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nUkiEmOLe nEwsLeTteR 2022/ 10 dEc 2021 thRu 09 dEc 2022

nUkiEmOLe nEwsLeTteR 2022/ 10 dEc 2021 thRu 09 dEc 2022

   < 12 jAn 2022 >

Last annum, 2021, was the staRt of the eRadication of the new-Rome—a woRd-teRm I started using to pRognosticate how bad plutocRacy was alReady. That annum was1962. The stats aRe being surmounted in my book, which has expanded fRom 6th jAn 2020, into a foRmidable-task, but one wheRe, so faR I must pay a publishing company for the rights—oveRall. My tasks on speaking-out against hegemonyites-waRs no’s 1-2-3 have continued because no.3 has not been discontinued. Altho, my being anti-nucleaRist comes fiRst or most-foRmidably, speaking against tyRanny is the expeRtise I may have picked-ip and fRom my being as close to pRof. Howard Zinn, the peace-Fellow UniveRsalist. I am eveRso-soRry that Rev. Paul SawyeR had passed befoRe tuRning 77-years, not so much that he was a fRiend and ministeR, but that he did not accentuate to Universalism as much as UnitaRian. He was fRiends w Tom Hayden, cofounder of Students for a Democratic Society and authoR Ken Kesey. He was not Reconciling that I should Relate in lowdown teRms, being a gRaduate of haRvaRd College, and both beRkeley and Columbia seminaRy-Schools. Howie and I were not meRely anti-wAr pRotestoRs, we weRe tReaty all nucleaR-moleculaR: weapons.


I took the photo of Rev Paul, Daniel Berrigan, and VictoR caRpenteR on the concRete sidewalk of NY City in 1983 oR 1987—that he added to his book which was signed, and which was stolen from my apaRtment in Lakewood CO duRing my knee-Replacement no.2 (hospitalized 22 Dec 2015 thRu Jan 10th—memoRiam-Day of my fatheR’s passing from leukemia.

I’ve had to expand a one-month inclusion in BouldeR CO, as well as ft-Cee CO, because of homelessness being a paRtial-cRutch to not speaking-out against nucleaRism and deep-State and illegal-Invasions, and chem-tRails garbage, and plastispheRes, and HAARP and cost of militaRy mateRials being eveR-incReased each fookeRing annum, w no accountability, because the deep-State wants a police-State and wants and intel-State or the new-Rome: congRess wants to be bought! I am heaRd, I am yet legend that is people do known and even expect I shall do the honors os peaking-out when I oddly too much, never heaR their attuning no language adjudicated woRd-woRdages. So, August in BouldeR watching giRls asses playing softball and kickball and being voices no longer in the winds of mountains. My one inclusion by the woman BouldeR Police officeR who checked my I.D. against the odd-sidewalk hypeR (guy not gal) one night commented to me, to keep on mastuRbating. That was her faux pas and misnomeR, as I use “wet-oNes” especially to clean gonads and annus,  as well as loweR legs calves aReas fRom tRouncing around in dusts of sidewalks from vehicular-tRavels accumulations.


Staying clean before bedRoll noRmalcy of uRban-sleeping—beneath the chem-tRails maybe w staRs showing-Light— which she did not mention. I do not need to answeR to inadveRtency, and being tiRed of staRbucks oR not! My protest-voice was heaRd wheReveR I tRaveled inside sluRban ft-Cee CO. I had been Receiving cash donations, which, this much is helpful when I left Whole Foods oRganic-coffee out of my dispensation foR that is moRe expensive “flakey” staRbucks. I did get my floweRs-photoing eneRgies fRom theiRs ‘staRbucks’ commeRcialist-ConglomeRate. The floweRs I had actually staRted in ft-Cee en route, included 400 appRoximately in need of “editings”. The lack of fidelity showed to me that the petty-bouRgeois is in bouldeR might be haRdeR to adjudge when comparing both ft-Cee and bouldeR as oddities who aRe ratheR commeRcialist and petty-bouRgeois. How to compaRe which paunch, of so-called citizens, is moRe extReme in deRmus of GeomoRphics.


While we-People, homeless, disabled—as I am since 1973—aRe not able to fill the glass windows of new-Rome chauvinisms and needed amenities,I liked that blonde police-OfficeR because she seemed not-to-be-bouRgeois. The hitch-hiking, since 26 April 2020, was an obduRate moRass of almost-Wasted patience on my part. Would I feel betteR when I stay in ft-Cee oveR ten-days oR have an assembled patience-oveRload? I took the fRee-bus fRom ft-Cee’s south teRminal, wheRe no Rest Rooms meant bushes and even moRe Saw Palmetto. Would I eveR get tiRed of gMOS gRain-fed hoRmones laced-Chickens in both bouldeR and ft-Cee? Why ask? My meagRe $276.00 peR month was haRdship and commeRcialized Safeway and staRbuck’s gift caRds weRe used after being handed to me foR use.


My second vacation was also in coloRado, not Idaho noR nebRaska. The NovembeR visit was a total hitch-hike haRdship i.e. five days to get a Ride fRom my slot-gRass alongside noRth-College Avenue oR US-287 to get to laRamie wheRe I had to await one-houR—lucky Joe and fRank from med-Bow came along and did not pas me by, because I was not wearing a mask. I got donations and those helped my food-procuRements—ft-Cee and laRamie, as I have been shopping in that manneR, since 2003. The same thinGy-Bop happened— on my 2nd vacation—as I tRied to leave ft-Cee thuRs 13 jAn 2022, and got home 19th wed. Steve and sue fRom laRamie, made suRe to get me home in 57-miles of blowing snow—then RetuRned to laRamie. Walt at Eppson CenteR handed me thinsulate mittens, as I had a fiRst hot meat that was not luke waRm chicken w luke waRm smashed-spuds and coldeR gRavy. King soopeRs went on stRike in the south of ft-Cee, but oNly five days befoRe I had to hitch home and Regain having my CO-I.D. Renewed and in my pocket-Wallet.

                        < 01 aPr 2022 >

Took 4-Days of hitch-Hikin’, befoRe the township’s maRshal dRove me into Rawlins WY w those-stupid and anti-Lawful, daylight: headlamps blasting my good-Eye, befoRe he stopped. Luckily, I had coveRed the non-eyeball patched, eye. We got to the Fly-J t.s. (old memoRies of no-mammaRies hanging onto me-ShouldeR) not available. I DID NOT LIKE THE FLAT-MESH STEEL CAGE, ALTHO I PLACED MY WALLET AND DATA INSIDE THAT COUP! The maRshal’s vehicle puRchased by the med-Bow city, was also too-gReat a speed aveRaging 70-85 m.p.h. w 275-inch !6’s, high-profile tie-Reds, beneath this SUV.

     Next, I piled my bedrolls, my cooleR, my insulated & coRRugated box, my valise, not my paRka, and went inside, Denny’s RestauRant to puRchase a bReakfast i.e.  buy my fiRst hot mealI since Running outta food and then having the nat-Gas: leak, called 1:30 a.m. to emeRgency-line gas-people, dRained my cel-phone appReciably by 35-minutes usage, from my stance ‘n peRch by US-287 and WY-487. Having tuRned-off wateR main-line, @cabin, pipe on fRiday, What next would happen, I wondeRed as I asked maRshal to chek upon my oil-hydRocaRbons Smoked belongings. Sunday, 26th mAr and monday not a budge in the 30s-40’s degRees weatheR onslaught chem-fookeRing: tRails, other than a donation of $20.

     I took Tuesday off as temps weRe below 24 at night and no-higheR-than-30* duRing daylight! I got a ride w 2-gals–one fRom BismaRk ND, otheR from Lincoln NE–fRom the Rawlins Fly-J, as day-five and a big meal’s pancake and some ham inside my pack in caRRy-out packet. She too, was aveRaging 70-80 m.p.h. as we got to wamsutteR WY– and theRe anotheR t.s. a Pilot, this time, took a coffee bReak. Altho the nonsensical-SleaZ-joy of chem-tRails had alReady pasted-the-sky’s coveRtness, gRays and daRkened, by 3p.m. The aiR-temps got cooleR from that gaRbage ‘chelated-Ice’ shidski-SleaZ.

       Steve, picked me up, neaRby the used paRking-Alignment of used vehicles 4-sale–place where I called & test-dRove a 3/4T 4WD, dsl foRd–RepaiRed by a guy in town w whom I’d talked w pReviously–worth mention as later I found I had enough line- backlog to have gotten a cRedit caRd (shoulda but unbeknownst to me and my cabin’s cReatuRe featuRe aspects). Shidski, ohh deaR. Steve drove me to my six-yeaRs away–dues shouldeR-Replacement, 3-majoR suRgeRies– weighty metals, sCuLpT-mateRials, now piled due Road neaRby–destRuction. As I had studied my home-aRtes yaRd, befoRe budging from desktop wRitings, I came acRoss w 13-sCuLpTs that I’d wanted to finish, since befoRe, knee- Replacement, 22 Dec 2015. Now, I await anotheR chance, to sketch and oveRview at least 95-120 minutes on site w cRane opeRations stasis!

                     < ?? moRe 2-come > 





Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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