#19> Anarchist PreSidencies, NSDU 238 And DRones DO NOT Entice NoR MIx… (19.5W X 13H) Edited 12 22 12 @ SRC…

nUkiEmOLe poems #7/ 15 Feb 2009 disasters, disastrous-Midnite

nUkiEmOLe poems #7/ 15 Feb 2009
disasters, disastrous-Midnite

debtor-Nation, hearts-on-fire w punitive-Desire, debt-Ore
uranium must be mined again obliqueness
to non-Oblidging spelled the olde-way

total-Halt to NSDU-238 publics in meagre pea-Brain
asundering allowances for knowledge disappearing
and threatening each nano-Second’s brain-Fuse
plutocracy info
like, wow , mons, there’s no war goin’ there’s debtor-Nation and
there’s hundreds-persons-dead in gum-Trees burn hotness,
when grounds heat to 115*, when those w whom you knew 1980
like family needing to be chosen departing for no-emergency address
choose-to-die or must be chosen over pictures w .o. gypsum wallboard
photo-News: of-the-Alive in an across-the-Pacific dis-Event, Australia—no

and w .o. fog’s cold hours of the day’s tryst excessive- Aridness
meetings w country-People in smoke thickened purveyance
leading to excess tie-Red ‘eyeballs’ dysfunctional shutdown

my post living w the Aborigines their uses of digereedoo
remembered by embers of Valentine’s Day poetry reading’s
presented by kPFA-Events as the taliban-Hats dismember

the truce in Swat Valley, as drones of Pentagons shoot missiles

35 civilians dead from must be acknowledged, read for specifics
they always ask “resolved by whom” an al Qaeda or Taliban-Hats guy
exploding his belt does ten-Other, deaths-to-civilians so popular
as the debtor-Nation goes onward BAILoUT
sanctimony-Galore reserves we’re a debtor-Nation since 1989,
but the autocrats still rule by elitist-Disfavor
theirs is scenario of

ubiquity hydrogen-Bombs power-Blast merely polluting
ours is radiation-Galore for millenniums each test yet fallout encircling
the globe spate ours is why spend radiation in Iraq, Kosovo, Afghanistan
again and again w NSDU-238
theirs is that stuff won’t hurt, but they, Vets admin shuts the doors
on veterans
receiving disability and any form of extended-Care, the empire’s
“a New Long-term Addiction to Plutonium Won’t Reduce Our Current Addiction
to Oil” presentiment of wars-Warrings, continuing for the augmentation
of un-Declared war, the military-Hegemony “wall-Board” manufacturing
and shipments never committed to deeds

theirs is debtor-Nation to kill, our once-Waz republic over-Brimmed
full, in the now empty “void” of non-Transitioning by prerequisite built-In
and felicitations, the Taliban-Hats have all the heroin for pain-Relief
for dynamite to explode café`s and markets and speakers
and demonstrations to the tyranny-Gate, marches the dead
before you’re audible heard
in redress-Time

w headaches in non-parsimonial array
disheveled space-Time

any era-in-Time’s past or every ballywick of paranoia, present

written by “R ” Addison © 2-15 & 2-18-09 @ 384 & 2-26-17 @ SRC

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