1. Decarbonize the economy fully by 2030. We need to set a more ambitious timeframe than the IPCC 1.5°C pathways suggest because of the United States’ historical responsibility for carbon pollution, because highly industrialized societies have the greatest capacity to rapidly reduce emissions and afford the shift from endless fossil-fueled growth to regenerative systems, and because faster decarbonization will give us the greatest chance of avoiding more catastrophic climate tipping points. We must mobilize all carbon-intensive sectors of the economy to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions at the source, and to scale up processes that safely and naturally draw down and remove excess carbon from the atmosphere – not as market-based “offsets” for ongoing emissions, but to begin restoring a safe climate for all.

2. Democratize control over major energy systems and resources. Nationalize fossil fuel producers to phase them out as quickly as necessary – no new fossil fuel projects can be authorized or built. Socialize fossil-dependent industries so that they can be scaled back or transformed to fossil-free processes. Establish public ownership of utilities and the electric grid, and support energy cooperatives and community solar and wind projects for democratic control of the shift to 100% renewable energy. Shift from monoculture and factory farms to diversified agroecology. Expand municipal and state public banks, finance community land trusts, and end water privatization. Reinvest in and expand national parks; vastly expand national forests, grasslands, and wildlife preserves to enable natural carbon capture; and preserve public lands for future generations. Encourage replacement of individually-owned vehicles and short-haul air travel with expanded regional and high-speed electric rail, free public transit, shared vehicles, bicycles and other non-fossil-fuel modes of transportation in ways that benefit disadvantaged communities. The future is a public good, not a private luxury.

3. Center the working class in a just transition to an economy of societal and ecological care. Guarantee a job with union wages and benefits to everyone who wants one by creating millions of public sector jobs and funding massive direct investments to build decarbonized infrastructure in critical sectors like renewable energy, regenerative agriculture, soil and ecosystem restoration, environmental impact mitigation, and climate adaptation while also expanding support for low-carbon care sectors like healthcare, education, and domestic work. Empower workers with stronger labor protections and rights to collectively organize. Promote worker-owned and worker-controlled cooperatives and enterprises at all levels of the economy. Ensure workers’ democratic control over the use of technological innovation and automation at work. Reduce the work week and guarantee substantial, paid parental leave and vacation time for all workers.

4. Decommodify survival by guaranteeing living wages, healthcare, childcare, housing, food, water, energy, public transit, a healthy environment, and other necessities for all. Ensure market forces do not displace frontline and working class communities from their neighborhoods by implementing universal rent control, and work cooperatively with communities in the line of climatic danger to relocate to safer grounds. Make college education free so everyone has access to learning skills that may better facilitate the rapid transition of society. Ensure land and resources are prioritized for building resilient communities and ecosystems for the many, not the few.

5. Reinvent our communities to serve people and planet, not profit. Facilitate the creation of neighborhood transition councils as hubs of distribution, education, participatory planning, and democratic decision-making. Prioritize funding for projects that build community health and wealth, beginning with working class, racialized, and Indigenous communities that are on the frontlines of the climate crisis and collective struggles for environmental justice. Decriminalize, decarcerate, and demilitarize spaces across all areas of society. Legally and materially empower communities to meet human needs in ways that redress social and environmental injustices, including economic, racial, colonial, and gender-based oppression. Work within cities, towns, and rural communities to provide better and more sustainable lives through improved land use, sprawl repair, and support for household and neighborhood downshifting. Fund targeted cleanup efforts to address environmental injustices and meet a demand of clean air, water, and soil for all. Help communities plan resilience and prepare for climate shocks, material shortages, and other consequences of blowing past planetary boundaries.

6. Demilitarize, decolonize, and strive for a future of international solidarity and cooperation. Enact policies and join in treaties to meet the existential threat of climate change and abandon the doomed strategy of global military domination. United States treaty commitments must account for our historical responsibility for the largest total and per capita greenhouse gas emissions, which will drive climate change for generations to come. Build consensus throughout the Global North for decarbonization targets that greatly outpace those of less industrialized countries, which have contributed the least to and will suffer the most from global warming. Welcome refugees, share life-saving technologies freely, and provide mitigation and adaptation resources requested by peoples in the Global South to whom we are materially and energetically indebted. Recognize the sovereignty of Indigenous peoples, with rights to free, prior, and informed consent before activities that will affect their territory or environment. Accept the decisions of Indigenous communities regarding the construction of future green infrastructure projects that impact their lands and the living beings they support. Remove United States military presence, influence, and occupation around the world; end military aid and arms exports; and demilitarize our borders.

7. Redistribute resources from the worst polluters with just and progressive taxes on the rich, on big corporations, and on dirty industry, as well as by diverting funds away from policing, prisons, and our government’s bloated military budget, which have nothing to do with defense of people living within American borders and everything to do with maintaining imperial dominance over other nations and capitalist control of the world’s resources. United States monetary policy has financed endless wars and wealth extraction by elites for long enough – it’s time to use it to fund the transformation we need.” [1]

[1] An Ecosocialist Green New Deal: Guiding Principles 

‘environment’  March 15, 2019  • DSA Socialists 

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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