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nUkiEmOLe sToRieS #16/ 05 Dec 2013 © How I learned Pilgrimages and en-voce` werk together

nUkiEmOLe sToRieS #16/ 05 Dec 2013 ©

How I learned Pilgrimages and en-voce` werk together


That our senses are not only an always Conditionalist basis of finding a reprieve from TYRANNY… I call this word-term “sensate” as my many-Score times of pilgrimages were expended on realization and meditation into Deep Ecology, I kept bumping supra-Reality and decadent-Society. I’ve my stories from my epic sojourns, journey to people, journey to places exploring planet and mind-scAPe. One four sessions in NY City where I was born transpired in fall of 1966. Yes. I am a product of the 1950’s and 1960’s. Yes. I cut classes at boring the Colorado College, because they, my poly-Sci and Anthro instRuctors had impressed me w some hard found facts, upon my cumbersome manner of learning curve–that I had also encountered at San Mateo H.S. (not San Marin H.S.) of the san-fRan region—which was a cRos of BoomeR generation and beat-Bohemia. I did not herald being across from UC Berkeley where I’d started gRad-Studies between sophomore and Junior years. I took dates and my buddies took me there.


The cold harsh weather today has had a numbing affect, as -24* outside and me bundled inside stop ‘n Rest cabin -20* bRoken-zipper polar-Bag, inside a continually getting torn fabRic, Dacron 6’8” bag w a polar-fleece comforter atop and my $375 Cordura covered hard-foam 6-feet 3-inches mat, beneath the pile. My health today, extra-Normal. I am semi tired each day because I wuRk most incrementally due to those 3.5 years of “pseudo-Gout PAINS”. This year has been most exasperating because of 8-fractures, as I was recuperating from knee-Replacement 2011, and shoulder-Operation Jan 31st 2012.As Truman Capote used-to-say “shit, ohh dear”! I did not like the social-INsobriety attitude of people in this small-town of hapless cancerstick-Smogging independent-minded souls, as med-Bow is fulla sanguineness, and never an en Voce` of against Tyranny, against Illegal-Wars, against nuclear weapons! All the above. Today, a partial of my story of my tRek to NY city, where I last visited via big-rig in 1996, post “WTC bombing no1—parking in Brooklyn taking buses and trains as my layover was 24 hours and pickup waiting about 30-hours.


This one, however is 1966, about 48 years ago. I started my pilgrimages to my township of birth, but both Iowa Writors Guild (early summer-1967), to Haight Ashbury spring-1967, and re-Visit to Saualito, 1968 were yet to happen! The first, to my birth-Town fall-1966 was a trippe. There was lots of tiring roadway and scarps of highway, always two-lanes, plus many, too many, riverine crossing-Bridges in PA. I got there because, I had wanted to hear “Velvet Underground” in person, as I listened on CC-radio once played, but that reminded my memory-Hole of the many times of KPFA-fm Berkeley (bitchen-Cal), which I also grew to young-Laddie interested in NSDU-238 by age seven. Thus, I had to wait or re-configure buses uptown to 79th Ave. due time-Warp and sitt-Butt entreaty, pluralism et al-ski! Outside, where the Velvet were performing was a constant of people hanging around in discussion. That space was happening. Street discussions on where to get mary-Jane or intellectual discussioning to keep the brainwaves from going limp. I was told by a fellow-Boomer there was a man who may want to hear about your anti-Nuclear passions, as he found my conversation full of ‘compassion’. Ahh, yes a Positivism person who was not a Jewish patron of US and world-Intelligentsia.


I headed there on foot to save the quarter, not finding change machines—as, there were none in those days of dalliances puerile. I got there and asked to speak to Noam, and someone stated please refer to Professor as that, professor. Ohh man. I came back and after listening to someone who had started before I had come back for 45 minutes longer, I was told Chomsky would be back after lunch. Noam Chomsky was giving discourse hearings of intellectual course for a “linguistics-Study”. I went to the public Library afterward, because he had called to attention that we ask what topics the next three people had chosen. I was told to come back, but wondered about food and my semi-apparency to time from classes cut. Thus I got into enhanced versions of ”what can out-society do” w.o. compassion to underscore and further understand radionuclides meaning what in heck is NSDU-238, if the we-Peeps do not know and understand. I believe that after Noam left, as I had to come back the next day to see him, that somebody did answer me, ”that is some confidence better found in Bertrand Russell, altho Jean Paul Sartre did not touch upon what Immanuel Kant had underscored in astronomy” I’ve recollected thru meditations.


The next day Noam listened and mostly responded to what I’d not asked in pertinence to “meaning and understanding”. My ego he said was in the weigh-in, but he antagonized by also stipulating “way of progress”. Of course ,”the hardship of being here now will be better realized at a later date”, as his ’meaning’ was of space-Time, that the guy who came back, but from day before, who had allowed me his place due I needed a food-dispensary —how did he know– was not always a reassurance and ego would be lost! I knew that I wanted to know more, lots more than the periodicals chart, on and about “nuclearist-Policy” but those who said that word nuclearist-Policy were told they “had better know what they were talking about” as though every ‘egg-Yolk’ had to be a “brain-O heat-Wave”. That afternoon, many had moved to the sunny spot across the street from ”the Velvet Underground” a signage of not a bar, but of a music-Practice studio and nite-time hangout one that necessitated having an I.D. w.o. allowing cops to be delivering redress for beards or longhair. A food distribution spot nearby hangout was also a deli and liquors retail—distributor-center.


Finally, I approached some peers, and asked will the performers be getting into music longer than four minutes, as a preference of mine was the DOORS and my hearing The End and live: Paul Revere & Raiders–long cuts. Then a gal w blonde hair actually came over and asked me “did I know the DOORs” as she immediately continued “we don’t like them”. She was infuriated. I was about to ask could she answer, and turned to the guy next to me, but he’d disappeared. She came back and said “I did not mean to insult, where are you from”. I said “San Fancisco, but I was born here and kept in-tune from Colorado”. She remarked that “they’d never play here, because”! That was my personal introduction to Maureen of the Velvet Underground from 20-feet totwo-feet close. Several people came by and spoke phrases like, “you really made an impact on her” and “I guess you did not know, but you told her” and “they’ll be playing long sets than five minutes” while somebody-Else intoned from 65-feet distant “they’ll play at least 25 minutes”. What I’d stated in disgust at her bad-attitude was “that I came here from over 1,500 miles and I merely wanted to know what is the lack of door fee for that distance” but en-Voce`, and she wanted talk w ensemble-menbers when they take a break outside from indoors heat. I was ecstatic to find “why people did not want to discuss nev-Testsite” and “why the Bomb was not in their songs, was really what lyrics I want to hear. She heard that and waved, saying ”stay around”.


I do my Libidinal Universal en-Voce’ that way, and I’d be practicing that for the next 48 years—even including today! The next few minutes the guy I was to meet who had told me of about Chomsky’s exercise-Studio (of the brain), showed-up asking how did you meet “Maureen”? I did not comeback, but a nicer peer did state come-back at least to find “how we progress about the bomb” was semi-enticing. Was NSDU-238 soooo good for you that you can burn your skin-off for that nuclear disposition! When the music’s over, happened, as we actually went inside to tell them they’re playing was too-loud or not-loud enough! But, that was purely decadence on the public-eye. They were not there until after 10-pm. I heard my ears at the sounds of rock-for-Nuclear-weapons UN-known, and next day met the band members who said I’d had a good run-in w ‘our-Gal’. They said “getting to hear their music would take halting the enterprise”, was also stated. They were Boomers not Beats, more like Existentialists, altho they were 2-3-4 years older than I.


Later, when I caught-up w Allen Ginsberg in 1970, Berkeley, he said that “because of what you’d said” he’d not foregoe payment. He did mean that he’d cover costs of “Encounter therapy sessions” also in Berkeley, where I was into “Revolution Now” affinity group, of my peers—not his. Due the session being a continuation of the Velvet Underground undertaking, I was pleased. I did five and then needed a sixth, Encounter-session but those proved as helpful as writing a host of good poems. We were renown as “the we-Boomers” would now have a different kind of torpor, too!


What had really transpired was “I was not saying aloud, that the Velvet should come out and mix” which she stated, because I figured the weigh-in was “that they should mix”. Then, Maureen went to the store and she intoned “they should mix” and I verbally responded “we’ve done that” so, half an hour later the three Velvet’s who wanted came out saying they “wanted to mix” because some of us would not be here the next day.   The ”knowing the draft was happening” was happening! Our Universality would be recollections of things-to-come. The guy who’s introduced me where Noam Chomsky and where the Velvet were located, stated en-Voce` “we didn’t need heroin” but then, he’d merely directed me to others. Years later in LOS, I heard the word-Term “goe-fer” a guide-like manneristic exchange of Holywood retorque on what skits we’d do for their goshe` “scenes portrayals they’d have to practice”. We are the we-Boomers. We use French words and western-language of des Plaines interminglingly, because we believe in wordage as do, also the Cajun peoples—west of Manhattan Island, that is.


  1. youTube/ youTube: “Velvet Underground – Heroin (live in Paris)” 9:26 mins…63,660 plays…

2- youTube/ Velvet Underground-“I’m Waiting for the Man” w/lyrics from “Velvet Underground and Nico” LP


I chose the version of “I’m waiting for the man”, as that has a video w word-Text in nice print, and the downbeat can be heard as well as the voice audible—by Lou Reed. The other video-Play is that of the Velvet Underground, 1969 version in Paris, which is quite audibly, well presented by the camera-person! Lou Reed left us a couple months, back; but, band-members of the ensemble did pass due heroin. One can admire their hardweRk w.o. those bad-Habits, not so-Existentialist, etc.


                                  remember wars are soooo good for you, because you get to kill-Others w IMpunity


ban-the-Bomb symbol is: b-a-n Thermo-Nuclears and HALT export of NSDU-238…

a voice fRom the VOId, the peace-Warrior,

“R” Addison[1]


[1] The namesake I rec’d from afro-Amers in Mississippi, 1969, while into the Second Civil Rights Movement–Enactments—a cultural phenomenon of that of both indige-Amers and afro-Amers…hispano-Amers have Cinco de Mayo, and we all have May Day. Hopefully together.

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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