#4  B&W Mountain ScAPe Goated By FiRe MongeRing…hey BuRn! (19.5W X 13H) .

album-8/ “gReen-Festival little-D (5-01-09) Batch-8 (2-04-13)”

album-8/ “gReen-Festival little-D (5-01-09)” Batch-8 (2-04-13)

The whole mountainous area is above 5,280 feet and

coniferous gRowths of older conifers was whittled to anxiety attacks,

leavinG metRo: little-D: denver w hot air as well as chem-tRails and

variegated “fResh air”due 2002 ‘hEy buRn”. The pre-Cutting

of 1974 thru 1983 coniferous growths wee to ridge-Top mountains,

as they are either gReen oR bRN-gRey, today.

This particular Day (2-days event) I was into convention-Center dN-tN

as Ecosocialism is not “environment” but I had heard that 15,000 tRees

were to be planted in metRo-aRea the year before (or was that

actually 20-miles long little-D. The event was topical w people I’d met

from my tRavel-tRavails (decades long study and geo-Politics as peace-Warrior,

and as ‘peace-Diplomat’) too!

More on this in leisure reading the title-Headings…

If interested in purchases contact me @ < >

utilizing batch-# and iMaGe no. as well as your e-Addresse`…

I shall explain pricing w mating of two types, but you must first show

what ones of your interests and the image has two ‘determinant’ sizes…

+ these iMaGeS aRe utilizing a smaller KB’s downsizing due

the fact that I had to purchase 3X what I wanted in the manner

of software for downsizing, that oNLY werked “once”!

All purchases will be 10X the resolution-Factor seen: here.

R-A pH0t0gRapHiCs

1- “funky-Candelabra…-little-D-convention-Hall-east-side..” (19.5″W-x-13″H)

2- B&W “con-see-quent-lees-oR-odd-AbsuRdum…-maybe-Not” (19.5″W-x-13″H”

3- cRop “gReen-fEstiVaL-in-little-d-on-May-2nd-2009..” (14.5″H-x-12.75″W)

4- “first-speaker-om-May-Day-2009..” (17″H-x-12.75″W)

5- “oRganizeR-w-names-what-is-spoken-who-said-what” (17″H-x-12.75″W)

6- “RepoRteR-Thom-Hartmann..what-did-he-say” (17″H-x-12.75″W)

7- cRop “panel-speakers-what-saideach-one..” (23.5″W-x-13″H)

8- “clash-of-societal-discivilizing-tendentiousness..” (19.5″W-x-13″H)

9- “Not-three-too-Many-beeRs-for-these-stacks..” (19.5″W-x-13″H)

10- “oRganic-Foods-not-IN-oRganic-wArs…Un-declared” (19.5″W-x-13″H)

11- “the-fanascination-of-fantasizing-for-the-children..” (17″H-x-12.75″W)

12- “what-are-the-other-causes-for-not-embellishing-our-adversity-between-1977-and-2009” (17″H-x-12.75″W)

13- “The-swilring-winds-in-Chem-Trails-adversity-of-alum-Oxide-strontium-90..”(17″H-x-12.75″W)

14- “what-were-the-Festivalsmain-linesof-function-and-in-what-que-of-discourse” (17″H-c-12.75″W)

15- “solarizing-w-HARRP-Chem-TRails-negligence-abounding…-yet” (17″H-x-12.75″W)

16- “I-did-like-kGNU-and-practiced-public-speaking-on-their-comments-line…” (19.5″W-x-13″H)

17- “good-and-upwarRd-great-composites-regaRding-Eco-Systems-demise-but-not-enough-the-word-Ecology” (17″H-x-12.75″W)

18- “Excursion-a-wall-sCuLpT-@-the-Convention-Hall..” (19.5″W-x-13″H)

19- “mS.-Amy-Goodman-HaRvaRd-UniveRsity-gRaduate-pRofessional-Journalist..” (17″H-x-12.75″W)

20- “She-is-a-public-speakeR-Feminist-not-Socialist-per-se” (17″H-x-12.75″W)

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