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nUkiEmOLe pRonouncements #8/ 26 Nov 2016: Question: When Not using belligerence while a hoax to laws of Philosophical & historical

nUkiEmOLe pRonouncements #8/ 26 Nov 2016

Question: When Not using belligerence while a hoax to laws of Philosophical & historical

Why have I become “has too been to save junk that is iUsed”? Did this one need to ensconce in accumulation, or was that the paradox of meta-Physics to write the endearments that did not happen to my life, while missing teeth prospered due lack of hot-water, but also accumulated. Plastics, among that consumption-for-Arts, akin accumulation of ur- 238 and pu-239 from making steam-toward-turbine, secret-Rust, or amassing tenets apologetic-Incomplete website? The paper and beguile to have to view that down, empty the storage! Soooo, anarcho-Syndicalist, a man of bRains, but then? I am a sculptor and I’ve offered—as much as I could to the brainless who wanting peace have others contentions to digress. Yes, free as to spend more on that product as a whole. Weld, that is peace. Alan Watts and my self, about 15-to-20th session!

Peace or consumption, peace: non-use of NSDU-238. How can one see as much un- toward inhumanity of mankind, whether tribes of that of newer-counties not nation- States. Women-in-our: mutual-Humanity? Human-Kinds, true. Get your trailer understood as transport what is good? No, the opposite of bad not good. Yes. Specialists in history; Philosophy; anarcho-Ecosocialism, yes, as this is essence of study landscape! I had 20,000- 30,000 items of interest. Throw that out starting when the table is fixed-up! Here’s to the wisdom o’ kids friends that our reconnoiteur’d is now done in goodness of community! I am remindful that you have read my edict on and of NSDU-238? But that you’ve accumu- lated the backlog’s start somewhere near this: “The little-known history of secrecy and cen- sorship in wake of atom-ic bombings” published August 7, 2015 6.04am EDT, but data-His- tory on ‘the conversation dot com’.

Of peace : we brought the eagles back, and then the wind-turbines, brought the chem-tRails of live-in-let die, defy living beneath “cHem-tRails’ corridor of WYoming”. Wow, hazardous!” soooo–now, the courtship of how peace remains and the historical- Relief to molecular structure. Or, like now getting my pHoTs done. Yavolde, I believe how the ‘ecology was’ yes, landscape as meta-Geography.

My poems, the real-Solidarity, for decades of continental-tRavels: on-the-Road as well in parttime big-Rig tRuks for us to know that NSDU-238 was not trusting democracy, but that we-Together can stop wars predicated upon “no-Measures of cleanups on both: nuclear-Molecular: weapons as disgusting as allowability is. No accountability was my constant measure in protests, not merely remnants of peace. the boomer-Generation, had an extreme need to never suspend knowledge and rhetoric of these decades as despicable, what w NSDU-238 being transported. Deadly penetrators? Yes. That is an electronic imbalance of ours, we-People of the u.s.a.? Yes, my liaisoned method. Guy named Bob has al- ways bothered me? Stealing what I needed, or move, trying to chase thee, those elements of peace’ Not using belligerence while a hoax to laws. The face of discivilries, on-Goin’ in middle-East, since we know Netanyahu. A basic fearless assassin.

I feel ‘defense’ is not offending, neighbors,, and recounts. Properly, altho, Jill Stein and then, Hillary shows in the popular m0de. She’s a good actor! The rest of the day? Weld- not reading those books, that I’ve bought! I say turn that puppy of building military-base after base, after base is, kicking me off. The still-Life, was. A building project to organize, the boxers. My sculpt is either going to need me get rid of ‘still-life studies’ and list those mistakes that you made. For real: anarcho-Syndicality misinterpreted as communism, that is communalism. Most proper, when the e wars are always contaminating desert-sands. Whether I wear boxing shorts of briefs, what the matter was is communicating what the wars look like, an alikeness of the murders of masses that the sordid context is atop the contaminations-sprees continuing, and now and then no apologies for contaminating North Korea, no apologies to Vietnamese, no apologies to Cambodia. Plastispheres, too!

Invading country after country is a crime against us, the we-People. This is reverence for hatred to be defending or always oppressed by the offendoRs. I use the width w my breath of chem-Inhaled not wanting what can or does happen: now. Peace, but w.o. wars not in memory of holding we-People together? Yes. Why leave this spot until ‘weldor’ is emptied-out of toxic unleaded-Gas: varnish—which does not burn correctly, that clogs injection!

Real solidarity requires a bold lead and a willingness to fight to the end, not mere words. The labor movement must do more than denounce racism in speeches. It must break with both of the bosses’ parties and fight in the interests of all workers in every workplace, neighborhood, and campus, as well as at the polls through our own class-independent party. Like we exist, because the ‘socialists’ who came before us, did what we’re doing. Educating ourselves to tyranny and to plutocracy definitions for no-more-Wars. We must use the time-honored and proven weapons of the working class: mass demon strations, workplace occupations, strikes, as well as economic and political general strikes. That is not anarcho. The eco-zones and waterways, I am not destroying that enmity of where others went, into a unity of what we remember we saw of that greenery neighborly passaging around. Very descriptly.

The woods are gone, needing and who remembers who he shared w those-chats? How many tons, too! Leave the boxes-ProjeCt, not quite finished building the shelves. Now, that is better. The “litter” is at about 8-12 %. Shall I continue w words and savings for my draining retirement, a project of practice and inner-Fulfillment, for myself, at last? What we can do w the Austerity pRogRam is understand we never had need for capitalism, and assuredly neither that of bureaucratic-Technocracy of the U.S.S.R. Defense is not masse` bombing because we have oil that makes-Plastics as fuel contamination-Enterprise of “here comes the Methane” bandwagon et al-ski. Reforest w natural faster-gRowing conifers, that can breakdown strontium-90/stearate-barium/aluminum-Oxide, then?

Making chemical waste, and having been distracted by hoarding “litter-Presciences. Yes. I now can photo those, but knowing I have that allotable amount—may not need to buy another camera, because the insurance of one two-years only. See, all contracts are not near Existentialist. This okay, surreality comes from organizing; and prosperity was not mentionable in the Austerity pRogRam that just sees fit to pass us, bye. Not that hikes into the whole wilderness on this continent. Yes, I am still freeman bachelor. We’re losing the basics of education. We’re not hearing those words, as pertaining to community commingling, too!

“The real lesson of the 2016 election is that the working class needs its own party. Millions of people in states hammered by the capitalist crisis wanted a “populist” and only the Republicans had one on offer (against their will). The real mean- ing behind the somewhat disdainful and dismissive term “populism” is the fact that millions of ordinary people—i.e. workers, who make up the vast majority of this society—want real, fundamental change. They want universal jobs, healthcare, education, childcare, infrastructure, security, a shorter workweek, and a better quality of life for themselves and their loved ones. They want an end to the domination of their lives by big business and the professional politicians.

The anger against the status quo is being expressed in different ways. Nearly half of all eligible voters abstained altogether. Others wrote-in Bernie Sanders or voted for a third party candidate. Others voted for Trump despite his racist rhetoric, including 29% of Latinos and 53% of white women. For these voters, Trump’s prom- ise of jobs and economic stability outweighed all other considerations. Not surprisingly, given this country’s peculiar history and contradictions, and without a clear lead by the labor leaders, many Americans have fallen under the scapegoating sway of the racists.

Fred Hampton – Photo: Public Domain
As the Black Panthers’ Fred Hampton famously said: “We say you don’t fight racism with racism. We’re gonna fight racism with solidarity. We say you don’t fight capitalism with no black capitalism; you fight capitalism with socialism!” 1

[1 “Fascism in America? Fight Racism with Socialism!” Written by John Peterson, Thurs. 17 November 2016 Print: E-mail]

I was rapping to the black-Panthers of Oakland in support of their youth groups. Then, I was back the meetings of Russell Means as advisor. My tasks became adjunctive-Geography. I went to Minneapolis, and Ogalala, and Washington’s River w Leonard Peltier who is in jail. One of the Ogalala or Porcupine Rosebud Sioux, did the dastardly deed in Jumping Bull hill, where we A..M. supporters had gathered in celebration of bringing food and meditating on the hillocks prairie. Pine Ridge Reservation was the other name, as conflict w the G.O.O.N.S.

fRed HamPton, of Chicago, and the how bad fBIS are when wirking w police, some- times, murdrously ruining democracy-at-werk. We see that stifling dissent made for a fascist-Backlash of the ganglands-controlled ineptitude of police to be knowing of which group of patricians or what group of patriots’. The afro-Amers there apologized to me after I’d stayed the course—doing more geography of course in the sidewalks. The cops are rac- ist in arresting same persons and planting “false-drugs or doing beatings down by my camp-spot”. All we people need know Universality of travellors in u.s.a., but afro-Amers and indige-Amers were okay. Just that? No. we all knew something-else was yet to come. Was that to be M.O.V.E. or and afro-Amer journalist news-Reporter such as Mumia Abu Jamal? We were integrating ‘socialists’. Us. I made Philadelphia via Moskito Indige-Amers of Nicaragua and El Salvador. They knew how to fish and did not want “chemical-aerial: pesticides”.

“Some people think that something similar is happening today. But similar is not necessarily the same—there are many crucial and decisive differences. Capital- ism today is indeed in serious crisis, but it is not yet threatened with immediate overthrow by the working class. The ruling class preferred Clinton, but even they still have a firm grip on political and economic power. This is made possible above all by the current trade union leadership, which offers nothing but the failed dead-end of lesser evil than ism after ism.

Nonetheless, despite the numerical decline of the unions over the last few decades, organized labor remains a mighty and decisive potential force. From transportation and communications to education and healthcare, unionized workers hold tremendous power in their hands. The unions have not been illegalized, dismantled, or cowed by violence. The broader working class may not yet be organized, but over 100 million Americans are wage and salary-earners, and along with their families and dependents, make up the vast majority of the population.

It is precisely the demographic changes that have taken place over the last 80 years that make the recurrent cries of “fascism!” unproductive. Most Americans, including those living in more conservative rural areas, are working class. The number of farms in America has fallen from 6 million in 1935 to just 2 million today. While many small farms remain, massive corporate farms have squeezed out the medium farmers—of the social pillars of fascist reaction. Far from a nation of Jeffersonian “independent yeoman farmers,” the largest 10% of farms now account for 70% of cropland. Though the illusions of a “Golden Age” past remain, they are quickly being burned out through experience, and eventually, the core class questions are increasingly coming to the fore.

Professionals such as bank tellers, teachers, and even many doctors have been proletarianized to such a degree that a majority of them identify more with the working class than with the super-rich. Many are now organized in unions and professional associations and are active in the organized labor movement. As for small business owners, squeezed by the big banks, manufacturers, and importers, many supported Trump and his “Make America Great!” populism because of his “I’ll fight for the little guy!” rhetoric. Sanders’s success in the primaries and caucuses shows his call for a “political revolution against the billionaire class” could have won many of them over in the general election if he had run as an independent. And the campuses, which were once hotbeds of reaction and fascism—since most students came from the ranks of the rich—they are now flooded with the deeply indebted children of workers.”2

[2 Ibid.]

Racism, xenophobia, and sexism are a terrible thing to experience or witness, as I’d done that much in Palestine studying the olive tRees of their antiquity. Here in America, one adds “traumatizing“ to ‘the forms of discrimination’. Together they cannot be realized, because anarcho-Syndicalist persons attenuate that the effects are merely Behavioral, when that is the becoming of defining those types of politics in u.s.a. Populist or Libertarian, lawlessness was due anarcho’s in streets and Malls causing business damage instead of being accepted into we-People conversations, for meanings of association as common- Thread, and common-gRounds. Are we passed that stage or were the wars, not beings seen and humbly trying to manage. The wars of 1978-79 blossomed into US Militaryism of training others and watching destabilization taking discourse as though major-Networks always had a handle on economics of Virtue, rather than extolling what economics had caused that specific fright of peoples in central-Americas.

Militaryism had not disappeared after millions soldiers returned from fire-Bombed quarters, nearby those areas emasculated by napalm and fire bombs, chemicals causing hot-Explosives. I learned that from indige-Warriors on 4-5-6 reservations. They were not yet into traditions of how living plainly and being neo-Brutalized was merely the extenti- ons of neo-Liberalism into neo-colonialist, taking children from their parent-Mothers and leaving fathers further fruitlessly wondering what heritage was. Let alone ‘austerity’ as pandered toward Europe, thru mabe egalitarian lines of Operation Gladio, which exists w the new-Batch. That, horrendous terrorism to covet Muslim-Hating: racism, and then this past 2-years new-Improved: gladio! The we-People know decimation of life’s prerogatives is discrimination. We know that extent was olde-Rome, as well as formalized today.

We’re all going to have to werk to safely apologize for the tyranny-Machine that eradicated sovereign-states for capitalist-cRonyism of neo-Liberal banking, as billions were squandered upon killing million, and allowing safe-Passage for post Sept 11th 2001 debacle of cover-ups for fascist-Zionism: acts of terrorism w Directed Energy weapons. No mat- ter if ‘they’ needed sovereignty, we did not need a national-Holiday: acts of Terrorism Day to celebrate? I chose instead to en Voce` the past 36 years, wherever I went. Now my art- werks are amassed and too plentiful for a consternate completion of metallurgical studies, more-or-Less, like the passage of farmlands traditions, when distance and art-Museums may have been all the people then and there had room to expedite.

Do you think about kids having been bombed by the thugs that the cIAS and IDF hired, or was that merely, fascist-Zionists, who are they to think they can “act-of-Terrorism” anywhere anytime, like the bombs released from US-aerojets fanning fan dusts helicopters and blood soaked streets in Gaza?

How disgusting not to have truths about neo-colonialism in grade-school; about slave-Trade in high-School but coupled w police-Murderings of afro-Amers for a collectivization of murders, that is racist-Fascism mixed w pTSD. The air is fouled by wars of contaminating and the contaminated needs-be: speak-out; protest or change by accountability- Galore. This one ’soul’ needs get from not featuring-Wars and masse` displacement, mass- burials of those who lived slaughtered for counter-Insurgency in Iraq’s Fallujah twice in 2004, 14 years post US-Military act of-Terrorism: NSDU-238.

I do place some sociology on manners and mannerisms. I do hope that you hug one- Another outta love and formulating compassions, but remonstrative of dire-Straits “hatred and non-Apprehensive for other, waRtorn-others to be enlightened, or informed thru your pertinent answering’s to theirs and well as my, misapprehensions, due adjudications of the “contamination-s of Radionuclides, not cleaned-Up enough to utilize Phytoremediations. That means chem-tRails dumpages of “18-annums usury” now. You do want others to stay from harm’s way and share spirits, at least? Otherwise you’re fReaks.

“R” Addison

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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