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nEwsLeTteR 2020 for nUkiEmOLe– 11 Dec 2019 nucleaRization for a year Dec 11th 2019 thRu 10 Dec 2020

nEwsLeTteR 2020 for nUkiEmOLe– 11 Dec 2019

nucleaRization for a year Dec 11th 2019 thRu 10 Dec 2020


The end-zone of first week Nov 2019 was a floundering by hacker who may have caused a glytche` on one of my hard-drives, connections inside my. Thus, by 06 Dec 2019, I could end my newsletteR w.o. cacophony of what-else would be happening not access my “ph0t0gRaphics” softwaRe altho apple-ComputeRs had gone faRther ahead w theiR asinine cel-Phones instead of updating apeRtuRe. When 11 Dec 2019 arrived, I was head-stRung w impRopRiety-pluRalism. I started to count 78-79 ph0t0-Albums of we-People who had protested at anti-wArs events—SLC-UT, little-D: denver, ft-Cee CO, laRamie WY, Cheyenne WY, Silos of C0-WY-NE—over 750 iMaGes, all edited! The fookeR-Asshole is from the company supposed to be constRucting gRavel roads for the 5X wind-tuRbines aRrays i.e. OFTEDAL, as well as for mAple street, fronts to my back-yaRd fence and is the olde-Route noRth that was U.S.77. They are a laRge engineering company from down Montana, and the guy was renting a placed-Spot next to Wm fRiedrichs.

The other glytche` was also removal “twice” as I found my backup copies and the asshole removed that also. In the process, my apeRtuRe softwaRe was gatheRing age, and by 19 Dec 2019 I had been to repair-Data services in coloRadie: twice. That too was not enough, so how about time w apple-Tech: support: twenty hours on phone, too! Was the hackeR a hacker oR a thief? Who caRes as the mayoR told to me 11 month later, I you should contact the fBIS. The neEd of the haRangue 990-miles to-fRo ft-Cee at 10-miles per gallon, was my having to purchase  3-hard-drives, pay for data-Recovery, have my Mac checked thoRoughly, and suffered indignancy that anti-wArs pRotests were actually removed by bReak-in as well as somehow the tRay for hard-dRive was also damaged—by me or puRposefully by a-Holes? I also had fRiedrichs acknowledging that someone had removed data in front my eyes in October 2020, as I uploaded to my softwaRe. However, fRom 09 Dec 2019 thRu 06 Jan 2020 $3,130 LOSS had been incuRred.

The annum staRted on a bounce into “hackeR-thieves as well as money I did not have to replace 3X hardRives. My majoR gRoove of vehicles, the J-20 “thiRd-ReveRse” living here in the med-Bow, was last driven back and fRom my dRiving down to CaspeR for n inspection of my eye, yet thRee-times placed onto suRgeRy. That was 26 Apr and the oil-pump has not yet been replaced, because i went w one of the “wind-Arrays” builders, instead of Dusty towing me there. He, the latter had driven my “thiRd-ReveRse” there and back to Stop ’n Rest Cabin, but the repaiRs to the fuel-lines switching-System did not get appRopRiately done and I had oNLY one, not two tanks foR long-distance fuel-Attenuations. The not-dRiving does not botheR me, noR the hitch-Hiking pRactice out-dooRs camping as both were also “photo-sessions” which kept mE in-the-Loop.


The el tRumpeteR guy, who tweEts and deletes democRacy-pRactices, does not speak directly to “eRadicating chem-Fookering: tRails alongside Russia and NoRway, as chemicalizing caused massive buRning of conifeRous-foRests in CA, OR, WA CO and WY. Yet w.o. getting a special peRmit to neaReR the heat the aRea in coloRadie, I had planned to hike into last winteR got WIPED-OUT. The home of people who had already rebuilt from 2-3 fiRes into vicinities of Cache la PoudRe Canyons also got buRned. Whether they got out alive was not the case, but whether they’ll eveR want to rebuild a thiRd time suRe as heck is the qualm they would state. Will I see this year, now that my last, of fund from monthly-Savings has been exteRminated also. I hitched a lot—too much I should say.


Then, i took from 18 Sep until i left for southern coloRadie 11 Nov, pRacticing my losing lotto, and getting used to being around we-People in LaRamie, in ft-Cee, and in BouldeR. So why did i think I should take “my computer” and that would help me find (one place was available, an 8-person share facility, low-rent’ I did not get accepted, but the asshole supervisor, on 06 Dec 2020 did not even call when she did not show oR did show. as they knew I have one-eye in an eye-Patch and my shouldeR yet into 17th month of recovery, I was veRy much angered that the gas-Line was not tuRned on until a SheRiff’s OfficeR, not the town’s Marshall, who was installed 01 Jun called the local fiRe-Guys who came over a.s.a.p. and an eight-Days delay was rerouted. I asked the fiRe-Dept guys did they have an extRa flame-RetaRdant “bottle” and they bRought me one in five-minutes.


I had weRked my visual-Intrinsics on making sCuLpT-aRtwiRks all year and watered my plants by 2-cAns per each, keeping chicken wiRe aRound 8 and wateRing all ten. Before I left I got up in fRont the city council, stating that the diminishment of why I was a good ph0t0gRapheR had been hackeRed-thieved and despicable, because the SheRiff’s Officers had not investigated bReak-ins and my phone-Calls seamingly go encumbeRed foR results as to why.; to whom; to which return of tires-wheels-chain-binder, drop-hitch-metals from my fenced and no-tRespassing signage “yaRd”? Is William fRiedrichs the thief or is he, as he had said twice, part of a larger conglomeRate of a-Hole: thievin’ sales and pRopeRty resale not theiRs orge-Nal.

As Human Rights Day is one of two days-CelebRation, none of my sisteRs even responded to my “family-Amenity” of head of extended family—for whateveR that is woRth w neuRotic-Gals, as I pRobably should hitch-hike to a woman in Texas, or Louis-iana—you know LA. So many people knowing i am aRtiste, Disabled peRson, american-Socialist continue to ask me for answeRs to the new-Rome of plutocRacy. Weld. One cannot have his metals “welded” in the wind-Confines of the med-Bow, that much is assuRed, too! Being single and having been a visitoR to the many nudity cReeks in my 57 years of tRavels and pRotestings (950-counted) I adeptly continued to stay adept w being public-spiRit, open-Mikes poetics and tRavel-tRavails. Even the Marshall should have known that!

That this annum has had immense ‘dRawbacks’ has been disconcerting—to me. The 2-manuscRipts of non-Fiction and an Anthology #2 of-Poetics, has been de-filed. The facts are that 2X broken-down 3/4-T’s, that $3,130 foR loss of computeR-utility (yet unansweRed to what hackeR-thief) also my website, which ‘annually’ costs $454, and now not being online to save money, but deciding to get back that actual-pRactice of
amelioRations w “WordpRess”. So, what is my concern? I’ll delve fuRther. Microsoft Word for Macs, is what iV used since 2004—on all my Macs. Also my e-addResse` is in Outlook (Microsoft). However, asinine Apple Inc. uses an ‘opeRating-system appRoach’ somewhat similar to the fascist-system of plutocRacy, we aRe foRced to live i.e. diRe-stRaits non-compesmentus. Like, plain-as-Mud, I cannot impoRt the software veRsion from go-Daddy (website-Host) becauZ, as OS that I have had i need what is alReady, on both computeRs. All previous “wRitings were word-documents”, but MS-word shidski.

What I needed was Apple to call-off the planned obsolescence and allow updates as per the expense of a) QuadRa-630 $2,435 (1998) to keep due my eye-Patch and 17-months since shouldeR-Replacement is haughty and un-Becoming to keeping back-up computeR and this one at 10.13.6 OS. b) iMAC 2004 $1,710 (used/RefuRbished) c) mac-Mini & monitoR (2012) $1,810 oR anaRchyism the system of “OS has never allowed Technology impRovements as per replaceable parts as well as testing and insuRance-rates allowable. StandaRd fundamental-Business, i.e. not coRpoRate-Sleaze. Dig. I use pAges-softwaRe, but each-SepaRate MS-word document has to be “tRansposited’ and there is no default by Apple—why I dod not use that from 2004 to June 2020. In other woRds, Apple Inc. has basically spRead uR-238 on oRganic souRdough fRench bRead and foRce-Fed that 2-mE, as well as to whom u are wanting an up-kept computeR to use 58-hours per week—err-so!

          submitted by “R” Addison 07 jAn 2020

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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