nUkiEmOLe poems #42/ 21 Nov 2017 passion for Life is both defense & Love

nUkiEmOLe poems #42/ 21 Nov 2017
passion for Life is both defense & Love

these defeatist products involving invasions, death-squads, dRones embody senseless hydro-Carbon pollutions, radionuclides-Contaminations, as love disappears as w emblazoning meteor burnouts

spraying moss-qui-toes oR CHEM-Trails and absolutism is plutocracy, or NSDU-238 you’ll like that, or pusse’ giRls have ‘em forget having a US-constitution

the rogue-empire sees nonsense, outrage in public, but impracticality, no spoken-Echo of disdain, no refrain from the heart, no compassion for the mind, no compression for embodiment, passion for Life is both defense & Love, these are now social mannerisms losing the grape stake of freedom AND free-Will

the senselessness is more than anachronistic exchange, more than a challenge to overcome, not more than the difficulties of peoples on ONE planet, yet that is also why the thinking people are overworked, because the freedom to challenge and overcome is being closed- Off by both the ubiquity of preservering three-Types nuclear-Molecular weapons, rather than Love, compassion and non-supercilious rationale of diplomacy and for peace thought and discourse of honesty

Love is not wAr, universal-Healthcare is Love, love of the planet by keeping humanity healthy…wArs are not good for babies, children, women, older folks, traditions, the land— had enough of you do the measures of food and taxes and they steal the breath from you because you’ve provided for community!

Disarmament is an aspect of knowing which weapons of nuclear-Molecular structure are used where. The usages of atomic bombs, by the US made becoming an empire sleazy but easy. Humanitarian Love has to be jailing the presidents AND having disclosures on where, what date both uranium-Bombs and NSDU-238 munitions were used…and, why D.E.W. begat Sept 11th 2001 in a two cities debacle

these parables shall be written in steel as hardship has removed us from the stone-Age, the bronze-age, the metastasis-Age, and the molecular-age not quite, yet, known…

“R” Addison 2-15-13 & 11-21-17 @ SRC

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