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nUkiEmOLe pRonouncements #11/ 29 Mar 2019: Degeneracy is fRee to you because you are an american-Hegemonyite

nUkiEmOLe pRonouncements #11/ 29 Mar 2019

Degeneracy is fRee to you because you are an american-Hegemonyite

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Degeneracy is fRee to you because you are an american-Hegemonyite (4-04-19)


Do you think that american women and men service-persons are doing you “Justice” by being allowed to go presciently into 7-nations, since 1978? Do you think they may sign-up and fight various fractions of sovereign-States going about night raids murdering spouses and arresting teens, because the US-military is not hegemony? As I’ve stated since 1966, this has been a pretense, since 1950’s, bought-Holds. When there was a dRaft card supposition regarding the phoniness that V-C-L needed to be bombed because those people were we-People or because US-propaganda says communists are illegal in the u.s.a. the land of anti-Democracy. Are dRone-Bombings a defense-Mechanism protecting the Hawaiian Islands from the invasions of floating-Plastics debris and plastispheres nano-Particulates?


I was into V-C-L- on foot in 1977, and got to see the impoverishments, a pluralist excuse making to eradicate farms by making cRaters 150-feet wide and other extensive bombs that never detonated. I camped in the woods w those hamlets people who were decimated. I was accepted as an international “peace-Diplomat” and recognized they had been denigrated of their cultural-Ambitions, communists or no. The fact is/was I am an american-Socialist, not a communist. I saw what their starvation excesses had become, by US-military ”hegemonyite-Bombs: bombings” in all three countries. The u.s.a. citizens were being lied to for pRopaganda-Machine. The same is happening on Yemen bombs being manufactured in u.s.a. and used for Saud masse` murder w US-military-Hegemony support of when and where to bomb. Fookering g00nsquads, and partly racist lacking americanism for the Philosophy of the we-People who support the “three-Laws of the once-Waz: republic”.


I am sickened that fellow-Boomers have not weigh-in on my comments board in  nUkiEmOLe d0t 0Rg. Justly, I am sickened that the middle-Class has been bought as Bourgeois that justifies murdering and spending $22 trillion dollars to immasculate other nations soverignty and food acreages totally demised and polluted. The bomers are sick, because they ought to have been speaking-out due war-is-Illegal w.o. the US-constitution’s non-Demise.




“Many Nice FeatuRes regaRding Whole Foods, but not enough conversations overheard about sickening US-military hegemony!” (17″H x 13″W) edited 4-04-19 @ sRC..



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Seeking Intellect to underscore the tyranny of the new-Rome (03 Apr 2019)


What I heard mentioned from beat-Bohemia on 1962-63-64, I had various contacts w renown. I had a personal seminar w Noam Chomsky in Boston area, 1972. That time impressed and rejuvenated my meditative-State and consciousness-Mentality. His talks and nomen as “one of the top Intellectuals of all time”. While I’ve heard/watched many of Prof. Chalmers Johnson (studied w him @ UC Berkeley) and literally enlisted points on anti-NucleaRsm thru Prof. Howard Zinn (1968 thru 1979), Prof. Carl Sagan (JPL and Cal Tech where I sat in on classes—became the sole-Attendant for “Nuclear Winter studies necessity (1969 thru 1974) I was somewhat glad, but cautious that ‘you-Tube’ could transcend commentary while providing commentary.


Please watch, listen, take notes on this talk: ’argusfest’ pub. 05 Sep 2012

“Noam Chomsky: Totalitarian Culture in a Free Society (Oct. 1, 1993)”

2:10:11 mins. 181,231 views Noam says “values” not culture…


I am yet adding eXceRptS t0: volumes-ExceRpts post #21/  03 Apr 2019  Hegemonyites Light, Headlamps Blindness Delight, Bourgeoisie-Empire


I shall soon be posting a complement of “ph0t0 seRies” once, again to PRIVATE LOGINS:

“This is a stRuctuRed foRm for casting in bRonze..” (15″H

x 12.75″W)  edited 3-15-19 @ sRC



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fRee Chelsea Manning; fRee Julian Assange; eNd wArmon-geRs (01 Apr 2019)


What does degeneracy mean to the public-Bourgeoisie, when they cowtow to one-Party: parody-Politics, known as “system”? Where has your 2008 debacle job gone, that you cannot speak-out, because the empire has done worse than NSDU-238 and Sept 11th 2001 baking from back to the Wall?


The we-BoomeRs was/is a gRoup of american-Socialists, and others, maybe non-Political. The Exceptionalism was not what we leaned-on in 1969-71, as we carry forth that parity is not unusual but Exceptionalism is arrogance of Oligarchy and Technocracy and  sprawl is great for ruining flatland-Farms for growing foodstuff best!


Swearing allegiance to the US-constitution, by soldiers, means the US-constitution has to be there for “all-of-Us” as the boomer-Generation is yet the most populous, and those wArs represent “anti-Constitutional” memesis, or immoralism akin idiocy.


My bloGs do not laminate w one-Party resonance. Those are specific indicators of factual paralysis and analysis explained in terms of americanism, facts and history prevail, not assail i.e. wArs are not Exceptionalism, but pTSD and murdering.



do the mTNS of gReat Divide  & elsewhere ph0t0’d in CO & WY & NV look like! in akouine altitude–6-07-13” (19.5″W x 13″H) edited 01 Apr 2019 @ sRC


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Degeneracy is fRee to you because you are an american-Hegemonyite (28 Mar 2019)


I understand that US ex-Marine, and classmate, Willis King has become ill w pRostate ‘cancer’. We ought share a word of his getting “health-Well” a.s.a.p. I still want you to become a “we-Boomer” Willis. Good tidings!


A curt reminder: that I played high school football w exceptional-Skill, I was not into any more than “pRofessional punting”. However, I did not allow ego to get in the way of foRward pRogress toward the full understanding of nucleaRism. Besides, pro-Football was becoming too commercialist. The zeal for understanding NSDU-238 would be a bigger accomplishment as well. Because.


The we-People are not reading enough, or internet services they are relishing is not much more than “glorified cel-Phone”. I tweet @peawArrior . Enjoy @itn or ‘inthenow’ two gals and many others who have whole socio-Polity analized in good stead “commentary”.


Another good stead is from down-Under. Find: ‘thejuicemedia’ Pub. 3 Jul 2017 “Honest Government Ad | Article 13 (Internet Censorship Bill)” 2:24 mins 249,615 views: a beautemous-Lassie w gReat curse words used ‘expropRiately!’


Quite candidly, I do not feel like an Hegemonyite! The whole scene in FaceBook might have seemed extRaordinaRy when started, but I saw little logical and thoughtful responses on my explications regarding what do we know of “NucleaRism” and thus awoke one a.m. and sought that life-long-study as a pRopaganda of racism for militaryism as much as the sordid philosophy that the subjective discipline has solicited as well as entailed.


Spending much of my “in pains aRthRitis and pRe-opeRations days” in attenuations of the past, when OTR: tRukken job was hard on memory, and always angst of returning home w.o. a lassie to hang into… nUkiEmOLE cOm will have an RSS soon!


“Visuals of what is yet to coMe foRth fRuition..” (19.5″W x 13″H) edited 3-20-19 @ sRC..


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When do we shid-Ski pan-PlutocRacy? (27 Mar 2019) 

My blogging was curtailed because of two features. One, my osteoarthritis, needing a second knee “knee-Replacement” and secondly, needing to purchase a campor that would be high enough interior not to cause a backache problem, as both ford Vans, altho warmer due 3-inches insulation, while looking for an answer to place w family.

The wherewithal, thus got infused w repairing my second vehicle in Laramie or was the continued duress from theft after theft, break-in’s, but sheriff’s officers being asinine and not yet have they garnered a report, case#, and my not wanting to change door around due the 114 miles distance for “forgot that’s”!

Then, stupidly, not figured medical cannabis that much needed, I fluked. Next, I included myself w 50th anniversary high school reunion, altho not many classmate-Persons had kept in touch w me, as well as not many were known to maintain interests in radionuclides-Contaminations and decontaminating issues and descriptives.

Much of being in Casper WY or in LOS CA is the concern: how many Radionuclides is my health limit w.i. those urban areas. Both are extRemely high and yet i am constantly being chemicalized for almost 21-years stRaight, now!

Where has oRganic food gone? When GMO’s and pesticide laced fresh foodstuff, and how much is inside the can, when not oRg? How does one synthesize freshwater? All those are in my book also.

  “vAn-1 says–peAce iS nOt wArs-..” (19.5W x 13H) edited 12-07-18 @ sRC.. 

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b00meR gEneRatiOn fReedom Release amaZinG rock-BanDs now HolywOOd sci-Fi films ameRicanism (26 Mar 2019)

The indigency of accultuRalization pRocesses, has been too many illegal-InvasiOns but not verisimillitudes of wArs-wArring interfeRing and no one leadeRship haRanague for that i.e. pRinciples and moRals.

The type e-Mails commmunicatiOns i receive aR impoRtant! Moreso, than reporting to you folks about thieves, instead of philosophy w my aRm poetics…Denny, one of my SMHS classmates, as member as was Wayne Yamagishi, is having a “RetiRement paRty” Sunday at his residence. He’d asked me to phOtOgRaph the scene. Fortunately for me his US-military analogs were about as equal as my 1977 tRekking around  V-C-L. Whether or naught, my shouldeR aRthRitis would not take handling two cameRa’s was, at odds, as well as dRiving 2,250 miles which is not normal monthly 275.

We’ve been discussing aspects of the efforts in my surmounting, sooo i told him that my ‘four-Volumes’ were started in high-school and i used to come from thuRs or fRi pRotests to watch him swim, because the Sunlight was different and not as noisy as San Mateo Drive and Delaware avenues–San Mateo–was enough to be thankful no partying w US-military!

Denny was gReat in the butterfly, as that dolphin body stroke was hips and legs–a new tReat. That Nuntii Satani was our YMCA social-gRoup, and that too was a study of willingness for us bOOmeRs to underscoRe that “nucleaR-moleular” was not ours. Somewhere else most of the group agreed, including Haines. Now, my writings on “NucleaRism” aRe atoning for injuries, ailments, opeRations, not military that is for sure, the past 12 years!

The social-Gathering, would have been lots of wiRk for me, and yet I told Denny, that I was into speaking about the “chem-tRails gaRbaGe-sleAze: weather” one chemicalizationing quite similar to ‘sleaZe NSDU-238’.

Hi R Addison!

It is always good to hear from you. You are one of the most dedicated activists I know. You are always doing such good work and I am glad you are keeping up with your blog. I have not had a chance to look at it yet and hope to be able to in the near future. We do not have a specific vigils about nuclear issues and nuclear weapons, but the topic is integrated into most of what we do because of the growing threat.  Thanks for getting in touch and keep us posted with what you are up to you. And be sure and let us know if you were going to be in Boulder.

Thanks R Addison and take care to of yourself‼️   Betty B.


Yes,  my book is: Philosophy of nucleaRism…

**please see <posts # 1 thru 6>

“R” Addison




Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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