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nEwslEtTeR 2021 (paRt-2)/ 25 nOv 2021

nEwslEtTeR 2021 paRt-2/ 05 jUn 2021   © apeco 25 nOv 2021

14 jUl 2021 >

        I’ve Gotten so the Pains aRe Gone, but the VulneRablity of Use

   I got thRu to wheRe I could, exist. Knowing that I had photos that would sell or always be foR sAle, made an enteRpRising outline foR the outlook on Remaining a peeR as well as a betteR known “anti-nucleaRist”. I lke to view women moRe often, now that my space-Time foRmidabilty foR one-tRack minded Ecoogy can occlude theRe would have been one of twenty, altho I am yet disabled, hindeRing laborious ‘caRpentRy-RepaiRings’ as much as O.T.R. tRukken and getting blinded even vehicle. Assaying wheRe the inveteRate the whole pat on new-Rome of plutocRacy was landing and EmpiRe of multi-Nationalists, has got me back i.e. not gone. That the women of my youth did leave me sexually “unknowing” I had to keep as one end of the spectrum.

When I learned somethinGy-Bop moRe of the adveRsity, I had also leaRned prioR to that some of the cacophony on bodies give biRth and an entiRety on Feminism-contigu-ous to the whole and the hole. Had I leaRned that much befoRe the staRt of my hiking the whole noRdic-ameRicas (1969 thRu 1979), a continent of splendid landscape, but all of that Ecosocialism. SummeR staRts around the 8th of July heRe at 6,653 feet altitude neaRby Como Bluff at 989,000 yeaRs most specifically. I am now, per foRce allowing myself to pull the wateRing hose, as the bushes, lilacs and tRees: cottonwood-Willows, so i seaRched for this: What does a cottonwood-willow look like? Found out that “White Willow Bark Tincture Salix alba” does not seem to be those dead-spuRs fRom my tRansfeR replanting. Thus:

“Black Willows (SALIX NIGRA) that come ready to plant. These easy to grow trees are desired for beauty and shade, are fast growing and easy to maintain. Beautiful Large Trees, Black Willows are Black Willow Trees are great for the environment, good roots for erosion control and produce lots of Oxygen. Willow bark has great pain relieving uses, “striking relief of acute articular rheumatism.” Modern aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) is a synthetic product. Salicylic acid got its name from Salix.”


That made sense, at last my one-eyeball in patch 39-months has helped, not! The factual usages aRe obviated, not being useful to writing 5, now five full books,, plus the Anthology of my poems since needing a computer, That space-Time of 2003 bRought me back heRe: geomoRphics-philosopheR which I staRted into and from U.C. Davis in 1969. When I had to swap majoRs, and indigenous-studies as well as Ecology weRe not allow-ed I was paRtly let down, since PhilosopheR and instRuctoR at the coloRado College, suggested knowledge, not Existentialism as a better couRse venue. I RemembeRed that at either U.C. Berkeley oR U.C. Davis, as I bused back and foRth often times shoRt discussions w  nor theRe in flatlands, tomato-gRowing Yolo County (bitchen-Cal).


05 jUn 2021 >


These 3-Joint Replacements have not quite subsided into ‘standaRdized’—nor will those, ever. The stat-Pact. mostly my conceRn has been getting to the point of usages—whateveR the shoRtened titanium-Steel as that did afflict the left-ShouldeR which was suRgically RendeRed almost good-as-new by 2013—appRoximately 15-months post opeRation. Yet, the right-knee-Replacement has been dullsville. I have been wRitings adeptly, since late-Oct 2019, onto a new platfoRm of Replete book, but now, I’ve 5-of-those, not at odds but onto nano-Issues, bio-Ethical issues and majoR incantations on “geomoRphic-Philosophy” i.e. stRuctuRe. The Ecosocialism, Defense not defending “democRacy” and continuations on zionist-Fascist: system of plutocRacy, as we enjoin the negations by the new-Rome of plutocRacy, while human-Life suffeRs not having “health-MedicaRe” is affiRmed.

I shall not be completing “m0lecUlaRizAti0niNg-bLOgs” but ReconnoiteuRing stats into Ecosocialism, continuing my onslaught against “as coRonaviRus; as Racism; as police-State; as intel-State” the new-Rome of plutocRacy, which has not been new to me. The Conditionalism and egRegiousness-Extent also aRe paRceled into my onslaught against state-tyRanny, w.i. lotsa HistoRic-Facts and entiRely edifying connotations of this demise of Ecology fRom that stasis. I have had to slow my posting “haRd-sought Ecology photogRaphs” due two Reasons. One the theft that Removed 4,500 imAgEs of anti-wArs pRotests, which was a veRy big-project; two, being I made RepoRts on aRtes mateRials thefts to WYoming’s A.C.L.U. and not once a Response i.e. 6-up, none-Back! Time consumption, as well as eyeball suRgeRies planned and not once did a nuRse Relate: you need an adult-sitteR foR 24-hours w you—now 38-months fookeRing eye-patch, itches. Headaches, eye-stRess, glaRe in one-Eye, headaches,  dRopping items, getting a pulled muscle in my right bicep—ever had one of those!

While I am Revamping my dot-oRg website I may plan a name-Change on dOt cOm site. I have “new-Identity: columns”. One is: US-Hegemonyites Donating Billions-Dollars I.D.F. & isRaels-Zionists; anotheR is Racist-indemnity: sLeaZy fookeRing police-State muRdeRings; another is on: SARS-CoV-2 virus How bAd, How iMbecilic—2019 thRu 2021. I leave the “chem-fookeRing: tRails inside my books 1 and two! 


My gRad-student: advisoR ay U.C. Davis, William T. Wiley, a founder of the Bay Area Funk Art movement and influential art teacher, has died, aged 83. R.I.P.

‘the Art Newspaper’ 30th April 2021 21:46 BST


My anti-nucleaRist: confidante, Thomas R. Rauch, passed in apRil, also. He was 89-yeaRs and I had known him peRsonally, since 1983. R.I.P.

I am Readying to cut w whackeR my 2-feet high 5-gRasses, altho theRe is no “dew” and no-Rains becauZ the tyRanny fRom chemical-Ionizations as well as high-toxicity, levels.

Even had aluminum-Oxide small-paRticles drop from nose while at keyboaRds such as now. Do not ask whether theRe aRe any women in my Life, because I have photo-d oveR 100. Yet, any “sEx-Life”? What is hitch-hiking, long-distance foR foods– in ft-Cee and laRamie– as well as we all belong to coRonaviRus, lamentus!


< 12 thRu 25 nOv 2021 >

My having to hitch-hike, since 26 aPr 2020 has been costlier upon my psyche` as I had felt principles should lead the way, allowing weigh-ins of metaphysics as metastasis. paRtially the best, iota, altho the shouldeR-Replacement was healing slowly , enough. No. That was befoRe longeR houRs on Roadways’ suRfaces, sleeping by roadsides, sleeping in uRban aReas, wheRe, actually suRprise-to-me: cash, sandwiches, staRbuck’s ‘non-oRganic: coffee” made w filtered fReshwateR, but not fukken-oRganic! Did that paRvenu weaR me out, too? Yuppo.


As i thought about uRanium-238 the peRnicious DoctRine, moRe immoRalists of the “be stupid love militaRyism and impeRialism” never mentioned, was a mite in valley-Oaks acoRns anti-pathic. I was prepared w clean-clothes and did not bring my electRic-ShaveR, because. Last year, we may Recollect, my being tie-Red when I got to Canyon City CO, was my being pleased to be there and on that fRiday, because County Family Services intake, was done in one hour afteR waiting 50-minutes. I had been gRanted an okay to sleep in wild gRasses neaR a cold cyclone fence w lotsa willow bushes yet w leaves. Merely, I had not called to ask Ione to hold my belongings in her vehicle for-the-Day, as I hiked to LibRaRy, 4.5 miles one-way and back 4.5 miles too make a discoveRy of a-holes live a nonsense-Life being helped by Loaves and Fishes w semi-Hot: meals. How long had they been there? FookeRs!


My being single was being bRought around by maRRied-Thieves. This annum, I had a must, post-physical inspection and moRe “x-Rays” foR vasculaR suRgeRy and yet 25 months since shoulder-Replacement, as well as spideR oR tick bite, which last month my kid-sisteR suggested this: Ledum palustRe i.e. known under a different name. That weRks as red-Rash is disappearing, totally. HoweveR, I am pleased that my hair has grown back, since the winter cap was haRd-Reaching foR my shouldeR-replacement I had to cut—fiRst time, since 1977. Buses and no-Women due coronaviRuses—always-pluRal—thRee and one-Vaccine!


The buses have been fRee into BouldeR CO, altho my medical-Billings were oNLY covered by 80%, medicaRe, of couRse. Weld. Was theRe in late July thRu late-August 31-days tRek. This last tRek did me in, altho the CO-l0tt0 has been ongoing high-Cash since 23 Mar 2021, and yesteRday, no one won again. I feel I was corRect in finally, giving-up on winning millions-$ foR my teeth needs, vehiculaR-anotheR (need), the other 4-volumes to this book, hotRunning water (filteRed) and a showeR w naked lady scRubbing my backaches. That which I’ve added to insuRmountable technics of wheRe the new-Rome is w otheRs inside-the-Cacophony of “geomoRphics-Philosophy: woRldwide” finally, getting to that point wheRe I’ve not used my pRofessed pRofessionalism-Disposition, since 1969—at U.C.Davis. This last tRek, #11 this year, cost me 8hrs thurs, 8hrs fRiday, 8hrs sunday, 9.5 hrs monday and 3.5houRs: tuesday 09 nOv 2021 (to got to, meRely) Laramie WY.


Looking on the bRighteR side of sidelights, a gal in peRsonals that I had lavishedshould be in my pocket, answeRed w 5-comments—one-in-a-Row. I’d like to know her, but, then. Hitch hikin’ to cee-Spgs and not having heR phone numbeR, but again not having any ole $1,000 per month this yeaR—SocSec is undeR $300 each month and one otheR sisteR has been covering gas, wateR, tRash, such that my being away helped to keep that enumeRation lowered. Luv 2-U that gal. Nothing akin, hypocRisy to the teeth other than 57 years of anti-NucleaRism, while often times sTraightening my collaR to use noRmal stReet clothes foR anti-Radionuclides, protective wear,. That was due, pRimarily, becauZ I had not enough funds—noR donations-of-Cash to puRchase a geiger counter and add, later, a geiger meteR!


This yeaR I asseRted theRe would be a space-Time: non-Event, when the wheRewithal would need foR my eneRgy to consTrain “CO-l0tt0, food in oRganics betteRment, utilizing boxes collecting, when my Replacement, muscle-stRess, eyeball patch needing to see ahead w one-eye on monitoR and loading box afteR box for still-Life indigency and/or necessity! As many peRsons, especially, seveRal hitch-dRivoRs wanted to supplicate for me thRy space-Time halting of prayer afteR he-she had delivered me in one piece. Plus, when will eneRgy be expanded to get back my metals sculptuRings; when will sales help come togetheR foR at most one vehicle, but registRation and insuRance, that seems  a negative. Altho ‘wind-Vane’ camp-spot has been my prioRitizing, foR biRds of that foRt-Cee, vicinity, such as laRge gulls, pigeons, Ravens, spaRrows, winteR-geeses, Bald Eagle, haRpy- Eagles, I wondeR how well all will abide by eaRly deaths from chem-tRails: syndRome?


Now. What, in actuality has this one-Soul been doing, since the staRt of how can we-People feel a have-Need, while maintaining a civic-Defense is in place of being irResolute towaRd ouR communities. have I been doing? Studying “weather-Change” as the chemicalizing and cause of malnouRishing the planet’s foRests. Rather than RefoResting via Replanting those mountainous (and concRete sidewalks 5-10 years), but wheRe aRe those fifteen-yeaRs old, those planted to suRvive that long.


Okay, “R” staRt the back-tRippe.


Basically, I’ve cancelled the has been amplification, that of “m0lecUlaRizAti0niNg-bLOg” I adapted as most-CommensuRate, which paRallels tRotsky, and not the one-paRty: paRody. The tRees aRe not semi-Officiousness, so much so that gives us ouR living standards w natuRal oR heRbal-Remedies, shall be maintained thRu Ecology, oR RatheR w us into Ecosocialism. One may be disabled, altho oNe can halt—oR be halted from Disability “health-Payments”? J.F.K. was basically disabled. WheReupon, onto past 5-yeaRs having been “pains-Ensconced” and thieves-Obtuse w my being “Disabled since 1973” since he, J.F.K., did no disclose he was a disabled-pResident, he was in a constant of mental-toRments fRom his paRents making him obey the head of 6-offspRing, catholicism in u.s.a. The factual matter of being a “geomoRphics-PhilosopheR” since 1969, pRedominates my pRofessionalism, while the joint-replacements and ‘nine’ additional-suRgeries substantiates, that one more is necessitated.


What is wRiting a books does not demean not Relating moRe to my physical-Health: past. In fact w 4-coRonaviRuses, the matter is how many times a daily-repoRt thRu-out the day is redlined. HoweveR, I can now stay home as my website and books, on poetRy, one ‘coronaviRus’ one non-fictional. The nucleaR-moleculaR: despicability, continuing what is demised-Planet, as not-so-meRely, demised!

    (posted by “R” the righteous)


Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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