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nUkiEmOLe poems #2/ 08 Jan 2017 poem: “R” you a peace-progrom

nUkiEmOLe poems #2/ 08 Jan 2017
poem: “R” you a peace-progrom

<delivered poem 3-15-2003 in Salt Lake city: City Hall and Capitol fRont steps, respectively before 1,200 people, then 1,400 people audience supporters of anti-War, for National Mobilization!>

–note: the format procedure that I initially had was destroyed by fanatics who werked for and one yet does, CTIC, of visalia CA>>

poem: “R” you a peace progrom


i’m looking at four Ban symbols, 
the four of hundreds that i’ve made in
 my life, the reminders of all
 the ban-bOMb symbols
i have seen since 1954, 
at least, ones i’ve welded into form
w a civil defense triangle, base, exacting time on headspace number one
nothing else-Thought
to scrutinize other, than to read books, galore, maintaining the mean redemptive as a disassociation allocated from
our continent’s drive
for empire the context
thru our military’s impervious-ness offered h-MoTHeR, nuclear: to release
 let’s bother the polluting machine continent’s best oral communicators
the Oracle of universe realized indigenous folks
from the yokes of oppressive ”ruinations to the great Spirit”
the old looks of cold cosmos
we Caucasians offered interstellar space but those appellations spelled
more insufferabilities/ colonial-imperialism: not genetics relatable to the tribalism /w-a-r-r-i-n-g kinds of acculturation, the nineteenth century let out to pasture w
the Ecologic decimations of 30 millions buffalo herds
hardly language returned to afro-Amers, once their release from bondage apparently, small pox, took tolls upon
the sociology studies, hardly teleological only definitions of a time, past

to have h-BombS has always
 meant conceit,
 gov’t deceits, lies, & yes
, no imperatives other than, 
empiricist deception…however, the only reasons people started
 against empiricist ‘propaganda’ 
that machine of insult
compassion to our purpose compassion, as a non-nationalistic entirety compassion, for liberty and our passions for freedom,
 as ours was democracy
1964 six-year’s tryst 
put-to-use: pursuant, justice needs
not amenity
 AND to find the new entity
 of this exposition for the independence enterprises combined into peoples knowing & knowledge imbued 
the world overtly non-deceptive 
all the nations in a parallel 
concepts toward anti: w-a-r began liberty
 the ban symbol helped; the Ban-the-bomB movement, active acknowledgements grew, the only reasoning, reason 
was that fibrous thread
Beowulfe: the prophetic poet,
 of 750 a.d. and i, could discern, 
the need for an active ‘ingredient’
had parsimonied onto the planar
of Bucky Fuller’s one-world village
 of six-sided, living venue
 the knowledge of radionucleides: scientific fact filtered onto some factorable social sobriquette of the hippie: dropouts, outnumbered the hipsters, 
anti: w-a-r public & returning veterans then, outnumbered organizers but, soon-enough opposition overcame Congress, while 
the anti-UN: declared w-a-r veteran detained & confined, the original discern of nuclear movement thru-out the media has been cut-off since
of Ban-the-bOmb, but we chastised
 for not being anti: h-bomB, en masse premise we, then, went “Reduction of the stockpile” underground, since the people
 begged the issue of 
ban the H-Bomb symbol: is b-a-n
 1970 until late February 1971
 a duration when druggies thought
 they had all the answers, but had n-o-n-e: no occlusion/no energy…

as the ban-the-BomB movement went along _boomers_ came to bloom
the lean into factual,
history widened Ecology
from inception 1953 through the terse episode of…Oil Indonesia/ jungle-dope, Laos: Indo-china/Viet-Cam-Laos…
the principle to reduce th
e stockpile
 those objects yet increased 1964 thru 1969 from 2,200 to 13,900 in numbers
“men” kept returning discerning “not 
the H-bomb, not the w-a-r” 
which one was the category of brutalization to men-women-children
of Viet-Cam-Laos 
weigh-over, there
in a geographic re-distribution 
of Amers young bucks & the inveterate soldiering
 hype for propaganda cryonics 
in a crux of matter prone to dissuade the definition of anti-Matter
as the same sentence w reduce our numbers “matters” do hold sway w UN-delcared: w-a-r AND that was both men and the stockpile in the droves of masse society w.o. ghettos ivory-towers, became success returning veterans had been propagandized w too much military go, ogle & remained shallow to discussions or delirious to p-e-a-c-e as the draw-all base of consciousness 
as ever-present in police/
national guards: belligerence
 built-up to riotous proportions
of total victory 
both UN knowing disparagements…

anarchy trysts, the people felt emotion surrendering to peace
could win All instead
all the soldiers, all the men & women beaten by cops, all
 the ‘non-Bomb anti: w-a-r’ 
embalmed into the principle of
 the H-Bombs only exist
 as venues of people stretched to non-circumnavigations & as veribundity, too, the power fell upon the total lapse
 of independence needs
 to cut the coat tails of Euro-colonialism, 
we the integrated Afro-Amers 
peoples, of north american continent: Amers, of one kind & all 
how became anti-United Nations ilk, too, that presentiment of agent orange defoliation i.e. the genetic deforming chemical ‘dioxin’ where they were in southeast Asia ‘marijuana’ was that enough to curtail their veterans ‘pay?’ the peaceniks had a singular ideologue the word peace great 
as the ban symbol was used on
e very object in any peaceful march
 AND @ numerous protests & vigils thru-out the whole
 of polluting 
 that the reduction in belligerence… output would not bring peace,
 the copouts plagiarized the meaning of
the ban-the-boMB: symbol or,
rangefinder in a circle
the arrow of universal acculturalization/ as the hunter or warrior w.i.
the circle of wholeness/oneness/universe has survived 50 full years, now, as bAN…

the visual slaughter to 1.5 millions
 of vietnamese peoples, plus
 the eradication of the Lao civilization
of 4700 years renown
was & is anathema
an age of scientific volitions educational, minimal-progressing, standards of the fact was acceleration w.o. connections to tribal animism, will still be metaphysics of peoples, because
we are yet tied to our genetics
our genes tell us we need not get disease but, our minds know strength through
the convenience of language
& knowing one another
 is not concoction of venerable markets
 for death-squads, already used, 
by the U.S. what then becomes this
the isuue of Nevada Test site ground zero, if not a replacement
 for propaganda already transposed 
which is what the UNdeclared: w-a-r authority of: only the executive office, became ostensibly, oligarchic AND remains so, today w the stockpile 
yet, non-Reduced below
 what Israel has 240 nuclear weapons
 w the use/abusives the n.a.t.o. threat level of mini: H-bOMbS
swaying beyond the non-Proliferation treaty coupled-to and slid loose of protest
to anger you’d think our minds aggressive would not wander
and all UN-declared: w-a-r-s since
but other than Nicaragua in 1932 one does bother to concertina, 
our needs for 300 total must be parable,
the stresses of Korea as since, the Big one 
when lil boy (uranium) and fat man (plutonium) were used because, we had not that
adjunct proprietary:
the United Nations, then
I don’t buy that as alleviation, either 
Lao people, Cambodians, Vietnamese 
civil war-ring complements of farmlands people impoverished people for, why
w-a-r or all three virtually tribes
people & the non-modern/non-technologic were
yet, only beginning to ascertain how-to-grope w nation states or nationalism, thrust upon them,
indemnity in part, how large in people
 the whole worldwide sobering platitude
or how despotic
 our history books have been useless 
how plutocratic the wrong use of meaning, 
use of propaganda indicates a hatred of
humans, has become built-in…

“R” @ Just Beans coffee-Haus/ written 3-13 & 15-03 edited 8-02-03 & 12-12-03

note: written in memory of Prof. Fred Sondermann’s poly-Sci dept @ the Colorado College–
the gracious & good instructor that he was! This (#5 poem) i know as one of my lyric poetics…. ”R” @ src/1-06-04

notes: see 12-13-03 for poem @ Nat’l Mobilization read 3-15-03; see, also “diggin-On” for poem in Serendipity Poet’s Cheyenne WY annual ; contact _R_ for his double c-d_s _durst of hegemony_ 145 minutes in poetics of the progressive poet_s tapes, taped comments, taped poems publicly read, & newly recorded poetics @ $12.50; expect to listen to hear…

“R” @ stop ‘n rest cabin/1-10-04 © copywriten by apeco ®

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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