#80  A FavoRite Point FoR Past CampeR’s But No Appreciation By Them Of Even One ConifeR Replanted Nor Transfer Planted? (19.5W X 13H) Edited 1 20 17 @ SRC..

nUkiEmOLe poems #9/ 29 Jan 2010 end these wars, START (4-08-17)

nUkiEmOLe poems #9/ 29 Jan 2010
end these wars, START

wars do not contaminate the mind or they do
a history of how refugees, dead-Body streets, brick, mortar, twisted-steel rubble
an ambience of nuclear-Molecular: u-S military-hegemony build-Up
u-s nuclear-weapons always on top, including first usages of refugees in school now learning why farming sands with radionuclides is not cold-War
when the pentagons-CIAs did not have to use NSDU-238, but then, unjustly did that like in 1945 w mass-Murder of civilians in Hiroshima & Nagasaki
having to do with the practice-of-Killings en-masse
why wars is answered because killing is so much fun,
gotta-Practice, the empire grooms the nature of robots
an indigent-Self, leaning atop, blood-clotted, and an
ambivalent, blood-coated curves of polluting-asphalt
pollutions inviolate wrong-Phooels into air, not to be able to have culture, unless slothfully
why was diplomacy not attributable to “reduction” to two-hundred
thermo-Nuclears, enough for two nuclear-winters, or a slide-show given on-the-Floor of the House-Reps, placed confidently in the womb-of-Congress, regarding how NSDU-238 infects skin-Tissues: cell-membranes chemically and then stays while the isotope-Radiologic begins to bleep into atoms of blood in bone-marrow
instead we got that the alien was reborn, again—they should see those slides, too
one is not to stand where those grass-Roots grow, but paying for fertilizer for non-Growth of “truth in need/truths in deeds” trust came out the loser, again
wars, the egregious winner of isotopic-decay long since over-due for astute “scientific-Cleanups” and wars since 1979 each year, to make technology the practice-Killings of many nation-States,
are you not sick-of-that AND sickened by that
the egregious-methods to make “wars” only a totality is conditionalist-Provincialism

written by “R” Addison @ strictly 5th ave. c.g—in the Cave © 1-29 & 3-25-10


**each poem has been induced form of pdf, however the site cannot-yet-do- that. How come the Re-dveelopeRs cannot follow my simple instRuctions has been LOSS/cost $1,250 at least! Do not fear the gRotesque, i do not have much money left! (4-08-17)