nUkiEmOLE poems #4/ war is tyranny <12-12-06 & 10-29-07>

nUkiEmOLE poems #4/ 12-12-06 & 10-29-07

          war is tyranny

to war as discivilry is tyrannical excess of statute laws
nations and tribes and religions have warred, empires have
warred, and yet war is tyranny against ‘humans’ people
as insistence regarding invasion
and the killing of men
has surpassed the adumbration’s
of pluralist quests
not to kill civilian populations and to abide by the U.N. Declaration
of Human Rights, passed Dec. 10th 1948—treaty is law-of-Land
this country wars for market monopoly
in the resale of armaments once procured,
so-called ‘modernized
the tyranny of aggression has gone along,
since July 1945 the invasions have killed
more and more civilian populations
the slaughter to mainstay indemnity has caused enemies
not the regaling of democracy-Purpose, or just pursuit
US military-Hegemony the irresponsible leg to armaments
discursory culprit and number-One spiteful antagonist
to have war is to make war,
love the tyranny but deeper
the US “nuclear stockpile” has over 320 “nuclear winters”
the tyrant-Rex is the genocide,
lands for military
bases, bases in 125 other countries, all 725 of them
yet futile war, kill-Maiming civilian populations
AND the psychotic pronouncements not to use h-bOMbS
that too is tyranny of the people who remain living
on the planet somehow
the Iraqs-invasion war is UN-just, triple-Tyranny
more than lack the rational of ‘diplomacy’

written by “R” Addison, 12-12-06 & 10-29-07

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