nUkiEmOLe poems #27/ 24 Nov 16 the indige-Amers soul tRain chugs DAPL to a cRawl

nUkiEmOLe poems #27/ 24 Nov 16
the indige-Amers soul tRain chugs DAPL to a cRawl

I am up from needful sleep, as the rest of the world is in turmoil
the temp is 20* and windy blowing 30 mph
wind-shills are renown, these days weather w.o. total chem-tRails include invidious
chelated-Ice from four days ago first major onslaught
accumulation is meagre, misery is akin Mosul, Iraq forces having to tell Turkey and
dictator-Leader Erdogan to stay outta Iraq, as Iraq needs to recant on separatist-Religious fervor’s he makes for fighting Kurds who have no nation-State
the snow won’t blow due the chelated-Molecules: ice?

Erdogan allowed no Kurds refugees into Turkey, because he has slaughtered 40,000 Kurds
Erdogan got US to remove N.A.T.O. personnel AND 80-armed thermo-nuclear mounted
missiles from airbase the US-Military built 20-years ago…
i am trying to read: Depleted Uranium: metal of Dishonor which is all about not-so-depleted ur-238, would you know?

Aleppo have acts of masse` killings continuing as US-Military supported ISIL, and
al Nusra,
and al Qaeda, and is losing
while making more refugees and children killed, as hospitals
are bombed and obliterated w doctors-nurses-healthcare werkors
needing to duck and cover flip the bird to mighty plutocracy?

the Standing Rock is about standing one’s ground for heritage long since obliterated
I am yet w A.I.M. Leonard Peltier is yet political-Prisoner of the drone-Wedding expert
murderer-Leadership as education yet tries to “sell-sell-sell” drumsticks as Turkey leags
coated w NSDU-238 omissions of consorting w nuclear-Molecular despicability UN-
mentioned as well as oil is a lubricant, while we await since 1975 “liquid-natural-Gas”
phooels to be rid the vomits of wars and no healthcare, mutual-Esteem is not lost as
armored-Police: redress questions w usages of dogs-Bitings, pepper-sprays directed?

percussion gRenades thrown in woman’s arm, water high-pressure nossles in sub 32* temps rubber bullets impacting peaceful protests?

why should indige-Amers put-up w such anti-Peace, this is their Thanksgiving?
the military-Hegemony remains new-Rome…

written by “R” Addison @ SRC (11-24-16)

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