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Newsletter for nUkiEmOLe/ 18 Dec 2016: Dec 10th 2017 Newsletter for 2018 starts

Newsletter for nUkiEmOLe/ 18 Dec 2017

Dec 10th 2017 Newsletter for 2018– start


My new website has garnered a foundation approach, that considers a need for a third site. I do need merely, one for the theme: ph0t0cRati. My card was not used on nUkiEmOLe but then, due rollover months using a personals discretion, I was being charged by three-others as though I did something like need them? Not the case, altho my card had to be revamped. I do not appreciate the bourgeois make-up gals, altho I do appreciate nudity as freedom. They are beautiful in many ways; I’ve learned more w my dating and opposite-Gender surrogation of facts and words. My own free-will was to skinny-dip and sunbath “before chem-tRails” (b.c.t.). I’ve not yet decided to allow my nudelie-ph0t0s,from my travels, because I await my essay on why I had to ravel that much—make that a sToRiE instead of essay.


Some people is meet are extremely afraid of me. There I was camping and I agree, I am one for mountains, backwoods, trees-studies, no guns, and what my camper—not yet completed due the 4Xbouts w arthritis—since August 2016 (see newsletter 2017). Guys get extremely recant about asking the ingestation aspect. Why do I use camera’s an hike around. Not ever a gal in the woods has asked that. This is not a black-Code that I portray, nor admonish does not exist. There are not many american-Socialists to run into altho my en voce` is widely desired.


I am editing and adding context and text, or political-analysis, philosophical overture, not-so-depleted uranium-238 is Radiologic, and Directed Energy Weapons (D.E.W.) known since 1991. Again NSDU-238 was first used w US-military advisors/cIA in Sinai desert 1973. Soooo I am indeed in need of the Net Neutrality, or I go on strike. The ph0t0s anywhere on my websites—what I do includes visuals of my metallurgy sCuLpTs. Living in cold-water cabin must, also, end as I need double shower per each day. As well as at least an arts studio of 1,250 sq. feet.


The middle of February, 2018, I lost to go-daddy’s purposeful blunderings never to relate to me what-in-heck- they were ‘actually doing’. They had transcribed both websites to BlueHost who I returned after a 7-years hiatus. The lacking of questioning has perturbed me as that may be a warmonger gestation of not allowed . I had expended $500 plus $129 also not returned–to an demented-Ass named Owen Dessauer of Kansas. I was glad that after being away August 20th thru Oct 10th I could appreciate, the guys in India. They did an equitable job, but go-daddys’ twist was UN-explained. They had transferred “both” websites on Nov 27th 2017 (before I actually start the newsletter-Year). And, when I found out I was out another $360. My shoulder ailment arose after arthritis “attacks” had subsided when in ColoRadie due to medical-Cannabis utility—thankfully.


Owen, Dan, Dawn and 3-boys, Steve Slater, had all crossed my paths back-east (or des plaines, in Dessauer’s case). They all moved back here twice, rentals across street, where they can access noise as a consciousness-Enhancer, and burglarize my place because of my travels and since they do not speak-out against 39-years of wars, nor 20-years of chem-tRails, are haughty and aggressive. Sooo, $1,000 loss, as my four-Years: now, trying to move from this well-insulated stowage-space and cold water running hose cabin has now run the course of my injuries allotments of receiving pains. The right-Shoulder was next, but here is what transpired, since mid February. The chem-tRails cause acid-Rein and that dementia’s cuased the 10.5 million acres in WY& CO to die-off thru coniferous immune-deficiency’s that brought out the pizza freebies for ‘bark-Beetles’.


They make no sound but they burrow-on and the barks peel-off and light open pith– happen saliently or all at once—5-6 conifers next to each other show an outage of life’s meaning plus they are coRpoRates-sleaZ for the penataGooons, who are trying to out-dRaw Norway and Russia on ionizations as weather-Offensive measures against “who is an enemy”? I personally have seen magnanimous changes in aerial “geoengineeering tRaipsing(s)’ and those tRails disseminating in 2006 were bad enough to make werking outside a totally differentiated light, one of discoloration not wholly flat-light. Next, the Wyoming corridor where I travel to my cRane –operator, helped me get better or moronish accentuated photos. I’ve kept-upsince1998 in Red Feather lakes (CO) area—where I shall go to pickup my last two pieces of metals from Marion Monroe’s stowing them for me—or sooo I am supposing!


This year’s trial on Orthopedists was the right shoulder’s amalgamated pains due disappearance—as the doctor has stated—but get an MRI and a CT-scan anyhow. Whereupon from mid-February and overlapping w trying to find another web-Redeveloper, I never would have made inroads w getting my other ailments to complement what causes what and which came first and how come one exceed pains-Galore. That was finally answered around 21st of May, as I drove back ‘n forth to little-D and then-some ft-Cee CO. In March first some dumb-fool, who had run into the back of my vehicles twice before, rammed my 20-feet tRL-2. That did another dimension of lost time and money spent to find 8-esimate-Persons (four were accepted by his auto-Collision insurance and five were okay). This took $1,160 of my time and gas had already gone-up $.70 per gallon. In the midst of this, my motor was in shop for “cam and distributor– motel-Rooms, 10-days).


Eventually, I got that “injection” for the missing right-shoulder’s which way did that go-disappear: cartilage. Am I yet trying to conclude my third-Volume for copyright in Wash d-c.? Uhh-huh. The injection coast $150, because I have no address in coloRadie that makes my Medicaid stand-up, like an erection of gRavure for pupoRt. The distance from here to Laramie is 57 miles one-Way, and to ft-Cee 139 miles one-way. Finally, the doctor who gave that nice “bone-Injection” answered my question on what had caused those 4X ‘aRthRitic-Attacks’ Aug 2016 thru last Fall 2017? He said, non-belatedly, the “pseudo-Gout” you have. I was sooo much in pains and sooo much holding my arms-Reach doing two constant chore-Muscles: computer keyboard and steer-Wheel expert driving i.e. long-distance. That had brought back my concerns for where had those “pseudo-Gout eruptions g-o-n-e? Those had started in little-D: denver 2003.


Do I mean to explain to you, whatever or Radionuclides and nuclear-Molecular. Are we not the parables of the largest ‘american-Generation’ or miserly anti-Scientists? Why do I continue to progress in the mannerisms of exchange since age 9.5 years? How can I never be as complacent as those ‘beings-Bought boomers have been”? Can change we read and listened and why the putdown that I am anti-Capitalist when you do not read the whole context of what I’ve, already spent 61.5 years of my Life, making adaptive changing-Measures, as those paradoxes are overcome, since they’ve not held credence to the adaptive measures of cultural-countenances.


I am not thrilled w the total: lack ‘n lapse’ of trying to communicate back or trying to oppose what you already know you do not know! The egregiousness-extent is heralded by neo0com’s who are not all boomers, nor are the any but oligarchs, Technocrats. bureaucrats and plutocrats i.e. what our dementia-Estate of known ‘paradox, not paradigm’ is. The doves outside are singing, altho we do not now how many have dies from direct inhalations of chemical from sr-90 and chems attached w dumpages of “chem-Trails: geoenineering for the fanatic-penataGooons. Stress has been a factor in-my-Life. My leading edge is en Voce` enlightenment and contemporary- social-Knowledge. Has been since age 13 in high-school as I already was a public-Speaker by age 11 and 12.


I give you my personal e-Mail addresse`. Do you and have you a point of view or contiguous-Concern to express. How about are you yet a “boomer”? I’ve had a lousy ‘sex-Life’ altho I’ve met hundreds of cumli single lassies and have found those, also, on personals and nudeLies sites. However, I’ve not let-up doling into my wRitings (since 1977). I’ve not let-up on my arts as cultural-Anthropology. I’ve not let-up on my poetic-Disciplining, writings. What I’ve never let-up is staying in physical-shape, and upon annual physical-Health check-ups. Since living in my “arts-Material storage and cabin-space” (Nov 1st 2001. I’ve not been enabled to follow-thru the necessity of sex-Life to forward family, altho I am sole-survivor of two-family, surnames.


Because NSDU-238 and chem-tRails are a-symptomatical, or of the same psycho-Paralysis of nonsense is useful for propaganda: war overtures and illegalities, I have gone to ends of my educational-Valuings thru humble specific means. I that, then is not enough for you, then you’re no boomer-Generation confident, and definitely no “we-Boomers” where anti-Nuclearism and Medicare for healthcare are coupled w history about lies-deceits anti-Human Declaration and NPT signages are important.


My wRitings involve nuclearist polemics, International tReaties, and my ‘extensive’ activism thru pilgrimages and plenaries w American and international NGO’s.


+ go to my anti-nucleaRist blogs:

+ go to poems:

+ go to my “volumes-wRitings” excerpts:

+ go to my photoing activism against wars and “nuclearism paradigm”:

+ go to those many essays: (please)


Now, not summarily, I’ve been werking on what is ‘defense’ and what defense-Measures partake of how best protected the industrial and NPP-werkors are how-Protected best. The fact is that: NSDU-238 would and is the worst-case scenario. Particularly, ‘defense’ is not the dept-of-Offense, but should be Homeland Insecurity. The vulnerability-Factors depend on residing ”casks to spent-Radionuclides which is dangerous to store, dangerous to move and highly deadly if a pyrophoric-Penetrator was to be sited-inward and hits. Secondarily, I shall contest that “defense does not mean trust offensive-Measures” as far as mis-leadershp is concerned.


My discerning is that a) there is no armor to protect ‘reactors’ b) there is no armor (heavy-Metal such as NSDU-238) c) there is no way known to protect armor of not from aerial-Bombardment of localized measures d) clean-ups would be UN-necessary were a suicide-Terrorist get inside to blast themselves to smithering’s and at least a 50-90-miles ‘radius’ periphery may not be vantage enough, let alone a practice specifically of Phytoremediations already w.i. that (debut) range. Thus, this is why “Nuclearism” had to-be-coupled w “dictatorships, arms sales to dictators, Oligarchs regimes, and of course, worldwide temperances on and of joe-Average arms-Sales.


NSDU-238 penetrators produce nano-Particles. However, 5.8 mm NSDU-238 penetrators are used by “american-Military snipers and that has caused numerous cancers of those soldier-Experts. Worst case scenario, is that any country who utilizes “Ionizing can partake of D.E.W. My concern remains, why do we not have peace and defense, as well as Ecology to show we are humans not manufactured egomaniacs?


There exists the very-Precarious-Disposition that nowheresville is not needing. That is 100% incorrect, and hopefully, my facts belay the negations. The 34.45 billion years of “molecular full-Life” is not yet outta dimensional harboring. How come? Was ‘al Qaeda’ worse-case scenario for not having NPP’s terrorisms controlled, or hype that the need was/is supersedant because US-military has no defense-Plan that could aver 99%?


The film: youTube

“American Meltdown – Full Movie (TV Movie)”

487,300 views 1:29:35 mins.


Popcornflix–Published on 22 Dec 2016– Six armed terrorists seize the San Juan California nuclear plant. While the government, FBI, and military try to figure out the terrorists’ motives, police officer Zoe Cox finds herself stuck inside the plant. Directed by Jeremiah S. Chechik, 2004:


My comments to amazon dot com: Interesting that this film did not get raves and reviews, since there are no rebukes. As an effort not to make a documentary was lost, I may add that merely spending12-minutes buildup @ start may have included how Port Hope, Ontario receives ur-238 and pu-239 from Paducah TN, to become ur-238 “penetrator” of which soldiers have become Radionuclides guinea-Moribundity, in US-UK-Canada militaries. I concur w the scenario, altho ending is total-Negation that any soldier has ‘hope’ excluding leukemias and cancerous growths fRom NSDU-238!


Get peace coupled w anti-Nuclearism, and aggression made fruitful-Reparations (at least). Peace is not empiricism, nor is ban-symbol mean ‘peace’.


I am yet trying to move and have house pegged at $31,000, not about what I’ve had to pay in LOSSES which stands @ $41,120.


the peace-Warrior, “R” Addison



Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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