nUkiEmOLe poems #30/ 04 Jan 2017 phytoremediations and my-Gawd is an amazon 1-03-17

nUkiEmOLe poems #30/ 04 Jan 2017
phytoremediations and my-Gawd is an amazon


I’m a ghost, I see many of your sleaze-Ways, I see you enjoy having wars-Killings for your children to be entertained by government’s military rottenness-Excesses

Wars are good for you, as you get to kill others for a sense of religious-Perversions coupled to thrills

One must attain how well phytoremediations and my-Gawd is an amazon Woman, as not the free hegemon death cult of Muslim Brotherhood after Iraq can now become slaughter of innocents

you should be glad that nobody outside is safe from chem-tRails, as that way strontium-90 always contaminates open-waters, grasses, roadways dusts

as a ghost I get to goe outside and watch women and children and elders die from being civilians in a nation-state that the US-military invaded w.o. homeland being contaminated in the abscessed eyeballs

you should be lucky you have eyeballs since automaton vehicular daylight ‘glare’ over-sensitizes the nerves and cause stress, like forgetting the wars exist is not stressful enough for greatness-Excuses

I’m a ghost, I go to opera’s and listen to the theatre of stress while music harmonizes my sensitivity-Levels

I see you scrutinize every aspect of my thoughts from outside my space-Place like a garbage heap-0 of plutonium-239 350 tons per day sodomizing the pacific-Ocean in such a non-chalant egregious manner

how come you need wars to ruin what little culture, what little community, what little you know and universal-education, when the enslavement if not merely of yourself but is and remains egomaniacal-self

the appointment of tRumpeteR’s billionaire war-Mongers and assorted plutocrats of military, banking coRpoRate-sleaze…I’m outta here, as I am not your pet-Ghost the actual snow mounds higher like the deaths from the new-Rome empire

written by “R” Addison 1-03 & 04-17 @ SRC

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