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nUkiEmOLe sToRies #2/ 31 July 2011 w travel came revolution, not issues of status-Quotient power-Trippes

nUkiEmOLe sToRies #2/ 31 July 2011                                                  © apeco

w travel came revolution, not issues of status-Quotient power-Trippes


Today is a very good to start a revolution or to continue doing research on NSDU-238. This story starts in 1977 on telegraph Avenue in front of world savings. One day in March or April while the weather had not really warmed appreciably to more than 65 or 70°, I was relaxing with my van doors open to the sidewalk listening to the radio KPFA news. A group of about six people walk past. One wanted to inquire and did regarding my van and the way it was painted with anti-nuclear signs in the window! I was not wont to answer and after about five minutes I realize that the tall guy was about 6’5” was listening but, looking off in the distance so I asked if he understood English because the others were of Arabic descent. The tall guy didn’t answer back to we were all sharing some Keif and I was kind of mum that he was not enjoying the laid-back condition. I have a photographic memory and I remember this person as a person of the news, a Osama bin Laden.


The next time I was encountered by a group that also included Osama bin Laden, was 1981 in the Western Desert of Afghanistan heading into Iran. His entourage was well armed with M-16’s, Kalashnikovs, and a princely ‘sultan’s-Gurney’ with silk curtain-awnings and dangling tasssels—overhead. As he and entourage was being carted around with slave like people, I realized that an aristocrat that he was also not a humble parable of sociology apparent to socialism and the confiding powers of we-peoples not-Elites. I was waived to come over and discuss w him, but seeing they were armed I figured arms sales. Again, I was wont to respond because I was alone, because I was of the opinion not to trust rapprochement. Although I needed water, desperately, and Charlie was no work around, I knew Charlie and I would meet somewhere en route to John bastion to talk station. This did adjudicate! When that happened, that was the first time since leaving the new Rome and heading into Africa or Asia which ever way we went, that we could relax enjoying some cannabis. Altho, when in Kabul, Afghanistan, I had started to smoke with some of the people of the town, cannabis. I had wanted kief, but this was all that came around, w no disgust from my sharing!


When I was invited, almost abruptly, because travel-Travail is tiring and discerning semi-Conditionalizes, too, I was asked to meet Mahmoud Karzai’s brother. UN-fortunately I had to get-up immediately; find my friends, make preparations to depart Kabul and for the next big township thru mine-fields and on foot for 95 miles!


The next I knew of Osama bin Laden, 1989 I saw a picture and read the name, but was unfamiliar with whom this person was. In 1990, I again saw a picture, and look deeply into my memory bank to acknowledge that I may have had the wrong fidelity in mind while being a peace proponent a.k.a. peace-diplomat–in my meetings and conduct our and the several conversations I had with him and Karzai and family. The good Samaritan, that I was got me into attract into Pakistan, to Quetta (Azetta)! The 3 1/2 day track from Kandahar to Quetta, must have been for money, or munitions, or guns, but I was never informed. 1981, the State Department through USAID, was not quite into the gun running trade, that which Osama bin Laden, in the Western Desert once Charlie and I had left Kandahar. The desert hike was eight days a hundred and 70 miles, and terrifying because I felt remiss in as much, that I had given some credence to a revolutionary path for the sake of peace, primarily since the load on the camels at least my camel was not arms–unless there were pistols. The desert when one is hiking is no place to discern unless you have a relaxed and leisurely and food proviso’d extent.

What is a good Samaritan to do? Next, we were in outskirts of Teheran, and the University of Teheran, discussing with several professors whether or not a nuclear power plant would be built without the IAEA, having that the professors at already awaited months for the United Nations proper personnel. A man overhearing our conversation, abruptly, interrupted! I was partly chagrined. This man upon hearing what he had to say seem to be educated, but knowing what he was alluding I felt he was a state please officer. I was wrong, because several days later after being invited to Iran, we were told to follow, and ended in Bushshr, a nuclear facility of Iran. We started into the area went to an appropriate building but were told to return in a couple of hours. When that timespan approximation came around, there was more of an entourage of foreigners, semi-dignitaries, and I felt more at home. When inside the main room, the elaborate array of metal machines that we saw, were in disarray. The explanations and the convoluted sense, that most of the scientific people had, were dispensed in the negation of fact by the political-personas also in attendance.


This is quite a complement of people, who had gathered to be informed of Iran’s nuclear premise–especially the need for nuclear power plants (as that was the primary summary disposition). This aspect, sociological factorable aspect, although intriguing left numerous questions in the air. While in the room the man who had been at the University interrupting, came in and spoke with somebody immediately who was dispatched to leave the room, and then he spoke to a scientific person and a police person is as best that I could gather. When we when we went outer room, the question of how much plutonium might be made was not answered by the politician, but a scientist answered “specifically a certain amount of tritium would be handled as all radionuclides”. Somebody from Europe imbibed that should not be done. The man who is come in was none other than, Ahmadinejad, and he was angered–as was I. Ahmadinejad, did not answer after that but complained that that person didn’t know how many radionuclides were made into other atomic weapons. I looked at him and thought to myself, this was better than asking him if NSDU 238 was known to him, and in principle that the new Rome had that in Arsenal–thinking to myself the first nuclear weapon.


Ahmadinejad spoke to me in an angered tone he said “your country does not know how hard we have worked to get this far as they are very arrogant”. I was surprised I totally agreed! I did not say anything further because my friend Steve looked directly at me and kindness silently shook his head back and forth–as though to say, do not. So, I was a good Samaritan once again. [later I would recognize him as the face and the attitude that went w his leadership namesake].


We went from Iran into Syria, but we were not allowed to the to visit the Golan Heights, because one could see the vacuous Roman patio. This was a marching ground for both Lebanon and Syria armies. Two days later, Steve said you may go ahead but were not allowed to meaning: Charlie, Prof. Sam, Debbie, and himself. I walked out of and then all 1000 strong battalion walked onto this humongous flattened stone olde-Rome patio. While I was there, a man looking around the same way I was looking that I had met in Australia, also with the ecology group, John Pilger approached me. But before that the New Yorker magazine journalist Robert Fisk had asked me why they had not allowed me use of my camera? Then he went walking off and John Pilger came walking over but following John Pilger was the Lebanese army. I looked at the other army, the Syrian army and wondered if they were going to face off. And, with that Robert Fisk came walking back and the three of us conversed as to why we, the only journalists available in the midst of interpreting warring factions were now being beset upon by two consternation armies!


Both men stated that “I am glad you are here “and I answered “somebody told me I

should be therefore reason, I guess this is the on”! I was a good Samaritan in yet another nation-state. Next, on to Israel but first Charlie and I went to the Beirut Beach, and tried to figure the water was saltwater fresh. People were sunning but half a mile to three quarters of a mile away there were four warring factions! We kept asking, and inquiring with people on the beach dressed in various arrays, was there any analysis for peace, any proponent method to the constant of violence, like a need for peace parlanced w non-violence? Hardly contrast but not superlatively peace-opposed. With that we found about 15 people and several teenagers, one who said he would look into that matter. After about 75 minutes the person had not returned and we started toward trying to find a restaurant or somewhere to get food and ran into an American actor invited us in, as that was a set. So, Charlie and I wanted to order food but Steve came in and said he would order the food because you have money to pay for– but not here. As we went outside, Charlie found the guy and he had brought Placard board so that we could write our protest words upon finding a place to be viewed.


That afternoon the three of us with our placards stating “halt American nuclear weapons “were going to be seen, but so were we in the midst of people firing at one another trying to kill each other. Shit oh dear, as Truman Capote did say on our social visit with his books people and literary following back in Kansas. Today, however, we did not wish to be shot at and so our template was to be seen as close as we could get not far distance. As we walked towards the firing the shooting of rifles stopped. We walked very timorous leave another hundred and 25 feet slowly, so as not to trip over debris scattered about, the Avenue of war. Was this a good Samaritan act? Charlie later spoke, in his inimicable fashion. We stood out there for half an hour, sweating in the semi-overcast clouds of an 80° warring factions daylight–our day in Beirut was international protest. We had made our social point and gunshot was not heard for two or three hours afterward.


Our next nation-state was Israel. We were in Jerusalem and met some people that we wanted to protest with immediately. They would next protest in two days–in the meantime Steve set up so I transport and hike two the lowest geography on the planet, and we were able to get a bath in the waters that first one people of Jordan then people of Syria then people of Israel, would enjoin but argue rather than to share about who was to go first. The next day we protested, and Steve went wandering off he was no good at protests and demonstrations anyhow, but Charlie did protest with me and Steve came back was somebody who would take us to the desert. I already thought we were in a desert, however this should be a special trip to a place that was off-limits two Israelis but not the IDF. The next day we got up early drove 10 miles hike for miles encamped that evening without a fire. Although partly wooded we were told we cannot hike any further “but we would see, why in the light of day”. The next day, and until we reached, the return road toward Bethlehem, not Jerusalem were we able to speak the word Dimona. This was the first that any of us Americans had known of the nuclear weapons lab of the Israel’s.


Was I good Samaritan? How long would discontinue? We had come quite a long ways and we had not gotten to the midpoint yet. Next, we were to see the Gaza Strip then we were to go back into Israel and then see the west bank. How much longer what Israel demise, devalue the people Palestine’s, and denigrate their heritage there belonging to the land of the middle east yet disparaged rather than shared–democratically, of course, but that was not happening and that Israel’s were horrible cost-wise despicable in their chauvinism and hatred spewing consequentia of Palestine’s water, lands, Olive orchards and belonging. Charlie and I could not get close to the Palestinians because the Israel’s were always close in the visual sense 100 yards to a quarter-mile away, vacuously. Now we went back to Gaza and found our way into an underground tunnel we came out of the tunnel and went through the gates guarded by the Egyptians. We stayed in the town and shared meals with the Palestinians and saw what was happening by the continuous military onslaught perpetrated most mostly by the IDF.


We exited the gate and lagged behind the body of Egyptians on foot heading toward Alexandria. I wanted somebody with the Geiger meter to measure radionuclides in the Sinai desert. One of the Egyptians and a small entourage of friends said they would meet us with a Geiger meter. We found him and headed about 5 miles into the Sinai. Next, we were approached by a Jeep guard and told we couldn’t go through that portion of the desert but the Egyptian people we were with asked could we find a place to measure the sands four toxicity–radionuclides? We were allowed to do that in fact they drove us, we did some measuring while they watched us, and then we returned with them to the point we have been picked up, and all was not well. There was no trace of radionuclides where we had gone, because we needed a map! We were in the wrong place, but our Egyptian compatriots expressed to us that the military was guarding the area was no secret and that we has shown support for the military as people of Egypt. Was I a good Samaritan?


Many days, town after town and we finally got to Cairo. My friends were worn out, and I suggested I would like to Tarhir square. En route I was able to clench my thirst although the days were warming up and I sat to await my friends–for us to gather for more long trek. After two or three hours of meditating, as that was what I found to be expressly purposeful, I configured the miles of how far we had traveled! The total, grand total was 24,411 miles since leaving Berkeley, bitchen-Cal. We were now halfway on our journey, morosely were we expected somewhere to go? I continued to meditate and my friends showed up 11 hours and 35 minutes into my Culmonising sequence of space-time without food, and was therefore quite parched. Steve and Charlie found some people and we’re told the one place to stay right off the square but that didn’t work out! We next found another place upstairs, and that turned out to be what I saw on videos, on democracy now, of the Egyptian uprising known as the Arab Spring. Who proved the time warp good Samaritan deed was yet to come, back in spring summer 1981.


Tryin’ to supplant when the next “international anti-Nuclearist protest” would occur, which state likely, and when, was like a parallel running against plutocracy/tyranny but finding that idiosyncratic discrepancy of naught, disparagement for what people had from being University educated, but not making the best of their dissoluble knowledge. Major concerns against the vituperations allowed and shown in anti-Humanitarians ill-rebuke, festooned from deep-rooted propagandized hatred by Israels against the people that they were pushing around thru “financial support u-S foreign Policy” yes, but by the despotic arm of IDF, the soldiers of the sectarian-State, that does not want any but “apartheid”! This was to me, the first time ominously heard in Cairo (Egypt) and not the last time heard in Jerusalem by Palestines, Lebanons, Israels, Africans and Euros alike.


The meetings w Palestines farmers, merchants, other professionals, diplomats, and stu-dents, was exceptional. We, the ecology-Group, were invited inside the transport-Tunnels, thruout the urban core, and into the destitute always bombed vicinities where people or farmers grew crops while being “actually” shot-at-by IDF dummie-Brains of corruption Israels. We were warned to hit the cover, on many occasions. These dispellations are now 30-years ago, three full decades past, and the same is true for today, as reports filter the inter-Nay news. Gaza had many women, and few that I could talk w as a foreigner, they believed in orthodoxy not multi-culturalism? This too was empathic embulism, anti-Humane, but someone saw my feelings and stated this—twice people came to me from nowhere as I walked along treeless and rubbled streets, asking me not to stay in street, for fear of reprisal from IDF and then they would just say to me ‘thank-You” or “you’re not anti-Human”.


My travel-Mates were on-the-sides, and sacred for me, like being in Beirut, Charlie was very-Intimately cautious, for life is not oNLY being indge-Amer from u-S empire? He could, must and did relate to both support our cause in protest against the two nuclear-Weapons types renown to empire w me and against empire in this, a a war-torn, shooting bullets, paradox of a city that had not yet to kill 243 US Marines—poor suckors as doing raw-Goon’s dastardly war-deeds would get hem killed and Goon-baby into the historic annals of Oligarchism. The city known to the whole world. I oNLY relate the intelligibly levels of what we collectively went thru and the sordid excesses of what had to remain as paradoxical to peace-in-World. whereupon my thanks came as was necessitated by existentialist meanings for his presence wherever he was—I do and did remember.


Being in asia-Minor—on the cusp of north-Africa, Africa-continent—I was also trying to prepare for our cultural-gRowth patterning in consciousness, as Ecology was awakening us everywhere our geographic-Sojourn of travel-Travail went. “encountering tribes, muslim radicals: islamophobic” mannerist ways of anti: multi-Culturalism, as well as psycho-therapy for travel-Mates, and professionals and u-S/cIAS following our trails, and other convolutions of militarist policies evaluations, mainly those that were pro/con “nuclearist & anti-Nuclearist” policies. This was an international tribute to my companions, whose capaciousness was embullic not symbolitry to my humbling resources for and of “philosophical-discourse”? They always said “they didn’t know that” and this was specific, not generality. My own father would not hear of my topics, nor complements of my travel-Mates, and thankfully hi attitude is now buried w him.


Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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