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nUkiEmOLe pRonouncements #12/ 05 Apr 2019: wArs Invasions US-military does not make us fRee you are american-Hegemonyite

nUkiEmOLe pRonouncements #12/ 05 Apr 2019

wArs Invasions US-military does not make us fRee you are american-Hegemonyite

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We-are-priceless-viRtues, acknowledge the illegal-wArs Un-constitutional (14 Apr 2019)


As I watch the meagRe snowing’s of not late but getting-Late i.e. what normal no “chem-tRails garbage-Sleaze weather beyond garbage” has become. Those are 21-years of fRactuous and fRightening paradoxes galore of rogue-Empire. Also, the astride the bush-cRime family, the so-called national-Security state, has pRoffered more assurances that fascism will maintain plutocracy—here in u.s.a. Where else? My editings and reposting because of petulance—on my oversight and due injuries ‘n pains, that I could not discover, yet now have found that I knew and did re-Acquaint, since last week…yet are those Ionispheric-Heaters being exposed as Julian Assange has been exposing “collateral-Damages, masse` murderings, insufferability w.o. accountability?


Keeping Chelsea Manning inside prison w “indefinite-Detention” is a heinous crime usefully reserved for dictators and plutocracy. America has been a plutocracy, the new-Rome, the rogue-Empire, the military-Hegemonyites are that. We are not the oNLY americans as any country in north and south-Americas are that too. Exceptionalism has been sacrosanct in other words, just look at neo-Con’s and utility of usages Sept. 11th 2001 of “directed-Energy: weapons” expose`. Look, savor read, take notes as the news-CoRpoRatism will not be doing that for us.


”May-Day gAtheRinG & O.W.S. (5-01-12) little-D” Batch-15


Release me from your asinine and insipid thefts and always-Spying upon my person here in the med-Bow, as thieves are not my doing i.e. you folks should have helped w groceRies unpacking and many rakings & shovelings remissals, 2016 summer thru last October 2018, when expensive-Shots helped loosen my shoulder yet need-Replacement! Those chemicals w.o. hourly measurements are in the 21st year, now. Good ole “chem-tRails garbage-sleaze: weather: is not reported as disseminations and as parts per millions at all. Yet?


My poetRy is going to be placed on contemporary-Hold, until I have over 1,000 hits daily–signup for RSS–my writings copyright “volumes’ can await publishing, wherein I shall place my poems. Your comments are not stressful, as hardly any at all is the fascist bought-Off dementia’s that bourgeois-America has usurped and impugns. Have 41-years of illegal-Invasions been good for you yet? Do you need those wArs-wArring costs, or do you need the word “bullshid-ski” yet not compostable?

 “I really wanted this gal, but one fRame on my SLR roll–when back east in 1998!” (19.5″W x 13″H) edited 4-10-19 @ sRC..


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Visual Depictions of Ionized Fires, floods-Rampaging, bodies in Streets (12 Apr 19)


The chem-Trails gaRbage-Sleaze is in your hair, in your yes, in your nose. That shid-ski is sooo good for you they, the NSA-fools and the cIAS oNLY overseas and the US-admin’s tRumpeteR won’t allow you to relax while they consistently overcompensate for taking and utilizing the u.s.a. country’s resources of monies for health in maintaining perverse wArs and adversity found in black-Ops and whitewash “pRopaganda”.


Sooo what. You watch teevee all day then drink bEer six-pack insufferably not relating to your immediate nor individualist ‘disgusts’. The plutocracy did not takeover, as they’ve been ameliorated, since 475 a.d. anyway-How. The Oligarchs/technocracy is the form that americans suffer w plutocracy—our system. Where in the US-constitution does the word “peace” get used?  End those imperialist, military-Hegemonyite: wars-Invasions.


Like I’ve had to state since 1970, that “ban-the-Bomb: symbol is not peace-Sign, but ban-symbol: period” w a visual perceptive recognition depiction …mental dRawing! No ‘nucleaRism’ cognitive-peRception! Mabe, the sign has been used for all “three: nucleaR-molecular: weapons, as I surely have done w each tRansformation. The engendering of neo-Con’s 2002 georges-Enron affair w hatred, have left Guantanamo a sickness legacy of those sold to Pakistan and Afghanistan was “bounty-Hunters” bountiful payments.


Black-Ops for black-sites the Cuba-Island was impermeable for removal, sooo once again the US: military-Hegemony went into the disregard elementous scheme. Lovely, the new-Rome is not!


““The US, in the last decade, unfortunately has not proven to be a safe state with regard to the provision of torture in cases that involve national security,” said the torture expert. [U.N. toRture expert—rt news] Referring to Mr. Julian Assange a champion of human-Rights, not human-Idiocy promulgated and consorted for R-O-N-G-S.





Besides, when are the saplings to 10.5 million dead-Coniferous tress in CO & WY going to get REPLANTED if they’re not already ‘gRown’! Sooo, one can see that invading central-americas thru “School-of-Assassins trained masse` murders”, using “NSDU-238 in Iraq and invading Iraq lands three-Phases” like bully-Boy Clyneton was not a lawyer and held his hand on bible during  Presidential Swear-in ceremony; that georges-Enron did the same and copped-out on Constitutionality but invaded awash in his and the neo-Con’s lies. What are the illusions of Afghanistan bombed the usa’s garbage dumps, or do those false-News attacks merely not get premised? Yugoslavia was needing destabilizing. Libya was

needing destabilizing. Yemen was needing destabilizing. What is a prissy’s nightmare?


Does the national-Security: state, the stasis of fascism that we-people live w daily compromise our health and our welfare? See and review those stats I’ve lived w since 1957 @ Other:

 “I love my ‘pInk0’ gals..yet knowledge of nucleaRism–a mUst” (19.5″W x 13″H)



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US love of nucleaRism, un-Abashed, antagonistic, molecularist, abnoRmal tyRanny (12 Apr 19)


There are no longer blues skies allowed to bring-on fluffy-clouds the next day or two. There is oNLY “chem-tRails garbage-Sleaze weather systems” illegally or perforce “ever-so-monotonously not secretly, perpetrated into molecularizations and Ionispheric-fires, floodings, heavy-duty beyond-Scope tornadoes then cyclones/hurricanes outta whack w any but controllers of Ionispheric-Heaters. That is top of news. That ought be headlines. That ought not be punditry!


Julian Assange is no lackey journalist. The books, the newscasts that he has personally given, and WikiLeaks his outlet for internet connectivity to keep the publics w an open-mind. The government’s inner-focus is constantly about asserting “power” and nothing much else. Notice, when I ask you to read and the footnotes in my “volumes eXceRpts” do those url’s stay in cyber-Space or does the federal-Gov’t remove those? What can and does happen? Nonetheless, the US-politicians seem to cow-tow to knowing how badly disinformation and misinformation can be formidably, maintain savagery of the new-Rome, the two client-states of Sauds and Israels—while UK remains a staid envelopment of state-Security. The NSA does not rule but black-Ops are not brought to Justice. Look at Sept. 11th 2001. Did anybody get arrested from Saudi Arabia or did a-Hole georges-Enron allow 13 aero-jets to depart for sand-Lands?


There are floods in Iran since 19 Mar 2019. Were they caused by Ionizations, which were fires in Santa Rosa 2017—or not! Yes, there were “weird fires burning the stud here and not there, but they started, one and all, from the sly not from the forests aided by high winds! Did the revolutionaries cause the refugee crises from Iraq, from Syria, from Libya, from Somalia, and what is so gReat about being a refugee. Tyranny and anarchy reign supreme when cIAS backed by NSA does dastardly to help the ultimate “american-Forces, evermore not-so-cheap do further DESTABILIZATIONINGS and further the cause of IONIZATIONINGS.


Chelsea Manning is yet in jail. Again, what for, as she has already been “tRied” and served seven fookerbiltski years! Spin, punditry, high-pRice hoaxsters in coRpoRate-sleaze news rhetorical excesses. I have for decades been a formidable Philosopher dwelling upon definitions such as “one-party: parody” but that merely signify that american-Socialist parties are there. They need more internal strengths of souls w.i. who are not bought-off by Bourgeoisie affections, afflictions and lies and deceits for power-monergering as the new-Gawd of formidable Christian masse` murdering thRu illegal utility of extensions that US-constitution is shid-ski upon daily!


Thee teevee is prognostication not of disbelief, but of illegalities. Refugees displaced by US-military-Hegemony thru Sheldon Adelson? No. Thru ‘school-of-assassins” in Georgia u.s.a.? Yes. Where there is democracy that has been peace-Wiped-Out is a drunks fraternity/ sorority ensconcement that is superficiality where power starts. We need to compost nucleaRism is the top headline daily from 1957 to day after Sept 11th 2001 and that should have included nano-Technology warnings, one-by-one the statis on impunity and usury.


Are you not tired of think-Relating to people in jail being mistreated, today? The entropy of wArs-wArring continue to parlay exasperations as though there was NO NEEDS FOR and OF P-E-A-C-E…

 “leaving word for the next ‘pollutinG, geNeRation?”(19,5″W x 13″H)  edited 12-19-11 & 4-10-19 2 cheerie-Ridge…


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no-Peace: dirty–wArs Noisy, Space-Films wArs, heRoes, woRships, deaths (11 Apr 19)


Even interstellar-Space is technocratized to “loudness of motors, of whooshing space-cRaft” and yet sp

ace in indeterminably q-u-i-e-t. Unlike once peaceful walks alongside orchards of corn stalks in Iowa, the birds used-to-Waz: did songster. The hero-Holywood type films take lotsa knowhow to make, but, then, explosions ar loud-to-totally deafening. Why then is knowhow put to good ends for specifically “noise-Means” to inculcate the human-Brain w electric-Dysfunctionalism? Is that noise good for menstruating women-Folk who may knock their own cycles off a consort of normal is as standards of pRacitical commendations, may assuage.


Otherwise, our new-Rome society is taxing of the brainless who know the US-constitution has been bulldozed too often for “militaristic-Enterprise and social-EntRopy”. Personally, I’d wonder from time to time whether I’d may want to watch an infant’s borth, a woman’s birthing, the need of and for cleanliness—a visuality of humanoid-Perception to maintain cognizant “perceptivity”! After all, the vagina is a very erstwhile, intricate part of humanoid-Anatomy. Nonetheless, where is the word-teRm: p-e-a-c-e w.o. n-o-i-s-e?


Example of “noise” is news-Today, whereas, Julian Assange has been “arrested in an Embassy” in London UK (not Ontario Canada) a totally-Illegal undertaking by plutocrats abusing the power they think they “own”.


LETTERS AND POLITICS (kpfa-fm) “Julian Assange’s Arrest and The First Amendment Right. Then, the State of Disability in Media” audio #308605 …


“Assange and Manning Under Arrest: Trump Admin Goes All Out Against Whistleblowers (Pt 1/2)” tRnn 11 Apr 19


“Dr Judy Wood Where did the towers Go ?” 177,990 views, 2:24:57 mins.

**there was no NSDU-238 in 6-towers brought down by D.E.W. but in both aero-Liners approx.. 4,000 lbs. in (both) the two combined aero-jets…what did the E.P.A. not do was investigate!

please note: I am removing the iMaGe sent to me of a gal who was hot, and mastuRbating, but alongside the nuclear-Polemics of masse` death and “nucleaRism” is fascism–good ole fascist america ought be as best experessed!! (09 May 2019)

“two of the fidelities a man’s Life needs the most–Go foRe the id-al is not a neuteRing!” (19.5″W x 13″H



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Hegemonyites-Rex, harassments and interruptions but I am not for their Fascism (4-09-19)


What this eRathe needs is a rebirth on human-Labor to produce the needs of Refugees stuck in plastic and tents by US-military disadvantaging their life-Styles from their adversary…as today, April 7th is the very day that I started thru interrogation of the self-Self, Alan Watts Philosopher explained consciousness as a state of mind for which consciousness appears. Formidably, that took me to consequently stand by the flagpole on the Colorado College campus, in protest against “american-NucleaRism” a policy of lies and deceits never to explanations as why radionuclides-Contaminations were not good for us-Humanity on the one planet. That was 1967, and I’d already started to protest the extent in 1957—ten years before then.


Today the “fires of 2017” have been diagnosed. Those facts belie the fascist D.E.W. usages as estrangements in our socio-Political midst as though we had Universal Health Medicare. Today Iran will celebrate the IDCG a day 13-years ago when Iran decided to move ahead w peaceful purposes of Radionuclides as the anniversary marks their idiopathic of dignity, while pRes. tRumpeteR allow more insecurity in the muddlesome middle-East thru “toe client states” Saudi aRabia and Israels which is so-called religious-State hard to call a Republic. Were I living or visiting w others in Cheyenne Wyoming today I’d be participating in placard-Protests against the nuclear-tipped and Mirv’d missiles. Iran also has to contend whether the floods of last year were not D.E.W. remains glossed by aggressor-mouth tRumpeteR, himself—not even John Bolton.


Meanwhile, I keep e-Mailing single women and they respond they are somewhere other than where they did not lie. The weather has warmed to over 50-degrees, while we know that even w “chem-tRails garbage sleaze-Weather” diagnoses are hard put and teevee announcers are fulla-Bula lying not about mismeasurements of strontium-90 as those have yet to get started in our “21st annum of Ionizationings” which can make settee’s for D.E.W uitility and usages such as Santa Rosa fres. While the chemicalization can merely be stated as fascist earnings to maintain “US-military-Hegemony” over “us: you and I” in africaom degeneracy of US-forces, cIAS’s and special-Forces. Algeria, Sudan, Somalia in Africa are fighting against tyranny of government while forces in Libya may seemingly already have been, as videos show intervened by US-military. In Somalia there is the fascist House of Saud, client-state to US-hegemony who continue for the fifth year to eradicate the Yemens’ people.


Sooo how do I feel, today, now that my 19th month of awaiting shoulder-Replace-ment is nowhere closer happenstance-Replete? Weld, I have my left-Ribs in pains from sitting and wRiting my bloGs. My heart occasionally gets to be like spots in my lungs a degenerative course in reaching. As I ready to post, quite late (April 9th ) I over-hear that Blasé Bompane has died. He and I did talk once in a public place after his participation of a forum on LOS basin. He agreed w me that “US militaryism is not a democracy-Purposeful manner” an abidance which obviates my participation w.o gooks and geeks missing my standing on corners placarding against tyranny of “nuclearism” while almost all others are anti-Wars. He did not like me to state US-militaryism but “militarism” was all right. He I used to listen to on Sundays broadcasts of “world-Focus”.

 “Study of metRo Light Rail bRidge over-cRossing US-50 in Lakewood nearby where i Lived off Colfax Ave. post 2nd knee-Replacement” (19.5″ x 13″H) edited 4-09-19 @ sRC…


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My tRysts w Encyclopedias and Hiking Starts (4-06-19)


Is not that I do not need money to pay for (via donations) my use in utility of various websites that I’ve quotes, because altho my book’s “Volumes” may get published, they are not yet making income which must go to replenishing my “retirement-Savings” this past 11-years since ‘retiring”. Also, I am slaving away w.o. much sleep to re-commit those edited and posting iMaGeS, as I finalize what I both do and do not know of “the constRaints of Website cyber”. Maybe this one ought to dRive to Gaza (stRip) and make a documentary, long overdue, as have been fReeing Chelsea manning, and the same i.e. fReeing Julian Assange.


“World Book Encyclopedia 2018

The 2018 edition of The World Book Encyclopedia is your pass to a world of learning and exploration. In 22 hard-cover volumes full of accurate and trustworthy facts, the encyclopedia set provides the most up-to-date information in formats specially-tailored for school-aged learners. Sharpen critical thinking, hone research skills, dive deeply into fascinating subjects, and round-out classroom curricula with expertly-written, unbiased articles. Tens of thousands of index entries make it easy for you to find information wherever it is in the set. Abundant colorful photos, diagrams, charts, tables, and maps supplement the easy-to-read text. Along with the 17,000 articles is useful advice about studying and report writing for elementary through intermediate grades students. By combining research and technology, the robotic inspired 2018 Spinescape® inspires a continuous drive for learning and innovation.


Which South American countries were liberated by Simón Bolivar? What kind of animal is a uakari? Julia Gillard was prime minister of which country? How many kinds of trout are there in North America? Is an entrechat something to eat? School-age readers to adults: Bring your questions to The World Book Encyclopedia for answers!

Retail: $1,199.00 Sale $699.00”


I grew-up w “two Encyclopedias” on my downstairs room shelves. The first was Ency-clopedia Britannica, the new white outer hard-binding was World Book. I had to connote for my high-school instructors that while I learned lots that science on “nucleaRism” was not included—as well as american-Socialism, too. How come bought-Holds? Take note, I read lots from 9.5 to 13.5 years. Then I had to do reports in high-school which I’d characterized in intermediate grade 7 and 8. I read that Encyclopedia thru cover to cover, speed reading, since I was janitor for my uncle Myron’s, and had to wait half-an-hour for either one of my folks and occasionally, walking the three-miles to get home—uphill—chose different routes and got to know where all bird species roost. The non-Resolved episodes on “american-Socialism” have been updated in my 8X volumes for publication.

See: Volumes eXceRpTs

I also gRew-up in san fRancisco w the “Woolworth’s song” being sung as though we’d always have no-tomorrow, as though we should abstain from over-commercialization. Anathema was what my Dictionary stated.

Cesar Chavez would have been 92-years today had he lived beyond 56. I twice told him to stop smoking cancer-sticks, because I marched w him, and we hiked all over centRail Valley.

“Many Nice FeatuRes regaRding Whole Foods, but not enough conversations overheard about sickening US-military hegemony!” (17″H x 13″W) edited 4-04-19 @ sRC..


**please see <posts # 7 thru 12>

**please see <posts # 1 thru 6>


Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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