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nUkiEmOLe pRonouncements #10/ 25 Mar 2019: What does word-teRm: predatory-Monopolist Indicate?

nUkiEmOLe pRonouncements #10/ 25 Mar 2019

What does word-teRm: predatory-Monopolist Indicate?


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What does word-teRm: predatory-Monopolist Indicate?


There is killing, killing, and killing. Then there is blood and more blood. Then there is garves. These words of AJE journalist doing -seven videos of Syria Revolution, Oct 2011 thru present, which started just north of Lebanon, in Deraa, a syRia town that soon lost 98% of populous to transient ‘refugee-Status’. Bashar Assad is a medical doctor, but as president-dictator, he’s never been filmed treating woulds of the syRia-children, some 459,000 who have died. The high lamps-Glarinoid of daylight “25,000 to 110,000 lumins per headlamp” has never had a “jihad” of american-Doctors speak-out against the hyper-Nerves overexposure conditions. My eye is diagnosed from a hyper condition, is general not Universal, as hyper-Overexposure for over 22 years. Are children good for us?


There are those who state that imperialism cannot lead to ‘fascism’. This is a lummox approach to misunderstanding “plutocracy”. Like the one-Party parody of coRpoRatist control alongside fascist neo-Liberalism, crime is not punishable when you are a corporate sleaze addict preying upon either side w.i. the coRpoRate-sleaze system. Far too bourgeois, many of us may know. Primarily though, the powerful Vatican is as much a paradox as power A.I.P.A.C. as both seem to have radicalized to present fascist-Mannerism of eradication on human-Rights, and psychotic allowability in death to others. The police-State is not an answer to not focusing upon democracy, when the state is focused upon illegalities of seven-Wars, none “declared” just present your military-Hegemony and the military bombs w an obliterative schema into racist and right-wing fascist backlog “keeping”.



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“R” When you sell your aRtweRks, is there a contract to that sale!


I’ve purposefully delayed “sales” on and of specific ‘metals’ altho I’V plenty other products kept in mind the past 10-years. Why you may ask? Should I relate to you again that wArs-wArrings have gone along almost 41 full f00kering annums, and that those interfere w perspicacious aRtes? Have the chem-tRails kept me indoors (or, inside my camper awaiting no sleaze-Weather: obliqueness?


You know I keep adding 5-inches to my ‘lefte-angle pRophylaketic” each day the past 8-days, because. Ecology is not normal due that sleaze! Like, dig this is the answer to spitefulness-Excess compendium-Minuses lacking answers. Resolved , the chem-tRails garbage-Weather is “government program run” and they are the minus. You DO NOT HAVE CLIMATE CHANGE, YOU HAVE CLIMATE CONTROL DONE HAPHAZARDLY FOR 21-YEARS, buttholds.


Now, I am selling my aRtwiRks. I need the remainder of this annum to complete a very large task-force of iMaGeS and metals and pRojects. I am structuring that you shall find worthwhile to seek aRtes in pRogRess. In as much as Ecosocialism is concerned, I am weRking toward a manner to resolve how to vacuum-Nano-particles of aluminum-Oxide from air-water-soil and conifErs other gReeneRy.

how to cleaR a fouR feet fence foR the cameRa…” edited 1-28-14 @ sRC….jpg


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Hypocriful Anxiety is a sickness awaiting the Death of Humanoid Species (19 Mar 2019)


They’ve been bad-Enough. There are gray-skies in a constant of rebuke by the state to not allow “blue-skies” any longer than a fascist-Ionization can and does hypocrisy to naturalness. Now, there is my book, one that covers “american-NucleaRism as well as US-military chem-tRails hegemony”. There is an egregiousness-Extent, the state harmful to the we-People. This does pertain to the concommittancy for our foodstuff pluralism, as well as harboring a grudge against us for service to provide death-Syndrome in the “seven concurrent states-Invaded”.


This time-Era, in deed the past 21-years of chemicalizations and Ionizationing, should be full of birds in song, not spouting psalm of where have those insects g-o-n-e. Defense is not planning again and again, offensive-Weapons via constant of testing against, nation-States. That the planning should always be “defending: factors and science-Aspects” on and of how to maintain UN-tRammeled waters, the eco-Zones waylaid ruinous to Ecology now full to the bRim w “aluminum-Oxides” coat after coat: laminating as though we do not need defense. Says who?


The study of Ecology, as apropos the planet is found in Ecosocialism. Eco-zones that have no insectivore, have no ecological-Balance. The birds have no fodder to eat! The grasses will not have seeds scattered by wind oNLY. Who said survival of the infirmament is nothing less than a religion to die. I did! Just did say that. We need to survive w.o. plastic- Air, and nano-Tech insects. The nucleaRism was NOT a test of your will, but a power-tRippe against human will-power. We do not need their ‘anxiety’. We need our Ecosocialism; our military-Defense saddled w reparations and considerateness. We do not need oligarchs-Technocracy: dept. of Offensive-Aggressors to test sublimations will werk for them.

Weigh-in on anti-War oR stay the f00k out” (19.5″Wx 13″H)  edited 12-02-17@ sRC


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 UN-constitutional wArs-wArring oR Ecosocialism (18 Mar 2019)

UN-constitutional wArs-wArring, no-woman to plug in and be w, w.o. chem-tRails disharmonizing ouR backs as we roll over in high country mountain gRasses, while the inaudible squirrels disappeaRances seems mighty anti-Normal, noise-particular.

…l00kin’ forward w whomever understands the chem-tRails are a constant of “inharmonious-Rex’ not to aRgue oR anythinGy-Bop. Yet, the guys those cybernetic-Thieves have stolen my camera’s battery chaRger  the one w the wall plug for Motels and living ‘on-the-Road’…now, I cannot find the one for my other camera.

…iV been camping out to study how we can reforest conifers millions of acres, photoing since 1969, and making some Ecosocialism complementary for us boomers. Altho that, I do not want to live nor have a boomer spouse. Merely, a sex-fein woman who understands my home not having had anyone around for forty years—except when I bunk-in w fellow aRtists, pRotestoRs, anti-Wars persons.

Like too much sleaze does displease. Like stRontium-90 is not good for women and gals in schools and all we-Peep’s over 55. Mabe, I’LL have to limosine around little-D: denveR and see how much poveRty exists in parking zooo, ever-cRunch, close, w.o. ever once saying to anyone, “end the chem-tRails Ionizing, neighbor.

We don’t need those wars ever, too!



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The vaGaRiEs of complexity (16 Mar 2019):

I now have added or more appropriately, sidled onto my phOtOgRaphics needing explications. The injuRiEs and not have any sexual-gRatifications, cannot be placed in the jar w dead gold-Fishes any longeR than necessity. Which geogRaphic diRection ought i go! My cold-water cabin, is maybe okay for visitors for 2-3 nites. Being that i am not a bad cook, but not a chef. Hot-water is boiled as in camp. The stoRage is in the constant of: weigh-ins. I phOtO constantly to update my visual-Consonants. Still Life, metal studies, welded complements of scuLptuRing, and more. Where is my indOOrs studio to be, after 8 major suRgeRies? The ‘morass-entity’ is my Life…

This is a doe ray me, over..” (17.5″ w x 13″H) edited 3-15-19 @ sRC..

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My completion on the first (13 Mar 2019):

…”half” of  litany on “nucleaRism”

anaRchy iSn’t fRee: buy youR oWn wAr

was copyrighted 10th Dec 2018, Human Rights Day. Altho iV 3.5 volumes next to edit, my time-off was necessaRy.

The volumes eXceRpts have been a steady diet, since, I believe around 2010. I recommend you study the inputs data as american-Socialist, oR Ecology and american-Philosophy, critic. My veRdict has been which kind of publishing is best.

Now, the aRthRitis in me-Bod is caused by “pseudo-Gout attacks” from 2016 thRu 2017′ October. Since then medications, especially heRbal rem-Eddies, have doled a daily tool, and need amenity. I often wonder whetheR strontium-90 from chem-tRails has caused inefficiency for pseudo-Gout to take that disease-course. The disease wins! Yet, chemicals are known to take the tolls on those who do not utilize homeopathic-Health rem-Eddies.

I have ailments daily, anywhere from 0-to-3, as well. The eye-patch is helpful for pre-Surgery, of macula. The lack of Medicaid: now is fascist pain in act, for not having better coverage for us seniors, as I have not had an income, merely a retirement-Plan budgeted.

My teeth are worsening, as gums need bone rebuilding–somewhat here and there.

The theft to my computer organizations and website utility, could use my up-Dating w.o. 10-of-10 pains that i have on shoulder-Replacement. The need is now in 19th month, since recommendation/diagnosis.

I shall be advising what sizes to purchase on special-aRtes, otherwise: two sizes per each–unless oNLY one size lamented.

“R” Addison

…would like an oppOsite gendeR–how about that patch? (13-Mar 2019)

**all posts by ( poet, philosopher, metal-Sculptor, phOtOgRapheR)


Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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