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nUkiEmOLe sToRies #11/ 14 August 2012 © We got back to Tierra del Fuego

nUkiEmOLe sToRies #11/ 14 August 2012 ©

We got back to Tierra del Fuego


We left Tierra del Fuego and we got back to Tierra del Fuego. Then found no way to get around the calmed 35-feet waves. Facetiously we were depressed! Maybe we could go elsewhere instead of around—a great idea! Steve again went ahead to find a passage route to Antarctica, and later, we ‘all’ hopped aboard a DC-4 heading to that dot upon the ocean i.e. the spot out-There-most-fartherest “whole-continent: so wide and fearless you’d never want to go there w.o. a guide’ …”? Well we landed on Antarctica; and gave no-one our passports. We were gawds of the frozen-Paradise hardly in command of even the penguins. What a blast, and whatever was coming-UP would have to be frozen peanut-Butter and jam—jelly like prisons at home. But, probably not that much every-Day, Steve informed us! Where’s the tissue Deborah finally spoke soooo we could remember wide-open expanses—beyond the of scope of merely deserts-of-Sand, a scientist who attached himself to our small tribe. Charley liked that sense of scientist-sensbility, too!

The Ecolo-Group sent from Antarctica to an island starving as we had arrived, depart-ing as we had arrived, and significantly, somehow getting to those islands where we were given MacDonalds burgers. Then we went “boating” again, this trek to Africa, merely a small dot upon the ocean and another “whole continent” away, a way to the Gulfcoast[1] of north-Americas I sang to myself, remembering Melanie Griffiths naked breasts at the spa in the dense woods of Mississippi, a hot pool that was semi-private, before she left, not interested in conversation! Why do you like women, as they’re excessive baggage in a war-Zone? Someone had once asked me as though I was not listening to discretion—of the inner-Self. Defense first spoke Charley, like he’d been in the army and that’s why he was inside Yellowstone Nat’l Park when we all met. The boat ride was not rowing this time, he spoke.

That’s where we are 35-years alter, rowing atop a heap-O of malicious war-Mongers! When I left in 1977 I had finally gotten a partial outline on paper and in mind, as to what I’d write about, and now those bloGs have typos and the machine (computer) does glitches really rashly. Aren’t we lucky that we got those far folks into peace for our prosperity. B-s would everybody intone in theirs is inimicable-Fastidious: manner-of-Exchange. That there is such a misnomer as an “existential-War” is a frickin’-Frackin disingenue.

There is an existent-Belligerence that is not Philosophy, and there are wars-INvasions that is aggression, but! Sorry, but wars cannot be verbs for existence, oNLY for moRe waRs, forwarding non-Existence. There is no Existential: warring, UNless existence disappeared. We, the Ecolog group went thru fifteen “warring-Countries” and that was never fun, nor exciting, nor Existentialist, but was exasperationist! What is a normal “life” immediately comes to mind, followed by “where is peace” followed by “what is the inconsequence from not having had ‘peace’…” and then followed by “what destruction to the Ecology has happened by wars”? Where are we when Existenitialism has not been the cause of wars, but the ipso-factorability of belligerence is always wars” and then, what is the planet when wars are not ecology”? Do not give me this “craftie-Craps” that wars are Existentialism, UNless you’re discussing the disgust that “craftie-Crap caused by INsurrogations toward not having ‘peace’…”.

I went thru “ipsofactor-ability” by inheriting “dads” as my father was a dad, and taught me not soooo much about fathering that he would cease to be a “dad” I sought other fathers and insulated ourselves for a “extra-Traditionalist paradigm” that of father’s can be ‘dad’s’ when and if they are. Prof Sam was a professionalist-Dad, rev-Paul was a poet-Dad, Allen Ginsberg was a “daddio-Dad” and Ellis was a rehash the present thru the past ‘dad’? Philosophy is not exactly “dad of tradition in exponential concommittancy” or what we call commitment-Traditionalist, but mabe this is as close as necessitating the practices of mental-Stability that could be generated in the ivory-Tower. I do not need life to be “expon-entialist” but gOPs/dEMS tried to make that soooo, and the result has been that I’ve been burglarized for over 38-frckin’-Frackin’ d-F decades-years, w.o. austerity interacting. Had I not had those “dads’ I’d not have made meagre mentality of “no healthcare” to this finally “d-F ennui-Zone” of not ten-Years after but of 44-years awaiting healthcare needs. Rev-Paul said to me before he died, “Addison, you’re the survivor, the strongest Existential challenge: survivalist , I’ve ever known” and I was aghast, because he was dying, and those words would be his last subtle-ones spoken to me. The “tendency-Completed” Existentialism, thru communications inherited from traditions w.i. societies we garnered in attenuation and from anthropologic amorphosizing, as others have needs of consequence from our demeanors in “peace” of in “trust from peace-proponency”?

Social aggrandizements had moved afro-Amers, ndige-Amers, of course, and now here cometh the un-Known when we need a consonant “constant”. The nuclear-Molecular Age, was engrossing and demanded an integral-force of people’s in amalgamation of factored consciousness, not a nuclearism of all-Told, so suggested the rightwing-reactionaries of the two-parties in a parody of non-Exchange. This meant politics is all, not piousness, and that any attenuation was better than the worst of non-Integrating polemnics[2]. However, polemics was not where the id-Al is at. The awesome and being consummated as always grotesque is that negligence is negation to the fact. The fact is that “two: nuclearist-Policy aforemations are not one-Bomb” but that two-Nuclear: weapons of mass annihilation” are existent. Exis-tentialism was my way from 1957 and Zen was additionally not taxing by 1971. Weld. I did not owe anyone any but a resolve for Resolution? That is a very-Heavy: heavy. The wars are a destruction to the Ecology no matter what weapons, and killing people is anti-Lawful in every tribe, state and natural-Knowledge: extent. This is existent, but not Existentialist theory oNLY a paradigm of conquering the ineffable. Affability be darned the “two: nuclear-Weapons’ are annihilistic, and also is nerve-Agent and bio-Agents such as flu-Virus or N1H5.

Altho the 1970’s are not past, since the histories of the INvasions: V-C-L are not as a replete “challenge” of Philosophy misadjudicated and propinquint, nonetheless. We who are INtelligentsia have read the reproof, the logic disassociated-Conditionalist base, of the masse` genocide as merely “byproduct” for accoutrements to relegate needs of the early 1960’s into the degeneracy-Heap i.e. that of heap-O’s—for a morosely, monstrous “overly-Stated: conditionalizing tenet” of debased thru misiINformation is disINformation. We are not forgetful, and are never going thru being sanguine about parsimony of support for “illeg-alities” anyway!

You, the neighbors of genocide-patronage who have supported these Oligarchs at their “maliciousness’ ought to provoke yourselves to either die of radionuclides, by injection and not nihilism, is oNLY one tenet of the multiples indigestions since 1974. That my fidelity for werking metals into stridently-Cool: nomens, has become “indigestion of misnomer’s fool-hearty anti-Humanist ill-mannered catharsis” that their-Being gawd never shits little green-Bricks or some nonesuch that they cannot relate because they know how to spell that word, but thinking and conversation is not conservative enough to ruin the u-S Constitu-tion –of theirs is a self-Self waylaid on purpose of ciggybitts/ cancersticks, or we have the rite-Fuel but never a word of “weld, “R” I heard your pronouncements about how fucken-Degenerate our society has been for too-Long”. They proscripted that at your social-Sick-ness is not worth the Electoral College you support is hardly anathema! Basically I do not like the “f-Word” since the “it” matters. The definition of the “it” as Allen Ginsberg trans-posited a truth was “’it’ was not wholly predicated on “altruist-Polemic” but was “the H-bomb, as that is the oNLY [factorable] way to instant neutering, so [peaceably] lame” (around 1974 outside the Federal Building in san-Fran) again on the tracks at Rocky Flats (inside) 1983?

Trukken held me together, because I could not get lost in the disgust of ‘farmlands

don’t grow houses better” than topsoils used-to-Grow: foodstuffs w jobs! The Ecolog Group heard from me, despite my lookin’ forward to getting’ someone pregnant always kept me on-the-Road doin’ poetry, R & R ever-so-Nudelie at rivers and public-Pools or semi-Private anti-War constipation leftovers for odyssey (relaxing) thy name is forbearance (Greek). I had no money to save after learning that I’d only-Always been able to werk “parttime-Anyhow” and space-Time had started me onto “honing words as templates” to hone into words w more wordage-consternations.

What about the women who wanted into my life (lives of artistry, poetics, geography, Ecolofy and sculpturing) Women do not interrupt UNless it’s to pee during copulation. Anyway-How can I raise a family when girls to meet are now in differing states, not of loathsome or of winsome intelligence but of geographies 100’s miles apart or disasso-ciated by “waitress-Jobs”! They were wurkin’ and anti-Nuclearist, too? I did not ask but did support no-wars are good-Wars, as wellis defense is first, w or w.o. nuclearist NSDU-238 not-so-Well: defined. Not many encounters in S.A.N.E/ FREEZE since adeptly both homophiles and Lesbians were not lacking “N.O.W.” which had chagrined all people into thinking peace-is-Sex! That was having sex and holding hands in Consciousness, was gender-not-catharsis, which left me nowheresville-but-Descriptive (where I’d already been for 24 years (1957 thru 1981). I was into war-Chaos descriptively by definition of plutocrats! Many of them were not, not understood “plutocracy” at all. as the theory which kept “nuclearist-Policy” under dictums of predilection nowhere in print but in discussions behind “plutocracy’s Gates”. These social-Changes were hardly digressions, has been my import, from April 7th 1967 thru to this day?

Why does one need “heroin-doses” or sleaze of rents? Why not a merriment for divorces, not a handgun for privacy? These are questions that many women do not ignore. My strident do-Good, was to try to save 10% per pay-Roll: check, as expediency of Protes-tant catharsis is traditionally attached, and to be concerned w others frenetic overtures as present concerns whether digressions or discerning ‘present’’ elements or not. However, I am a W.A.S.P. w green-Eyes, and not many humans have green-Viewors. The geographic a-Morphism I made my own also went handily w “en Voce’ enlightenment” and that over-ture is a Universal philosophical backlog, as well as what I’ve done, since then, daily. Rac-ism is not my quest, but is a disease due past-Wars. A social-Disease and protest can and does prove viability beyond that sleazy-Stance. The capitalist-Totalitarian neglections of the we-People, I’ve never neglected, because primarily integration can assert “peace” as much as anti-Nuclearist dispositions. However, I do not turn my back as those transgressions have no neglect as purpose, but as purpose can be misunderstood, trying to assure the Conscious-State of envelopment. That those dispositions have been little understood in the manner of “defense” is not a lie of non-concern, but very much the anti-thesis, and that which is not d-F: INvasions by IMpunity, nor usury of corporate organization is a d-F person, therefore Oligarchs love “d-F personhood” do you feel remiss at the end of the day saying to yourself, “I heard someone say there are six (now seven) political-parties in this the new-Rome”? If you did that may have been my voice, that of universal en Voce` that I have practiced for 4-decades and 12 months? Dig.

No peace, not merely inner-Connected spirit but defense not Offense…bloGs from the collateral-Damage approach on IMpunity. These, bloG-posts (#’s 1 thru 51) are the by-Productfulness of not allowing superficial-Excess to become antiquarian-Disbelief—yet, they are differentiated from devaluation and/or dis-INformation. My other bloGs, what I am calling “blog-Scape” surmounted about 60-blogs on three-Separate: web-Pages (sites) since 10 April 2006. I was not pleased, because my vocabulary had worn down allotment of use, miserliness for non-Readors, and vituperations pertaining toward UN-declared wars, and simplistic abodings. Somehow, I felt that I had, yet, improved upon my readings and computer’s tenaciousness. The result was that last year-2011– I wrote all year long. Thus, from one volume before the turn of the century, my procurements of answers and in-Depth coverage on what “covert-Excise, and covetous were” which led to “usurpations and megalomania of the never-Extraordinary: plutocracy-UNkind torpors…” came the solidification of getting beyond Thought and thus returning to where and what societal-IMpasse` has been, not always what is.

Here is what I’ve garnered, from the many parvenu’s ensconced, attenuated and self-Derided. Scorn is not apparent in the final analysis: beholder of virtues, is pluralist. The first-Blogs, are now appendix, where those volumes of my main books has ventured, into head-Space: adversity, for time-Space global-Village and Thought, alacrity! These are my bleatings, my thinking demeanors, and my Consciousness. As this is volume-8 my earlier written litanies have a specific cast, not shadow, maybe shading, where histories, stories, geographies are relevant. Megalomania is the human perspectus-condition of plutocracy as venue’d and as die-Cast upon the will of free-Thinking w.o. cognizant trust in knowing and understanding. Jean Paul Sartre was a profound composite of these tenets, and many thinkers of the u-S and world INtelligentsia’s are ameliorated as am I, into the cognizance of Thought. I’ve expended a lifetime of thinking and doing and not always ameliorating until a fissure of juris, proved provident.

Military-Hegemony is a curse, and democracy is much worse for having allowed the plutocrats their ‘will’ never to turn-back, never to find anew, and never to say “never”! Now, the attenuations of facts and IMpervious measured in overdosed amounts. Nuclear-Weapons are worse than a curse. The people’s attitudes are not platitudes of renown, but should have been. My first-Name “R” means ‘righteousness’… and, I have presented myself from a meta-Physical basic predicated upon encompassments of the cross sections of all person ‘n peoples, due my visual-acuity, séances and geography w others.

Anarchy isn’t Free, all wurk and no social-Consciousness provides that, anti-War is not Greater than NSDU-238. While thermo-Nuclears provides that wars is Oligarchs, oNLY belligerent foppish-Course availing lack of principle and no-Cognizance for p-e-a-c-e.


[1] The “second-Coast” of u-S geography, was apart the neo-Colonialist dispositions of 1843 that garnered a usury-Disposition…this should at least be spelled “gulf-coast” and was followed by coasts 3 and then Alaska 4-5-6 for a half-dozen coastlines indeed in need of “protections” as far as Ecological “disasters” could be predetermined, for whomever knows what in d-F the penataGooons are planned to dissuade knowledge, forecasted, predilective, pudative-Plannings!

[2] The steady state theory had been accepted and negligence was not Determinism, so that right-wingers felt they could over-react and be correct. They were instead negligible to offering consternation, and void of all but a “pious-Disregard” of Thought! This may have been behavioral, in part, but did not carry integration of the boomer-generation, let alone the ‘we-Boomers” that were interpreting all enterprises of thought consistencies…

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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