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NUkiEmOLe Bi0-sKetch #4/  23 Oct 09   Bio-Sketches For Classmates That Were Honest And Insufferable

nUkiEmOLe bi0-sKetch #4/ 23 Oct 09 Bio-Sketches for Classmates that were Honest and insufferable

nUkiEmOLe bi0-sKetch #4/ 23 Oct 09

Bio-Sketches for Classmates that were Honest and insufferable

#1> What may surprise those of SMHs 1961 thru 1967 might be, that I became a legend, twice( 1969 thru 1978 and 1988 thru 2007): that I’ve met over 150 renown “authors” and all the beat-Poets” too. Mainly, I’ve been involved with doing over 200 pilgrimages for “our-Own” integrative and human-Rights equities of human-Rights, of non-Violence, of Ecology, of existentialist-Zen, not hidden beneath but under the guise of law(s) attached to the uS Constitution by Congressional passage: namely, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights thru outreach with “nuclear-Molecualrism” and ban-the-Bomb movement’s inner quests. Each and every “pilgrimage” was done for the purposes of not having others “exposed” to nuclear-Radioactives: the radiations of nuclear-Aegis: uS, and each involved my philosophical premises w other “boomers”. What was that we boomers discussed in high-School classes: galore! That of “pro-ReDucTioN” the nuclear arsenal to below “300” or ins & outs. Secondly, did you know that the last 24-Years, there’s every-Year been an un-Declared “war” on-Goin’ which is disgustingly pervasive to the direction we-Boomers “were” going– and, of whom we may have been, too! The wars get in the anachronisms of autocrats ways, manners, scorns–what I am calling “the Hegemonyites”.


Wars kill people better. Kill your neighbors. But, not to reduce but build the nuclear-Arsenal or talk> I have said since hearing from classmates @ SMHs “reduce the stockpile”. May noy be a surprise, but maybe not also a misnomer of those Chinese, those Mexicanos, those Filippinos (no indige-Amers, but nippon-Amers) who are also in our class-Directory. I’d talk the “integrative “substance” of Life. Ours and where the other generations have not been, yet, a human-Rights and a philosophical: imbalance, exists–altho that may not exude past method? We just plain-Ole have an anarchist executive-Disorder in the oval-Office twice-Unelected! I’m see, heard, read, felt, and not anticipated.


#2> Mr. Walker, in high schoolPhysics. I’d like to “hear” his mindscape “nuclear-Animosity” propensities. Yale Rolf, the football team’s coach, I talked w in 1978 in his Redwood City attorney-at-law Office. He could not answer whether “reduction” was the manner to approach, let alone prophetic manner to ensconce. Then Bernie Wagner, my tRack coach who pushed me into the hundred and 200-yards sprints who went onto coaching the Olympics tRack ‘n field for u.s.a. I talked with him on one of my photographic-Studies n 1973– Eugene OR. He wished me luck on my journeys. I May find some pictures of Miller & Johnson, arts instructors, (not having a single Elm or CC-classmates book annual, to help remember what they “spoke” while instructing arts-Classes? They were not superlatives. #3 Watching Wayne Y. pinching women’s skirt’s while walking upstairs? (but, not forgetting the dumb aspects of levity that we teens were suspecting of ourselves, too)… I guess we had quirkiness onsets, too. ‘Don’t ask everyone, wait for a gal to come to you’ Linda B.


#3> First high-School crush, Cathy Cotton (Huey), was the same as I was in temperament. I threw darts @ her picture on my dart-Board, because I felt she was not into sharing a visual hyperbolic regarding dysfunction–where were we goin’ I did think of all of us boomers in high-school—constantly. Who are we as a nation are in others eyes “transposited”; and she went to finding a steady-Guy, who could really be wholesome for her–altho she kept “smogging-Smoke” i.e. cancer-Sticks! Was I uptight? Yes. Cathy Cobb, however, also smooched cancer-sticks—as she an Aragon High School sophomore my senior year! I always wanted to be a photographer/writor when I grew up. My family and friends thought that was a harvest idea. As it turns out, they were correct-a-Gully built-Ski. However, only now am I able to disclose that the philosophical side has held back my career. I was looking for a body, and Susan Atherton was the one chance. I was sick from head to toe in trying-to-remember sub-strata thoughts, that preamble taking her out for a meal. Had to turn around and clean-up-vomit-from-floor of Volkswagen.


#4> That I’ve saved my reading blogs posted & poems postings (two chapbooks one double cd); what are peace-Movements these days…remains of the republic? However, there was no “I loved you then, I love you now” gal from high-school, from the Colorado College, from the three gRad schooling Universities (all of bitchen-Cal). That is lots to say for a sole-Survivor of two, family-Surnames. “impunity with roughshod method” a chapbook of poems w pHots– & “rightwing-Victimization, neo-Cons, their liberal-Wars & (ban the boMB sYmBoL is b-a-n, h-bOMbs, the frickin’ hydrogen fissile anti matter (masse- annihilations/ thermonuclear-Animosity not your own personalized) hEad-SpAce of not-so-depleted ur-238 entropy…the Gaza invasion resurfaces as Israels regale in extracting more lands for slurb-Sprawl; the extent of arms-Sales by Pentagons to Israels basically, shames us here in Homeland “idiot-act/Pat act” territory thru disregard of United Nations? Plague upon us by the u-S Congress, by market-Manipulations or by only wars continues! This new year is as inhospitable as that of 1963 thru 1977 was! Thinking about some faces that never had words in schools that always had names, does not escape the that dallience of “reunions”; I’ve attended those of other classes and thanks be for a beer, glass of wine with conversations, but where’s the poetry, the song extrapolations, the talk of how gals were then , and now; the conversations of sufferings in persons that cannot be seen or listed or heard, then, are they that, today!


#5> That frosh year, SMHS was as bucolic as age-13 may get. I do want you folks to know this: that my playing football, which got me disabled in the right-Hand, the right-Knee, the left side jaw– due the undeclared Viet-Cam-Laos by getting mindful on-the-field! “clipped-Fall” 1963 as the fact-Remains was I could not be content w Vietnam starting while anti-Nuclear protest on front path to SMHS was yet a place we wanted for noontime protest. Got clipped, not being able to reprimand myself for not quitting before senior year–as memory of 27-Others (male mostly) asked in opinion of a formulative quest Frosh year! Hey, I really wanted out for studies of the “nuclear-Molecularism: diaspora”? Those who talked me into playing football are not to blam. Not even the gals I could not disdain on dates in issue’d debates, either–instead of trying to maintain a virtuous “tie-In” to books knowledge via philosophy reading! By maintaining in high school that “combo”, I would have been able to continue the one, sub-10 (9.8) I turned in @ air-Force (Academy) 1965, in the 100-Yard: dash…and, those endemnics of study maintaining post-College in war-Torn University after graduation w a BA degree–which I definitely have done. Should have gotten more outta h-School not only football after the Jr. year trophy ‘award’.


#6> Just past 3-days I’ve found single-Women in the central-Rockies, that I’d met while living outdoors–in the last century– on the internet. This surprise is quite pleasing, as being single and philosopher/Artist in this nation-State has allotted need for visual-Self. What’s too much is they may be desirous, but not enough empathy to remember who you are, at least w.o. meditative practice or intellectual stimulation that teevee never enterprises wholly. Fact that, at most in bio-Feedback, and integration as the “main-Theme” study…met and photographed, but where has that gone, w.o. sales as computers took hold w inter-Nay? remains if one’s maintained the socio-Polity of those empathics? As for writing is knowledge of fact-finding and historical blending of animosity levels or accentuations of clarity, rationalism dos not become imperative any longer!


#7> That the “we-Boomer”s have not been accepted, as much as cast/caste-Aside, by younger and older-Generations because of g-Enron and Bully Clyneton making bad image for the rest-o-Us: Boomers, is what I do write about? I ask what has remained indifferent for the know-Nothing Cognocenti; what’s for us to enterprise other than “empire”? Organic food if you feel you’d been led aside by autocrats, may be the tax-Theme for wars/waRring…is remiss statement and ergonomics remains! I feel let down be these wars. They invade a sovereign nation-State: the Pentagons-Autocrats. Then, hire saplings who cannot afford living in poverty and try to explain that killing is good for growth? #8> Probably would have married one of the sweetest/wonderful visual “whoa-Man: ski’s” of the Southlands–bitchen-Cal–since we were bonding (1989), but that may have only led to what has been a more becoming to a contiguous-Nurturing of personalities–both she a nudelie-Model and me a progressive ‘poet’.


#8> There’s much in mountain-Women “coloradie” I can find to maintain a self-Self, but my metals became too costly to transport, buy and weld-ups during war-Torn: times? Huh! Clear as erosion or erosive power, I am not into power-Trippes–just a hipster who has done free poetry in numerous (30) uS urban centers–Canada & Mejico, too! Then, she could have helped me with my photography, as her professional-Career was “nude-Posing” the Southlands of b-Cal–too much indirect-Interference by “holy-Wood’s” producers and script-makers w.o. ‘geographies’ or endemnics ideologies not already demanded i.e. static!! However, models aside, not personality couths, which she really had, I’ve missed; and, now I wonder what has Colorado in weigh-ins 26-38 years aged “lassies” may not have as realizations any longer…where I’m bound is little-D, since moving to this cabin 2001!


#9> Now, there, as both knee-Replacement and shoulder operations are necessitated–post 3-months of writing, agony-i-zations that we’re never taught may exist in the human “bod”? Football supported militarism too much! #9> Being a carpenter for three-Days, but gettin’ paid union-Wages, anyhow? Then, starting a “swim-Class” on 2nd Ave, in san-Mateo, but having to halt that two-Weeks into–breaking a contract–to start “grad-Studies @ UC Berkeley, midway betwix sophomore and Junior-Years of college: 1966! Weirdest space-Time is followed by my journals, which I continue to write since 1965 start-ups–too many arts-studio’s losses for more remnants necessitating having taken good but cool ‘charge’! Now, I’ve been a writor (author: copyright 1991) for 34 years, too! People clashes are yet evermore apparent– or not so much as space-Time as memories? Now, there, as both knee-Replacement and shoulder operations are necessitated–post 3-months of writing, agony-izations that we’re never taught may exist in the human “bod”?


#10> Cool. I lived from my two-Vans campin’ and hiking the whole “continent” all coast-Lines from south of Panama Isthmus-to-the north-Pole–took eight years—on-off– while studying “philosophy and Ecology” meditating a story line in for focused later domain (possibly computers will help–1974. )Now, I’ve a written compendium volume-of-Werks of non-fiction due the practice of visuality? Eleven-Years (from 1969 thru 1980) while traveling with the existential-Ecology: group to all continents: the whole planet “Erathe”? Because of this geographical-Method, I maintained a relegation of Colorado-WYoming- then bitchen-Cal! In bitchen-Cal, I lived in another triangulate manner. Grass Valley/Nevada City; Chico; Berkeley–twice, also! Also, living from J-1 since March 6th,2009, yet reading and writing in pains i.e. so many, 3-non-Fiction studies on socio-Polity: books; writing 3-chapters more for 3-realized-on-compeuetes: books-al non-Fiction w poems and pHots, or how does writing go toward editing/publisher’s acknowledgements in this era of plutocracy-Rules, etc.!


note: partly edited 8-26-09 @ CSU library Rohnert Park CA, also Ft. Cee & @ stop ‘n Rest Cabin/arts-stoRage WY, 10-23-09…


02 Jul 2018   bio-additions w updates Renewed impoverishments not allowed


Yes, I became a legend and anti-Nuclearist or   ? as my protesting became an activism that was continuing since high school, spring 1961—in San Mateo on Delaware Ave. I’d spent lotsa space-Time dwelling w hikes and what the Ecology meant. My ascertainable definitions were that environment was concrete sidewalks and asphalt roadways, too often boulevards w.o. trees, and definitely scarcity green or flowering plants. They had to be watered, and I cleaned pools and watered gardens in spring-summer-fall outdoors. The big thinGy-Bop was speaking in front Parents Teachers Association @ age eleven, and in front of county supervisors 13 months later, for “gReen stRips” and parks w plants for rodents and raccoons. Then, in Junior year, football, after becoming first string punter (averaged over 40-yards per kick), first string defensive-Safety (knowing how coaches Rolf & Neimi, had taught proper tackling, and first string ’tailback’ I continued onward w same in Junior year, and also, became Safety Director i.e. hall monitoring and assembly strict-order.


JFK had not reduced, nor kept us from staying our military-Advisors as pawns forwarding more wars-Chaos. Vietnam-Cambodia-Laos: V-C-L, had STARTED I had grown-up w men in military uniforms, a so-called Korea-conflict that wasted 30% of North Korea and cost millions lives perished. I had seen men off ships and men about to embark as a five-year-old, on the wharves of san fRan, and along Market street (1951-1953).


John Mayall And The Blues Breakers – One Life To Live

53,531 views 5:05 mins. video, stereo


Whereupon, I had started to see that certain guys were heading for Marines, and others contemplating why a “dRaft card”? Yet, first, in spring 1961, h.s. counselor had suggested that “the Boomers” would have Medicare in a short year of two years. The cause for “healthcare for all” has been a flop and plutocracy the arisen edifice for democracy waylaid by oligarchs-elites-Technocrats and bureaucracy, too! The invasions-War of Vietnam has also expanded, and my anti-Nuclear: dispositions forwarding clean-ups was that, funds were being wasted, and nowhere was “diplomacy” an option. I would remain 1Y on the dRaft altho, my anti-Nuclearist polemics yet surrounded NSDU-238, which I’d known since 1951. Why have a war-Invasion, what had those farmers done to deserve the imperialism and hegemonic disparagements? When would Medicare for all be ascertainable reproof that US-military was pre-occupied in militarism at home? Lastly, why was there no US-congressional determination that bombing is futility and anarchaic-Practices of scornful abuses to law for chaos and anarchism. I was ready to quit football.


Jeff Thigpen, Donald Schultz, and others helped me to assimilate what the dis-valuation of NSDU-238 meant, since finding the answers in Library resource was scant. Basically, I was wont for an answer when to quit and should not have set foot on field for “violent contact sport” ever again. Track successes appealed more, as Sly Stallone and I went back forth beating one-another at Serra High School and semi-Finals, too. We’d played space-Time inside classrooms of Serra and ascertained how to deal w conscience-consciousness communications from room to hallways 3-weeks in-a-row. Meanwhile, I had felt the issue and did not come across w “quite” football as Peter Holko had done. The cliché` “stay w ‘it’…” was not the id-al referencing that would help me in words, prognostications aside. Injuries, concussion, broken hand, and knowing professionally I could become a “punter” as I’d averaged 45 yards per kick (from line of scrimmage) junior year.


Gimme Shelter Unreleased Extended Version

8:27 mins. 9,966 views w video

              HALT NSDU-238 use and expoRts

“R” Addison, the peace-Warrior


**standby, to be completed for all website ReadoRs as well as oldeR-boomeR: classmates…


Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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