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NUkiEmOLe StoRiEs #23/  20 Mar 2006   Investigative-Journalist, DiscouRse Of Existentialism-Zen & The Nuclear-Molecular: Conditionalism As Their AbstRuse-Philosophy

nUkiEmOLe stoRiEs #23/ 20 Mar 2006 Investigative-Journalist, DiscouRse of Existentialism-Zen & the nuclear-Molecular: Conditionalism as their abstRuse-Philosophy

nUkiEmOLe stoRiEs #23/ 20 Mar 2016

Investigative-Journalist, DiscouRse of Existentialism-Zen & nuclear-Molecular Philosophy


I have travelled as a journal-wRitoR starting in 1971… as this is less the moribund, sidelight to protesting as anti-NucleaRist, while building my backlog thru Zen, toward Existentialist thought-discourse. There is also more the assembled truthful analog, a parable to political-Analysis, and subsequent healthcare amenity of not having Medicare-for-all, since sophomore year in 1961—high school. The high school years were semi-tRansparent, as protest and being a boomer. A let-down boomer. As to why I have remained ‘single” all-me-Life, and oNLY since 2004, am I finding the veritable sidelight of having been so injuried (34 of those broken bones, operations and health-such) has been and become an ignominy “stat”. The cool side of socialist burdening had not started, but the cool was being prepped, too! Thus, I was borne onto the venture of the we-Boomers, at the suggestion of afro-Amer communists, and Hispanic and whitey-Amers socialists, that ‘socialism would need a boost, I sought to combine Ecology w ‘socialism’ and we-Boomers got Ecosocialism. This was in 1969. What was and what is, now ’the nuclear-Molecular’ was more at point, not at making nor enterprising a controversy—in other words.


My tasks, job now if you will, is to find why the u.s.a. citizen has been persuaded to be terminal case, because there is not a “national-Defense” as there has been an aggressor-Stance and an offensive-Activism, since my knowing the US-military, in 1951. The guarded offensive measures were pushed down, outta-Site. This word-Term started to show-up in 1962, by the high-school athletes and chums of many different, but same age and older guys. The US-military was offending our :boomer-Generation’s” principles. When, i got to U.C. Berkeley in 1966, I was incensed by the wartime aptitudes of our “very-Staid: mis-leadership”. They seemed incongruous and in the way of pRogRess. What had they actually done, to perpetrate the invasioning of Korea?


That summer of 1966, I went thru a tRansformation. I did not see my college sophomore classmates, who were women, i saw woman and I also knew they were not high-school male-chums. What was the meaning of this iconoclasm toward a “fRee-War”? What in heck did invading a country that had the jungles of southeast-Asia as their expanses, not the gReat basin full-of-Radionuclides and desert-sands continuing from mountain-Range over sage and meagre-Cattle gRasses beautiful-countRy? What new additions by such as cIAS under auspice-control of US-presidents, and then the organ of US-military consort that has become JSOC (Son Tay Prison Raid in Vietnam War which took place in 1970) under the new-Rome: US-military auspice and black-Ops augre, devining for military-Hegemony worldwide.


I’ve not let-up on my task, that was to find why NSDU-238 was not disallowable, because “the we-Boomers” wanted to underscore that any devaluation of “the nuclear-Molecular” would mean secrecy, of use and utility, or peace w.o. mentions. altho I am “definitely-Not” an oligarch-Plutocrat type who would run for national office, but I was told to maintain the leadership features that I have shown, and that the boomer-Generation may yet need. I went back to my four-Years college expensive institution, w I do not want to be that, since I am already artist/writoR. Dig.


Soooo, the investigation of NSDU-238 the first nuclear-Weapon, had been morally known in afro-Amers circles, and shared in boomers of whitey-Amers, or smaller contingents of we-People demanding the tides of democracy remain w.o. militarizations ‘stead’ which had already started in parallel dementia w Medicare (single-payer for all) as need for some standard of need for phytoremediation and medical-Standard of hospital care and nuclear-Facilities that would-not-become contaminated and which would be de-Contaminated in advents of stupidity usages or accidents.–all kinds including indiscriminate discard “heap-o’s” nuclear-Molecular knowns and constants of educational and of public valuation. Social values and valuation acculturally not-too-well known, more, morosely renown as capitalist-Despicability!


Whereas, I had a new, and semi-Rekindled duality to recognize as impermeable, as I returned to start into protests at the flag-pole, on the Colorado College campus (fall, 1966), but not necessarily against the war in V-C-L while definitely, especially “against the tyRanny of US involvements and nuclear-Molecular“. I had found-out while devaluing the Ecology, the penataGooons were being staid to integRate, but that southeast-Asia was that purpose. That I might finally accomplish the befitting end-zone of the non-Stoic embrace w.o. plutocracy and military-Hegemony, was a discerning encapsulation, which is to say ‘nuclear-Power’ was proposed to maintain the non-Acceptable levels of enterprising plutonium-239 into a highly enrich pseudo-Market, was not yet set-forth by the we-Boomers and the socialist-Amercians.


Whatever the nerve-ends frayed from deceits-lies-psy-Ops was as a never-so-demure governance. Luckily, federal, not state, I managed to get thRu both my third and fourth years “at college” and wanted to go along to University for a degRee, one that would gRant me knowledge and expertise on “nucleaRism: the pRopaganda-Speils” of the new-Rome. The becoming w.o. excess a person non- gRatia or not. I had my duality becoming of a dualism, and I needed Existentialism, as a stead. What was “the scatter-Radionuclide” looking like; and, how prioRitized to wArs, the extent was, where my fellow boomers, would have to put-up-w  the tour du force already pertaining that “nuclear-moleculaR: horribilus-Rex” since the V-C-L was protecting the nucleaRism, as well as pRomoting that as “power” not diplomacy and democracy.


And I became: activism, or to speak-out. Whether indeterminably, regarding Existentialist and Determinist (that of US-military particularly) philosophies that do the oNLY mannerisms of adversity, was shallow and intended never to be enough. What then was for me to maintain part-time at three templates, research, investigation, protest, became the diaspora of sharing and meeting we-People, traveling and protesting, and journalist: writing then get from the egocentric-self and procurement of all policies and agglomerations of the “nuclear-Molecular”. Those were writing in journals, thinking thru and to when we could protest and speak-out against the heinousness-Excesses of NSDU-238, that which would be used because the ‘bombs had been’ a causticity of power-mongering against the world’s people. Lastly, that may be finding a challenging woman of similar intellect would help us, two, w others of anti-Nuclearist: ilk, assimilate rather more, most pertinently!


A key feature of the socialism I knew, pertained to integration, and not sublimations of propaganda in the prevarification-Format of propaganda-State. in other words: off-Futility /end these illegal-Invasion, wars, was 1969 and was the ‘stat’ of the we-Boomers of transient Berkeley and san fRan ‘n bitchen-Cal. The Plutocracy had already overtaken the US-constitution and the we-People: public in penataGooons, as propaganda and MK-ultra took over w operation Paperclip and operation Gladio, and operation Mongoose already dastardly illegal new-Rome: acts of despicable destruction and destabilization. Plutocracy is not incidental. As I got together w “the Revolution Now” affinity group, and as peace-Structure was closely aligned and semi: mal-Aligned w “organized-Religions, I needed to know more, necessarily. I also found that “american-Socialists” held the key to honesty and to tRuth. why? How come?

 **updated 16 Oct 2019…


Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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