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nUkiEmOLe poems #39/ 08 Apr 2017 Take a walk along the Levant as I have

nUkiEmOLe poems #39/ 08 Apr 2017
Take a walk along the Levant as I have

Russia and US-bombs everythingy-Bop infrastructure
allowing oNLY for decimations, dead children, suffering
Russia stays from leaving Syria, as their oNLY military-Base
in middle-East, one allots no normalcy, no grade school

Mosul, civilians are told to say in their homes,
but no water and no-electric and no knowledge
from communications sources that allots where
the fighting is, doctrinaire for destruction-Sake

where the doctors w.o. Borders are but need not be bombed
as soooo many times US-air-force, not N.A.T.O. not ISIL,
invades for death advancing a dissatisfactory course
Deraa, Latakia, Homs, Aleppo, Ar Raqqah, Deir ez-Zur, Kobane, Idlib

on and of US-military making anti-Arab sentiments 1991,
since before gHW’s insolence against people, but is
making more horrendous destruction, not surplanting bases
any more than bombs from air is fRee-willed killing civilians

not human-Rights vehicles parked here, altho the moribund
2001 skein for not disclosing “directed-Energy weapons
before usages in NY-city” u.s.a. propaganda and lies, deceits
of a georges-Enron has not been well-Enough castigated
by oblique and corrupt US-congress persons, disseminates

the platitude of ‘let the Syrians and others of the Levant’
have nothing again, as was the case in 1917 thru 1923,
is that knowledge of Ecology and humanity werking
together, I ask…what age from, Minoans, on-down, now

the degeneracy of our Boomers lifetime, those masse`
non-participatory event, those murdering Invasions
a suplechre of brainwashing the publics and us, maybe
hardly homogenous entreaty for peace-Prophecy and usury
of foreplay democratizing no sexual need for fantasy

the mis-manner of not wanting reason, nor understanding,
like Donald Rumsfeld his crony Colin Powell, or misnomer
Henry Kissinger on the loose again and again, monotony
how could you folks allow such disingenuous rapprochement

go back-to-Cambodia 1971 w tRick-Dick, stick-Id to us
no sequester in US-congress for that usury post Vietnam
agent-oRange to re-arrange the lands’ arable usefulness,
how about 1974 masse` murder of Chile’s Allende, like
‘cancerous’ mister you were Rumsfeld’s guiding precept

as a different “what is the difference” presupposed
fRee-Adjudication like leaving NSDU-238 in Iraq-lands
for fRee disbursements, and no-Repayments for use
collected like hand-up forward is friend to Persians
but Henry ‘ennui’ Kissinger’s way halt and shoot you dead

written by “R” Addison 4-04 & 08-17 @ SRC

note—local we-People have expressly imbibed a gravitas, that as I am writing all the d-Day long I have no space-Time for the winds to blow over my metals sCuLpTs or need to continue, delayed again, which would help their thievin’ practicing, course not always perusals…a-Holes everywhere yet not a spoken “illegal wars bought our Constitution” yet!

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