#89  ARchaic Where The Hegemonyites Now–we Don’t Need Either! (17.5 W X 13H) Edited 1 15 15 & & 4 13 17 @ SRC..

nUkiEmOLe poems #41/ 18 Apr 2017 US-military garbage of Wars

nUkiEmOLe poems #41/ 18 Apr 2017
US-military garbage of Wars

HALT: NSDU-238, ban-theRmos– honed to be used there is a
constant of wars, bombs ahoy, those are bombs coming from
US-military air-force bombs-Bombing destroy anywhere w

NSDU-238 will-not-be used, altho useful because indemnity says
correctly, no, nonesuch because threats make psychopathologic
malady subscriptive useful as non-Halting dissatisfaction-Lies

that a war is the answer to propaganda, but go ahead always
nonetheless, gestalt always is good-Wars, negligence-Accuracy
where and therefore aero-Jets contaminations cannot-be-seen

wherefore, bombs cannot be seen either, since impermeable
death and destruction is not Wall Street but munitions dealing
and arms-Sales and bombs being built for offensive measures

to keep aggressor-Stance w d00m ‘n gL00m is probability
and to maintain threats of ‘Bombs-Nuclear’ is good probity
edifice for moralism excuse-making in order to keep those bombs

being dropped upon various nations whose sincerity used
for sovereignty was becoming fascist or cIAS helped them
beckon soooo the immoralism is renown but honed to become

written by “R” Addison, 4-17-17 @ SRC

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