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nUkiEmOLe poems #8/ 04 Sept 2009 gaseous-Cosmos for you who know Peace

nUkiEmOLe poems #8/ 04 Sept 2009
gaseous-Cosmos for you who know Peace

many bottles of beer for hiking the whole continent, eleven years while participating in masse-marches, sit-ins, die-ins, protests, vigils, placarding, talks, planning, conversations, and of course, en Voce` from my two ford-Vans, the following 35 years and yet the public’s brainwashed “Conditionalism”, an aberration for Pentagon’s “propaganda-Oblique: oligarchism” coupled to autocracy’s machine…

we-Boomers started in a plenary at the Unitarian church in Spokane WA, where the citizenry allowed a parking area w access to restrooms be used, as well as parking lot of the fellowship, then two years later we returned again for plenaries, as these sessions were planning on how far radionuclides from Hanford had travelled and what retriculations principle and Geiger-meter usages were goodly relatable (1969-1970-1972, 1973)

there are these social-Excesses of the non-Hyperbole of “empire: the new-Rome” due underhanded-Excesses by the El Congress, averring a need for wars this dude is still out- There and protesting both anti-Warring and de-Alert reduction, but why I am not happening for “nuclearism’s morass resbits” seemingly availing intelligentsia, and not having a family, but not yet, only forty-fucking years later…so please,

do not get sick on my front steps, the porch is negligible for democracy’s hidden tasks hidden in the bushes where grass-cuttings, mowed, cannot become composted, unless turning the century back to the sample-example where and how “scatter-method of radionuclide’s madness could further digress” the planet’s we-People who shine forth in acts of merely having a Consciousness and speaking-out which of course is democracy”

we had those discussions on and of what intimacy nuclear-molecular destruction is so indemic toward radionuclides contaminations of ground-air-water, how scientists chickened-out or were castigated to reseach for the state in the University lanoratories yet finding contaminations there, of course but, what’s left of that-all Jan 1st 2001 could be the could be the first non-War “century” since

who knows how wars got started, cultural significance states, arguments over storing grains or fermenting them, the term became the overture that once was a pronouncement of how people “may have” lived in accordance to naturalism plaintiff’s, before Gilgamesh as he was a “poet” that gave voce’ to those encapsulated amenities of living w mere-sheen wordages but cow-towing to oligarchs developing theirs is supreme hazard’s of sentience only leads to build-up of animosities, not Consciousness principles in alacrity lawlessness,

or benignly hazards due a constant of strife to kill because laws need a Sheriff not corrupted, we strode forth in assemblage patterns camping and exploring courtrooms and court house where both appointed and elected judges sat in officialdom stating we could not camp, we could not protest, we could not experience poverty handed to the judicious impoverishment committee

indigenous peoples and the poor, shared w us allowing where we could stop ‘n rest, as well as trying to find afro-Amers who stood beside us whether they had a job or hammered the despicability of social-Strife and could continue for a short while on proverbial adversity…speaking on that accord in constant’s of informativeness

I’ve named my cabin in windy WYoming after “stop ‘n Rest” that trying to be artist w anti- War traumatizing for stigmatization’s extent do not follow they are social negligence of others smogging ciggy-butt cancersticks and not allowing a conversation w.o. blowing smoke into objectionable having of the adversary, the NSDU-238 or the bomb, now know we-Boomers said ‘both’ are nuclear-Weapons because all radiology can do is relate to illicit usages of uranium-Ore.

“R” Addison 9-04-09, edited 8-04-15 @ sRC

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