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volume-ExceRpt post #7/ 26 Oct 2015 fomenting Conditionalism has a Beginning in anarchy

volume-ExceRpt post #7/ 26 Oct 2015

fomenting Conditionalism has a Beginning in anarchy


Illegal wars-Invasions are such that holding your Medicare Card over candle of tirades would burn the very one that is necessity most to maintain any and all defense of Republic.

My fidelity in having disconcerted animosities stay outstanding is not planned, as the future for soooo do the many gals of u.s.a. do not or not seek americanism as the end of wars-Warring empire? The lipstick w chemicals and talc that causes cancers can be or does get passed to offspring, and into loose-knit social-Circles, for theirs is shallow enough w.o. memory of caustic human skin. The traumatization does not come from source readings, that may or might not get discussed in classrooms, of secondary-Level: teachers daily lessons or as books that are gathering data banks on histories. As for the last 35 years of wars-Warrings, of these infernal wars, books on current history should be renown outside the classrooms, especially male counterparts who do know the US Constitution has been abrogated for usury of “semi-Aggressor: state policies of invasions”. Therefore, being UN-constitutional at a time when a new republic should be built upon principles and stats morally the confidence of community is necessary, not arrogance and learning from all that a stated purpose “definitively: not state-Propanganda”.

My recent living in metro little-D: denver for 7-weeks I produced the wholesome host of what demise must be reconciled as imbecilic wars: chem-Trails, NOT SO hard-to-see-labeled GMO food’s, glass jars, plastic frozen, paper-protected and what has been ‘forests-Demised’ since dead-forests, Colorado and Wyoming now, ten-million dead acres from acid-Rains specifically cast and dispersed from aero-Jets “CO-2’s emissions. Many years of speaking-out I have set that as example. Many decades of that my en voce` course was to elucidate those truths. These aspects of social-Responsibility to all ages left me again in a fit of repairs, due either some treachery or a confounding of psycho-cybernetic freaks causing disastrous assault upon m vehicle.

The forests of coloRado will not be needed if coRpoRations host the supposed direc-tions of making aluminum-oxide soils w a chemically-infertile conifer(s) of fast growth abut no aluminum uptake. The disaster is 10-millions affected acres 85-100% demised. That’s is al lot of oxygen not being given “o-f-f”. Little-d has had ordered and on hold, at last notice in 2010, 75,000 deciduous trees to plant on concrete (or asphalts) however I ask, will the chem-tRails kill those w.o. water being measured for parts per 10,000. Moreover, what will come if no revolution offends the trajectories of oligarchs-Elites/military-Hegemony?

I ask in resolute knowledge that there is no boogey-Man in office who is a part of the deeper histories of the world’s people, because there are sources to realize the histories are there and finding has been made most difficult. That is the sat-Standard of many neo-Con’s who do not know these histories for which the consonances of space-Time have entwined. However, the bankors may bury histories necessarily must be investigated. Where the civilizations past, were comprised of peoples for which no we-Peoples averred change course of the OEMH (oligarchs-Elites/military-Hegemony).

Personally, I am not one who goes-forth courting disparagements, nor discourtesy. The OEMH has increasingly done that much and americanism suffers, immensely the acculturations via OEMH ‘devaluating’ our principles and upstanding tendencies to move mindfulness, forward. sanctimoniousness that all is well when the we-People have woolen caps over eyes and mouth is more than a bit pusillanimous. Why not each member of US Congress, stand and state, ‘I want to buy my own war’ and then add to that ‘hose wars are necessary to contaminate and pollute more-forever’?


“Global Research brings independent, real information from investigative re-porters, academics, witnesses and anti-war activists. We provide a platform for global news and analysis, free from hidden agendas, corporate interests and government interference.

The Mainstream media turns realities upside down. War is presented as a[n] humanitarian endeavor, sweeping austerity measures are portrayed as a precondi-tion for reducing social inequalities, killing civilians are said to be part of a counter-terrorism operation. The Lie has become the Truth.
MSM pundits are generously rewarded for spinning the news. In contrast, Glob-al Research operates with limited resources.”


We people do not owe much of anthinGy-Bop to those egRegious-Ways of oligaRchism, because plutocraRcy cannot be elemental. There has not been any contrast to social-Determinism, because the one-Party: system, infused determinism w phenomenology, thus begat the “military-Hegemony”. That was somewhere hidden w.i. military and intelligence confines of ubiquitous relegations of all past civilizations, obdurately or chauvinistically! The question then is this: what were those civilizations that each was both different from others as well as what malaligned each from the society of humankind, which had yet to develop. Is the neo-Liberalism for this concept, one rather doubts. The knowledge has been bound to a tryst of knowing and know-how, but w history and science coupled w known-constant. The constant has become the Ecology and the we-People the socialism that is either in a static or non-static stance. Ecosocialism became that stat as 1969 rolled into the leftward movement to fRee indigenous people back theirs of spirit and gRavity to belonging w.i. the webs of despair that all become challenged thru ‘determinant causality’. The constant is thus a universal method as well as Universal means or Universalism.

Was the start of Universalism landing in the central-Americas Islands (Caribbean Sea) oR upon the Cape Cod region, oR was that all hype to continue to make resources into the deception of humankind?
“Capitalism has learned to create host organisms and in the current historical conjuncture one of those organisms is young people, who are forced to live under the burden of crushing debt. (1) Moreover in the midst of a widening inequality in wealth, income and power, workers, single mothers, youth, immigrants and poor people of color are being plunged into either low-paying jobs or a future without decent employment. (2) For the sick and elderly, it means choosing between food and medicine. Austerity now drives an exchange relationship in which the only value that matters is exchange value and for students that means paying increased tuition that generates profits for credit companies while allowing the state to lower taxes on the rich and mega corporations.

(3) Both neoliberal-driven governments and authoritarian societies share one important factor: They care more about consolidating power in the hands of the political, corporate and financial elite than they do about investing in the future of young people and expanding the benefits of the social contract and common good.

Under this regime of widening inequality that imposes enormous constraints on the choices that people can make, austerity measures function as a set of hyper-punitive policies and practices that produce massive amounts of suffering, rob people of their dignity and then humiliate them by suggesting that they bear sole responsibility for their plight. This is more than the scandal of a perverted form of neoliberal rationality; it is the precondition for an emerging authoritarian state with its proliferating extremist ideologies and its growing militarization and criminalization of all aspects of everyday life and social behavior.(4)”

The very essence of the new-Rome is lost diplomacy awaken endless-Wars/war-chaos theory, as the fanatic penataGooons puts their seal of ‘definition’ upon that lacking finesse, lacking principles, lacking ethics. They are quite psychopathic and quite ‘narcissist’ also. Theirs, also, is a fear of not trying to ‘know-enough’ and not to be venerable, whether that may be actual cognizance or prophetic knowing, but not-to-be-enticed by Conditionalism. Others would state ‘we cannot be Existentialist as soldiers’ which is also Conditionalism. The military-Hegemony apparatus, do they have room for egregious-Conditionalism, or forgetful-Conditionalism? One must wonder the garbage those people were brought-up, and what amalgams of decency and principles makes them not speak-out! Joining the say-Nothing/do everthinGy-Bop indigestion R-O-N-G club, is the new-Rome. Flirty, filthy and muRdRous. Has been since before the envelopment of NSDU-238 to be ‘uppe-front’ by placing that-That on back buRnoR. This psychopathic invulnerable aspect, altho superced-ing the methods of “nucleaR-moleculaR: usages” madness is not supple, ever factored into pyschopathic ‘miasma’ then coupled w oddity-pRopaganda, to protect MK UltRa (and otheRs sordid studies that wer utilized by the third Reich, after introduction, from the burgeoning of plutocracy to defend against “autocracy” for Narcissism. That is the Conditionalism which continues almost un-abated.


““It is well known that the uncontrolled burning of plastics, Styrofoam, electronics, unexploded weapons, and other manufactured and highly processed materials releases harmful toxins and particulate matter into the air,” Bonds continued.
However, when he surveyed major U.S. newspaper stories from 2007 to 2014, Bonds found that discussions of the negative health impacts of these burn pits overwhelmingly focused on the plight faced by U.S. military service members and veterans — but the actual civilians nearby were almost entirely missing from the picture.

“The search produced 49 distinct stories. While five of these stories made passing reference to civilian impacts, and one story mentioned potential impacts to civilians on par with impacts to soldiers, the vast majority of news stories made no mention that Iraqi and Afghan civilians might also have been harmed by the U.S. military’s burning of waste,” he wrote.

What’s more, Bonds noted, “When journalists describe the pollution itself, how it billowed over military bases and covered living quarters with ash and soot, such accounts never mention that this pollution would not have stopped at the cement barricades and concertina wire at base boundaries, but must have also settled over civilians’ homes and the surrounding landscapes.”

From Balad air base in Iraq to Shindad base in Afghanistan, these sites are in fact located in close proximity to “farmsteads, townships, cities, cropland, orchards, and rivers.”…
“This echoes the other history of Agent Orange when the U.S. government turned its back on the people of Vietnam and walked away, cleaning up just a handful of contaminated places but never acknowledging harm done to Vietnamese civilians or compensating them for their suffering,” Bonds told Common Dreams.

As in Vietnam, people in Iraq and Afghanistan are demanding acknowledgment of—and reparations for—the harm done by U.S. burn pits and toxic munitions.”

What is said by ancients versed in ‘wisdom’ is that each eon is different for all of humanity. This may be truth, but parcels normally as all humans have an opportunity to understand the same Universal context regarding Life and strife , but not the normalcy of repetitions. In other words, Life is twice devalued by “duress” and by “ignomancy” while strife keeps moving from ‘context’ on a non-Universality. This is space-Time known as “des-Plaines” which helps defray sordid menialities from becoming organisms of grotesque conundrum. Alignment of stars and planets circumnavigating those may or might not become important to the ‘beyond: star-Gazers’ edifice of spatial-Interstellar, explorations—whenever those may start having been delayed by the fallen deifice catharsis of ‘humankind’ his past 40-45,000 years of civilizing and civilization’s destructions by Oligarch-y in plutocratic-Realm, which is always singular and present-past in space-time sequencing w histories of he emphatic voice: language.

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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