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nUkiEmOLe pRonouncements #9/ 13 Jul 2018 summary of chem- tRails & geoengineering aerosols

nUkiEmOLe pRonouncements #9/ 13 Jul 2018

summary of chem- tRails & geoengineering aerosols


Why I am here tonite at the med-Bow city council meeting is to discuss “Geoengineered-Despicability” that has been propagated upon this nation-state and the whole world, for a matter worthy of disclosures to us, the we-People. First a couple of quotes that pertain to the past several decades that leads us into 2015.


“Bees may be developing a kind of animal Alzheimer’s disease because of exposure to aluminium in the environment, scientists have suggested.

A new study has found that the young of bees already show high amounts of aluminium contamination which may be causing mental dysfunction and playing a role in the decline of bumblebee populations.

Because of industrial discharge aluminium is the Earth’s most widespread pollutant and is already known to be responsible for the death of fish in acid lakes, forest decline and low crop productivity.

Previous studies had suggested that when bees forage for nectar they do not actively avoid nectar which contains aluminium.”[1]


“More than 30% of all herbicides sprayed anywhere contain glyphosate–the world’s bestselling weed killer. It was patented by Monsanto for use in their Roundup brand, which became more popular when they introduced “Roundup Ready” crops starting in 1996. These genetically modified (GM) plants, which now include soy, corn, cotton, canola, and sugar beets, have inserted genetic material from viruses and bacteria that allows the crops to withstand applications of normally deadly Roundup.”[2]

A summary of chemtrails USA starts in 1994 where over 50,000 scientists were involved in cloud manipulation for rain- precipitation. This involved the chemical silver nitrate, and a host of airplanes. In 1996, the Pentagon at the auspices of corporate-gain decided to increase a program, change the chemicals and therefore formulated a military takeover of wants a public program. Whereupon, in 1998 and new program was started under the auspices of the Pentagon over US territory in Alaska and the lower 48. The manipulation of weather systems was the overall tenet and enterprise. The chemicals were steepened to include barium stearate, as well as silver nitrate. Somewhere along the line strontium 90 radionuclides known carcinogen was added so that aluminum oxide could replace the silver nitrate compound.


When next, the usage areas were kept secret from the public and were of course of propaganda by military and government officials in secrecy. The only problem with this is the land, air, water, people, animals, or being contaminated with radionuclides, heavy metal, high toxic chemical compounds. I first saw this and photographed in 1998, in the mountains south of Laramie. Being a photographer I have changed my course of ecosystems and ecology to the study of brown gray trees and chemical- sleaze.


The contamination of this despicable process can best be seen overhead med-Bow,  altho there were in the last week days of over 25 sorties each from commercial error jets unmarked. The long trails of chemicals encompasses upwards of 50 miles at one aerosolization. I call this area an approximate midpoint, as I have photographed numerous times Rock Springs Wyoming and Laramie Wyoming, that have been used due to the winds being westerly most often. The strontium 90 is 50% more susceptible to the female gender, 65% more susceptible in children and in males not to apparent. However, there are no public health facilities measuring or doing studies of the people along this 270 mile corridor–the chem-trails corridor of Wyoming.


There are also, no studies available on why, on how many tons per each 737 to 767 Aerojet’s and what each flight costs. Atop that fact is the feature that chemical makeup is totally degenerate to animals-people-planet and is use overseas all around the world under the auspices of the CIA’s addendum for military takeover through the use of EMF’s (electromagnetic-Frequency) H.A.A.R.P. and a study pertaining to CME’s or the current of sunlight impacting the planet daily. There are three radionuclides intermixing from the Daiichi’s, Japan in the air above us as well. This has been occurring since March 11, 2011. This is yet another form of military ‘experiment’ being conducted without first outstanding acknowledgment, congressional approval with public input, and a thorough summary of reasoning by state and federal officials, unless black ops qualifies.


The overall effect has been seen by the multitude of people across the US and in particular in California, where the drought is induced by the chemtrails. The fact of the matter is aerosolization removes moisture from air to make clouds further westward–this is been a good knowledge in the many storms of the eastern seaboard, primarily as a way of increasing the extent and the devastation and destruction caused by specific storms. California’s drought is above us this last 10 weeks of rains–which are not normal. One good reason not ever stated is that the whole program increases acid rain by removal of moisture thousands of feet above, but the acid rain HOVERS over the land and reservoirs while contaminating rivers and foodstuffs. This effect is a correlative to Monsanto GMO’s and can only be seen for the lack of progress that the non-industrialization process is liable to bring about, via corporate over-involvement.


Thus, the increase of acid rain makes for more CO2 over the land that is also carried by the storms into the oceans as well as the CIA’s involvement with contaminating the oceans around the world–via the same involvement of wind dispersal. This means that CH2 or methane, releases are accomplished by overindulgence of CO2. The clock cause of global warming/climate change is the heating up of saltwater and releasing of methane. Wherefore, every time a vehicle drives on the silt laden dust and gravel roadways around med bow, the re-suspension of the 3 μ (microns) from chem-trails, is quite liable to be causing an over-indulgent and expressly contiguous intake into the skin and hair, nostrils and lungs, where removal as not been deemed necessity, although it is an ultra-necessity or the continuation of doom to the human anatomy.


Sidelights of aluminum oxide, the heavy metal, has been known to cause dementia. While strontium 90 is one of the three worst radionuclides because of the 300-year full-life, or 29.5 year half-life as all radionuclides are both radiation particles and chemical breakdown i.e. toxic contaminants. Thus, since 1998 when were the noticeable increases in error jet flights super increased? By my own outdoors virtues 2006 and my camerawork from my own property here in the bow shows that apparency. Worse for wear by 2010 being outdoors was specific to feeling a change on the skin hair and eyes, of the human anatomy, yet what studies are due after 17-years long-use and abuse. What agencies cannot block this apparatus? I have written to Sen. Barrasso and received no response, specifically. I am not amazed at corporate sleaze, specifically since the sale of NSDU-238 to the IDF in 1972 amounted to the contamination of the Sinai desert in 1973. The 35 years of wars since 1980 perpetrated by the CIA’s always undeclared involved the US military’s first usage of NSDU-238 in Iraq, 1991. There has been no cleanup. There has been total disgust.


What do we have to do here in medicine Bow to protect ourselves and to keep the military from overdosing us and illuminating the moisture we should have normally, as well as blue skies and sunlight of the proficient, furtive nature to breathe normal oxygen and enjoy natural olfactory senses.
Last of all, my study from March-2014 produced eight of eight positive results of contamination of all three of the major components of “chemtrails” the above-Mentioned. I believe the city Council has been too lax on the recommendation I’ve had in front of the Council three times prior to now in setting the task of collecting mud water gravel sand samples and having them tested through proper ‘physical-Resource’ laboratories. The course we have is not a small social-polemic, this is a bigger problem than you would know by what you’re not done satisfying anything other than: nothing. Now is the time to change by acting on samples collection and testing.


What caused some-sort-of weather-Changes was “invention-Copyright”. Namely that which we call ”geoengineering aerosols or chem-tRailing”, vituperation against us people. Apparency is get-what gray-over has parts per million of toxicity as sunlight is re-directed to cloud-tops and as US-pentagon (fanatic-penataGooons) w their austere-Propaganda as fascist-Style, is yet bought by coRpoRate-SleaZe. There is a gray-zone, to offend the gray-skies forever adversity promulgated upon us for over 20-years in-a-row: now! The militarization of our public cannot utilize Universality, which is what I have been occluding for us, herein. That propaganda of the-People must be defined as anathema to the Constitution and Declaration of Human Rights, as well as Bill of Rights, is not beyond rapproche` as they are unthinking Oligarchs-Elites, munitions-Criminals in control of the US-pentagon to a great-extent that georges-Enron said to himself, enough-is-enough, I have a better ego-tRippe. The punishment of the public has been since 1961, decades-Long: butt-holds. The planet needs “water”not coRpoRations, but us, for food growing and not industrial tampering such as “1.5 billion gallons PER DAY for an average NPP’s cooling the “reactor. Give us a fookering bReak mister anti-Boomer georges-Enron, and hardly boomer el tRumpeteR.


“The beginning of the twenty-first century. Somewhere in the three levels of NYC, Jill Bioskop, a woman with blue hair, cries blue tears. She doesn’t know it yet, but Horus, the falcon-headed god, has cruised half the universe to meet her. Horus has been sentenced to death by his peers and has just seven days to live. Seven days to find Jill in the maze of the city and seduce her. But to do so, he needs to possess a human body. [That] will be Alcide Nikopol, a political prisoner who was cryogenised thirty years ago because he knew too much about the New York apartheid. Horus, Nikopol and Jill Bioskop…..A weird menage-a-trois where every-thing is twisted: voices, bodies, memories….even unexpected love. Meanwhile, the pyramid of the gods flies above Manhattan, aliens make secret plans at the top of   skyscrapers, and a non-human serial killer walks the street at level 1.”[3]


This film has a 2003-2004 visual-Effects and fRench thoughtfulness intrigue, for those of us who should distinguish between anglo: flipped-out, and fRench parvenu, sci-fi w a plot partial to story—as that of Existentialist 21st century “eugenics and artificial: intel-Gence. A psychopath is yet a psychopath, whether either, human or A.I. You know language is a barrier when no new-Words are utilized in literature, but morose when not utilized in films, especially one w cathartic special-Effects and goshe` meanings of death/murders to either! Sooo, what we see is a magnanimous covetous of chemicalizing, increased thru broader-Disseminating “aero-jet placed” nozzles. Raking the people thru plutocracy, in other words, is propaganda and total-Damage to a system never quite allowed to utilize “all-Races” and non-Bourgeois representationalism more akin ‘deca-aRte’.


The fRench film delves into the hypocriful and I watched 59 minutes of the more than 1:48:00 minutes w.o. feeling I would blame Eugenics for doling out this psychopathic A.I. Actually, I could not, since Eugenics and experimentation are sleight-of-Hand scientific evaluations w.o. public-control or hypocriful as propaganda ploy against the we-People. You and I know, sooo what is eugenics, if medicine is plastiche`? Are chem-tRails this Exceptionalism theoretically by a fRenchman producer director inducing ‘eugenics’ be cast in proper A.I. light? Yes. Mainly Horas gets his way, as US-penataGooons get their superior-rity, if not ameliorated, half-Act: way. My how truth is not Exceptionalism, but is Conditionalism continuing by oppression, and by police-State and by pseudo-government of secretized by Zionism and fascist ilk-Manner.


Otherwise, come home and listen to radio commentaries and spokes-People who define and stay attuning—as we should. A whole galaxy parvenu’d as easy travel or w.o. anti-gRavity propulsion never mentioned or seen shown as utilized is a drawback to the very sophisticated makeup of faces and artificial bod-Parts homogenization w.o. society, not defined as civilized, but less soooo. As our plutocracy not civilized? Uhh-huh. Yes. Flying is wings and wind yet mis-Evaluated for homogeneity readily accepted. Thus, is eugenics being covered-Up by gray-clouds chemicalized w very cancer-Causing strontium-90? Or, not? Horas was well portrayed, and properly granted a correctful known worldwide, Universally, or soon should be.


Mobilizing for peace, must include “anti: chem-tRails” and be rid propaganda-Machine, preferably jailing torturers and acting-Illegally bombing-country’s oligarchs-Presidents. Whereupon by jailing a return to not having chemicalized air and being ready for methane-Releases. This is an anti: agenda-21 appeasement and return of constitutionality. Knowledge of ”directed-Energy” weapons” is also not secretized, since 1991, and especially Sept.11th 2001. What did this highly-Illegal: international-Act solicit, if not to disguise ‘eugenics and chem-tRails that program which had started in 1996 takeover of scientists, by1998. I do not pretend that the eRathe is not dying, as 10.5 millions acres of acid-Reins killed conifer-Forests is a pain in the eyeballs! Is this so-called “preferred-Term: Existential or egg-sistential”?


Soooo, what else is? Weld. on May 20th 2018, the fanatic-penataGooons increasde their impervious accolade of not relinquishing “factual-Data” to the ublic of u.s.a. nor to Norway and Russia, the other two countries who continue w “who-dunnit” redundancies! The 190 new aero-Jets are in use and offer 2,3-2.5X more demising of land-water-air (oxygenate need contaminations–ohh yeah)! Why? Those both: scatter broader swarthes and  makelonger diabolical blockage formidably less than Rge-Nal tRailings, these are bRoadening, pre-disseminating. Nice. No. How much more does this cost the taxpayer? How muchfurther does this dRain the US-tReasury? When will we be given, by some-Scientific-Methodology ofmeasurements “how much these molecules (mircons)have contamiinated us,human past 20-years. And,now, how much is this increase.




We, who haven’t been fooled are a guiding-Light. No more egg-sistential.

the peace-Warrior

[1] UK Telegraph ‘science study shows

[2] “Monsanto’s Roundup Triggers Over 40 Plant Diseases and Endangers Human and Animal Health” Friday, January 28, 2011 by: Jeffrey M. Smith Tags: Monsanto, Roundup, health news

[3] “Immortal AD Vitam”

1,429,233 views, 59:17/1:42:48 mins through the Aether, Pub. on 4 Jul 2014 [there are no indige-amers, no afRo-Amers, and blessedly, no slaves (sic: mine)]

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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