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Ecosocialism #9/  30 Oct 2015  gates of ancient tRuths, and the parsimony of Universalism

Ecosocialism #9/  30 Oct 2015

 gates of ancient tRuths, and the parsimony of Universalism 


What is said by ancients versed in ‘wisdom’ is that each eon is different for all of humanity. This may be tRuth, but parcels normally as all humans have an opportunity to under-stand the same Universal context regarding Life and strife , but not the normalcy of repetitions. In other words, Life is twice devalued by “duress” and by “ignomancy” while stRife keeps moving from ‘context’ on a non-Universality. This is space-Time known as “des-Plaines” which helps defray sordid menialities from becoming organisms of grotesque conundrum. Alignment of stars and planets circumnavigating those may or might not become important to the ‘beyond: star-Gazers’ edifice of spatial-Interstellar, explorations —whenever those may start having been delayed by the fallen deifice catharsis of ‘human-kind’ his past 40-45,000 years of civilizing and civilization’s destructions by Oligarchy in plutocratic-Realm, which is always singular and present-past in space-time sequencing w histories of the emphatic voice: language.


“Rudoren’s attempt to portray ongoing violence in terms of two sides with opposing views fell flat – willfully suppressing hard truths, substituting disgraceful misinformation, giving credence to Israeli Big Lies.

Nowhere in her article, or any she writes, is an explanation of decades of oppressive occupation, Palestinians denied fundamental human and civil rights guaranteed under international law, Washington’s full support for Israeli high crimes, both nations partnering in each other’s viciousness.

She doesn’t discuss longstanding Israeli military raids into Palestinian communities, mostly pre-dawn, homes broken into violently, ransacked, families terrorized, children traumatized, arrests made for political reasons only.

Nor Palestinian land stolen, their homes bulldozed for wanting to live free or no reason at all – to facilitate exclusive Jewish development, no Arabs allowed, not on Occupied Palestinian land Israel wants or in its own Jews-only communities.

Mass arrests, detentions, and grueling interrogations amounting to torture and other forms of abuse aren’t discussed – nor an entire population collectively punished for not being Jews.

Israel is a belligerent, racist, apartheid state worse than South Africa – doing to Arabs what Hitler did to Jews. Nothing on Times pages explains it, instead one-sided support for Israeli high crimes, calling them self-defense.

Children and youths armed with stones, their bare hands and immense courage, threatening one of the world’s most powerful military forces? The self-styled news-paper of record is a lying machine – on the wrong side of virtually every issue that matters, supporting might over right.

Israel’s war on Palestinians rages – Tuesday into Wednesday another five Palestinians murdered in cold blood, the toll now at least 66, certain to rise from seriously wounded victims likely to die, plus more fatalities from continued daily carnage.

The story Times and other media ignore is raging Israeli state terror against an entire Palestinian population – including dozens murdered, hundreds kidnapped, either disappeared or imprisoned, thousands injured, and millions terrified about what’s next.

On October 28, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) representative Hanne Sorine Sorensen commented on how “life will never be the same for children wounded during” Israel’s 2014 summer aggression on Gaza.”[1]


The Israels are basic scoundRels to the Palestines-people, for one social aspect because they do not want a universality amongst we-People, the u.s.a. we-People included! Whereupon, morosely half their IDF/Israels population have destroyed the livelihood and centuries long living of Palestines has wrought havoc on their culture, educationalized standards maintenance and up-keeping their society, which was split into two segments i.e. divisively geographic-Split. A the Palestines were farmers and utilized water for orchards, vegetable gardens, which I saw when there in 1981.  needing sanitation. Those ignominies by the Israels against a sovereign neighbor is inculcating ever-deeply into the Israels lack of morality and assertive excuse-making which has led a belligerent thoroughfare of contiguous onslaught of intimidations, coupled w murdering and harassment, plus maintaining the u.s.a. coRpoRate teevee and newspaper industry of pundits and anti-diplomacy-Hype. This done pychopathologically for their propaganda-Schema to remain indigent to the totality of “religious state”. Basically, a single entity paradoxically inclined to pseudo-indoctirinations that what’s theirs is only necessity.


“They’ll never again live normal lives – crippled, wheelchair-bound, copying with shattered bodies, traumatized by Israeli ruthlessness.

The same scenario is now playing out throughout Occupied Palestine – short of tanks, artillery and F-16s so far involved, maybe coming, Israel holding nothing back to brutalize an entire population, unrestrained in its ruthlessness.

Palestinians are dying daily, many others seriously wounded. A handful of Israelis died – for Western officials and media scoundrels the only ones that matter.”[2]


The criminal Justice system is failing the we-People and Medicare is squeezed in the midst from we-People receiving that funded and paid each payroll need. The empathic is resolute. Pay into what you shall receive, in weeks, not at end of your infernal new-Rome ideopathologic: psycho-Pathology of nothing is nuanced again and again. Oligarchs rule foR technocRats and gain plutocRacy’s continuations. Oligarchs rule foR neo-Liberalist banking and corporate one-peRsonhood, and gain markets control for i% to continues the illegalities of munitions-DealoRs and military-Hegemony.


“Militarily, politically, economically, and socially, the war in Yugoslavia will undoubtedly have a lasting effect on the Balkans. But what are some of the other possible consequences of this military action? If the past sheds any light on the present situation, the use of high-tech weapons by the NATO alliance may have some serious, lasting environmental and health effects on the people of the Balkans.

Much has been written about Gulf War syndrome – the unexplained illness that is rarely acknowledged by the military. No less than 85,000 of Veterans have com-plained of symptoms ranging from skin disorders, short and long-term memory deficits, confusion and loss of motor skills, trouble controlling bowels and bladder, kidney disorders, respiratory complications, thyroid deterioration, lung and other forms of cancer, hair loss, toxic encephalopathy of the brain, problems with vision, babies with birth defects, and more.

A number of potential causes for Gulf War Syndrome have been presented. Stress, vaccination by the military against botulism, anthrax and other diseases, smoke and chemical pollutants from oil fires, pesticides and insecticides such as DDT, exposure to depleted uranium, parasitic diseases from sand flies, the release of Iraqi chemical, nerve and biological warfare weapons due to their destruction by the allies, and electromagnetic radiation due to the massive numbers of radios, radar and transmitters used are all possibilities. The real cause of the broad spectrum of symptoms associated with Gulf War Syndrome is probably a combination of the above, and varies from person to person. But one of these culprits seems to come up in reports with great regularity – depleted uranium.

Depleted Uranium is literally toxic waste – the remains of uranium-238 and uranium-235 used in nuclear reactors. It is used in tank armor, missile and aircraft counterweights and navigational devices, and in tank, anti-aircraft and anti-personnel artillery. It is 1.7 times as dense as lead, and when used in tank and aircraft ammunition, it allows the rounds to penetrate steel plated armor like a “hot knife through butter”. There are over a billion pounds of D.U. in the United States, and is therefore very cheap – not to mention a convenient way to dispose of nuclear waste.

D.U. ammunition was developed in the late 1970s as a counter to the new Warsaw Pact armor, especially as a response to the Soviet T-72 which in many ways surpassed all NATO armor, and was seemingly impenetrable by traditional shells. Tested in battle for the first time in the Gulf War, it did a marvelous job of tearing through Iraqi armored units. According to one veteran, “It leaves a nice round hole, almost like someone had welded it out.” Used in US M1 Abrams tanks, Bradley armored personnel carriers, and the A-10 Warthog “tank killer” planes; some 14,000 large caliber, and 940,000 smaller caliber D.U. rounds were fired during the 100 hour ground war, destroying 1,400 Iraqi tanks.”[3]


The destruction of Iraq was hideous an heinous-Act of masse`-muRdeRous by new-Rome: oligarchs, military-Hegemony and corrupt politicians. The once-Waz Republic set standaRds of decency to laws that the making of plutocracy miscreants would and contin-ue to abjure. That we are our we-People’s stance is democRacy which we liken of the three-Laws: Universal Declaration, Bill of Rights, and Constitution. Thereupon, to invade another sovereign-State was to ‘purposefully’ challenge preconceived nomens of straight to install the crooked for deceit. This productfulness was debased by technocrats to instill parsimony that the Republic yet existed when, of course, that did not!  Why did destruc-tion of Yugoslavia happen? Did not those people duck and cover and flip-the-bird to remain sovereign in the face of misadventure for fRee, oR not for usury? What is not-so-good about the new-Rome, never allotting any one sovereign nation-State, the sanctity of their own?

What would have 200 thermo-Nuclears oR they would be invaded? Why did that NOT happen? Has the big bRother of the useless bully Hegemonyite built nothing but egregi-ousness to export? Yes?


“The United States keeps nuclear weapons in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Turkey, in violation of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), which bans the transfer of nuclear weapons from a nuclear weapon state to a non-nuclear weapon state. Now, the U.S. wants to upgrade its nukes in Europe, to make them “precision” and “guided,” and therefore more likely to be used, even as tensions build between the United States and Russia.

The U.S. plans to deploy newly designed type B 61-12 nuclear bombs. Instead it should remove existing nuclear bombs. The NATO strategy of so-called “nuclear sharing” is a violation of Articles 1 and 2 of the NPT. Those provisions state that every party to the treaty promises “not to transfer to any recipient whatsoever nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices or control over such weapons or explosive devices directly, or indirectly” and also promises that every “non-nuc-lear-weapon State Party to the Treaty undertakes not to receive the transfer from any transferor whatsoever of nuclear weapons.”

The policy of placing U.S. nuclear weapons in Europe also violates local laws. For example, the German Parliament (the Bundestag) voted in March 2010, by a large majority, that the German Government should “press for the withdrawal of U.S. nuclear weapons from Germany.”[4]


Afghanistan, was doing okay as a communist state in 1979 and 1980. Why arrogance so pronounced for propaganda-Sake that the americanism of protectiveness for democracy never yet again blossomed but dissolved into the morosity of infernal invasions and 100,000’s murdered for munitions sales and neo-Liberalist bankors of the so-called inter-national dumb-Fools committees? What’s so good about arrogance leading to murder that must be excused as though UN-knowing we-People were not knowing? Where’s the clean-up thru phytoremediations that the war-Idiocies should have utilized? Why is there not a cleanup of arrogances by these ignominious “plutocrats: one and all” as they’ve been waylaying our Republic and Constitution since 1945? Why the cover-up of one specified ‘clean-ups” when there are at least these two?


 “2015 has become a year of living dangerously.

Wars are spreading across the globe. 

Wars are escalating as new countries are bombed and the old are ravaged with ever greater intensity.

Countries, where relatively peaceful changes had taken place through recent elections, are now on the verge of civil wars.

These are wars without victors, but plenty of losers; wars that don’t end; wars where imperial occupations are faced with prolonged resistance.

There are never-ending torrents of war refugees flooding across borders.  Desperate people are detained, degraded and criminalized for being the survivors and victims of imperial invasions.

Now major nuclear powers face off in Europe and Asia:  NATO versus Russia, US-Japan versus China.  Will these streams of blood and wars converge into one radia-ted wilderness drained of its precious life blood?

Living Dangerously: The Rising Tide of Violent Conflicts

There is no question that wars and military threats have replaced diplomacy, negotiations and democratic elections as the principal means of resolving political conflicts.  Throughout the present year (2015) wars have spread across borders and escalated in intensity.

The NATO allies, US, Turkey and the EU have openly attacked Syria with air strikes and ground troops.  There are plans to occupy the northern sector of that ravaged country, creating what the Erdogan regime dubs a ‘buffer zone’ cleansed of its people and villages.

Under the pretext of ‘fighting ISIS’, the Turkish government is bombing Kurds (civilians and resistance fighters) and their Syrian allies.  On Syria’s southern border, US Special Forces have accelerated and expanded operations from their bases in Jordan on behalf of the mercenary terrorists – funded by the monarchist Gulf States.

Over 4 million Syrians have fled their homes as refugees and over 200,000 have

government was launched four years ago.

Dozens of terrorist, mercenary and sectarian groups have carved up Syria into

rival fiefdoms, pillaged its economic and cultural resources and reduced the economy by over ninety percent.

The US-EU-Turkish military intervention extends the war into Iraq, Lebanon and…. Turkey – attacking secular governments, ethnic minority groups and secular civil society.”[5]


“The feudal, monarchist Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have invaded Yemen with tanks, launching air strikes against a country without any air defenses.  Major cities and towns are devastated.  Saudi ground troops and armored carriers are killing and wounding thousands-–mostly civilians. The brutal Saudi air and sea blockade of Yemen’s ports have led to a humanitarian crisis, as ten million Yemenis face starvation deliberately imposed by a grotesque and obscenely rich monarchy.

…The brutal Israeli occupation troops, in collaboration with armed ‘settler’ colonists, have accelerated their violent seizure of Palestinian lands.  They have stepped up the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, Bedouins, Druze and Christian inhabitants replacing their communities with racist ‘Jews-only’ colonial settlements.

Daily assaults against the huge ‘concentration camps’ of Gaza accompany an armed blockade of land, air and water, preventing the reconstruction of the tens of thousands of homes, schools, hospital, factories and infrastructure, destroyed by last year’s Israeli blitzkrieg…

The brutal Israeli occupation troops, in collaboration with armed ‘settler’ colonists, have accelerated their violent seizure of Palestinian lands.  They have stepped up the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, Bedouins, Druze and Christian inhabitants replacing their communities with racist ‘Jews-only’ colonial settlements.

Daily assaults against the huge ‘concentration camps’ of Gaza accompany an armed blockade of land, air and water, preventing the reconstruction of the tens of thou-sands of homes, schools, hospital, factories and infrastructure, destroyed by last year’s Israeli blitzkrieg.”[6]


poem-9   Reverence to Death via NSDU-238 not Observed is Boring    8-08-15

i do laude having to tell you that 85,000 persons-souls,

children, oldsters, youngsters perished on August ninth 1945

due the reason of “hardly insanity”, yet never is there

an apology forthcoming, since before 1950, nor since,

and the incursion to pacify u.s.a. ‘military-Hegemony’

of capitalist-cRonyism super-laxatives of oligarchs

thReatening for theirs is… plutocRacy

baring no witness to these pRopaganda-Sublime

demonic oligaRchs/Elites
of an indigence

that ‘all wars are good wars: empire-Building’

Rock ‘n roll, the reasons

of peace are not Philosophy but philosophy incorporates

cRafite-cRaps against we-People w ‘peace’ for we-People

not corporations, must be anti-Wars, and against

the one-Personhood bag over head in torture disgraces

Japan, fulla-bulla coRpoRatist TEPCO useful t

o allay precepts of contaminating whole Pacific

to “inducement” beyond in space-Time UN-known,

pRopaganda for whatever must be Oligarch heaven

not on eRathe– our planet: olde Norse spelling

as words to the likes NSDU-238 acronyms

of despotism-PlutocRacy unnecessary

forests not re-Planted because you

from military-Hegemonyites do not need family w chem-tRails

in theiR hair nor shid-ski for the GMO’s boiling chlorinated

water in a pot of youR doing soils to extinction

foR chemicals to make DNA changes moRe readily

acceptable w neo-Liberalist: bankoRs, nor anyone’s elses

the Daiichi’s three rector’s meltdowns

are located in no town altho a different prefecture

that has a different namesake than plutonium-239

told to you, and there nearby the Pacific ocean,

the water-table surging for a need never again to ‘cool’

six dumb-fool reactors w one-billion gallons freshwater

per reactor, per day,

what’s that, don’t ask fracturing conglomerates

who make oil money leading to nat- Gas, and

why not a port after the underground water-supply

is turned-off, and the landscape fully bio-Remediated

thru useful phytoremediation –those processes

the next 1,000 years– whatever research takes

to bio-rem all nanos radionuclides in air,

atop landmass & inside salt-waters

ants do not know which freeway water carrying them

along which is where the NPP’s oligarchs should have

started, not w the pu-239 bomb, military-Hegemony

America for a new-Rome, the one and oNLY ants will

do-better– what became genocide-Experts, the murdering

of 12-milion people, aka: the new-Rome, shame on them

and you for not yet HALTing them…

NSDU-239 from despicability since 1945, now U too can eat

shid-ski: not 60 nations to repatriate, but as another 60 are

ameliorated for CO2, GMO’s, plastispheres-Nano tomorrow,

today as egRegiousness malaise can be buRned

to be have been conclusive to space-time

and w.o. fleetings!

“R” Addison 11-01-15, edited 18 Aug 2018

written by poet-ExtRaordionaiRe










[1]  “New York Times Ignores Root Cause of Violence in Palestine. Dismisses Israeli State Terror against an Entire Population” By Stephen Lendman Global Research, October 29, 2015

[2]  “Is NATO using Depleted Uranium in Yugoslavia?” In Defence of Marxism (7-17-15)

[3] Ibid.


[4]  “U.S. Wants More “Usable” Nuclear Weapons in Europe” By davidswanson – Posted on 21 October 2015

[5] “The Age of Imperial Wars–From Regional War, “Regime Change” to Global Warfare”  By Prof. James Petras, Global Research, August 22, 2015

[6] Ibid.

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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