hisptiR from beRkeleY CAL and mindscAPe

mAny hiGh-fiVes, handshakes, and answeRs from my physician, knee-Replacement orthopedic-specialist…dR. RaymonD Kim…this past 7-8-9 days of one-hour walks, dwelling my Zen into wholistic tauntness of physical-Muscularities, my two knees clicked w.i. the same patteRn of walk. I was over-werking my hip-inury from before the right knee’s third operati0n…i am noRmal, and for the first time since around 1973.

Basically i have quit ‘an ale per wuuRk day’ as an hour has repaired older injuries, around 9 of those,does alleviate temperances foR and to, that part of the anatomy, the hip i.e. beinG a focused “hisptiR from beRkeleY phil0spheRs & socialists” and realise i’Ve not thanked the g00d doctoR and his assistants and the many nuRses and physio-tHeRapists i’ve found need of [post-suRgeRy to RecupeRati0ns– foR the answeRs to how my mindscAPe would fully reCover after the first-Two suRgeRies 4-years ago– i’VE now learned!

My RetuRn to noRmal could not be self-Indulgent because no-Mediation i had would-could goad that faR! The success and kind appR0pRiati0n of this suRgeon, the kNee was soooo much goNe and musculatuRe, thoughts made me Reach for a noRmal i allowed that to do the guidinG foRe many weeks, ups and downs, how would any and then would ‘all’ suRfaces and angles and tilts and curbs, grasses and weeks, soft pulls, full pulls, i can now do those and practice how douRful a hip-InjuRy can –and does–get these necessary extoRtions as i foRmulate!

Balance. Not in the chem-tRails/penataGooons, but beinG aRtiste`/wRitoR again, was getting new, a Radical RetuRn appRoached–and soooo, i tuRned to liftinG too-Much– to make that push less haRd, and to Refine my musculaR-natuRe as stRengTh! Thus, the hip was as much remedied into a super-Hype/prospectus-sPot! pEaCe to you Dr. Raymond Kim

the peace-Warrior (10:27 pm MDT/5-07-16 @ OFO)

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