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anti-nucleaRist bloG #280/ 21 Mar 2020 coRonaviRus up Your chem-tRails Ionized and gMOS w PlastispheRes b-a-a-d Act

anti-nucleaRist bloG #280/ 21 Mar 2020

coRonaviRus up Your chem-tRails Ionized and gMOS w PlastispheRes b-a-a-d Act


We’ve had enough of this: just kick-Back, watch mold collect on the viruses, which keep infecting, thus continuing to interfere w our DNA, people. The “righteous” Addison, poet-photographer-Philosopher is heading somewhere w you folks in mind, because ”the we-Boomers” gathered together to rekindle HOPES NOT ANXIETIES, back 1969, that was in Berkeley CA. I do not welcome anyone from the one-Party: parody-System, the fascist-American and zionist-Fascist elements of nonsense to peRpetRate psychopathic-realms: the new-Rome of PlutocRacy, as being a focal-Leader. The N.R.C. (National Regulatory commission) is no better  than the A.E.C. as they ae formulatively the pRopaganda-Machine and, the tRumpeteR “affairs” are not of state, nor solely from the deep-State, yet he is hypocritical to the “three-laws of u.s.a.”.


[8:51 p.m. SatuRday: I hope you’ve enjoyed my now, 280-bloGs. I know I’ve impressed many of you. My adding this last bloGscAPe, has been indeed, in need, due my having hackers remove my data, and adding shiftiness to consummating my website as aRtes-pRojects. I have included those “volume-eXceRpts” because really have spoken for not oNLY rthe we-Boomers, the boomeR-geneRation, but not for “the new-Rome’s: hegemonyites” so much as for american-Culturalizationngs, and the disgust I have had to bare-Witness, because the “pRopaganda-Machine” basically is fascist too much. I have inculcated many “journalists” because those w whom I, as a journalist was not an impeRialist. I would like to add Glen Ford, Danny Haiphong, the two guys making headlines on RT-news, as well as the gals @ AJE. Hopefully there will be another chance to clear more fog from bourgeoisie-Ville, to add the story of how I started. Fascism has been the usages of NSDU-238…]


“Michel Chossudovsky discusses his new series of research articles on the “pandemic”, including, “COVID-19 Coronavirus ‘Fake’ Pandemic: Timeline and Analysis” and “Coronavirus COVID-19: ‘Made in China’ or ‘Made in America’?, among others.

On January 30th, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) in relation to China’s novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) categorized as a viral pneumonia. The virus outbreak was centred in Wuhan, a city in Eastern China with a population in excess of 11 million.

In the week prior to the January 30th decision, the WHO Emergency Committee expressed divergent views. There were visible divisions within the Committee. On January 30th, a far-reaching decision was taken without the support of expert opinion at a time when the coronavirus outbreak was limited to Mainland China.

There were 150 confirmed cases outside China when the decision was taken: 6 in the United States, 3 in Canada, 2 in the UK, etc. 150 confirmed cases over a population of 6.4 billion (world population of 7.8 billion minus Chinas 1-4 billion).

What was the risk of being infected?  Virtually zero. OVID-19 Coronavirus: The Crisis – Michel Chossudovsky, #420[1]


The cost was at the expense of the public-Purse” says Prof. Choussudovsky, who other than being a pRofessoR, is head of CentRe of Global Research. There was a simulation in Oct 2019–vaccination-Confirmation at Davos, Switzerland.  Weld. My own pRemising configured that the coRonaviRus was started in u.s.a. as this is an election-Year, as tRumpeteR is an a-Hole zionist-Fascist, and as his lies are basically non-Acceptable to our “there-Major: laws”. The new-Rome of PlutocRacy is menacing the world, even using the covid-19 as biowarfare not-WaRning others, so indeterminable a rex of inhospitable fascist entreaty to us-citizens. The deep-State maintains the fascist and capitalist-TotalitaRian output for world-ContRol of human-Markets for food, safety and water. This neglection to health-Dilemma of we-People has now cleaRed food-stocks because there is no-Defense contingency for supermaRket waRehouses to be de-contaminated as the wuRkoRs werk or at least allowing 9-hours between thee 8-hours context. What has happened is the one-Party” parody, is not usurpable but as aRcane as Unnecessary.          “R”


“Los Angeles, California reported on Tuesday its first case of coronavirus from community transmission, with the total number in the city rising to 19.

Massachusetts announced 51 new cases, bringing the total in that state up to 92. Seventy of these are related to one conference in Boston, meaning that the spread of the virus in the state’s largest city is likely far more extensive.

Six weeks after the first reported case in the US, the level of testing remains criminally uncoordinated. In areas of the country where there are no reported cases of the virus, this is more an indication of the complete absence of testing and health care infrastructure than an absence of the disease itself.

In New Rochelle, New York, a suburb outside of Manhattan, the initial reported case of coronavirus came on March 2. However, this individual had been in a hospital for four days before being tested. The number of infected in the suburb is now 90, the largest concentration on the East Coast. CNN reported yesterday that firefighters in Kirkland, Washington were tested for the virus after responding to an outbreak, but the backlog was such that their samples expired before they were processed.

The entire ruling class and its state are responsible for the chaotic response to the spread of the virus.

For decades, the American ruling class, under both Democrats and Republicans, has pursued policies that have redistributed wealth from the working class to the rich, while social infrastructure has been gutted. As a result, American society lacks the social antibodies necessary to combat the epidemic. The conditions of masses of people—poverty, homelessness, lack of access to health care, low-wage work, economic insecurity—leave them immensely vulnerable.


Health and health care

Nearly half of US adults are uninsured or underinsured, meaning that they lack health care coverage entirely or their coverage is so costly that it is prohibitive to use. Over the past decade, and in particular since the implementation of Obamacare, health care has been even further restructured on a class basis, with separate facilities and services established to serve the wealthy and upper-middle class (so-called “concierge” health care).

The United States has only 2.8 hospital beds per 1,000 people (compared to South Korea and Japan, which have more than 12 beds per 1,000, and China, which has 4.3 beds per 1,000). This means that in the event of a major spread of the virus, which now appears inevitable, available beds will quickly run out.

As a direct result of poverty and lack of health care, millions of Americans suffer from underlying conditions that exacerbate the effect of coronavirus. Ten percent of the population, or 34 million people, have diabetes. Nearly half of all adult Americans have some form of cardiovascular disease, and more than 25 million people have asthma, the prevalence of which has risen rapidly over the past four decades.” [2]


I’ve been relating the: US-hegemonyites and R-O-N-G Phooel since January 1974. The V-C-L was being misinterpReted as the occasion, once-Again of lies and deceits, to maintain “nuceleaR-Molecular: world-pRopaganda”, since 1956-57, because Eisenhower was ex-General and one-Party: parody. The US-hegemonyites have been plaguing the world w power-surges, utilizing the sordid, power-elites of Europe and u.s.a. since coRpoRate power and the federal-Reserve i.e. rush thRu, of Dec. 24th 1913. Yet, the empire-Building, while keeping the usages of all three: nucleaR-Molecular, weapons w.i. range of planet-eRathes air-water-land, will not be kept on check by the Bourgeiosie. Not forgetting, of course, that we-Humanoids are not needing to be lied to and about NSDU-238 and “directed-Energy: fusion” of September 11th 2001, now 18.5 years back. Theirs is not a balance for power, but maintaining an imbalance while not allowing power, thru allowing dictatorships.


How long can that last as “plastispheres ruin all water and all fresh-water must now be nano-Filtered, not just anti-Bacterium: ionized. While coRonaviRus pathogens have become extReme nano-Particles w a full-Life of nine-Hours, and a host of plaguing such as red-Tides and acid-Reins forests purposefully chem-tRailed to cause fires at will from “ionospheRic-Heaters”. They are not a people’s rites-to-tRaditions in usa, for sure. The basic answer is: we-People do not need that cRap. Basically, the coRonaviRus out-break symbolizes “US-hegemonyites and R-O-N-G Phooel: world mis-Leadership”. Other than we need normal stomach-Bacteria in our stomachs, why the gaRbage: chem-tRails and coRonaviRus, at this point-in-Time, as space-Time is simultaneity? I’d state the stat is again “we-People cannot know we have “defense-Polemics” when the empiRe’s-Invasions are always-AggRession. There is some fidelity-Lacking. Somewhere there is a “biowarfare-pRogRam” going to get funding and plops for dilemma make usury of haste not now, pResent.       “R”


“The nation that considers itself to be the apex of capitalist achievement on planet Earth turns out to have no health care system worthy of the name – a testament to the sucking moral vacuum at America’s imperial, white settler colony core. A lowly virus – a form of being that exists at the very border between “life” and “not-life” – has revealed the world’s superpower as butt-naked and very much afraid.

“The system…is failing. Let’s admit it,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, on March 14 at a White House briefing. Fauci’s outfit is one of 27 institutes and centers that make up the National Institutes of Health under the umbrella of the Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and its Epidemic Intelligence Service. But this vast alphabet soup of agencies could not find enough coronavirus testing kits to cope with an outbreak in the tiniest Pacific island micro-state — much less a nation of 330 million. As of March 11, the U.S. had tested only 7,000 people – in the most ad hoc and scientifically unproductive manner imaginable. By March 17, the total national count  stood at 54,087 tests given, with 5,723 positive and 90 recorded deaths. But the pattern of testing is everywhere inadequate and in some states all but non-existent, ranging from 12,486 tested persons in Washington, the second-hardest hit state, to only 146 tested persons in Georgia. All 146 tested Georgians are also listed as infected, which indicates that Georgia only tests people that show up very sick at its hospitals.  New York, with the highest number of infected, had only tested 7,206 people as of early this week, with a relatively high percentage of them infected.

“This vast alphabet soup of agencies could not find enough coronavirus testing kits to cope with an outbreak in the tiniest Pacific island micro-state — much less a nation of 330 million.”


These are not statistics of a failing health care system, but of a country that has no system – the conclusion reached by former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich. “The dirty little secret, which will soon become apparent to all, is that there is no real public health system in the United States,” wrote Reich in his Newsweek  column. “America is waking up to the fact that it has almost no public capacity to deal with it. Instead of a public health system, we have a private for-profit system for individuals lucky enough to afford it and a rickety social insurance system for people fortunate enough to have a full-time job.”

There are no buttons for the Centers for Disease Control to push in response to the epidemic, because decades of corporate duopoly privatization has hollowed out the U.S. public health sector, so that it barely functions on good days. Even the Veterans Administration hospital system, the closest thing the U.S. has to “socialized” medicine on the British model, has been forced by corporate members of Congress to outsource much of its services to for-profit companies and cut in-house treatment capacity to the bone. This is the “creative destruction” that the oligarchs who own the U.S. brag about — their great contribution to civilization. Thus, local, state and federal officials must resort to calling on the Army Corps of Engineers to build the needed hospital beds from the ground up, while the epidemic rages, citing the U.S. military experience with ebola in West Africa. If that is the rationale, then the U.S. should also call on Cuba for rescue from the coronavirus, since Havana sent 256 doctors, nurses and other health professionals to provide direct care to ebola victims – while the U.S. military refused to touch even one sick African.

“Officials must resort to calling on the Army Corps of Engineers to build the needed hospital beds from the ground up, while the epidemic rages.”

Poor Bernie Sanders. Had the epidemic struck a month earlier, it would have provided a ghastly mass education on the non-existent state of the U.S. public health system, presumably resulting in landslide support for the Medicare-for-All advocate. But then, maybe not. When U.S. realities are filtered through a monopoly corporate media lens, truth becomes as scarce as the hospital beds, ventilators and protective gear that is missing from the public health sphere. The Black political (misleadership) class, which is wholly answerable to one of the corporate parties responsible for systematically destroying public health care, would still have endorsed the oligarchs’ champion, Joe Biden, as instructed – and then blamed the epidemic on Trump. However, as Robert Reich noted, “the system would be failing even under a halfway competent president.” Competence can’t provide beds, kits, gear, equipment, medicines and doctors and nurses that don’t exist.


Not soon enough, but very shortly, much of the nation will learn more than they ever wanted to about the pathology of late stage, “Race to the Bottom” capitalism, under the most stressful circumstances of curfew, economic panic, and mass sickness and death. Just as there is no public health system because the Lords of Capital grew fatter through the wholesale privatizing of health services, so have these same oligarchs prospered from the unrelenting assault on the rest of the social safety net, and from the imposition of the “shit job,” “gig” economy. The goal of the austerity regime and “gig” employment is to make working people so insecure, so desperate, that they will accept any job, at any wage, under any conditions and schedule. To achieve this capitalists’ nirvana, the state must be stripped of the tools that previous generations created to provide working people with healthier and more economically secure lives. These are the same tools that are missing, thanks to privatizing capitalist stooges like Joe Biden, now that the epidemic has hit.


“Much of the nation will learn more than they ever wanted to about the pathology of late stage, ‘Race to the Bottom’ capitalism…

Meanwhile China, the society that presents the largest threat to U.S. world domination, appears to have pulled itself out of health crisis through the exertions of its amazing command economy. The Chinese have delivered 10,000 coronavirus kits to Poland  and are “airlifting masks, respirators and other critical supplies” to Italy to make up for Germany and France’s refusal to provide these vital medical goods to their European Union partner. Just as China pulled the planet out of the Great Recession, it may also emerge even stronger from the Coronav[u[iris crisis.”[3]


The “health-system is failing us” is just injustices, sleight of hand, feigning tRuths, especially”.  What’s happened is the U.S. Health Dept. did not impose the “defense-Needs of the US-citizenry” as they are too-Bourgeois and elite-Power: hegemonyite-Regarding. The “system, once again, remains that of “the new-Rome of plutocRacy”. The once-Waz: republic, is a remnant-Past continuing. The empire’s-Invasions are not innocuous, the we-Peeps are. They have continued for 15-years w “eat at Joe’s he’s got gMOS” and “chem-tRails make “sleazy-Discolored: sunsets”. The deep-State may desire” coRonaviRus up Your chem-tRails Ionized” but the we-Peeps DO NOT NEED THEIR CHEMISE.             “R”


“Steve Bannon–one of the luminaries of the “Alt-Right,” and a former key Trump aide–is centrally involved in the anti-China effort. Note Bannon’s role in the “Get China” movement and the manner in which Washington is being possessed by this: ” . . . . Fear of China has spread across the government, from the White House to Congress to federal agencies, where Beijing’s rise is unquestioningly viewed as an economic and national security threat and the defining challenge of the 21st century. ‘These are two systems that are incompatible,’ Mr. Bannon said of the United States and China. ‘One side is going to win, and one side is going to lose.’ . . . .”

Next, the program undertakes a review of circumstances that suggest the possibility of investor activity by people linked to Steve Bannon, who is at the epicenter of the anti-China effort. Bannon has been the beneficiary of the enormous wealth of the brilliant, eccentric investor Robert Mercer. Mercer has used AI-directed investment projection to afford a 70% return for his hedge fund.

We wonder if he might have had foreknowledge of the coronavirus outbreak? IF that was the case, this would have enabled him to have made a great deal of money on the torpedoing of the Chinese economy as may well be the case for J. Kyle Bass. On the other side of the coin is Mercer’s/Renaissance Technologies’ enormous investment in Gilead Pharmaceuticals.

IF Gilead’s remdesivir does prove to be the “go-to” treatment for coronavirus, that firm stands to make a great deal of money, as would Mercer/Renaissance Technologies. NB: The information from Dr. Mercola’s post should be factored in to the information about investing and the possibility of short-selling and/or other types of maneuvering to profit from this crisis. Equity markets are very responsive to suggestion, accurate or falacious. We note that the hysteria alluded to in the post by Dr. Mercola may well contribute to the steep decline in markets.

China, of course, has shut down much of its infrastructure to combat the virus. That is contributing, obviously. To what extent they, too, are responding to hysteria is an open question. We also wonder if they know something we don’t. Media have featured pictures of Chinese personnel in protective clothing fumigating public facilities. We wonder if they are protecting against rodents or other animals spreading the virus. Note the reference in the post by Dr. Mercola.

China has begun testing of Gilead’s remdesivir. IF, for the sake of argument,

Gilead’s remdesivir becomes the “go-to” treatment for the coronavirus, Gilead–and Mercer–will make a great deal of money. China is a huge market and the drug will find markets elsewhere, as well. Note that a Chinese government research facility has applied for a patent on the drug.


We find it curious that American media outlets have remained silent on such a promising therapeutic regimen. Reuters reported it, as did Agence France Presse. These are major wire services. Why not American media outlets?

Indicative of the “Chicken Little journalism”–weaponzed journalism– that characterizes the U.S. news media is the lack of coverage of the American flu epidemic of 2017–2018. Contrast the statistics about the 2017–2018 flu epidemic in this country with the statistics about coronavirus. In this country, 45 million caught the flu. According to the CDC, 80,000 of them died.

Next, we read in full an Op-Ed column by Rosie Spinks–a rare island of balance and sanity in The New York Times’ coverage of this event. In addition to noting the effects of the coronavirus on the economics of the travel industry, Rosie Spinks notes the draconian reaction of the U.S. State Department. Ms. Spinks tales stock of the relatively mild nature of the virus. ” . . . . Numerous experts have said that the majority of people who contract coronavirus will experience it as a respiratory infection they will fully recover from. But the extreme reactions — the canceling of flights, closing of borders and level-four travel warnings — seem more appropriate for something much worse. . . .”

Because it screens points of entry for MERS coronavirus infection because of its citizens who make the Haj pilgrimage to Mecca, Indonesia has no recorded cases. In the column cited above, Ms. Spinks noted the effectiveness of the kind of prophylactic screening measures taken by Indonesia: ” . . . . Measures like screening at airports, quarantining cruise ships or flights with confirmed cases and isolating communities at the center of an outbreak can be effective, said Erin Sorrell, an assistant research professor at Georgetown University who studies emerging infectious diseases. . . .”


The outbreak has occurred in the context of what we have called a “Full Court Press” against China. 4Headed by “ex” CIA officer William Barr, the Justice Department has charged Chinese personnel with having hacked the Equifax credit reporting agencies. The Chinese have denied this. It will be interesting to see if the U.S. deploys cyber-weaponry on Chinese computer and internet systems, as it has in Russia. In turn, it will be interesting to see if the “Full Court Press” strategy encompasses the sabotaging of Chinese nuclear power plants, Project HAARP environmental modification warfare or other draconian measures.

The CIA’s hacking tools are specifically crafted to mask CIA authorship of the attacks. Most significantly, for our the purposes of the present discussion, is the fact that the Agency’s hacking tools are engineered in such a way as to permit the authors of the event to represent themselves as Chinese. ” . . . . These tools could make it more difficult for anti-virus companies and forensic investigators to attribute hacks to the CIA. Could this call the source of previous hacks into question? It appears that yes, this might be used to disguise the CIA’s own hacks to appear as if they were Russian, Chinese, or from specific other countries. . . . This might allow a malware creator to not only look like they were speaking in Russian or Chinese, rather than in English, but to also look like they tried to hide that they were not speaking English . . . .”

Pivoting to what Mr. Emory has termed the “weaponized media coverage” of the coronavirus outbreak, we note The New York Times’ stunningly slanted coverage of the 2016 campaign.”[4]


Red China, warned after four days of raised concerns for health-Harmony of the pub-lic space-Places, Whereupon, 9-10 weeks later the US-dept-Health has finally departed from olde flatulence-Mouth tRumpeteR. Taiwan and Hong Kong had different results to eRadicate “spRedations”. The U.N. WHO was long ago bought by US-Hegemony of neoliberalist-Banking and a dollop of Conditionalism, being their offices are in New York City.        “R”


“The Lookout Alert logo

There are 363 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Colorado; unemployment claims still climbing”[5]


Many noveau-Riche` pay the $100 per-day chair-Lifts and more for gondolas (I presume) which allots that the $4.5 billion aero-Jet port on the fields of east-of-little-D, brings many vacationeeR’s and other soRdid-Hegemonyites, together beneath the salubrity of “chem-tRails/Ionizations” which yet may cause massive die-offs from CO-2 cause behind ‘acid-Reins”. The governor seems all right-on w we-People, as he was boomeR-Schooled in BouldeR–or at least lived there when i was into meetings w “anti-NucleaRist group: prevention of nuclear-War”.  The fact is he may have a mold to fit but does he realize, first? Look-up the governor’s speeches. Does he ever once mention, altho we are debating, where are american-Socialist? Also were “Coronavirus stay-at-home directives” needed days ago or 9-10 weeks ago?          “R”


“On today’s episode of Loud & Clear, Brian Becker and John Kiriakou are joined by KJ Noh, a peace activist and scholar on the geopolitics of Asia, and a frequent contributor to Counterpunch and Dissident Voice, and Mike Wong, the Vice President of the San Francisco chapter of Veterans for Peace.

00:00 / 117:21

Deaths in the United States from coronavirus topped 100 yesterday as infections increased exponentially and West Virginia, the last state to be disease-free, reported multiple cases. Local and state governments took even more drastic actions, including orders to close restaurants, bars, and gyms in many states. New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio warned that an order to shelter in place would come soon, similar to what has been done in San Francisco. Meanwhile, Rep. Devin Nunes and the Republican Governor of Oklahoma are urging residents to take their families out to restaurants because there’s no wait.

Joe Biden swept yesterday’s races in Florida, Illinois, and Arizona, putting himself over 1,000 delegates. Biden won 62 percent in Florida and 59 percent in Illinois, and he beat Bernie Sanders in Arizona by 12 percentage points. The Sanders campaign now must win 60 percent of all remaining delegates to win the nomination. Meanwhile, Congressman Daniel Lipinski, one of the few remaining anti-abortion Democrats in the House, lost his primary race to a political upstart endorsed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Jim Kavanagh, the editor of, joins the show.

The United States imposed new sanctions on Iran today even as Tehran grapples with one of the worst Coronavirus outbreaks in the world that has so far left over 1,000 dead. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed that Tehran was even considering the release of American prisoners, but said the US would choke off Iran’s ability to export its oil. The sanctions target three specific Iranian citizens involved in the oil industry, as well as companies based in South Africa, Hong Kong, and China. Brian and John speak with Mohammad Marandi, an expert on American studies and postcolonial literature who teaches at the University of Tehran.

Wednesday’s weekly series, In the News, is where the hosts look at the most important ongoing developments of the week and put them into perspective. Sputnik news analysts Nicole Roussell and Walter Smolarek join the show.

Wednesday’s regular segment, Beyond Nuclear, is about nuclear issues, including weapons, energy, waste, and the future of nuclear technology in the United States. Kevin Kamps, the Radioactive Waste Watchdog at the organization Beyond Nuclear, and Sputnik news analyst and producer Nicole Roussell, join the show.”[6]


The ‘loud ‘n clear’ pRogRam has been worthwhile to me for the balance that their collected experience, readings, forth-Hand: knowledge entails. There is no soliciting of new-Rome anti-Lawfulness of plutocRacy.  Altho they do not “discuss gReen-paRty” they also do not get into articles and reports fRom the 3-4 socialist-PaRties. What should one call such “edifice”? The word hype was when we, the hispstirs and the dropouts of 1966 thru 1973, seemed innocuous, but somehow anti-Parsimonial to me, then. That word was used especially when I was one of those “safety-engineers” when the township swelled 110,000 we-People. The tenancy to that social-Spate, at the time was “the word-Term: hype” which today show socially and stocastically, as “hypeRtensive”. This was also an anti-Bourgeoisie: usage, an Existentialist or headspace word-Term.          “R”


“Coronavirus stay-at-home directives multiply in major U.S. states

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Your afternoon headlines

Saturday, March 21, 2020

States rush to prepare for wave of U.S. unemployed

Saturday, March 21, 2020

A settled day to start the weekend

Saturday, March 21, 2020

U.S. to swiftly remove migrants caught crossing borders illegally to limit spread of coronavirus

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Completion of 2020 U.S. Census extended into August amid coronavirus pandemic

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Stay-at-home orders in major states mark next phase of U.S. coronavirus crisis

Friday, March 20, 2020

U.S. may convert thousands of New York hotel, college rooms into care units

Friday, March 20, 2020

60 million in New York, California restricted over coronavirus

Friday, March 20, 2020”


Here, above, is somethinGy-Bop of governance which is impoRtant for all of us to be at peace somewhere in the day-week-month-annum–or, maybe not. What is so impoRtant about remembeRing, but not so about having “heard-the-History” and relegating facts also poRtRayed. The deceit by the offal-Office is as close to georges-Enron smiRks after D.E.W. bRought buildings 1 thRu 6 downeRism i.e. his sitting in gRade school looking everso-Debonair and replete for smiRk-Sentencing. The mealie-Mouth tRumpeteR, does not let-on that he knows chem-tRails are useful for “ionispheRic-Heaters”. His laments are negated because his manner is always manneristic, which is always money. He does not ‘smiRk’ because he shows his arrogance in tweEts, nonetheless. Foreinstance, I was mannerist and lost 2-jobs while OTR tRukken–33-years. I di not need to do such, but I wanted not to have my ego show on the RoadscAPes of u.s.a. The other tRukkoRs instead, heard, ban-the-Bomb: symbol, yet mean ban-the-Bomb and uranium-238, also?            “R”


“Real, effective, compassionate action needed now! Fight the virus, not people!

The emergency decrees and executive orders of federal, state and local governments are not addressing the real needs to combat the disease and help the people. Tens of millions are already one paycheck away from destitution and homelessness.

Without sweeping economic measures, a catastrophe of monumental proportions stands to affect tens of millions of people.

As it stands, people across the United States are left to fend for themselves. Universities are closing down and evicting students from their dorms. Mass layoffs are already happening, in addition to workplaces being transferred to home work. Many workers are sent home with no pay, schools are closed, and parents scramble for childcare.

The United States has enormous productive capacity to resolve every human being’s needs in the country, employment, housing, health care, education, childcare, secure retirement, a complete overhaul of infrastructure, culture and

overall well being. Literally every person could enjoy a full life.

What stands in the way is the system of private ownership. Under capitalism, every essential need for life is in the hands of the capitalists, who only produce if they can make a profit. And yet it is the working class that produces all the wealth. With socialism, instead of profits as the motive force of society, the common ownership and distribution of wealth allows the working class to run society for the good of all.

Today, the virus crisis requires emergency measures of national proportions. How will it all be paid for? Rescind the trillion-dollar tax giveaway to the rich! Use that wealth, shut down the Pentagon budget and use the massive wealth to fight the virus and protect the people, both at home and abroad…

… With the rapidly deepening global spread of COVID-19, the World Health Organization of the UN declared a pandemic March 11.

China’s massive coordinated tackling of the virus has brought the disease under control there. In all of China, only 15 new cases of infected individuals were reported on March 11, eight from Hubei province where the disease first began. It is an amazing feat made possible only by a centralized and determined government policy.

Contrary to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s outright lie that China had hidden information on the virus, China made available to the world the virus’s genome on Jan. 10 so researchers could work to develop a vaccine. This was three days after the virus was identified.


But in the United States, the opposite is taking place. With non-existent national

health care, cuts in social services, workers with no guaranteed paid sick or vacation pay, and the severe shortage of testing kits to quickly identify and isolate people who test positive, a potential catastrophe is looming.

There is absolutely no national plan of any kind.

On March 11, Trump appeared on national TV to speak of emergency measures. Up to now, he had downplayed the seriousness of the virus, claiming it to be similar to the flu. The flu mortality average is 0.1 percent, while the COVID-19 mortality rate is as high as 3 percent in many places.

Relief lines for capitalists only

Trump said he would ask Congress to aid workers who are quarantined, without providing specifics. He called for the Small Business Administration to provide capital and liquidity for those “in affected states,” and called on Congress to provide payroll tax relief for corporations.

On March 10, after meeting with the executives of Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and Citigroup at the White House, the administration floated the idea of $700 billion in payroll tax cuts. This new tax break would be on top of the trillion-dollar cut signed by Trump into law in 2017. That law dropped the previous top tax for the highest-profiting U.S. corporations from 35 percent in 2016 to an abysmal 11 percent paid last year by corporate giants.

Slashing conglomerates’ taxes means major cuts in social services and a greater tax burden on the working class and poor.

COVID-19 and the latest stock market crash reveals the capitalist system in its most brutal form. The capitalists cause the financial crisis with their banking and stock market speculation, but when they fail and get “rescued,” the people pay in

foreclosures, evictions, layoffs and greater poverty.

Although the Democratic Party leadership is countering Trump’s proposal by

calling for $40 billion in emergency relief, much more is needed financially and with state-of-emergency declarations. Otherwise, if homeless people are exposed without care, seniors isolated while staff is reduced, tenants evicted, and homeowners foreclosed only to face a permanent state of destitution, huge numbers of people could die without proper care.”[7]


The context of the one-party: system, is to devolve from written non-restRaints of the US-constitution. This paradox is not “paradigm”. Socialism is one-of-a-Kind, not cRap-Happy this integRity, that IntegRity one lacking stoic-EmbRace or commodious-Warfare: already known and pRemised i.e. warmongering. Their surreptitioness cannot-Decide, nonetheless. They are surreptitious. This is what I designate as Conditionalism. Why is this-Philosophy closest to entRopy than to pRogRess is because “empiRe’s are generally s-t-a-i-d”. Just ask who the people maybe w bRains, and those maybe w couth to support unions and not “inner-Corruption”. Were the u.s.a. merely, querulous, we would yet be a republic w many political-PaRties, debating Issues and not necessarily “degeneracies”. Formidably, americans are not eleucidating the support of american-PhilosopheRs, as much as beings of worldly defeRences for spiRitual-Realmism. However, Realmism is yet another facet of Conditionalism. What is better necessity is a fuRtheRance of the understandings in geogRaphy that underscoRes Ecology the thorough-Partitioning of Anthropocene into Ecology, humane-Delusions-not-Necessity, but humane-Humanism, or socialism of us all, the we-People.         “R”


“Much of the reporting on the coronavirus has been misleading and sensationalist. It is receiving an extent of media coverage that is not afforded to much more serious issues, like nuclear weapons and climate change – in particular the nuclear threat, which is barely focused on or even understood, despite the fact it remains the single greatest threat facing mankind.

The American author and military analyst Daniel Ellsberg said last year that, “It is true that climate change may totally disrupt civilisation as we know it, but how many lives would it cost? Whatever the number, some form of civilisation would probably survive. By contrast, a nuclear winter, which has a non-zero possibility of occurring, would occasion near extinction”. (6)

Ellsberg estimates that two years after a nuclear winter – which would spread globally in the weeks following a nuclear war between America and Russia or China – that about 100,000 people would be left alive out out of 7.8 billion. Hence his accurate description of “near extinction” for humanity, in the event of a nuclear war between the major powers. One will do well to find mention of this in mass media journals, however.

An interested scholar will also have to search hard in newspaper archives to learn anything about the near-deadly accidents, involving nuclear bombs through the decades, of which there have been many. (7)

One should be cautious whenever the mainstream press and first world politicians strongly push a certain agenda. This was most obvious in recent years with the ludicrous claims that Moscow decided the 2016 US presidential election in Donald Trump’s favour, which the American public paid scant attention to.

The WHO, who have a history of unnecessarily overestimating threat of infectious diseases under suspect circumstances, have done little to dampen he

hysteria regarding the coronavirus. According to the experienced German physician Wolfgang Wodarg, who is also an expert in analysing the spread of contagious diseases, the WHO is “unduly influenced by pharmaceutical companies”, as came to light with the swine flu pandemic of a decade ago.

The swine flu of 2009 to 2010 can be classed as a pandemic, with 700 million to 1.4 billion people infected with what was an overall mild ailment (8). This may have consisted of up to 21% of the planet’s then human population.

The chief goal of the pharmaceutical industry, which is held dominion over by giant corporate entities, is to the requirements of short-term profit-making, like all corporations. Dr Wodarg further remarked of the swine flu in relation to pharmaceutical companies that, “the declaration of a pandemic hugely enriched the industry at the expense of taxpayers and governments”. (9)


The business of big pharma is accumulation of wealth for their elite base, and not in serving the public interest. An infamous virus represents a financial opening and bonanza for pharmaceutical corporations. The coronavirus is being capitalised upon with the assistance of politicians and media, whose actions are often dictated by large businesses in the neoliberal era. The media are reliant on revenue from corporate advertising, including big pharma adverts. Most media companies even have pharmaceutical representatives sitting in their boardrooms. (10)

During the panic regarding the swine flu, pharmaceuticals enjoyed billions of dollars worth of profits, as governments were compelled to stockpile huge levels of drugs and vaccines, most of which were never used. The WHO guidelines were written up by scientists on the payroll of big pharma. Paul Flynn, a veteran former British Labour MP, said that “The tentacles of drug company influence are in all levels in the decision-making process” (11). This very likely remains the case pertaining to the coronavirus.

There is another significant reason behind the campaigns of virus scaremonger-ing. A critical one is to try to weaken China as a state, by impacting negatively upon Beijing’s ability to spread its financial clout and influence across continents. As a result of the coronavirus frenzy, the Chinese government is “losing leverage in dealings with the US and other developed countries” while “the US economy and markets could actually benefit from the coronavirus”. (12)”[8]


The ”deference I mean” by weigh-ins of Conditionalism is this: the new-Rome is haughty for nano-Technology “aggressoR-Stance and offensive-Weaponry”. Very soon we shall be hearing the Wall Street, latest BAILOUT has succeeded and that no-reports were pRoffered by the we-Socialists. We are thoughts for and of our own-Dispositions, not to divinate betwixt, usury for Corruption, and maintaining full steam-Ahead for anti-Wars, the facts are we-Are: maintaining. No, we do not need to be bought, cash-Finance by mobsters wuRking for fBIS nor NSA–and that really bothers me when stats on how the ATF agent kept close to me i..e was he also NSA, regarding Bruce Ivins! Then, was 1976 case of anthRax a pRecuRsoR to “bio-warfare” thru research for making coRpoRations “richer”? That had not been asked in bRuce Ivins cause of case insecure, which he seemed to be when I talked w him at behest of ATF-agent I met in Oklahoma city, that day I found “dynamite” had been planted on flors of Murrah Building –years before I was parking my vehicle and not ever knowing who staid-Ole: Tim McVeigh: psychopath, actually was. Yes, I am journalist: anti-NucleArist, Ecosocialist since 1969.         “R”


“Anthrax has been used as a weapon around the world for nearly a century. In 2001, powdered anthrax spores were deliberately put into letters that were mailed through the U.S. postal system. Twenty-two people, including 12 mail handlers, got anthrax, and five of these 22 people died[9]


However, that attacks was not zionist-Fascists, but somebody implicated as individual, and maybe bought by fBIS undercover, thus Ivins was not guilty but accused and would loose his job. These are the kind of stats the “deep-State” going back 20-years now, must be included in whatever bio-warfare: coRonoaviRus” may be in dissolution accordances. The timing for an exclusive anti-government “space-In” was innocuous, to state the obvious. The odious sidelight is that we-Americans are not the richest of the world’s people when we pay into so-called “Medicare’ and receive N-O-T-H-I-N-G in return for fookeRingville decades of like, obfuscated, yes, but never-Attenuated. Period. I weRjed w other socialist-minded folks all aRound the country. One helped me get to Building-7. Another allowed me to go to floor 7 via floor-* in 1996 during construction, there interior-wised.         “R”


“How many cases of COVID-19 have been discovered in Colorado?

There are 475 people with positive tests since the first ones were returned on March 5. But that number requires some context: Experts and Gov. Jared Polis say we can expect it to grow, partly because the number of infected people is growing, but also because the state’s testing capacity has improved dramatically. Experts warn to focus on the trend, not the number, with the hope that, as time passes, the number will flatten, then fall. Staying six feet away from other people if you feel fine and self quarantining in isolation if you don’t will greatly slow the spread of the virus, doctors say.

Polis declared a statewide emergency on March 10. There have been five deaths in Colorado attributed to the virus, all of them older than the mid-60s in age, two in El Paso County who had been in contact with each other, a third from Weld County, a fourth in Crowley County and a fifth in Eagle County. That number too should be expected to grow for a time. We are still in the early stages of this outbreak.

The other patients are mostly a mix of residents who had recently traveled domestically or internationally and visitors to Colorado. On Wednesday, March 11, the state announced the first case that made them suspect limited community spread, in which they are unable to identify a source. Public health officials say once community transmission begins, additional precautions by individuals are essential prevent further spread.

Here are the locations of each case, first among Colorado residents, then visitors. Note: Locations for 29 positive test results returned March 16 were not

provided by the state:…”[10]

Who is doing the testing and are they protected clothing, masks, and know what to look fore? Where are the extRa-Change suRgical gowns med-Doctors and nuRses must utiize, in the extent of national-Emergency? Was there somethinGy-Bop w F.E.M.A. in 2005 KatRina Hurricane, or was that one-party:paRody for less is best, and forget peace, what is wisest answerable and nonsense is not pRopaganda, because gOPS and dEMS already

have yo-yo wound-up like blood-ciRculation pseudo-Tightness i.e. up-tightness.


“Operation Mockingbird was a CIA program that enlisted more than 400 American journalists, as well as journalists around the world, to manipulate public opinion by spreading propaganda or what we call it today, fake news.

In an era of “fake news” and revelations of Facebook sharing user information to outside sources in an apparent attempt to influence voters for elections, the veracity of what we see in the media is more crucial than ever. However, it is far from a new phenomenon as the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird spent years planting fake news stories in an effort to sway public opinion.

Operation Mockingbird: The CIA’s Love Affair With Manipulating News

As far back as the end of World War II, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has played a major role in news media here in the U.S. as well as in foreign nations, exerting considerable influence over what the public sees, hears and reads on a regular basis.

Operation Mockingbird was an alleged large-scale program within the CIA to manipulate news media for propaganda purposes. The program is thought to have been born out of the CIA’s forefather, the Office for Strategic Services (OSS), which existed from 1942 to 1947.

During World War II, Operation Mockingbird had established a network of journalists and psychological warfare experts, operating primarily in the European theatre.

Other possible origins include the early years of the Cold War, which began in 1947, when efforts were made by the governments of the Soviet Union and the United States to use media companies to influence public opinion internationally.

Operation Mockingbird is thought to have officially begun as its own entity in the early 1950s, funding student groups, cultural clubs and magazines as front organizations.


Operation Mockingbird Exposed

Mockingbird’s strategies and many ties have since become public knowledge through several high-profile investigations and exposés.

One of the first discoveries of the covert motives of Operation Mockingbird occurred in 1967, when an article in political and literary magazine Ramparts reported that the National Student Association received funding from the CIA.

Throughout the next decade, several investigations would probe the CIA’s ties with the news media. Among the most prominent reports was writer Carl Bernstein’s lengthy 25,000-word cover story detailing Operation Mockingbird, published in Rolling Stone on October 20, 1977.

While just a young reporter for The Washington Post in 1972, Carl Bernstein had also done much of the original news reporting on the Watergate scandal. After leaving The Washington Post in 1977, Bernstein spent six months looking into the relationship between the CIA and the press during the Cold War years.

Bernstein concluded that in the past 25 years, more than 400 American journalists secretly carried out Mockingbird assignments for the CIA, according to documents on-file at the CIA headquarters.

Some of the journalists were Pulitzer Prize winners—distinguished reporters who considered themselves ambassadors without‑portfolio for their country. Some of these journalists’ relationships with the Agency were tacit, while others were explicit.

Some journalists were threatened and blackmailed into cooperating with Mockingbird to promote its messages. Many were given falsified or fabricated information about their actions in order to engender their support for the CIA’s mission.

Bernstein reports that by 1953, Operation Mockingbird was directly overseen by CIA Director Allen Dulles. The CIA allegedly had major influence in over 25 U.S. newspapers and wire services. The tactic was straightforward: false news reports or propaganda would be provided by CIA writers to both knowing and unknowing reporters who would simply repeat the falsehoods over and over again.”[11]


Is the cIAS backing big-Pharma and WHO, too? Order of el pResidente` anarchyist-tRumpeteR. Also, by any financial-Grantis to coRpoRate-Sleaze: americas, do we have to repeat publicly that we are against any furtives for support of the “chem-tRailings/ Ionizationings” which are approximately $3-billion per month–and more costlier than even that! FurtheRmore, what deep-State and admin secRetized “cIAs and US-military opeRation” is concurrently on-Going, remains exploRatory  for we-People. The el tRumpeteR has yet to answer to what are NSDU-238 and “directed-eneRgy” nucleaR-Molecular: weapons-System” being adapted for tReaties and eradicationings. Dig? Do the fanatic-penataGooons stop w D.E.W.? Or do they goad along to “Electromagentic-Pulse warfare” before alloting bio-warfare does need EM-Pulse: weaponizationing? That the u.s.a. has also been militaRized beyond the nonsense of doubt is not w us i.e. we are american-Socialism, not the new-Rome of plutocRacy.  “R”


“Citing national security concerns by the Trump administration, farm and heavy equipment giant Deere & Company (Deere) is keeping all of its US plants open, despite the growing threat of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. The United Auto Workers (UAW), which oversees Deere plants, signed a joint statement with Deere declaring their support to keep plants open.

At the behest of the Trump administration, the US Department of Homeland Security released a statement March 19 declaring “essential critical infrastructure workers” should remain working even as the COVID-19 pandemic metastasizes across the US. The statement cites a COVID-19 guidance released by the Trump administration on March 16 stating, “If you work in a critical infrastructure industry, as defined by the Department of Homeland Security, such as healthcare services and pharmaceutical and food supply, you have a special responsibility to maintain your normal work schedule.” Such work, the Homeland Security document adds, is deemed vital to US “economic and national security.”

Deere Harvester Works in East Moline, Illinois

Other companies such as the United Parcel Service (UPS) and defense contractors have also received this special status. Meanwhile, companies across the US are seeking to become part of this coveted group. Pet store companies, marijuana dispensaries, auto dealerships and even video game retailers are vying for this category in an effort to keep profits flowing. In a statement on auto companies, Trump said in a call with state governors on Thursday, “We’re watching the auto industry very much. We’re going to be helping them out at least a little bit and they’ve sort of requested some help, and it wasn’t their fault what happened. So we’ll be taking care of the auto industry.”

The administration’s guidance, however, appears to have little, if any, legal force. Electric vehicle maker Tesla attempted to operate its plant in Fremont, California, during a lockdown in northern California on the same pretext, but an intervention by the local sheriff’s office forced them to limit and then shut down production entirely.


But in using the memo to justify remaining open means the continued reaping of profits for Deere’s executives and stockholders, even as Deere workers will be subjected to illness and possible death. The rapid spread of the virus, fueled by the Trump administration policy of malign neglect which has done nothing to stop it, means it is not a matter of if a COVID-19 breakout will occur in one of the plants, if it hasn’t already, but when.

In Illinois, home to two large Deere plants in the city of Moline, Governor J.B. Pritzker announced a statewide shelter-at-home in effect today. It is possible, perhaps likely, that the Pritzker government and Deere’s executives were in discussion before the shelter-at-home announcement was made, and that Deere was seeking from the Trump administration its special status before the announcement.

The 11,000 Deere workers located in the US manufacture lawn care equipment, construction equipment, agricultural equipment like tractors and combines, of which the latter are sold on international markets. The Trump administration categorizes Deere workers as essential because of the production of agriculture equipment tied intimately to food production of the US. The nearing planting season of the Midwest, known as the “bread basket of the world,” means agriculture equipment such as those produced by Deere will be used to plow, sow fields and harvest crops. Wheat, soybean and corn production, of which the US is the leader or close second, form the basis of a multitude of foods and items internationally and spur sales worth billions.

Given the importance of agricultural equipment for food production, it is possible that at least some level of production at John Deere plants may be necessary, while taking the utmost precautions for the workforce, in order to feed the American and world population under conditions where groceries are already running low on stock. Such issues, however, are hardly considered at all in the calculations of the federal and state governments and the major corporations.

Moreover, the use of “national security” measures to justify keeping business open during the pandemic has ominous implications. The Trump administration is reportedly trying to establish an American monopoly over a coronavirus vaccine and is deliberately exacerbating the impact of the disease in Iran by leaving sanctions in place. There can be no doubt that the invocation of such measures is bound up with its attempts to turn the pandemic in some way to the advantage of American imperialism. The declaration of workplaces as “critical infrastructure” could also become the prelude to placing large sections of the workforce at these facilities under police guardianship, similar to conditions which prevailed during World War II.

The corrupt UAW fully backs Trump’s forcing of Deere workers to continue working. A joint letter published yesterday, signed by Ray Curry, secretary-treasurer of the UAW, and Bradley D. Morris, vice president of global labor relations and continuous improvement at Deere, echoed the decree of Homeland Security and acceded to its demand.

The UAW cynically claimed to workers in the joint letter that the “health and safety” of workers is their highest priority, but recent events prove that nothing could be further from the truth. The UAW forced autoworkers to continue working in their plants despite the immediate threat of COVID-19. Fiat Chrysler (FCA) and the UAW forced autoworkers in Kokomo, Indiana, to stay on the job even after a worker tested positive for the virus at their plant. Other workers at FCA Sterling Heights Assembly in Michigan stated the plant ran out of hand soap, putting workers at risk of contracting the virus.

To protect themselves and their fellow workers, auto workers at multiple plants in different states responded by going on wildcat strikes against the auto companies and the UAW.”[12]


The “P.O.S. deal given us” by a federal-Government held-back-from-doing their jobs is as stifling as gRey skies have toxicity from “chem-tRails is not good 4-Us”. There are many-Kinds insects that are going to perish from the atmospheRic-Onslaughts of demise, that which the fanatic-penataGooons have stuffed into their coRpoRate-Sleaze: investment “pipe”. Why do we-Peeps not justly, rollover, and say we did not tRy because

this is a game and we should not win? My pRotesting against the nucleaR-Animosities of the new-Rome from 1966 thRu 2013, forty-seven years, did not mean I did not speak-out, too. I did speaking-out 1957 to the pResent, because democRacy is not a US-constitution, but is so stated in Bill of Rights and the Universal DeclaRation on Human Rights, too. The pRotection of our mind and bodies is where the laws are at-Ski. Health is our bodies and our “universal-Body” is Justice, which we have not had in 43 years now.


Did we-Socialists not try to maintain unions w.o. corrupt-Leadership, known as mis-leadership? Peace is never-Mentioned is as much as give-Away on new-WeaponRy, never-ImpRoved, by-the-way. Is peace overcooked or has hegemonyite-Light been added as the sordid-Excise of “try this the id-Al is not good for you” oR stay at home and read “R’s” published book the hackers have bRutally tried not to reconcile thRu tRuths that I openly shared as “democRacy-Purpose” that of Universality for peace and maintenance-of-Method? The BAILOUT syndrome id-al is mentioned moreso than the word “peace” is not ever emblematic, so far w covid-19-Disease of coRinaviRus, SARS-2? Do we know that the weather “snows at 34* nowadays” due pRimarily to the ‘oRchestRated’ chelated-Ice adjunctive of chemicalized-Compound. Do we need gaRbage attached to gaRbage in the first-Place?               “R”



There is so much conflagRation in americas-Life, we all need the self-Self,

the peace-Warrior


Tags/ COVID-19 coronavirus, crisis, response of working class, imperial omni-crisis, death by virus, FTR #1113 and FTR #1114 [red] chinese winter: weaponized media, newsletter c.p.r., pandemic overwhelms us europe, covid-19 now a pandemic, coronavirus scaremongering, us-[red] china, economic rivalry, threat, center for dissease control, now a pandemic, capitalism exacerbates crisis, operation mockingbird, the cIAs, got questions about coronavirus, citing national security, john deere,

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21 Mar 2020

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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