Ecosocialism #6/ 01 Jun 2015 GLOBAL NUCLEAR COVER UP: Ernest Sternglass Berkeley 2006

Ecosocialism #6/ 01 Jun 2015

GLOBAL NUCLEAR COVER UP: Ernest Sternglass Berkeley 2006


You want no-radiation but what it’s worth, the oNLY ‘it’ that will and can and does NEUTER your genetic-Code for the worse auspices in and of Humanity. However, why for humanity as the two, nuclear-Molecular: weapons, first NSDU-238 (1943) then atomic-Weapons w plutonium (1945) followed in 1951 by thermo-Nuclears, leave chemo-Therapy as helplessly gelpful. Yet, do not forget that NPP’s are above ground storage for a specific, variegated and sordidness amenity of partial meanings, but always overlooked. Those produce “Plutonimu-239, pu-240” and none of the above is yet protected from expellative amenity known as PHYTOREMEDIATIONS. Why not? When?         “R”


“Independent scientist Leuren Moret in an exclusive March 27, 2011 interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre has stated that the west coasts of the United States and Canada, Mexico, and Hawaii are being intentionally targeted by dangerous radiation from the March 11, 2011 tectonic warfare earthquake and nuclear meltdown events at Fukushima, Japan.

The west coasts of the United States and Canada, and Mexico, Ms. Moret indicated, are the major food producing areas for North America. Radiation from the Japan quake/nuclear meltdown events at Fukushima is intentionally being steered into these areas in order to dose the land and the food with radiation.

The ultimate purpose of this nuclear war is to attack the health and genome of the North American the population is attacked with radiation, to depopulate North America, and to make future humans less healthy and less resistant to takeover by a global new world order.”



Leuren Moret -Japan nuclear war targets US Canada Mexico and Hawaii.m4v

37,450 views…59:58 mins… youTube/ uploaded on Mar 27, 2011…


“Ironically, the resolution text Canada abstained on called for more studies into DU hazards in conflict settings and for assistance for states affected by the use of the weapons. The purpose of both was to help ensure that civilians enjoy greater protection from contamination in areas where the munitions are used. Studies in conflict settings would also help increase our understanding of the exposure risks for civilians, research needed to determine the health risks posed by the weapons in real world settings. This has become increasingly important in recent years as our knowledge of the means through which DU exposure could damage health has grown.


During the last two years, the DU debate in Canada has focused solely on the risks to Canadian personnel who have served in areas where DU was used (for example the recent case of Alain Vachon). A study commissioned by parliament looked into the matter and in 2013 concluded that the risks were low. However its scope did not cover the risks to civilians. In doing so it mirrored work done in the UK and US, where civilian health risks – particularly for high risk groups such as children and scrap metal workers – have been wholly absent from considerations over the acceptability of DU munitions.”[1]



GLOBAL NUCLEAR COVER UP: Ernest Sternglass Berkeley 2006

869 views… 55:13 mins youTube

my comments:

+ Because, all uranium is Radiologic; and factuality, regarding low-level radiation, apprises exposure buildup and in children especially, Dr. Sternglass will be missed for his quality and care given to the boomer-Generation. He will be remembered for what his Life has continually extolled, disregarding-Tendentiousness of egregious nature for nuclearist-Policy and the for, of collective “concerns” and needs too!


poem/                 pRayeR foR a PaRadox of CHEMS


There is much new and much older about, molecular-Age:
the aegis of molecules w have inhaled, toxins increasing steadily, each breath, daily since 2006, then morosely, inoculating
our psyche’s, breathe-in breathe-out, in a not-needful but
a peripatetic onslaught and lustreless ambiguity, of anxiety
not for a defensive-Need, for an offensive shaft against humanity of a molecular exchange of chemicals the DNA re-arrangement that are now, eight years later hazarding: the barium-Stearate, the aluminum-Oxide, the strontium-90 “Radionuclides”
how did they, the hegemonyites, get that chemical-Malaise
as our oxygenate breakdown of enzymes suffocates, that keeps our universal-Psyche`s molecular-microns in a constant supply to command breathing our intimate thoughts of intake and brain neurons expansions to memory blood-flow… yet, where and how did they get that ‘craftie-Crap’ from those delinquent-Microns into aero-Jet question-Mark for fallout CHEM-tRails against our once-Waz: republic of Liberty
that of freedom-to-contaminate, w.o. democracy-Skies
the R-O-N-G phooel, that NON-accountability NSDU-238
came first-hand and most specific of ‘plutocracy’…


© 12-18-14 by “R” Addison (3 a.m. & 9:15 a.m.)


[1] 2-27-15 “Canada: is it really at the forefront of efforts against depleted uranium weapons?”

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