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Ecosocialism #7/ 23 Jun 2015 What would the world be, wildness and left haughty humankind

Ecosocialism #7/ 23 Jun 2015
What would the world be, wildness and left haughty humankind


Not-so-depleted uranium-238 is good for you. They want to have fun w yoU…nO. All uranium is radiologic is Buy your own wAr, because those ‘molecules’ are good for you as oNLY the black clouds on the horizon are not built for human-Kind but for the solar-Interstellar “universal” kind of gaseous-Obliteration. Says who; who states of whom? We, as humanoids, must attenuate our total-Wholesome syndrome of the diaspora that we must now, displace, known morosely or naught, as full-Blown tyranny-Plutocracy. Plutocracy w.o. the name-sake “tyranny” in front is not an invention of whitey-UNnecessary, but all races non-reconciled non-necessary, no one gets out of the cage of Gaza especially the medical-Doctors. Yes. As tyranny is the accumulation of the excuses of having no “principles” whether religiously remiss, or politically remiss, but definitely, not INkeeping w the moralities of maintaining principles, and therefore being enabled enough to venerate “free-Wills” into socio-Polity that mixes w other socio-Polities under the leaves of global-Village, there is not something remiss.

The persons remiss, are the oligarch supported by the technocrats, who utilize oppression and mis-Information. Best example is: not all NSDU-238 is aerosolized and used to kill 10,000’s of personal already, because otherwise when a metal easy to find and locate, excluding US-military, but, the long-lasting side-effects are microscopic cancers that cannot be eradicated until growth is noticeable—the ad infinitum of communities doing peace-Obsessively, do exist is small increments of missing definition for allotment of word here and some peace-Vigils there. While they are not beings “seen as apparatus-Freedom” progressing toward non-rampant “democracy” they are that!


“A stark report from the UN refugee agency is painting a bleak picture of a “world at war”.

The number of people forced from their countries and their homes is the highest on record, and the UN is warning that the world is failing the victims of global violence and persecution.

Almost 60 million people were exiled by conflict last year, a rise of more than 8 million from 2013 and the highest ever increase in a single year.

It means one in every 122 people on the planet is a refugee, internally displaced or seeking asylum.

Speaking in Turkish city of Istanbul, UN High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres said: “One clearly gets the impression that the world is at war and indeed many areas of the world are today in a completely chaotic situation and the result is this staggering escalation of displacement, this staggering escalation of human suffering because each displaced person is a tragic story.”

So has the world become unwilling to help, or simply unable to deal with the scale of the crisis?”


Is the human concept losing the interior mind? Does NSDU-238 takeover as the leading mannerism of death torporisms alive we succumb, pluralistically, evermore daily to that presentment a rush of sublimation non-lasting freshwater, but chemicals contaminated post uranium-238 usury for lust of Death-Syndrome. Does allowing CO-2 overdose accumulations of hydrocarbons from years 1998 thru present 2015 allow condensation on the outside the Coors beer cans as though sweat, or does that bio-accumulation add to the total whole morass compendium of obviations over-accelerating the CH-4 permafrost bio-Human degeneration. Merely, decadence will foretell what each one of us has not yet thought, about one another on this singular-Planet.
Like, dig id-Al. The punk kid who murdered none people in the AWE Church in Charleston, was not a terrorist, but he enterprised as much as stoic ISIS, from the racist, anti-Afro-Amer group known as:


POem      summer solstice and ‘father’s day’ on a Sunday      22 Jun 2015


the day was summer solstice and ‘father’s day’

but how could both fall also, on a Sunday, I wondered

 as I tied my sculptural-Arts: materials w chains and binders

 to my trailer, i started to cook a meal, but left

the galley to sit outside to look up watch the moon and planets,

as Jupiter was closing into brightest range of Venus, but definitely,

not the brightest, for size matters as though the cIAS budget

 was for establishing democracy rather than perpetrating plutocracy

 the lite-beer and tomato drink-out, yet I fumed that I could partly

 see the moon as chem-tRails obstructionism, was morose



why had I wanted summer-Solstice to be purity w.o.

edifice-Chemicals raining down upon my plate of food

like ether in cocoa-Paste going inside the closet,

my place of humble-pie, simple running water, hose-tap,

and closing the door behind remanding myself of my needing

food from chem-tRails contaminations, but indoors


fed gov’t behind closed doors is making decisions

the we-People cannot assess, ‘liberal-Democracy does

exist, but is miniscule to neo-Liberalist banking,

because that maintains violence thru belligerent

invasions– violence performed for television and it’s

vicious-cycle of advertisement is and maintains a

politics-of-fear altho causing refugees become immigrants—

cheap labor displacement in host country that caused

oligarchic-wars or Fear

and, yet Phytoremediation surrounding all nuclear-Molecular

divination is negligible as are the cIAS who are not intel-Gence

 but not also in arrears, and the el Congress is not investigating

 their evil-Empire doings, when they merely have to arrest

 the fookers, all the German war-Criminals from 1944-45 who were

allowed onto the cIAS payroll in 1947, all the expert killing

people machine of experience was well trained fascism

discipline like dig gHW Bush selling arms from boats

 on hidden islands north of island Hispaniola, bound

for importing murder, assassinations of americans, via

operation-40, who do not need his ilk-banking mannerisms,

 into Cuba, nor his lack of humility forwarding devout

vengeance as his later nemesis gReed


is this fear of militarization of Police or fear of afro-Amer

black men or merely not doing phytoremediation has

caused invidious neurosis that can and does predicate

propaganda for fear, as fear is that the cIAS have

destabilized nations-States that had become their own,

discivilizing task after moribund militarized murdering

and haut of the national-Security state for the new-Rome

 become more than arcane-UNdisciplined


there is no democracy to return and CH4 is on it’s weigh-ins,

laminating the heating microns of upper stratas to lowering

oxygen molecules as planet laminating the CO2 warmth

in deep oceans and methane shoals, always proviso’d

by the fookers of EMF measurement by those

the cIAS of operation-40 or dissimilar black-Ops


          written by “R” Addison @ SRC (6-22-15)


[a portion of the Underground USSR people’s-Diplomat visitor…]

After visiting Pripyat Ukraines (near Chernobyl) and after being atop the reactor that exploded there in 1977-78, where we who ascended one after the other i.e. not-in-a-procession (not allowed because of extreme hot –zones every meter) whatever town we went into next, we found western-Attire and yes “topless women” starting into protests and activist-Demonstrating of human and women’s-Rights. That was in 1981, long before the deceased, one-Million persons who have now perished from “Chernobyl’s 2nd explosion”, that was the meltdown which “contaminated Europe” 1986, too! FEMEN Davos economic Forum 1-29-12… FEMEN Protest Photos I remember the breasts and mouths and nice-Teeth of these gals, who were, as you may wonder. Not into singing, nor dance-Prancing ‘on-the-nudelies’ pole, as in nudelies-Bars w.o. wind-Errs, u-S: the new-Rome!

These women would be warmly welcomed on my travels ‘n travails of 45 years, and I asked could I interest them in dialog regarding a comparison of both USSR and U-S: the new-Rome, and they were astonished, and even astounded, I got lots of smiles and a wurk-Up kiss, as these gals learn how drama and skits provide the public-contact. Several other “phOts” are in my records, altho I’ll ask them first to be into nUkiEmOLe first… now that is? Some gals are married, others, waitresses, yet others, bikors, and some even teachers—since 1981… as I was there in spirit as “the peace-Diplomat” too…

also view/read…
Naked ambition: Ukrainian topless protests go global

Published: 28 November (AFP Photo / Sebastien Bozon) [apeco filed 2-12-12]

“One must ask, “How is it that this crisis remains largely unaddressed?” We know more then ever before about our role in climate change at a time when there is an overwhelming majority within the scientific establishment that agrees on our role as the catalyst of climate change. Furthermore, an environmental movement exists that is decades old, well enriched, and sizable enough to be a social, political, and economic force. Yet, the march to doomsday continues unimpeded, while well-paid, useful idiots stand on the floor of congress with snowballs and wax moronic about “global wobbling,” attempting to drown out the roar or reality?

To answer that question is easy. To accept that answer may be difficult for some. We continue down a path towards the destruction of the ecosystem and even the most remedial quality of life, not because of a lack of understanding, compassion, or effort, but because the logic of capitalism offers no alternative. The romantic liberal notions of piecemeal reform, sustainable business, and voting with your dollar have failed. No amount of swirly light bulbs or responsible devotions to locally-sourced produce can overcome the immense concentrations of power and wealth that reside at the top of the capitalist hierarchy.”

“To understand why previous well-intentioned efforts at changing our paradigm have failed, we must understand the logic of capitalism. Capitalism demands that great numbers of unnecessary products be made and their wanton consumption steadfastly encouraged. Capitalism demands that this wasteful production be done as cheaply and quickly as possible, no matter the expense to people or planet entailed. Capitalism demands that resources be extracted from the earth and sea in ever-greater quantities, no matter the damage caused or the lengths went to in that extraction. Capitalism demands that billions be spent on needless, tacky advertising. Billions more are pillaged from the Global South and held as numbers in private digital coffers, instead of poured into the necessary task of saving and advancing our prosperity as a species in a sustainable manner. Then there is capitalism’s final demand that the people doing the work necessary to make everything good in life possible be exploited and disenfranchised so heavily that it becomes impossible for them to stop the cycle of destruction and exploitation that their own labour is used to prop up…

It is also prudent to remember the words of Rosa Luxemburg, who prophetically stated, “Bourgeois society stands at the crossroads, either transition to Socialism or regression into Barbarism.” It is easy to see how our current system of profits over people, police states, wanton environmental destruction, and all the other deadly horns that protrude from this beastʼs head could be called “barbaric.” However, we no longer face a choice merely between exploitative capitalism or liberating socialism. We now face a much more diabolical gambit: Ecosocialism or annihilation. In other words: Ecosocialism. Or else.”

The issues are takeover what? The Oligarchs or the military-Plutocracy? The fanatic-penataGooons are the Hydra, cut-off one of it’s heads and two reappear. Takeover the governance but not be rid the methan/methane-Hydrate and the two heads of autocratic-Rule appointed not by oligarchs of plutocracy will oNLT pull the world’s population to more of the CO-2 and military-Invasions, contaminations of the new-Rome’s legacy as world’s number-! Polluter, causing CO-2 and global warming to degree of allow police-State control and keep from a bombastication of plutocracy or a turn to autocracy. Then, there are the moralists, nationalist racists of Nazism type-hype and exorbinant for eradicating integration of all peoples, as per american-Extremists like skinheads, anti-Afro-Amers (CCC) and the host of we never had a chance to join the cIAS as ex-Nazi Germans did i.e. complaining, but allotting nationalism so that autocracy is not to happen by Oligarchic/elites. Operation was the moralist arm of bringing 1,200 scientists to US after European endeavoring for broadening war’s horizons instead of diplomacy and acculturalization.

Either weigh-in, the receipt of the new-Rome’s raiding the taxpayers coffers, has resulted in massacre of millions, approximately 12-13 millions people. Where are the jails people? The usages and never devolving the truths regarding counter-Insurgency but the dirty-ole usages of NSDU-238, who said they should, if not an illegal black-Ops of cIAS such as Operation-40. Would they fit in the whole jail or should we make their cells smaller? There is usefully the correct answer, to preventing CO-2 to overtaking methane escapism of the Arctic—shoals, permafrost, ocean depths.

“In 2010, Wisconsin voters promoted Scott Walker from failed Milwaukee County executive to failing and flailing governor. Never a supporter of labor, he, in his words, “dropped the bomb” in 2011, and began his all-out assault on the working class with Act 10. Act 10 punished labor and unions, but was disguised as legislation to “save money.” Teachers, public employees, and even private unions saw serious detrimental effects to their jobs in the forms of pay cuts, cuts to health insurance, pensions and retirement funds. It’s becoming harder to find work in Western Wisconsin, let alone work that pays well, that you can retire on, and that is union-represented. Without those unions, we can’t raise Wisconsin’s piss-poor minimum wage, which is currently set at $7.50. Raising the minimum wage will, according to Walker, “kill jobs.” Translated to English that means “my Koch brothers investors, who I want to please, wouldn’t like having to pay their workers a fair wage.”

During Walker’s third run for governor in 2014, western Wisconsin, once a trustworthy right-wing base that was the push behind him winning the 2011 recall election, suddenly began awakening from the Dark Ages. People were tired of losing their jobs, their homes, and their livelihoods. His support waned in the election, even though he went on to best challenger Mary Burke. In a storm consisting of Walker’s cuts ($750,000 worth) to rural health care programs, including cuts to Planned Parenthood funding that thousands are dependent on, and making it easier for investors to scoop up farmland that has been in some families for generations, this area is becoming exasperated with conservative policies.

And to tie up the pretty capitalist bow on the gift no one wanted, we now have the “Right To Work” as law. If dwindling union numbers weren’t bad enough, we now have full and legal union busting. As with Act 10, RTW will now give Walker’s overlords and financial backers the ability to fire their employees at will, and to punish them for discussing unionization, or asking for high wages and better health insurance, leaving them totally susceptible to poor working conditions.

The support for RTW was held with the same amount of little enthusiasm from Wisconsinites as Act 10, but as with all of Walker’s terrible legislation, it was passed under shady circumstances in the statehouse by Walker’s greedy, money-loving, labor-hating allies.

Wisconsin was once a place that was known for its outspoken progressivism and a place where, at one time, socialism flourished: three socialist mayors of Milwaukee, and the birthplace of Victor Berger, the social democratic party Congressman and the first socialist in the U.S. House.”

That the wars-Warring should have been turned-off to halt CO-2 and global-climate warm-up, no attempts were made by the corruptible and corrupted menialities of el-Congress and that a HALT the export and usages of NSDU-238 had gone in one ear and caused a calamity of lies and deceits because the Phytoremediations were not brought into “need-Focus” an amenity never resounding thru-out the so-Called ‘peace & Justice’ contingents of peace and sobriety. The organism of tRuth has now changed as the scope of prescience articulates the need of “halting the over-excessive chem-tRails’ due the constant of military w governmental collusions abuses approaching that of bombing-sorties hydrocarbons. Couple this intricacy, of the commons being run-over and no Bio-remediation ever attempted for NV-testsite and you could wonder why diseases and unscrupulous policy continues for “vaccines” w flu-shots containing mercury and causing kidney failures thruout the post injection. Why would people in hospitals require vaccination, is one thingy-Bop, but adding chemicals to the vaccination does not provide proper conditions of need. Political and financial consideration not one of need but of chart for financial-payment!

“our only home is in danger… will you do what needs to be done… dismantle the fossil fuel (and earth destroying) economy… don’t believe the hype around green washed “solutions”… let your actions reflect the urgency of our situation… Work towards economic contraction, not growth… Builds alternative ways of living… Protect wild nature…”

Big Pharma is in collusion w CDC and thus is corrupted by financial gain over that of precise medication while over-stimulating kidneys is no proper way to have protection from harmful-outbreak while in hospitalized case, of non-conjecturing. Auto-immune diseases are susceptible to the core-Exit Conditionalism scenario. The oldest case scenario was w ‘polio-Vaccine’ in 1950’s. Simian-virus-40. Pig virus was present in the vaccine. Isolate and test had not been done correctly. Has to be tested for, and process of elimination procedurally analyzed. SV-40 is passed-on in-utero. Putting mercury in there because viral studies were not made nor procedurally required is a task for disease and sleaze-Controls. One catch is “aluminum” in vaccines as weighs-in not as alumna-silicate but becomes invasive to immune-deficiency. The immune system is NOT THERE TO ATTACK i.e. babies do not need so many antigens.        “R”

Bio-sketch (2-27-16)…

I started into believing that I would be able to show my data and my photogRapHics in 1996. By 1998 I was learning computers would gain ascendant methods thru technics of programming for a future connected to data and information. That was nuclear-Molecular finding(s) to share and my personal-Activism w first account specifics and engendering(s).

As cameras went 'digital-Tech' I fond that editing was also to follow in 2004. Then, in 2005 my first digital camera had replaced usage(s) of s.l.r. 35 mm's. I have no mercy nor pity for the thieves who have stolen my hard werk, as anxiety of what I allowed was mid-stReam--anyway! Those asshole-Pukes have cost me $1,000's on a fixed income and I remain single, sole-Survivor of two-Families w.o. offspring!

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