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anti-nucleaRist bloG #35/ 25 Nov 2009 Afghanistan: conditionalized off-Accord re-take

anti-nucleaRist bloG #35/ 25 Nov 2009

Afghanistan: conditionalized off-Accord re-take


My latest means of expanding base of writing Afghanistan into broader, less conditionalized re-take of account to further define the broader “base” is no misnomer. As I recount availing the time-Era is as best written, not only described as I possibly could. Adding no might to fretfulness, the end of being in-adept as an “empire” must come to a head-stone: rest. The warring in and of Afghanistan has been accomplishing the state of socio-Economic: conditionalism, which basically is what the public here in imperialist-Nation: 50-states seem to feel is economy of proof. But are they exacting as their needs not met remain in toilsome excess of nuclear-Molecular: polluting, degeneracy-Politics and plutocrats-Central!


Malalai Joya has given the u-S populous what has never been to a tribalist nation some refined tastes about “the insults” from invasion-Aplenty to the high mountains of semi-Arid Asia on her talks-Tour of two weeks duration. Christian Parenti, has also come back from that Pentagons: stressed ‘n war-torn dementia, with an opprobrium, also worth the endeavor of reading and expanding-the-base of concern. Other than to neglect both for the futile one of Ohh-bom-bah, who’s characterization of wars’ continuance is mightily arrogant and of subsequence: autocratic, too! Just take a look at “land mines” as u-S industry once less bemused with arms sales since before 1940’s wars in Pacific and in Europe, has been continuation of “war-Theory” since 1983. Where the heightened killing of civilians was purposeful, so that allowed fire-Bombing atop German civilians and then Nippon civilians, the scourge of witness to be suppressed, for propaganda-Sake. Nowadays all the people have is no “savings” depression or lack-of-Job pay-Scale, while arms-Sales “corporatism” was begotten thru selfless iconoclasm for propaganda, the new-World “disorder, anarchyism and derivatives-Banking”.


What’s wrong with “militaryism” is that the al Qaeda is like the cIAS, there are five “warring” factions that both deal with, and that’s not the way the United Nations nor international-Laws of world Court, nor the starving 1.2 billion humans today are lawfully entitled.


please read the two Democracy Now articles:

+Ahead of Key Global Conference, U.S. Announces Continued Rejection of Land Mine Ban

+As U.S. Probes Radiation at Three Mile Island, Christian Parenti on Enduring “Zombie Nuke Plants” Nationwide

also in Common Dreams “Afghan Escalation ‘Utter Insanity’ and ‘Morally Reprehensible’” by Christian Parenti

Afghanistan had two RAWA peace-Persons speaking in unison on kPFA-fm audio’s. When lack of written involvements with thoughts on dissent are diminished “thin-Minded” accountrements of lividly living with inter-Nay in Coloradie, one gets to writing not to find nostalgia, of course. There, then seems to be curtly enterprised in negations, bureaucratic-Love, associativeness, when dwelling upon “not participatory-Democracy”. There are two invasions by the u-S Pentagons, costing upwards of $18 billion per MONTH. The empire-Expansion keeps the oligarchs in their place is assumed by your liberalism indigestion of nary a spoken word, nor token of where the dissent heads in purposes that are at heart mistaken tokens of “freedom” i.e. not very progressive at all! If you think for one moment that involving Pakistan and using drones to kill civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan is not sooner or later going to involve the “usages and abusives” of NSDU-238 (not-so-depleted-Uranium: 238), you’d better turn your eyeballs around and find which way your head is turning from reality, too!


Seems that people who do not dissent ought to be more up-to-Date for others, if society is not to be lead around on whimsy after inimicable, ever-so-substantive excess warring, continuing ad infinitum. However, to acknowledge that, conceptually is to converse, or to acknowledge that the revolutionaries in those high mTnS. of the Himalayas ought to give credence in support of a MALALAI JOYA revolutionary, who wants “democracy” in the tribalist sense to remain Afghans whether or naught northern-Alliance can only be peaceful and not circumvent inadequacy as all tribal-Warlords deal with power elites, she cannot say but Christian Parenti has the dregs on that allocation. Ms. Joya alights upon fascist invasions of N.A.T.O. OUT and peace-In that makes grasses take connote about their “roots”?


She so states … “Talking of elections in the world’s most corrupt, mafia-ridden, and occupied country like Afghanistan is ridiculous. And as seen, the turnout has been very low because apart from severe insecurity, people had no interest in participating in elections where such infamous elements were candidates and they know that the future president is already chosen in the White House.”


“A majority of Afghans have come to the conclusion that these elections were just a dirty game that the United States and N.A.T.O. (who heavily influenced the elections) played with the fate of our people, as much more undemocratic and fraudulent than the previous one,[ which is not self-Explanatory]. I think these elections are just efforts by the United States to give legitimacy to its puppet regime in Afghanistan. Everyone knows that there could not be a free and fair election while the Taliban have a presence in 80% of Afghanistan, the rest of the country is controlled by brutal warlords, and the government has no control at all.”


“I cannot name a specific favored candidate but it is quite obvious that three of the main candidates (Karzai, Abdullah, and Ashraf Ghani) all have long and deep ties with the United States, and are considered U.S. agents in Afghanistan. If any of them come to power, they will first of all serve U.S. interests and not the Afghan people.”



AND tie-in with program-announcer Sonali Kolhatkar of KPFK-fm @ of LOS and kPFA of Berkeley on her program Saturday morning called “uprising Radio” for she is a RAWA membership person of Afghanistan origination, as well as Malalai– she writes in the zNetcommunications–where I’ve posted a comment on her article.


Basically, the irresolute excess of building bases overseas is to continue “empire-Building” as there are now 737 bases in 120 nation-States to maintain the $693 billion “military-Hegemony: budget” while allowing the United Nations to become stagnant, or by continuing “aggressions” all over the world as a reuse of “democracy”. RAWA, both you and Malalai Joya have been relegated to maintaining a revolutionary-Stance. We progressives who understand, that the warlords and drug-lords are arm-Sales for “capital” is an expose’ of hauteurs commonly known as “autocracy”.


Many 1,000’s of people have now heard “Malalai Joya’s” ensconcement: descriptions, definitions, firsthand observations, of late. How liberties have curtailed freedoms, hardly allowing democracy to exist, or the scenario of lawfulness have been allowed to maintain to be and to become abided for neo-C0n’s of pronouncements of anti-International Laws. There shall have to be 10,000’s who have gotten these messages of yours, hers, and we, the minions of anti-Fundamentalism on this onslaught to the Afghan peoples and Afghan progressives (and Iran, Pakistan, Uzbekistan) who want “secular participation in lawfulness—unlike the N.A.T.O. regard of aggression by plutocrats the world “overt” not so covert.


The u-S Congress or at least “committees of the legislative-Branch” ought to regard her speaking, although they’re such crass adjutants of corruption of laws “legal” that disregarding 26-years of one undeclared-War after the others—seven all told, w breaks for commercials I’m sure—remains their not so eager way of impassioning “democracy”?


Your writings, your radio programs, your www.ICUJP,org LOS conversations,

all show that a woman can find peace to be shared “mightily” with others who’s mind’s ought to remain open to more, but expedient facts pertaining, or memory as per usual: history, I say to both Sonali and Malalai.


And I listened to one other audio program of interviews w Malalai Joya. This one with Dennis Bernstein who says, “We’ll speak to a courageous, young Afghan parliamentarian suspended from Parliament for speaking out against the growing corruption and the rise of warlords in US-occupied Afghanistan; also, former Palestinian political prisoner speaks out…” to discern for yourself, where the pulses of “rapes, burka’s, school girls not allowed education, removing women from parliament” as was Ms. Joya’s “ordeal” with “tribalism, warlord Power: putsch” of the mountains 800 year history dependent on preserving the defense of people—in the region. Then you may want to have a “day of Giving toward poverty” fast or meditation (prayer, maybe) of both Afghanistan and the indigenous-Tribes here that have 82% unemployment in u-S living standard of in-penury-on-reservations: culturally demised due long and excessive decimation(s) against them as humans-of-the-Earth. And, thoughts onward in remembrances of “foster-Internments” and the worst-Housing polemics of u-S, than even tenement ghettoes—last century and since!


Then, while your at that think about how “nice” Ohh-bay-mah is to not allow passage of an anti-War measure: signage of anti Land-mine accords, as that malfeasance against humanity, according to hard sought statistics kills 1,250 humans per year, injures despicably 4,000 more per year and yet “land-Mines” exist in 70-nation-States right now! Because the anathema of “wars-Warrrrrrring” is more profitable for the elites, autocrats, bureaucrats: technocracy rather than to value “politics” above “militaryism” or because laws need-to-be-Broken is a child’s game? Read about the Key Global Conference as once again, u-S diplomacy is to stay focused upon “belligerence” and dictates of oligarchs over that of laws of all-Humans. Human Rights Watch speaker is quite pronounced about his defining properly the improprieties and the arcaneness without humanity—well worth the effort to listen to all three on Giving Day?


Again, having checked-Out Democracy Now, Afghanistan with RAWA minbd-Scape, you may find room for “Giving-Day! Speaking about giving, or thanking “correctly” making sure that “indigenous People remain impoverished” is one ought to listen to, and on two programs, both of kPFA-fm origin. They are in audio-Speak or podcast: seek with two women that I’ve listened to on their reservations, first Madonna in Oklahoma, and secondly one of Ohlone background and of san-Fran bays region whose entreaty of tradition “return to Alcatraz” alongside other “women-Indigenous” personas gratia. They, who expose’ the catharsis of their people’s as well as you attempt to understand the need in the basics of “change” within society have much to say about “mother-Earth” and of indigenous-Giving, which begat the deaths by white-Puritans against any “peace-Entreaty” are parable to “democracy-Participation” today. History is understood better is what I know Claude Bellecourte and Bill Means (both of A.I.M. ideology and past) both programs were today in podcast as well as downloadable?


luv is not wars-Warring, nor leadership–

the global-Village patriot

–note: z-Communications blog #11/11-25-09 © apeco

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Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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