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NUkiEmOLe Poems #10/  01 Mar 2010   “it” The H-Bombs Bins & Wars-Warring

nUkiEmOLe poems #10/ 01 Mar 2010 “it” the h-Bombs bins & wars-Warring

nUkiEmOLe poems #10 01 Mar 2010
“it” the h-Bombs bins & wars-Warring

now, onward “thoughts” in the natural-Light,
as recalcitrance of the war-Laureate is a war-laureate sinks, as fading eyeballs from monstrosity-of-SmOg, wreaks onto thinking what scarcely an afro-Amer jazzed formula
politics is, now, end-these-wars, people, is
not suspended animation for more wars
by “executive-Office: chaos” as peace does
not feed wars, then wars do not need to be killing-Others

“Of course I’m afraid of the Egyptian wall,” al-Mohsen says…
“They will pour water down. How can we defeat this? We may drown.”
He holds out the palms of his hands towards me
in that familiar “what-can-we-do?”
gesture of so many Palestinians – but he is speaking in a matter-of-fact voice. The tunnels beneath the Gaza-Egyptian frontier are a business, a professional’s game,” and later day pronouncements
Palestine’s people of the Gaza “prison”
does the afro-Amer war-Laureate understudy “peace is not belligerence by land-grab 40-years: policy” question-Mark
the inner-Connecteds of social-Antipathy not people’s interests
in anti-wars nor poetry “scenes” of the onward “we-Boomers” peace-Polemics, my practice has not stopped 1968 thru 1977, in Boston, in New York city, in Berkeley, in Coloradie, in Idaho, in Nevada, in Arizona, in New Mexico
in the travel and travail of geographic-Ecology
my “reduction to below 1,000 affinity-Clique”,
the peace-Makers tried hard to get the provisos to hike the Sinai Desert
where reduction of thermo-Nuclears “discussion” is changed because
as I was into knowing how or what “NSDU-238” was…there, physically

as peace-Groups, and SANE or FREEZE
demonstrations with speakers, with music, with engrossing social-Integrations, with or without indige-Amers, afro-Amers, or latino-Amers
and was bound to be, as Pentagons were not freedom nor spirit of free-will in democracy quite yet “amassed” and as V-C-L lapsed into merely programmed
I changed my consensus to “reduction” to total each nation to
below 200 to relinquish study regarding further-Need,
needs, knowing more,
stepping either with the other we-Boomers, or with “all” who knew “political-Discourse” as merely 7-8-9 political-Parties, we-Socialists exist you know
and not propagandized renditions; the so-called one party parody

doin’ poetry on Tellie only lasted three-Years, but in both nevada-County bitchen-Cal, and started into second-Scene “early pronouncements” anywhere an eventful “open-Microphone” was found, not being beyond-That: envelopments of aero-Jets and trans-Shipments, of radionuclides “despotism” arising
“…as Pres. Obama and Sen Udall and other misguided politicians are promoting our world will remain in peril. Mr. Obama and Mr. Udall have both been swept up in the belief that nuclear power is a key to preventing global warming…en quote” and to aver these kinds of ‘autocratic bi-Business: hegemony augre of corporatist globalization, relegating a need to move off-Shore for non-Redress and accoutrement of where earnings/investments were going 1978 thru 1983…

yet, I say, that my back-Up is not in support of any but halting NSDu-238 shipments, as disgusting as they’d say “can get” why not “paranoia” you’d admit to determinism,
brought you those isotopes in-Words, and
as other socio-Polity, ecology without continuation of “hyrdo-carbons: phooels” the worst for pollution when liquid-natural-gas burns 90% cleaner for big-Rigs, trains, ships-Shipping and who knows,
why hydrogen fuel-cell wants “aero-Jets” the worst polluter second only to “oil-Fire-Red” pour-Plants
sitting here in Limbo the grateful prominence of the “it’s” those thermo-Nuclears
but being over-Protected by aggressor-Use, why the first-Invented
uranium-238 weapon-of-scatter now called not-so-Depleted: ur-238
space-Time essences from reduce the stockpiles, once 32,000 enormity-Grotesque
seems a far cry more than 200 by the French and 250 by Israels, and 40 by red-China
communicating FREE Leonard then vices of storing nuclear annihilation
aggressor weapons, NSDU-238 & thermo-Nuclear, numbers but mostly
on 24/7 alert system since 1972 often times they told me before
industry inroads of countryside grotesque enterprise’d destruction of arable-Lands in agriculture’s dominance or domains
you’re a peace-protester why do you protest the defense, but not including as they are on “aggressor-stance” and those are kept popinted aggressively while agrression-Invasion wars are carried forth by merely
executive-Office: chaos in the face value of
mandated by one dumb-Emperor orders
as the u-S Congress sits on thumbs growing
hundreds of feet into polluted ozones
my mileage a din of truth savoring
of man’s mindin’ “fingers”

Complicitly against the tyranny-gate
of two types nuclear-Weapons
of masse-annihilation,
as there exists best privilege in knowing truths of “military-Hegemony”
was like, getting back from visit to Moskito-Peoples,
the midst of fourth or fifth war-Zone I’d been into, overseas as ecology-study: peace-Diplomat, into Cambodia, East Timor, Banda Aceh, 1977,
and 1980-1981 thru Afghanistan, three-times, mostly en-Foote, mostly hitch-hikin’ and havin’ a ball, knowin’ my tent-sites were to be maintained in public, back-Home while trying to replant-Trees continues, lid-on Ecology for fresh-Air and freshwater without “chemicals” was contained by laws and EPA doings, not…

1988, he Howard Zinn, a professor, he did not like to be called peace-Maker in public, as in the midst of the SOA masses-Gathered event he was walkin’ around, and people drew back for we did not call the emergency-Vehicles, a spokes-Person for the cause, went organizing the fence line march for arrests, we two stood—in front, 25 yards
from the over 3,500 people, my lookin’ around,
in-the-Midst, i’d been to the war-Zones, but this was he
my contributions were to protest the lack
of protection-Clothing or leakages at all nuclear-sites, my visits
was way-over 50 by then.. .he said to me “we can bring
these SOA’s down, all we’d need is
composite’s rite-Now, on Peace” which was
what I was thinking too, a year and half of post talk in 1983
also at the SOA then amassed in sincerityl against “death-Squads: trainings” for use elsewhere-bilt-ski “a lot of catatonic people to walk thru” he’d said then
he said, too…” since 1988, and the deaths of people, plutocratized by hired thugs with guns against the Moskito Indigenous tribes of Honduras and Guatemala
of course professor and I commented
our complements to truths, again, regarding non-repetition of any meaning, nor redefined intricacy of encapsulations “I keep missing-People is coming-up, was his parting
words” …

and while
we both visited my alma-Mater, in Colorado Springs
his circuits of peace-Talks and compositions
one of those cultural-sessions he’d started at many universities
dragging integration of peoples and harmonies of Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein, along, as the peace-Makers they too, were, as my thoughts raced back into space-Time with making first-Step in Manhattan 1968
where contact was more Zinn than Buckyfuller or Robert “Bob Dylan” Zimmerman,
with whom NSDU-238 was conversational, continuing as “country-Neighbors” as in 1961, how was he knowing those connected-Activities of respite for peace-Knowing of others…
i was prepared to an additional context in ad-Libs, to have that next visit as one of his Excedrin-Students, so of course he’d remember our conversations in words, the last decade in the deep-south where openness reigned as once anti-apathy against afro-Amers had rallied at sublimations of distrust for governance not allowing monies to be fed into state’s needs so much as investment-banking, or wall-Street, is not the economy “they do not want to reduce the nuclear-Arsenals”…

is not “sitting in Limbo”
my quest brought me into constants
of what a great-Quaker or U-U man can denotate, without noctations
we made the “we-Boomers” presciences, and we-Boomers made
him a cause to our “words” we were u-U’s always present
protested w him 13-14 times, but cannot see that
the constant of nuclear-Molecularization is obsequious, or din
morosely u-S Histrionics, other than for the tyranny-gate, maintaining wars as open-ends, he’d come across in peace…
ID-al suggestions, his were best… and I personally continued
to best my thinking…reconnoiteuring his words, in peaceful remonstration

12-sessions in the southlands w the poly-Sci professor, Howard Zinn
on our first-National: mobilization, 1968
the streets paved with people, we’d agreed—made to WRL Building amidst
laid-Back anarchy… whew, next in Atlanta GA 1969- -came back next year cutting classes and attended 7-sessions within geographic-Confines,
I’d been organizing the east-Coast’s inner-connecteds
on “we-Boomers” he knew, as Noam Chomsky
was my contact” by phone…then,

thru and into meetings in Berkeley, he’d speak and I’d adjust to where NSDu-238 accords were w.i. the greater anti-Nuclear animosity, so he’d say no ‘animosities’
“I keep missing-People is coming-up, was his parting…words” @ the SOA in 1988
of reduction: 1,000 Nuclears,
thermo-Nuclears for peace, and his heed in words said “added the other”
of that de-Alert 24/7 has misplaced for propaganda, miss Cause or peace-Knowledge knowing “the ill-rebuke portions deleted equals the memesis”
my hype-Less intrigue, must-Knot really family exist?
of love, will see, history’s mutual-Analyst, Prof. Zinn…

“R” Addison 2-20-10 & 1-21-17

–notes: I had many cassette-tapes on my thinking and discourse, because the long-distance dRives were tenuous and often trying. However, my “en voce`” was a way, a weigh-in on out americanism need to know much better the contritely contrary amenities of our society. Plus, I yet believe in the common-gRounds of Universality!Secondly, the need to find technics for pdf to have form of poetics stay as designated–I attempt to make usable that, however, taxing space-Time! “R” 1-21-17

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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