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nUkiEmOLe bio-Sketch #11/ 08 Sep 2019 How do You-all Feel and Relate How about my Websites

nUkiEmOLe bio-Sketch #11/ 08 Sep 2019

How do You-all Feel and Relate How about my Websites

added < 11 Oct 2019 >

listening tO:

“Stravinsky: Le Sacre Du Printemps, Symphonies Of Winds”

cleaning-up a little smell of hypocRisy called plutocRats-Gaylore


These pasts decades since 1951, for my temperaments have been analyzed as partial to maintaining a boomer-Generation: decorum, since that was not unusual for the universality of all of us, as the most-Populous of all u.s.a. generations—even to now, 2019! Having to complete moribundity in the past blogscapes of mine, since return from a winter’s time-Off, March 1st, was a good affliction to do more and that must also be better. There has been an expediency-Necessitating as well. How did I manage to not get too excessive, is and has been my strength, a metal’s sculptoR’s dimension, yes, but parvenu to not succumbing to ego, or to any chauvinism. The other fact is whether I feel lucky that I have not had disclosed ‘carcinoma’s”, as I did not go into fRenchman’s Flat to exonerate the US-military-Brass from their asinine capaciousness. The military cannot be allowed to exonerate themselves, the bottom-Line: therein. That may pertain to all facets, however, the morosity of computer-Age/aluminum-Age, may not have been as descriptive since high-school graduation 1964, and for all classmates, my updates to our collective associationings.


Was I lucky, remains a doubt, nonetheless, the arrest inside fREnchman’s Flat, speak-ing to both Sen. Reid of Nevada, and Sen. Daschle of Minnesota, while at Yucca Flat (next door region of fRenchman’s). What stats brings to mindful-Fact is usurpation. I did not attempt to usurp myself from contracting 5-minutes of “high-count radiologic-Exposure” has until now, never been discussed beyond defining, not that I had not empathized w myself. We knew, that there were ever-too-sparse studies on exposures, that dusts of radionuclides are scattered by winds and updrafts from above-gRound tests, that all is not well in the upper-Atmosphere in 1968, when all our planning was separated in what attempts are real, and which would be folly, but for fact AND for satisfactionings. Now, postscript is not my attempt, because the post: shoulder-Replacement has allowed pains of pre-surgery—basically immense—and post-Replacement healing pains coupled to recuperations, has been two-fold,. More energy burn-off, because the metabolic-Demand.


However, the change has been happenstance, a reconciling of clarity in past when “pains-Presciences” were not neglected but dRaining the subconsciousness-Extent, making the consciousness-extent, now most superlative to understanding, and directive of needful when not draining “thought”. Was I pleased that we had pushed for results into scientific-Inquiry due that tRyst at fRenchmen’s? Quite. Did my going into all nuclear-Molecular: u.s.a. facilities, mostly by invitation and firstly, by citizen;s inquiry of pubic-Property needing security as visually close, too? Yes. Why? Weld. The main response to that fidelus, is this. Women are more susceptible to “uranium-Contaminations” and all other Radionuclides as well. We knew that we needed a Geiger-Meter but what solid base-of-Factuality would that apparency to facts have to be, other than birthing and contaminating the sexual-partner.


Thirdly, I found that the “socialist newsletters and Communist newspaper” of u.s.a. had better factual-Basics. Period. I was wont to be democracy-Prone in my tRavel-tRavails, as well as pRotesting lines w hundreds and even 1,000’s of others (Livermore Labs 1981-1983) and not be abe to return to wherever I lived, to read-up on the continuing litany of nucleaRism, as well as to have space-Time for my own “saga”. What would happen was furthermore, propensitized-Enigmatic! The omission of having and starting a family, I cur-tailed at age 35-years. I had to, repeatedly, explain that fact to others, whether I did that in words from my own mouth, or that others did. Then, what can a “disabled-Person” already doing a chore as large as the highest waves of the north-Atlantic going to do to her—an in this age of ‘coming-out the closet persons, not myself? Was there not a gawd of pRophecy, of the ancients, who could be descriptive in re-Directing? No, I had part-time OTR tRuk-ken —saw and talked w lots of waitResses, but how, when, where, why! Was I stuck or was that “the system”?


I had other expediencies, too. Would I be best to become, and to get into debt beyond disbelief of “the nuclear-Molecular: fanaticism of others to NSDU-238” not being exposed by anyone other than myself. This was always a question, in dreams, in driving both E-2’s and 3rd-Reverse or my two-Vans. This was always “stat”. Why would I have to explain any less than NSDU-238 is 60% fissile and that “nucleaRism is a state-cRutch of hypocRisy” nonetheless, not a defensive-Weapon. This indemnity was NOT passage of peace is a constant, not a superlative for making excuses for masse` murdeRings by the new-Rome, to continues ad-Infinitum. I went back onto the Road protesting, as well as OTR-tRukken. As space-Time navigated, I was teaching others “fRom the Roadscapes” and learning how to expose` anti-Wars, because!


<below added 25 Sep 2019>

This morning is another day of replacement-Recovery pain, and antithesis to be ultra tie-Red, or semi-pertinently, pleased, because I found a gal who is not a skinny, altho I love mamichina very much, indeed, as she is the more natural of all my gals—I like to say that ‘my-Gals’. I need to hear news and stay from wanting to stray outside, beneath the chem-tRails harangues-constant, as though that was what nostalgia recommended. Rather than listen to the children playing in the less winded side, closest my front yard (alleyway), I have been listening to the tRains and wondering how many damnable ‘tonnes’ of chemicals will be spewed into our air from the airport around Rock Springs WY. The winds are heard from the audibles enterprising above my office-Room, why I bought this older 1923 place I have my coffee from yester, warmed and I cannot dRink that, since I am too tie-Red; since, I want some american-Pusse` that would be need-of-Expertise on my psyche`. Poetry and pusse` sounds good to my replacement-Pains of Recovery braining, now entering the 14th-week: post-SuRgeRy, yet I am the one getting double doses of being dRained, that we know from reflections upon reading my blogs and from my poems.


The wArs camps all over Syria of US-military, and the Radionuclides the public is now able to be less regretful and not-Informed, is next up, alongside Dr. Michael Parenti my mentor.  Rather than walks outside while chemicalizationings are happening when do we go outside and that contaminated oxygenate is not expressly parts per million each tay-toed w “the new-Rome of Plutocracy” emblem of stupidity. In reality I could use a publisher and he or she would donate to get those 4-5-6 book-skis into pRint, but there is no funds yet and I’ve found-out that a plugin was not werking in d0t c0m, sooo now I cannot login myself to those tasks that behold yet more hard-wiRks fRom the 45 years of Ecology viewing and decipherings. Every one of the words I use w “i-n-g-s” has a white underlining. I shall go back to gReen font color atop the dark-gReen MS-word page color iVe used since I changed from blue. There, eNd the wArs-wArrings bought-Holds. That’s cleaRer, now.  


I wRite about “the new-Rome: system” but now you know of delinquent-Adults, of pRopaganda-Machine, about asinine wArs-wArring, of “the new-Rome of Plutocracy”, of masse` murdeRings is fun for vanquishing people, who sought a ‘democracy’ rappRoche.  Prof. Michael parenti can explain better about these discernings: empires are products of deliberate contriving, of manipulation, of planning, as no human consciousness can maintain the self-Self w.o. agency of order and forsake-able enterprise: fRee or fascist or communist or socialist-Peace and fReedom. Mamichina is a gal whose family I stayed, when she was four years, old.  Michael I met, in Berkeley CA, when I was 22 years and while trying to major in physics and political-science to get a masters-Degree– and not forget about what I have been writing, since 1988—inclusively, blogs, volume eXceRpts, poems, Ecosocialism. I wRite about the nucleaR-moleculaR age and the “egRegiousness-Extent”.


Now, I’V finally done what I felt worthy, this dark morning beneath chem-tRails: garbage skies ever, morosely changing. The edited apportioning correction-Needed, was done, and now passes muster.

<08 Sep 2019>

I think that I’ve found the ominous side-effect was no gas, for long dRive. As the parcel is a package, a gal w a warm smile, a warm heart, and a hot pusse`. I’ve known her ever since she was like 4-years-old and lived-in a small township, w schools, clinics, library, tRains, and some light industry w a gRand-dad. She, never did not want me to be too close, but when she had turned 17-years in her home town. I showed again, when she was eighteen, to find out how her dissonance for male-Engendering was, but she was aghast to remember me, at the differing-Stages of her existence. Here, was the Existential, as the space-Time was sooo taxing me. Not enough for web-tRaffic & when a young woman who understands to have me aRound is helpful to her need, as well as my mind, is what we, two arrived at in our ‘platonic-Relationings’. Today she allots she knows me but will not text-Message; will not tune-in on-Skype: cam; will not e-Mail, but then space-Time since seeing her at home in Nevada!


Recently, now I’ve been over-regulating my life-line activities due pseudogout-Attacks, those medication mixes became cost between 2003 and 2015. Thus, I had displaced my fidelity somehow, and need to be on the road, to pick-her-up, at least place her in my crushing arms, and give her a kiss. Whereupon, secondly, my amplifications were suspended and all I needed was to get to the overview on how much p-a-i-n-s have weakened my strength, but health-wise, I needed some of the gals, women w whom my tRavels have partaken! Sooo, I was hoping for the imbalance to be riddance and for me to regain control w consorts, of myself-Self, and for a woman who shares w me for herself. Now, since last fRiday the repair to my ‘shoulder-Replacement’ is to my exercise and pain-Demeanor continuing. This accoutrement had best not be “empiricism” is made best each day by recuperation-Healing, patience, and lotsa rest. I got onto my fidelity, naturalness. Please read my entrée on:  ]


But, herein, facts and History belie chauvinism, or radicalizing the extRemes. Today, altho I am smarting from the asshole who stole my stoRies off my computer and thus the nUkiEmOLe d0t oRg site had to be repatriated, when I was osteo-Arthritis, then pseudo-Gout: aRthRitis-Attacks p-a-i-n-s. That “My ph0t0gRapHy is Commendable” sooo, now, the usury that I had impugned upon my self-Self, has been deciphered as impugning upon that space-Time, since wanting to move, 5-years ago (2014-15) while hoping to be mindful, toward having a spousal alignment for verity sake.

A need you demanding a different inclusion for my arts, office, writing activities. In other words, the litany of sculpturing had to be slowed-down and transposits of pains relegated not to any but increased “computerized normative” yet unknown to me. However, the 2nd knee-Replacement doomed me to finding another apartment in metro, little-D: Denver, and that took 3-months of driving and self-Assertive ph0t0ing of chem-tRails. Better yet, I had already been in touch w you and that you would not tRavel nor were to see fit i.e. to my needing you w.o. my being there w us. Commendable. Erstwhile, my sexual activity was yet zilch, since 1989—continues, today!

Thus, my backlog:

* I started driving at a very young “age” 5-years old, in san fRan, and first occasion was down Fillmore Street, the steepest hill on & of san-fRan…

* I first heralded Ansel Adams on the weight of his cameras in the san-fRan: Presidio parklands, 1953. Met w him in the field as I was studying Ecology of bitchen-Cal four other times…took his portRait w his 4”x 5” camera off the Monterey-Salinas Highway, 1978…

*I have accomplished to no ‘insignificant-Means’ 950 protests marches, demonstrations & vigils—at least—since 1957!

* I’ve recited impRomptu-poetics since age 15.5years w other boomers 1962-63…

*My first public-Poetry indoors, reciting was w Jim Morrison—the d00Rs Morrison– in late spring, Palo Alto CA 1966…

* I continued w poetry-Readings, both reciting and reading, but mostly starting w an impRomptu poetic-Dissonance on nucleaRism

* met Prof. Howard Zinn, on Cape Cod w Prof. Noam Chomsky, spring 1968

* meeting w Howard Zinn, late-Spring 1968 on Manhattan Island, where we marched front ranks in anti-War Mobilization w David Dellinger and David McReynolds, a national-Candidate for president forthcoming …

* I became one of two co-leaders of the affinity-gRoup, Berkeley CA 1969, known as “Revolution Now” and advised by both rev-Paul Sawyer, as well as Father McDonnell—the Catholic Church our meeting Hall, located on Addison Street in Berkeley CA. This fact enlightened my fidelity for “feminism” as I immediately had gotten into what the sexual-Overtures of female physicality had to be known, in 1967…

* tRavels and tRavails of catching the next geographical-Installment of the Ecology gRoup a social-Antipathic evolving relax and research association of we-Boomers…summer 1969 thru 1981

* While attending a class @ JPL, Pasadena, 1969. I got to know Prof. Carl Sagan, and my statement was on how to measure-Radionuclides, as well as gauge the bReaking point of and on amounts of Radionuclides…he told me in 1974, upon House arrest at Oak Ridge Labs located outside township of Oak Ridge TN, that I “am the very person he wants to thank for the discovery of what he has now termed ‘nuclear-Winter’ …” I was quite pleased altho NSDU-238 was attentively: on-my-Mind

* I associated w 7-others to relate about how we could protest, sooo that scientific-Evaluations on Radionuclides of Yucca Flat and fRenchmen’s Flat “both inside nevada-Testsite …

* I did the white-Paper report to Dan Rather in 1972, was given to me by a Colonel of National Guard where georges-Enron was supposed to be i.e. not A.W.O.L.

* met Dan Rather in his CBS office, Manhattan Island, 1978 NY City—feeling quite at home w the streets and buildings and sidewalks geography as well as Museums and aRtes Galleries—to introduce myself as the “white-Paper: on georges-Enron”…

* started parttime tRukken: O.T.R. 1974 and kept job-Hunts so as to continue relating to urban-Sprawl and forest-Timbering for sleaze cheapness in housing, as well as floods of Missouri, Mississippi and Ohio rivers thRu 2008 (moving to Chico and oRoville CA and not finding jobs 1983-85…found-out that I liked 5’8” women; tRied to discuss feminism w waitResses of that stature…

* kept pRotesting against american: radionuclides-Contaminationings and sought help in knowhow of computers-Use 1983 thru 1998, as I wRote poems, amalgamated “journals”

* been doling-out bloGs, started 2004, on my website, since 2006—when a neurotic-Sick-0 (asshole) started into spying and interrupting me, by moving to a house on-Corner, across-Street…

* I’ve been relating to my poetics, since 2012 for an amalgam that best, configuring two-Titles

a) not a neurotic discursive but a slice-of-Life

b) POems #14/ ash-from-dead-pulverized-bodies of 9-slash-11 [19 Feb 2012]


I say “No to impasse`, because” we all needed “health-Medicare: 1961” and what I got was visitation-Rights to all nucleaR-Molecular facilities in u.s.a. and 6 in U.S.S.R, and in France and in Great bRitain. Sooo, how do I be rid of “pseudo-Gout’’ and I feel I am not lucky other than I have nort been diagnosed w cancers of than spots from “ozone-Depletion days” (talk about an outdoors person wanting pusse`. Where’s the freedom “body-Scan for all our cellular-Cells? Cannot happen w.o. closeness to chemotheRapy-Like temperances. Science “devolluted” for military never to have “defense” I continue to pRopose let’s have “defense” by the we-People on this whole, fookeRbilt-ski, planet!  ]


No to impasse`. No impasse`! What in heck is honest-Rapprochements`, but the aRtes done by aRt-sits, by honest reflection, truth reading, agronomy for finding the word “surreptition[1]” in a definition of the deep-State’s plutocracy. Never a new definition of expanded-Democracy other than to wRite on and along my poetics, my poems, my visual-Innoculations wRit ph0t0gRaphy. Me for the first-Time as not expanded space-Time but present w.o. ongoing p-a-i-n-s hard to extrapolate. tRying to figure loading J-1 w.o. having overwork on Replacement, which has gotten better but months from finalizing impasse` the healing-Pain extractions. I shall have to improve my motif on older and wiser for “X-Personals”. Time to get to mechanic and medical-Appointments always a biggeR hassle. Ohhh, wow!  ]


posted by “R” the-Righteous, Addison (25 Sep 2019)


[1] Try to look this word in a Dictionary or three, or online usages, presentment is this is cIAS techniques, onward-Words—or naught!

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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