poem: Reverance to Death via NSDU-238 is Boring 8-08-15

poem:       Reverence to Death via NSDU-238 is Boring    8-08-15


i do laud having to tell you that 85,000 persons-souls, children oldsters, youngsters

perished on August ninth 1945 due the reason of “hardly insanity”, yet never is there

an apology forthcoming, since before 1950,nor since, and the incursion to pacify u.s.a.

baring no witness to the sublime demons that ‘all wars are good wars: empire-Building’

the reasons of peace are not Philosophy but philosophy incorporates ‘peace’ for we-People

not corporations,those one-Personhood bag over head torture disgraces of capitalist-cRonyism

yeah superlatives of oligarchs for theirs is plutocRacy 


and how are you today, Japan, fulla-bulla coRpoRatist TEPCO usury and nonesuch words

never used succinctly, altho useful to allay precepts of contaminating wholePacific to “induce”

beyond in space-Time UN-known, for whatever must be Oligarch heaven not on eRathe–

our planet: olde Norse spelling as words like NSDU-238 acronyms of despotism unnecessary,

forests not re-Planted because you from military-Hegemoyites propaganda need chem-tRails

more shid-ski for the GMO’s boiling chlorinated water in a pot of shid-ski shared for robots

Nagasaki, the new-Rome’s favorite reason for not apologizing to maintain RUDENESS


the Dai-ichi’s three rector’s meltdowns are located in no town altho a different prefecture

that has a different namesake than plutonium-239 told-ya-so, and there nearby the Pacific

ocean, the water-table surging for a need never again to ‘cool’ six dumb-fool reactors w

one-billion gallons freshwater per-day, what’s that, don’t ask fracturing conglomerates

who make oil money leading to nat-Gas, and why not a port after underground water-supply

is turned-off, and the landscape fully bio-Remediated thru phytoremediation processes

the next whatever years–as studies have not been conslusive to space-time– ants do not


which is where the NPP’s oligarchs should have started, not w the pu-239 bomb, the one

and oNLY ants will do-due better that became genocide-Experts, the new-Rome, shame

you eat shid-ski: now–not tomorrow!


written by “R” Addison, poet-Extraordinaire







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